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1.0 builds with broken trees

You might still look at those guides as sometimes other people have posted some updated and revised trees at the end of the threads.

old witch build list by ibugsy

Summoner Witch Builds
[1.0.4] Summoner [Animate Guardian/Burning Miscreations] cast on death no longer works
Summoner Build: 6 auras / 2 curses (1.0.1 version) VERY short and compressed build. Uses Shav's to get 6 auras running. Not for beginners.
[1.0.2 - NERFED AS HELL] Nemesis: KaMa's Insane Degen Summoner! 4161 DPS on Poison Arrow Cloud. Summoner/Poison Arrow hybrid. Uses VERY special bow. Beware: PA damage got nerfed with 1.0.2
[1.0.3b] EK Summoner, optional MoM (defiance) Summoner with Ethereal Knives
DonaldF's Pure Summoner build (EB + AA + MoM)
Melee summoner - Minion Dominating build (Soul Taker & shav required) Uses dominating blow.

Cold Witch Builds
[Judge Me] New & Improved Demonic Freezing ImPulse Witch VERY short and compressed build.
SeaWater of the Sacred School of Merveil CI FP with some problems after 1.1.0 according to the OP

Fire Witch Builds
Guide: Fireball CI Curser - Proliferated Burning Critical Fire Damage | In-depth | SC | First page is partly updated. Passiv tree for 1.0.0 can be found at page 43.
Incinerate self-cast Nemesis 90 Solo non-totem Incinerate for Hardcore

Lightning Witch Builds
[1.0.4] Goddess of Thunder - low life Storm Call tank
Super Tank Storm Caller (4 auras, 5-6k life, 15k armor) Tanky build for hardcore
SeaLaser, Mono Lightning Uses Arc (main), storm call, lightning warp, shock nova.

Dual Totem builds
3 totem, Arc, E.B., Mind Over Matter, Life Based, Build VERY short and compressed build.
Shatterstorm Triple Totem Crit Madness CI Build Lvl 81
Backbeards Dual Arctic breath totem build

Wand Builds
Physical CI wander - (drewdog) 1.0 patch
YoshiXt's Physical wander, Power Siphon/Frenzy, CI, Vaal pact, Iron reflexes, Unwavering Stance

Discharge Builds trees screwed up because VP got moved. Also see remark #3 in the posting below the list section.
[1.0.0]"This witch is crazy" A cold/crit/discharge guide
Cyclone Discharge Witch Uses cyclone to auto trigger discharge with cast on crit. Replaced cyclone with spectral throw in latest version.
[1.0.1] Premature Discharge Build Discharge with Spectral Throw as trigger.
[1.0.5] Asharin's Vaal Pact CoC-Discharger Thread got closed. Follow-up discussion HERE
Fire , Ice, lightning + discharge Witch! (AOE ,High deal)


Bow Builds
[Build Guide] [Domination] Ice Shot Necromancer Ice Shot/Summoner hybrid
[1.0.4 NEMESIS / HC] BAKER's CI Phys Crit Split Arrow

Ethereal Knives
CI Block Crit Ethereal Knifes HC and Solo Viable Built around an extremely scarce Vaal Regalia with 5(!) off-colors.

Molten Shell
[1.0.0 Nemesis] Molten Shell Witch Tree still ok, but the OP never played that build past lvl62. Probably not viable in endgame anyway.

Righteous Fire
[1.0.4] Cloak of Defiance RF/EK Witch RF + Ethereal Knives for Hardcore.

Support Builds
<<Ultimate Support Witch>> 1.2 ''edited 11-28'' Pure supporter. Expensive build for group play only. Leveling this build is only possible with a dedicated group.
WIP - Support Summoner [6 Auras - Dual Totems/Curse - Blind]
<Pentacurse Tank> Full support / 0 dps /HC viable maximal cursing.

Trapster Builds
Tripple-Trapper (5 Auras running) Uses coldsnap on trap - lightning trap - bear trap; needs very specific gear.
[GUIDE] Scorched Earth (How to be a Fire Witch) Fire Traps supported with shock nova on trap.

1.1 builds with broken trees

(Attention! With the upcoming 1.2 expansion snapshotting will no longer work)

[1.1.0/SC] Qhorrin's Blinding Dual-Totem, Dual-Curse CI EE Summoning Sporker
[1.0.4] Fire Damage 3 Curse Auramancer
Witch Summoner Endgame with High Auras(11), High AoE Damage & High MF
1.1.2 Puppet Master Summon, aura, curse, EE Newbie built, newbie friendly :) Low cost, high impact
Zapp Brannigan Summoner (No Snapshot Summoner) - 1.1.2B Updated
[1.1.3] HopelessNecromantic's no-snapshot cheap summoner
Yet another summoner build (2 curses, 2-3 auras) Leveling guide
Solo Witch 'Minion Master' (NO SNAPSHOTTING)
Vixien's 1 month HC No Snapshot Summoner Uses Zombies + Raging Spirits
[1.1.x] Cursed General (Tri Totem Raging Spirit / Summoner) Summoner - dual(tri)totem hybrid.
MMORPG.Com's @ProtoSori, Raging Spirit Summoner {Ambush/Invasion} Summons raging spirits with CoC spectral throw.
[1.1.X] Self-Casting Raging Spirit/Animated Weapons Summoner
The Headbang Gang 2.0 - Raging Spirits with ~25k DPS each, easy and cheap(ish) !
Raging spirit budget-monster [HC]
Summon Raging Spirits, Tolerancece's Way Aura + Self Tank *No Snapshotting required*
Summon Raging Spirits Killed Atziri on Day 5
Crezury's 906k dps Skull army build
Sherkhan's "Great Balls of Fire"

Vanxi's Frost Arctic Breath / Discharge Build
Ice Ice Baby! - Cold Snap (HC Viable)
Permafreeze Blood Magic Cold Snapper Party Build (Solo viable)
[1.0.1] HeavyUnit's CI FP Crit Build
The Battle Mage/Witch - CI cold crit IR tank[Nemesis] Freezing Pulse for Hardcore leagues.
[1.0.3] Freeze Pulser built up around 6L Taryn Shiver
[1.1.5] Whaitiri's Shocking Pulser - 2H EB AA Crit Freezing Pulse 100% fire conversion + three dragons for shock effect
[1.1.2] Glacial Cascade [EB - MoM - AA]

POHX Fireball build Trees are a bit broken but still readable.
1339 Fireball Shotgun/CI Sorc v1.0.0 Extensive advanced fireball build. Not for beginners.
SeaHyper, Blood Magic Fireballer
[1.1.3] 15Charge Crit Fire baller (13K fire ball, 34k moltenshell) Dual Void Batterys build.
fireball CI crit high dps Not for newbs
(Sort of) Cheap Fire witch (Fireball/storm - MoM - AA - 3 Curses) for new and confirmed players
DarnDoesCrit Fireball - Three DragonsFREEZE&SHOCK - Tanky CI
Masked Fireball - tooltip joker uses Three Dragons and flame totem for support
[1.x.x/HC/Nemesis] Asta's Lv.85 FiringWitch, HP/Armor, Selfcast, Block/Spellblock, EB Firestorm for Hardcore.
[1.0.4] CI Flameblast/Infernal Mantle Burning Witch
[1.1.2] Witch/Templar/Shadow - Flameblast + Detonate Dead, Tanky Build, Atziri Proof
jauers 1month flameblaster"battlemage"
FoxTactic's *Righteous Surgeon* Uber killed uses RF to ignite
Incinerate Acrobatics Build (Cheap and Noobfriendly)
Ramzi's Incinerate Blind Eldritch Battery - No gear Req No Quality gems req
[1.1.1b] [Incinerate EB-MoM-Witch ] [Beginner Friendly]
Shockingly strong flamethrower build (Incinerate + Three Dragons) Uses Three Dragons unique.
EYESTORM's No. 1 [EB-MOM-AA-BLOCK-WITCH] build. Incinerate
[1.1.3]IncineKate {MoM-EB-AA-maxBlock-Incin-77/77/80}
Auras base witch (5L Life) with EB & AA & MOM 5.5k mana 600+ regen: Incinerate or other skills Generic tank build; usable with different skills
Incinerate Atziri Farmer, Requires no skill
RF Incinerate Uber Atziri Farmer [End Game Variant]
Incinerate EB/MoM/AA high block by Rhydm
Hack's Dual Cybil's Incinerator Tank (EB + MoM + AA + High Block/Spell Block + High Life/Life Gain)
[1.1.5] Serleth's Pledge of Hands Incinerator
low life RF generic built
[1.1.X] ES Based Righteous Fire
low life + RF, elemental ST, can do atziri - 100% vaal pact damage (on ambush)
Cheap, Yet Efficient Righteous fire into high Dps CoC Hybrid that also uses CoC Discharge
[1.1.5] Whaitiri's Base Guide for Low Life RF Casters [+ example LL RF Arc Build]

[1.1.0]Ultimate Self-Cast Arc Tanky Witch (13k dps x 3)
FoxTactics "Lightning Ninja" Arc build 18k+ TOOLTIP dps solo arc
FoxTactic's - Righteous Arcer\Surgeon *No snapshot exploit*
Cheap and tanky Arc build for the beginner witch
[1.1.3] Cabesi's OP CI Crit Arc Annihilator
√ SeaRunner, Hardcore Arcer
Spots "Clever Name" Crit Arc build (97k tooltip, dual curse)
[1.1.5.] Nito's Ball Lightning EB MoM AA Build!
Apolyon's Ball Lightning Shocker. Budget viable and defensive with good clearing speed
[1.0.3b] Self-cast Storm Call, CI, CwS, high block build Makes extensive use of cast when stunned
[1.0.6]CI Stormcall Build - Low Budget Endgame Build - High Potential

Spark-N-Arc Build ( a 3 Totem Build) Starts at page 6 for 1.0.0 release. Author is sceptical if it is still viable (and meanwhile stopped playing it). Use at your own risk.
Dominion's Hardcore Dual-Spark CI Witch - UPDATED for 1.0.1 Only lvl95 tree is broken; other trees up to lvl91 are ok.
CI Witch - Storm Call/Triple Arc Totem + dual curse build guide As of 1.1.0 the build also has a storm call version
[1.1.2] Sam's Dual Arc Totem [[Fast Clears/MF Viable]]
*Too much clutter!* Cheap and effective triple arc totem witch farming build. 300%+ rarity find For farming low maps, not endgame.
Hamsterbaby's [ 1.0.3 ] Dual Totem Critical / CI Storm Caller
[1.0.3b] The Light of Divinity - CI Storm Call 3x Totem Build [SC]
CI Dual Totem Storm Call Cast Speed/AoE/ High Damage Invasion Hardcore
Hamsterbaby's [1.0.4] Dual Crit / CI Flame Blast Totem Build with Videos
Freida's Rocky Fire: Dual Flame Totem + EB + MoM + Arctic Armor + 3 Auras - Cheapest and Safest ever
Grave Intentions Flame Totem Farmer: I'm Cheap 'n' Easy low life build
[Updated 1.1.1] Dual Elemental Hit totems (Low-life/6 auras)[HC viable] Ranged attack totems for Hardcore.

Hegemonica's Level 99 CI Wander Witch Gear. UPDATED BATMAN BUILD
[Nemesis] Dequek's CI Phys Wander - 1.0.2b Wander for Hardcore. Some trees are ok, some are broken.
[1.1.0]Kaiserin's Synergiser Wander 6 Auras + lvl 22 AA. 66k chain 145k Frenzy MECHANICS EXPLAINED
[1.1.0 HC/Standard] Asta's lvl 85 "The Auraphoner" -CI Ele Wander- 9k ES, 10k DPS
[Ambush] platos 1.1.x LowLife Phys Wander
Sherkhan's "Thick Stick" Phys Wander
[Work in Progress] Piscator Aura-based Ele wander
Elemantal wander with Piscator High DPS, good defense, atziri KILLER

Low-Life Bow Witch - Ele Crit + Skeletons - 40K LA Windripper with Lightning Arrow + Frenzy atm (WIP)

Detonate Dead/Cold Witch Build with Dyadus
„I wanna be tanky, too!!!“ DD CI Witch
Pulp's - Rank 1 - 2 week race Detonate Dead Witch!
[Ambush] Life-based Detonate Dead Witch build- high map clear speed

DISCHARGE See remark #3 in the posting below the list section (Legacy items)
My 1.1.0 Discharge Build Variation of the above PowerBomb build.
**NEW** Endgame 9K ES CI+VP CoC EK-Discharger~Outrageous DPS + Anti-Reflect Update of the old [1.0.1] discharge build.
[1.1.1] CritCharge - Old School Discharger [200K tooltip]
[1.1.2] AirCavalry's Classic Discharge Nuker Reflect Witch
[1.1.3] Low-Life RF/Crit Discharger | Stupid High DPS | No Snapshot | ***ANTI-ELE REFLECT***
Phork's budget discharger No legacy amulet required.

[1.1.X] The One-Shotter : AoF EK Witch (With Videos) All fire EK build.
JForce's Low Life EK Witch [Inv]

[The weird Sweet Breaker] ( BM - ZO - US - RT ) Facebreaker; requires LEGACY Shavronne's Revelation ring.
Laz's CI Crit Dagger Spectral Throw/Double Strike Build Tree a bit broken around VP and US, but fixable with a bit of common sense.
[1.1.x] The Incandescent Striker - Guide to a CI Melee Witch Double Strike.
Thor Mode build Mjölner build with righteous fire
[1.1.x] Hyaon's Fury Allout Lightning Melee Witch (45% Shock Chance) Hyaon's Fury build

[LostCauze's 10 Aura Summoner Build] Ultimate Low Life Aura Support Summoner [1.1.0]
[1.1.1b] POORMAN'S CULLER The tri-totem version can be found here: Coup de Grâce
[1.1.4] Whaitiri's snapshot-free Low Life Dual Flame Totem Culler [+ budget CI build]

[1.0.5]Freeze! Trap Build lowlife build that uses coldsnap on trap - shock nova on trap - lightning trap - fire trap; needs very specific gear.
[HC/Nemesis] GreatOne's Mega Crit Witch Trapper #1 witch/#4 overall in the 1 week nemesis race.
1.1.0 CI Fire Trap/Fireball Searing Touch Shadow/Witch Build w/High Damage! Fire traps as main attack; FB as support.
[1.1 SC/Ambush] High DPS Crit Trapper with Reliable Shocking Fire trap + Shock Nova trap with Elemental Equilibrium.
1.1.X Poison Arrow (Trapper) 17.3K+ DPS Poison Arrow linked to trap + remote mine.
[1.1.2] INVASION Its a trap! [ - EB MOM EE - ]Trapper Witch Lightning traps + cold snap trap + fire traps for HC.
Seniar's Perma Freeze build guide Freeze Mine
Bomber Witch - Firetrap/MoltenShell/Lightning Warp w/ EB/EE
Disco Traps! Lightning warp on traps
I did it because i could #1 -ONE MONTH AOE BEAR TRAP IGNITER niche/fun build that converts bear traps to fire
[1.1.5] 1MHC Tri-Ele Crit Trapper fire trap + cold snap trap + arc trap

[1.0.X] [Witch/Templar] Multiple discharge + cast on damage + cast on stun Experimental niche build that uses nothing but trigger gems to cast spells. Updated trees on page 28 and 29
CI Molten Shell Witch Build With Videos [Patch 1.1 Update] CI build that uses molten shell and shock nova on cast when stunned.
Frost-fire Crit barrage by Dream_scythe Uses barrage and cast on crit to trigger fireball + ice spear
[1.1.3b][VIDEO] Path of Exile - Quill Rain - Cast On Critical Strike
MMORPG.Com's @ProtoSori, The Avalanche (1.1.2b) spectral throw - CoC - glacial cascade
[1.1.X] CoC EK+Arc with AA and MoM - Cheap, fun, tanky Barrage - CoC - EK/Arc
[1.1.X] 1 Million Damage CoD MF Discharger Cast on Death suicide build
Molten Strike + Flame Surge... The CoCBlocker


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1.2 builds with broken trees

[The Spectral Gods, Summoner's Guide](8/20/2014)[Forsaken Master HYPE!!!]
[1.2.0] Quad Curse Ice Shot AoF EE RT CI Summoner Uses Curse on Hit.
Lord of the Dead. (Witch Summoner Build) Updated 1.2 patch
ANGRYAFRICAN's basic guide to leveling a summoner build in 1.2.0
Cursed Balls Summoner with no balls hardcore build
[1.2.X] Dogs summoner build [HC - EB IR MoM NA] Uses voidbearers as spectres; HC
Pohx's Hybrid Summoner Guide (Gear / Youtube Thread) Videoguide to ES/Life hybrid
Cheap, Tanky, DPSy: Summon Raging Spirit [Uber Atziri]
[1.20+][9 auras,blood magic,low life,cheap,tanky,crazy dps] :Summon Raging Spirit build
[1.2.2] Fori's - Ghostflame SRS [Rampage / Hybrid / Uber Atziri viable + Vid]
Dying Breath / Alpha's Howls / Summoner / SRS
[Beyond] Devvvour's MoM SRS Build
[ 1.2 BEYOND ] VeryAngryHypE's Summon Raging Spirits

[1.2] Gloameq's AoE Perma-Freeze Witch (No Cooldown Cold Snap Spam, Prolif, Dual Curse, Auras)
[1.2]Cold Snap Damage/Support build MoM/EB - 28k+ DPS, Dual Curse (opt. Conduit, Tri-Curse)
[Beyond - HC] Plastic's Cold Snap Support
[1.2] Tanky freeze pulser with possible dual curse, atziri capable, hc viable
[1.2.0] Full Uniques Confusing Pulse Witch! Three Dragons + Pyre for shocks
Rufiothelostkid's Freezing Pulse + Crit + CI Build
Cabdru - Hardcore Freeze Pulse Crit AA EB Acrobatics build!!
[1.2] "The Sorceress" - Freezing Pulse + Cold Snap Boss Freezer [Built for Leagues]
I LOVE CRIT - Flexible 100k+ dps Freezing Pulse Facetanker
[1.1.5/1.2 Tree Posted][Hardcore] The Ice Princess - A Hardcore Crit Glacial Cascade Build
[1.2.0] Elemental Cascade: TD Crit GC+Surge uses cold to fire and three dragons to shock with GC
[1.2][Hardcore] Crit Ice Nova Build w/ Glacial Cascade
[1.2.2] Pseudo's Ice Nova (Dual-Curse, Life/ES, Crit)
Ice/Chaos Nova - 4 minute Strand - 16.8k DPS (5L)
[1.2.x] Dual Dagger Perma-Freeze CC Nova Budget Build
[1.2.1] Mahesys's Crit AoF Fire Ice Spear Elemental proliferator cold to fire burning build
(1.2) Ice Spear Build | EB | MoM | AA |
1337 Spear [1.2] [Atziri viable] Permafreezer
(Updated!) [1.2] EE Ball Lightning/Ice Spear Build with AA/MoM (Cloak of Defiance)
Dual void battery, cold crit, ci witch
Adistridos' Generic Tanky Cold Crit Witch. Permafreeze bosses
[1.2.x] Burnshocker Ice Spear single projectile prolif build
[1.2.x] Infernal Sniper - AoF Crit Piercing Prolif Ice Spear single projectile prolif build

Fireball-Discharge MoM RF burning build also uses Righteous Fire + other fire spells
[1.2] Rampage Firestorm Build Log
[1.2.x] Firestorm | EB MOM Enhance Dual Curse
[1.2.4] Windz's Fiery Blizzard (Crit firestorm build)
[1.2.0] "Forcefield" - Flameblast - EB/MoM/Block - Atziri & Endgame Viable!
Flameblast Prolif EB MoM AA EE Build
Odang's FlameBlast Witch
Burning 3 Curse Build uses 3 curses on CoH
[1.2] Whaitiri's HC-viable CI Incinerator
Shockingly strong flamethrower build (Incinerate + Three Dragons) Uses Three Dragons unique.
Eyeburn's guide to Echo Incinerate
[1.2+] Incinerate tanky build (AA/EB/MaxBlock) quite cheap / 189k dps at lvl 87
spadrus's build, domi down 2min with blue gear and no wep ! has (phase) acrobatics + BM
BringYourFriends Incinerate Defensive Discharger Block Build, Cast On Stun
Incinerate Witch, AA, MoM, Max block/spellblock build 65k+ DPS, Atziri proven [1.2 UPDATED]
[BEYOND] Atziri Farmer with 5-link Incinerate - 5k+ Life 75/75 block 60k+dps
MajorAsshole's Leech Incinerate (6-10.3k DPS) using Apep's and Cherrubim's
Thundermonkey's Cast on Stun TankCaster guide. Endgame faceroller
Alexia's Elemental Incinerate Shock Build [1.2][Rampage]
[1.2] KuteKitteh's Righteous Fire Arcer Uses Arc beside RF
[1.2] Whaitiri's "Igna Fakenix" - RF Firestorm/Fireball/Vaal Molten Shell RF + fire spells

[1.2] KuteKitteh’s Tanky Arcer, 20k+ Effective DPS, Atziri/HC-viable. Poor-man’s BM Arc included
[1.2] KuteKitteh's New Tanky Arc/Incinerate Hybrid, HC/Endgame-viable
HYBRID Life/ES 4-Link 13.5k base ARC with Dual Curse BL 35K dps-FREEZE! w/ Upgrade Options
Rampage Crit Arc Witch
[1.2] Ventor's Crit Arc Caster Build. [UPDATE]: Semi-budget alternate gear + New Video
[Lv100-Beyond/HC] EvaDodgeBlockCoilArcer tanky solo build
[1.2] "ArcHunter" Crit Arc [softcore]
[1.2] Sid's Ball Lightning - EB/Crit/2curse/3 Auras with Herald of Ice
[1.2.] Serge's Ultimate Ball Lightning (3 Versions: EB-MoM-AA / hybrid HP-ES Crit / CI Crit!)
Kenzorz's Balls Deep Ball Lightning! [Patch 1.2.1.]
[1.2.4] Crit Lightning Tendrils Build
[1.2.4] Tendril Lock: The lightning and ice witch uses Three Dragons
[Beyond/HC] Lightning tendrils Block
[1.2.4] Jddogg's long awaited Drilling Rig
Lilith, Goddess of Storms - Max Spell Block Crit Tendrils/Vaal Storm Call
[1.2.4] The Emperor --Lightning Tendrils & Knockback-- [ Pics & Vids]
Leary's Vaal Pact Storm Call (tanky and good clear speed)(revised for 1.2)

[1.2] $BIG$BALL$LIGHTNING$ dual totem MFer$ Cheap and end game ! ACHIEVED
[Beyond lvl 87] Soul Mantle 2 dual EK Freeze Totems uses Soul Mantle instead of Ancestral Bond
BEYOND Elemental Trilogy CI / "Flark" totem crit build (Flame totem/Three Dragons)
Esajoram's Dual Shockwave totems guide
Witch Shockwave Totem (HC)
[1.2.1][v5.0] Dual Shockwave Totem - LowLife/DPS/IQ/IR/3 Auras or Life/DPS/2 Auras

[1.2.1] ULTIMATE Physical / Elemental Wanderer HIGH DPS

[1.2] Chuca's Generic Low Life Crit Caster Guide

[1.2] MaryAnguish: Low Life 71k SA+Chain / 245k Frenzy / 125k Ice Shot+GMP moved to ranger forum
Low-Life RT Tornado Shot Guide - Insane clear speed. (77 clear vid up)
Doeboy's CI Bow | LA | Puncture Trap | Tronado | Atziri Viable

-----DISCHARGE See additional info in the posting below the list section (Legacy items)
[1.2] The Controlled Nuke | CI Crit Manual Discharge without Voll's | Gameplay Video Added! no legacy volls required
CI Selfcast Crit Discharge (100k+ DMG) needs legacy Voll's
Skyforth presents: Chaos Sparkarger (No reflect Crit discharger) no legacy volls required

Rathik's EK build +21K AOE DPS +64.8% CSC +300% CSD, Anti-Reflect. "The Immortal Shuriken" v1.2
Pyle's EK/Puncture-build (solo/SF-friendly) spell-attack hybrid
[1.2.0] 83K DPS Ethereal Knives Anti reflect (EB AA)
[1.2.x] Crit Ethereal Knives (Block, AA, EB, MoM)
[1.2] Low Life Crit. Ethereal Knives(EK) 70k+ DPS Double Herald

[1.2] Whaitiri's Flickering Viper [Atziri proof] Flicker strike + viper strike
[1.2.0] How to Smash Heads.Guide for a CI Facebreaker Witch with Infernal blow.
[1.2.0] Voe's Rave Gurl (345k Lowlife Reave AOE dps/ 120k with budgets) Reave + Flicker Strike
[1.2][1.2] CI MF Block Crit Daggers [Cheap][Versatile/Fun] [30k++ aoe, 200/20+ MF] Flicker Strike
[1.2+] CoE Flicker RaidBoss by Doeboy - Uber Viable - 10.3K ES - 475K Splash DPS - 650K Single DPS

-----MJÖLNER See additional info in the posting below the list section (Legacy items)
[1.2.0 updated] Dauemannen's Mjölner build - Facetank Everything Molten Strike + Arc on Mjölner
[1.2.0] [Witch] [7 Aura] [Dual-Curse] [Rainbow Nuke] by Riverside77
Best solo Build Mjölner Discharge Discharge on Mjölner. Needs legacy Voll's
[1.2] THOR'S RAINBOWNUKE - 805K AREA DPS, 350K SINGLE-TARGET DPS - PROVEN UBER CAPABLE Discharge on Mjölner. Needs legacy Voll's
Lowlife Bloodmagic Maxblock "Budget" Mjolner Witch
[1.2 Rampage] StrangeCloud's Ultra HammerTank

[1.2.x] LLST Mana Based "6 Aura" Witch | Uber-Vid | no +1 item required

Endgame. 100% culler. 85% support 0% dps. (449iir + 155 iiq + >=9 auras)
Run ALL THE AURAS! A summon and aurabot guide! (with mf!) [1.2.0]
[1.2.] [Beyond]#1 Support Mambo Jambo. IIR/Curser/EE/Shock. Aurabot soon™ MF culler
[1.2] Bad Tongue - Penta Curse Generosity Witch 4-5 curses
Curse Support (Curse to Death)
[1.2.2] 13 Aura Low Life Support Culler | BM IR 20K Armor 6K ES 500IIR
{1.2} #1 MF RAMPAGE 578%+ IIR LL/Curser/Conduit/Shock/Aurabot
[1.2] fourletterword - Immortal Aurabot with Tricurse and Perma Vaal Haste


[**1.2**] The Party Pooper" Endgame CoC EK/Flame surge-Discharger~Outrageous DPS + Anti-Reflect
Vegetu - CoC Summoner Hybrid - Casual Budget Build
[1.2] CI CoC Spectral Throw
[1.2] Arc + Storm Call ST CoC (Rampage)

[1.1.0]How to kill without doing anything. Guide for an AFK PvP witch build. page 5:1.2 updated tree
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1.3 builds
1.3 LL BM Summoner - Atziri viable on a budget (142k - 282k Single dps - 4link only - MF viable)
[Beyond][Update for 1.3][1.2] CI MF Summoner - 10 zombies 3 spectres
[1.3] Immortal Flesh, CI, Tank Summoner
[1.3] 200k peak DPS on a 1ex budget: The Summoner Zombies + SRS
Alpha's Howl + Evasion/Life based Summoner! OP auras!
[Bloodlines] Sorris' CI-Summoner, Zombies&Spectres
[1.3] [Bloodlines] HeaT's Hybrid SZX Vis Mortis Witch Summoner (5 Spectres 9 Zombies X Weapons)
Locust Summon Skeleton Build 1.3 Skeletons only build!
[1.3] Pledge of Evangelists, Summoner - 7L spectres + 6L zombies + Unholy Might(Vis Mortis)
[1.3] Midnight Bargain - Triple Generositied Damage Auras - Low Life Summoner
[1.3] Priestess of Rathma (Median XL Buff Totem Necro)
GhazzyTV - Witch Summoner Builds Softcore; 1.3 trees:page 37
GhazzyTV - [Beyond] SRS Summoner Build Hardcore; 1.3 trees:page 8
Sherkhan's "Great Balls of Fire"
Moiraine: Life-based SRS specialized for Uber [1.3 tree]
[1.3] IsleptWITHyourGF's SRS PoH CoD Witch guide
[1.3] Tri Totem – Summon Raging Spirits + Some Zombies, Spectres and Skeletons
[1.3]Prism Guardian SRS [SC]
1.3 - Blink/Mirror Arrow Trap Summoner | The Portable Firing Squad Blink/Mirror clones as minions
[1.30] Naruto the Witch-Blink Arrow Mirror Arrow Build!(Torment) Blink/Mirror clones as minions
Kamikaze Clones : LL Mirror Arrow Instability Proliferation Exploding mirror clone

[1.3] Whaitiri's PermaFreezer - Cold Snap/Glacial Cascade
Cold snap prolif COD + AA Romiras banquet best non crit cold build
[1.3] EB Cold Snap Perma Freeze
Low life Permafreeze Cold Snap Witch
"The Icicle" - Epic freeze lock cold snap build!
[1.3]Cold Witch guide for beginners (Lvl 1 to Atziri)
[1.3] The Crit Philosopher - CI Crit Cold Witch - Freezing Pulse, PCoC & Echo
(1.3) Budget Life Freezing Pulse Witch (HC)
[1.3] *Updated Tree* Dbum's The Void Pulser| | Low Life Crit Freezing Pulse | Leveling Guides Added
Freezing pulse 5Khp+MoM+lvl24AA+vaalPact 119Kdps(up to 212k+)really good survability/Atziri viable
ImPulse fridge - cheap & safe
[1.3]Freezing Pulse - Unstopable Blizzard ( 25k+ GMP, reflect proof)
VictorDoom's Firepulse Witch, 250k shotgun dps, 5.5k life build cold to fire conversion
[1.3] Chromatic Pulse Witch! // "8k" Life, MoM, AA, LC cold to fire conversion
1-Month Torment/Bloodlines | Freeze Pulse | Vaal Pact | Double Curse | Witch
[1.3] Witch Freezing Pulse Crit (HC)
[1.3] Chaos Res Low Life Crit Freezing Pulse [Video Added]
[1.1.5] Kenzorz Crit Glacial Cascade Witch (updated for 1.3.0)
[1.2.x] Glacial Cascade PCoC ES/HP crit build ES/life hybrid
[1.2] AmpBurrrrrrr's NON CRIT Cold Witch
The Cold Shower (Crit-Cascade) [1.3]
[1.2.x] Blazing Cascade [MoM/AA/EB] 46.7K IAOE/78K CONC EFFECT / ANTI-REFLECT
[1.3] Expensive Crit Glacial + Ice Nova Low Life Build ( dps: 200k+ / 160k+)
SC Glacial Cascade Crit, fast - cheap - end game
[1.3 update]SuperNova - Not your Leveling ice nova build | negative 4 MS 2:48 Gorge | Atziri done.
[1.3] FoxTactic's Fire Nova Ninja & Righteous Nova " 1 week 14000 dps" NOW WITH 1.3 TREE
Ice Nova - Flame Surge - Three Dragons in Progress [Torment]
[1.3] ✭✭ Nova Witch ✭✭ - dual Apep's Rage (a tribute to d2 nova sorc)
Dual-wield crit Ice Nova -- 61k DPS with cold pen -- EZ Atziri Kills!! -- (1.3)
[225K] CI Fullscreen Crit Freezenova // Lightning Tendrils // Ball lightning
[1.2.0] Lord of Ice — Crit Icespear Guide( VP /EB / Herald of ice !!! Freeze everything!!! )
[1.2] GIMP's Ice Spear Low Life Witch (Cold Crit Support) Patch 1.2 runs 7 auras
[Beyond] K19's Ice Spear Perma Freeze
[1.3.0] Shmizz's hardcore perma-freeze Ice spear guide
[1.3] Torment: Low life Ice Spear, 400+ iir
Betrunken's FirefromIce Build (Torment Witch 100k+ DPS) burn proliferation
[1.3] Ice Spear Witch (Life+CoD)
[1.3.1]Hot Ice Spear chick with big stick [19k GMP tooltip]
[1.3 Bloodlines] Karsey's Level 90 CI Crit Ice Spear Witch
[1.3] Kaleav's Crit Ice Spear - Life/MoM/EB : 6mins 78 courtyard

1.3 Budget detonate dead build, uber killer, deathless, insane clear speed
[1.3]Fireball Witch guide for beginners
[1.3 VIDEO GUIDE] PoE Beginner Build: The Carpet Bomber, Fireball Witch EB, AA [HC and SC viable]
The CI Crit Fireballer
[1.3] The Life Chaosballer - Surprisingly Cheap
[1.3]KuteKitteh's Firestorm Warlord - Insanely durable and affordable, Atziri viable on a 4L
[1.3]Firefury-Crit Firestorm Build with Pledge of Hands/MoM/AA Reflect Immune/300k focus fire
[1.3] Soul Harvest - by DreamScythe crit build with The Harvest
Walking in the fiery rain - Ultimate Firestorm! - 730k+ sustainable dps - EZ Atziri/All Maps
[1.3]KuteKitteh's Evasive Flameblast - Cheap, fast clear, reflect-immune, HC-viable!
[1.3] Pentacurse flameblaster - Poorjoy's Asylum with all Zana mod
FrozenFlame - FlameSurge blow up guide [1.3.X] uses Three Dragons
Flame Surge Berserk Witch
[1.3] Cheap, Tanky Atziri Capable Incinerator
Mors Incinerate Max Block Still Alive Build (updated for 1.3)
Poisoncinerate (with Poison Trap on switch) uses Apep's Rage + poison trap for chaos damage
pickpocket293's Invincible Chaos Incinerator (1.3) (Newbie Friendly) focus on adding/converting to chaos damage
[1.3] Pledge of incinerate acrobatics/ondar's guile/AA,/Cloak ,LC (Dual wield, 1H/shield available)
[1.24/1.3]cheap Incinerate witch for MF&Atziri, 63IIQ/251IIR.HC viable.Self found viable
[1.3]KuteKitteh's Tanky Incinerate, +100k DPS. Fast clear, affordable, Atziri viable!
[1.3] Easy SOLO non totem Incinerate magic finder
[1.3] Aim's Supertank Incinerate. Atziri and everything else ez. 200K DPS UBER viable
1.3 Torment Incinerate Witch/Templar/Marauder + Scold's Bridle powered VaalMoltenStrike
Alfasheba's CI incinerate build
[1.3] Chaotic Incinerator - Witch life based incinerator (Updated)
[1.3] GT's Shock And Awe 150k+ Incinerate build
[1.3] CHEAP Uber Atziri Viable 5link "The Zippo" Incinerate Build /w Video
Edge of Madness + fun scales chaos damage with edge of madness
[1.3] Yalanis Righteous Fire Build [New Video added]
Plasmabitch - Facemelt Almost Everything [RF+Incn+AA+EB+MoM] RF + incinerate
My first crafted build: Low life RF flameblast :D:D RF + flameblast
[1.3][Torment] Starfish's Igna Phoenix Build! Lowlife RF Firestorm/ball Witch RF + firestorm
[1.3] Fallen Angel - Low Life Energy Shield/Righteous Fire Arcer by Howsya
[1.3] Chain-Blaster - Reach over 120k dps with a 4link and 3 exalts]

The Void Arcer - CI Crit Arc Build - 32.2k dps [updated for 1.3.0]
[1.3]Two Dragons build (freeze crowd control, 1.3.0 buff!) flame totem to shock, arc to freeze
FoxTactic's - [1.2] Pledge Of Arc 28k dps
[1.3] The Arcane Archer - Chaos Arc by CantripN 100% chaos conversion with Voltaxic Rift
" The Winter-Arc Crit": Simple, cheap, safe and high dps 30k+ ( 1.3.0 updated) uses Three Dragons
Self-Cast Arc Witch! 1.3.0 (non-crit) [Cheap! HC Viable! Clear 77-78 maps!]
[1.3] yoona's Bloodlines Self-Cast Non-Crit Arc Witch. CHEAP!
[1.3][1.3] Whaitiri's Crit Arc Witch - beginner-friendly, MF-viable, insanely fast map clearing
[1.3] CRIT ARC/STORMCALL WITCH - Torment League CHEAP Atziri Farmer
[1.3] Corrupted Arc Witch - Potato and Beginner Friendly Mapping Char
[HC][1.3] The Simple Arc Build / Guide - HC Tested Safe and Effective!
[HC][1.3] Crit Arc in Bloodlines
Acrobatic Arc xD, Crit Arc/Storm Call/Vaal Spark
[HC][1.3] Crit Arc in Bloodlines 100lvl
[1.3.1] LOW LIFE CRIT ARC (88K ARC) - Very Fast Mapping, Atziri Capable!
[1.3.*] Budget Low Life Crit Arc Without Shav/Lorica/Void Battery
[1.3.1] Blackdepp's Arc Witch (inexpensive)
[1.3.1][1.3] Righteous Arc Surgeon [Super- End-game Build] with 2.0 Theorycrafting
Pappie's 70K Arc (Life based - no Void battery)
[Lighty] Voltaxic Arc 100% chaos conversion with Voltaxic Rift
Griffando's CI Crit Arc (Medium Budget)
[1.3 Bloodlines]Datboishagg's Cast Speed Ball Lightning
Mathil's Crit Ball Call lightning witch
[1.2.4] Equin's Ball Lightning Witch | Dual Curse | Solo the Game | Build / Vids]
[1.3] WIP The Return of the Frozen Orb Sorc | Budget Three Dragons Ball Lightning Freezer
Blargs "Cybilsphere" [1.3 Ball Lightning Build / Dual Cybils / Tanky / HC Viable ]
Be Like Piety! Tanky Ball LIghting Build 1.3 non crit (HC viable)
Fundrils (100k AoE DPS, <5 shipyard, 5:30 shrine, 6:30 Atziri) [1.3 tree]
low life dark jedi tank - high block + max spell block + high DPS 1.3 patch
[1.2] Reinventing Spark: Selfcast piercing crit Spark with EB and Vaal Pact [Beyond]
[1.3] The Ultimate Caller of Storms (non-crit)

Grave Intentions Flame Totem Farmer low life build
[1.3] Kaz's Glass Cannon Crit Flame Totems Build Guide low life glasscannon
Cheap LL MF Flame totems with ZO and ~8.7% ES/s
[1.3] HvR's Crit Shockwave 3M Beyond Witch - Beginner Friendly - Atziri Down
[1.3] _*-*Avatar of Fire Shockwave Totems Build*-*_ [VIDEOS] 100% fire conversion
[1.3] Lucinda's Critwave Totems | 69 - 215k DPS/Totem | EZ Atziri + Uber Viable
ARC: 3x arc totems - CI - block chance gear - crit - shock - freeze - 3 auras/herald of ice
FLAMEBLAST: Dual Flameblast Totem Witch (Bloodlines) | Lameblast actually fun | by MirekLeFou (1.3)
STORM CALL: [1.3 HC]Triple Storm Call Totems Crit with Three Dragons
STORM CALL: 1.3 [Bloodlines] StormWeaver, SoulMantle Stormcall Totems + Cold Snap. Lowlife without shav [Video]
KINETIC BLAST: [1.3] Dual Totem Crit Ele Kinetic Blast EB, AA, MoM (with CoD)

Elemantal wander with Piscator High DPS, good defense, atziri KILLER
[1.2 - Forsaken Masters Physical Wander CI Witch] - Many endgame variations
Skyforth presents: Elemental Wander - Piscator's + Burning Wander Updated for 1.2
[Beyond] MoM phys wander
[Beyond 1.2] "Budget" Ondar's AA Phys Wander aka. The Wandarcer
Sherkhan's Elementalist: One-hit Wander (PS/KineticBlast)
[1.3] Tri-Herald MoM Kinetic Blaster
[1.3] - Sgravionizer (Physical PS CI Witch Wander) - 160K+ AoE, 54,5K+ Single Target - SUPERCHEAP
Aleou's 15 EX Budget CI Kinetic Blast Elemental Wander
[1,3] Doeboy presents "The Cluster Bombing Witch" LowLife |9.2K ES |80K++ KB GMP PRC |lvl 21 AA
[1.3] AA; EB; Piscator's Vigil ; Kinetic Blast [Video added]

Dual Apep's Chaos Crit Freezepulser - Stapling Chaos to a Level 1 Spell Apeps as main damage source
[1.3] 100% Immune to all dmg build
[Guide] Low-life leveling without Lorica/Shavs and transitions

[1.2.1] Tommie's CI Crit Ranger [SA / LA / RoA / Tornado Shot] Build usable with different bow skills
[Beyond]Explosive Arrow Witch. 8900+ HP Pool, AA, Instant Healing, Burn the whole screen
[1.3] Ultimate Poison Arrow build

-----DISCHARGE See additional info in the posting below the list section (Legacy items)
POWERBOMB (1.3 Torment-- AOE DISCHARGER--- CI-- (Lvl 73 map in 4 minutes) no legacy volls required
Self-cast Legacy Crit Discharger with Voll uniques by Markusz - 1.3 Ready!
The Harvest Discharger - by Markusz - 1.3 uses Voll's Devotion
SuperPals -- 2 Player Discharger No Volls Needed Build for 2-person team.
1.3.1 Self Cast Crit ("Legacy") Discharger | Budget Version Included uses Voll's Devotion

[1.3] Ethereal Knives MF Build. 17k DPS, 300+ IIR, 40+ IIQ easy low life build
[1.3] mk4y's EK Witch [Budget, Fun]
EK Avoid/Block Legacy Witch | My signature character | by MirekLeFou

[1.3] Dulahan's flicker. 278k melee splash dps, Blood magic and Mana version
Flicker FUN, AA, ORO, Work as a 4L up to 78 with cheap gear (30 chaos)
2H Cleave Witch (Bloodlines) | Cute yet badass | by MirekLeFou (1.3)
[1.3] CI, Incandescent Heart, Reave Witch
1.3.1 Ci Crit Flicker, Fast map clear, ATZIRI VIABLE | Erka
CI aegis melee block wtchbtch. s.strike/vaalrighteousfire
CI Crit Flicker Witch - Hege Era OVERCHARGE!!

-----MJÖLNER See additional info in the posting below the list section (Legacy items)
1.3 Crit Mjölner - Stupidly Expensive and Fun. **UBER DOWN** Needs legacy Voll's
My 1.3 Mjölner-Build :)
Torment "Budget" Low-Life No shavs/lorica Mjolner discharge/arc 7k ES 100% light res with flask
[1.3] Just another Crit Mjölner build - Vaal pact, uber brainless run Needs legacy Voll's
[1.3 Torment] Perry's Life-Based Mjolner [Atziri Down, Insane DPS, NO VOLLS DEVOTION NEEDED]
[1.3] UberKuduku - Jeppesu's Mjölner build

[1.3.0] Uber Atziri Capable - Voe's Lowlife Spectral Throw Spec
[1.3.1] O> Spectral Crow <O [~80.6k GMP | ~113.9k LMP | ~174.3k Single ]
[1.3] No Cash Lowlife - LL ST with 10 ex budget - 5 auras & 3 heralds, 22k LMP dps in a 5L

SUPPORT WITCH: 7 Auras, 2 Curses, BM, +100% Aura Effectiveness!
[1.3, HC]Multi-Curses Aurabot
[1.3] Hexaura Pentacurse Slammer: cheap support build with 6 auras / 5 curses ground slam

1.2 UPDATE CI Fire Trap/Fireball Searing Touch Shadow/Witch Build w/High Damage! Fire traps as main attack; FB as support.
[1.2][Beyond]Janno's Poison Arrow Trapper [VIDEO]
[1.3] Fiery Snare -Firetrap (Bloodlines 86)
CI Soul Strike - Poison arrow trapper [Cheap build]

[1.2.1] Pyre-ST-CoC
1.3 Life Based "Shatter Chuck Lite" Barrage - CoC build
[1.3] Terror's "Shatter Chuck Lite" Build Variant - Barrage CoC
[1.3]Torment Kinetic Blast/Barrage CoC Witch, 500hp regen
[v 1.3.0] [500k+ DPS] MrsAmsterdam's Build - Cyclone Coc Discharge Build with Soul Taker! uses "legacy" Voll's
[1.3] Aj's Shatter Blast - Kinetic Blast Cast on Crit
[1.3] - Shatter Chuck Discharger - uber atziri viable uses "legacy" Voll's
MingPrawn's new "Broken Toss" ~ [1.3.4] Deathless Uber Atziri in 45sec coc with vagan dagger
[1.3] - Krippi's CoC - [Bloodlines]
[1.3] The Shatter Chuck Life v2.0 / 500k+ DPS / Barrage CoC
[1.3] Mana based Cyclone CoC Discharger uses "legacy" Voll's
CoC Cyclone Discharge - 66k explosions (1.3) uses "legacy" Voll's
[1.3] [Torment] Unbridled (4xCWDT pawnage) Self-damaging with Scold's Bridle + CwDT
Herald of Thorns – CwDT + Punishment + Shackles (a SC viable alternative to Scold’s or CoC) Self-damaging + CwDT

[LLD][WIP] Arc/Spark shock caster (great 1v1 and insane in teams)
[PvP] [LLD] Animate Guardian Focused Summoner
Cast When Stunned PvP Build LLD
[1.3] Fire Witch Racing Guide
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2.0 builds
CI Permafreeze Summoner cold snap 2.0 Awakening
[2.0][Awakening] Curse X Minion - A Theorycraft & Progressing Surmmoner Build uses up to 6 curses

[2.0 WIP] [Warbands] Non-Crit Arctic Breath | Good Clear Speed
[2.0] Double Crit Freezing Pulse
[2.0] Crit Tri Curse Perma Freezer life/ES hybrid
[2.0]Low life-freeze pulse fever witch
[2.0] 💙Streaky's 160k Max DPS FreezingPulser - LowLife ES-RechargeRate - 💙 Criterino Edition
[2.0] Crit Shocking Cascade - Double Curse (VP + Acro + PhaseAcro)
2.0 Taryn's Shiver CI Freezefest
[2.0 sicker than Ever ] SuperNova - whole screen 40-102K DPS Ice Nova | Atziri ez 4 min all boss
[2.0] Boom Nova - Ice Nova with Auto-Cast Discharge
-----ICESTORM (whispering ice)
[2.0] The Whisper of Doom - LL Crit Ice Storm, Atziri viable w/ The Whispering Ice!
[2.0][Tempest] Critical Ice Storm CI Witch! Sapler's budget build!
[2.0 Whispering Ice high budget build with videos]
[2.0.2 Warbands] CI - Whispering Ice + Emberwake + Pyre cold to fire with ignite stacking

LMHTB's Crit Fireball Caster [Warbands]
[2.0.0] Blackdepp's Firestorm Witch (General Gravicius Cosplay)
[2.0] Cheap, 5L Atziri Farmer - 22K TT DPS LMP Incinerate RF
[2.0] Uber Atziri Viable "The Zippo" Incinerate Build (1.4m Burst DPS)
2.0 Harry Truman's Iron Will Incinerator STR/Armour based
[2.0.0] Zivko's CI Chaos Incinerate build 100% chaos conversion
[2.0] Flame Nova! Super easy and fast mapping! uses Sire of Shards
TEMPEST Incinerate / MoM / Cloak of Flame
[2.0] Song of Ice and Fire(mostly) Incinerate MoM Witch, Budget, Atziri viable {Up to 260k DPS}
[2.0]KuteKitteh's Tanky Incinerate V2 - AA/MoM/LC/Armor, safe & easy mapping! ingenious use of Mindspiral
PERMA RUMI'S CI Aegis Incinerate tank max block with Rumi's Concoction
[2.0] Lowlife Incinerate - Fast&safe High level Map clear - Indepth - Not a beginners build!
[2.0] Skyflash's tanky Sire of Shards BM incinerator (7.5k+ life!)
[2.0] Fire Lord (1M+ peak dps)(CI, Incinerate, VMS, Pledge, Scold's Bridle, Emberwake, Taming)
[2.0] Blood Magic, Chaos Incinerate, Block, Tanky Witch. Any map mods.
[2.0] Consuming Dark Incinerator [5kHP | 20k DPS | Cheap | Atziri ]
[2.0] Hybrid Crit BM EB MoM Chaos Fortify Magma Orb (or any other AoE spell)

[2.0] Acrobatic Arc - Crit Arc/Phase Acro/VP, 2.0 tree updated
[2.0] Blackdepp's Arc Witch (beginnner friendly, endgame viable, cheap)
[2.0]LL/CRIT/VP ARC ->LowLife casters OP!
FoxTactic's Fortified Arcer "Flicker:Fortify", noncrit 43k+ tooldps
[2.0] Lightning Monster (crit ARC / lowlife without Shavs or Solaris / endgame viable / >100mf)
[2.0.2] Crit Chaos Arc with Dual Curse 43k+ DMG Voltaxic Rift light->chaos conversion with Voltaxic
[2.0] Low Life Crit Arc Witch (Warbands)
[2.0] Ball Lightning + Call of the Brotherhood build, freezing balls of shattering goodness!
[2.0] Kato's Maelstorm Sphere [LL, MoM, 7k+ DPS] uses Call of the Brotherhood for light->cold conversion
[2.0] Surging Power - Hybrid Crit Shock Nova [30K+ DPS, 7K+ Effective Life]

[2.0] Semi-Budget Non-BM Crit Flame Totem (40k-100k+ DPS)
[2.0] Crit CI Dual Flame Totem *For Multi-client Killing (MF)* *SC*
[2.0] Dual Flame Totem Crit version. Easy Atziri and all map mods. Self-found gear
⚡⚡ The BestShockwaveBuildEver ⚡⚡ [CI /Crit/Dual Totem][2.0]
[2.0] Tanky Shockwave totems.
Ball Lightning: [2.0] Empire Of Shock - Sire of Shards Build 2.0 - Empires Grasp - Triple Curse
Freezing Pulse: [2.0.3]DonaldF's Cheap OP Freezing Pulse Totem 200k+ DPS/ All map viable + perma freeze boss
Incinerate: [2.0.2] Shaman Fury: Low life non shav or solaris tri incinerate totem
Incinerate: Triple Totem Incinerate with The Taming and Emberwake
Incinerate: [2.0] Incinerate totem MF build! | ~80k DPS solo | 343iir / 74iiq - warbands! | 7 jewel slots! | BM
Incinerate: [2.0.0] CI spelltotem Incinerate build - 150k-220k dps / 9800ES chaos conversion
Incinerate: [2.0] Incinerate Totems - IW/RF - 20k TT - 275k effective DPS on 1 EX Budget - Atziri Viable

[2.0] Yordle's CI Bow Witch
[2.0] Saruman's Hybrid Explosive Arrow Single Player Map MF'er (20/250+ IIQ/IIR) (8500+ eHP)

Flask Build (88/96% All Res, Max Block/Spell Block, 65% physical mitigation, 40k EK DPS) Flask build using EK

[2.0] The Harvest Discharger - by Markusz - UPDATED TO 2.0
The Little Nuke that Could! Self-Cast Discharge Glass Cannonball

[2.0] Ethereal Knives MF Build. 36k DPS * 10, 7.5k ES, 337 IIR, 43 IIQ, 6 Auras, Culling Strike, VP
[2.0 BETA] HeaT's CI Crit EK Build - Angry Kunai (10k ES, 35K DPS)
[2.0] [Crit] Low Life Ninja - Up to 73k DPS EK, 6K ES @ 84, No Mirrored Gear, No Void Battery
[2.0] - Krippi's Crit Ethereal Knives - [Tempest]
[2.0] Poison Knivey - crit ek chaos build
Trogdor’s Dual VBattery EK 260k DPS
2.0 Witch EK build
[2.0]ChrisPy's LL EK Witch 270k Deeps 1 Voidbattery 8.6k ES Warbands

Scootaloo's Crown of Eyes Oro Cycloner
Witch Cycloner! Insane DPS! 2.0

[2.0.0+] Mjloner Discharge 100K LL BM VP GR PA RT US (+can 100 IIR)
[2.0]Rathik's non legacy Mjölner. Leap Edition. Uber down. Non Voll's amulet build included

[2.0] TheFrostmourne's Auramonger (IN-DEPTH) aura support
[2.0] The Cursologist: -182% Enemy Elemental Resist, 10K ES 1.5k/sec regen, Cheap, Support curser

Summon Raging Minors: Cha's Tremor Rod SRS SRS on remote mine

[2.0] "Circe" Lowlife BM CoC EE dual curse wander and official successor to shatterchuck. W/ Video!
2.0 CoC Barrage (life based ) Atziri Killer + Video
[2.0] [HC/SC Viable] Low-life CoC Cyclone Ice Nova + Shock Nova w/ Dual Curse. Video Inside!
[2.0+] AlfaPOWA's CoC cyclone - "Eye of the storm"
ArchMages CoC Cyclone Discharge build
[2.0] Dr. Strangelove's CoC AoE or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Discharge
[2.0] CI Cyclone CoC Witch with Surgebinder`s
[2.0] Tyrone Jackson's 189k burst mf bomber - fun, useful, sc viable CoD boss killer char
Yalanis Cast on Death Farmer - 80/500 MF - 1 Ex/Hour CoD boss killer char
[2.0]Order of the Frozen Sky - CI/Whispering Ice CWDT Ice Storm/Ice Nova/Shock Nova Auto Caster CwDT + auto selfdamaging with Heartbound Loop ring
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2.1 builds
[2.1] Arctic Breath - Chilled to the Ground {Version 1.0}
[2.0] Whaitiri's Hybrid Life/ES Romiras Cold Snapper
Puf's Cold Snap Witch - Tempest HC - MoM - Dual Curse - Flexible and Budget
[2.0] zSavage's Cold Snap Permafreezer! - (Romira's + RT + MoM)
Project's Self Cast Cold Snap
[2.1] The Aylardex Mind over matter Cold snapper. w/ videos
Freeze Pulse | Double Curse | Mind Over Matter | Vaal Pact | Witch
[2.1] Crit Tri Curse Perma Freeze Over a 100k tooltip not counting curses 6k+ehp
[2.1] Crit Freezing Pulser Talisman HC (5200 life / 1000+ ES - 48k 5L GMP Damage)
[2.1] HC CI Cold Crit FP - The anti-meta build
[2.1] - Updated- 52k dps Crit Shocking Cascade - Double Curse with Pyre and Three Dragons (VP+Acro)
[2.1] SuperNova - 185k+ aoe dps ! Insane clear speed - Super fun - Atziri viable | Featured by GGG!
[2.1] omgTeal's Death Nova - the end of all things. (ice nova + freezing pulse)
Crit Ice Nova - Actually Freezes Stuff
[2.1] Chaos/Poison Ice Nova Witch w/ Abyssal Cry 100% chaos conversion
Avatar of Fire Ice Nova Witch (Tanky easy mapper)
UPDATED 2.1 | [2.0][Darkshrine HC] Crit Ice Spears! MoM + EB with ZO/GR with life leech
-----ICESTORM (whispering ice)
[2.1] The Whisper of Doom - LL Crit Icestorm, Atziri viable w/ The Whispering Ice!
[2.0] Whispering Ice + CI + High int. Safe and very strong
[2.0] A Storm of Ice and Fire - AoF CI Whispering Ice - UBER ATZIRI VIABLE - Witch Variant
[2.1] LL Non AoF Whispering Ice Witch! Up to 7,5k - 10,5k'ish ES; 2 - 2.2k Int; 8 - 10k Avg.Dmg!
Whispering Ice | Non-Crit | Ghost Reaver | Cheap!

[2.1] petit's Witch Chaos Detonate Dead ~ Cheap and Easy 1 One hit KO Packs / Bosses 100% chaos conversion
[2.1][Talisman HC] Rolling Flames Fireball + Vaal Fireball too!
[2.1] Fireball carpet bomber - 8k ES , 174 GMP dmg (CI ,VP)
[2.1.0]PewPewPews Official Cheap Firestorm Build - Less than a Chaos! Atziri Viable! Buffed in 2.1! comes with an epic Levelling and mapping guide for beginners.
2.0 Witch low life block firestorm no shav full YOLO
[2.1.0]This is Ax's Firestorm.2.0 No buff 6000 AVG dmg in sarn
[2.1] Chaos Firestorm Build (It's Crit) chaos conversion
[2.1] Strong as HELL Tanky Firestorm chaos Hybrid witch chaos conversion
[2.1] Legasi's Masterpiece - Trivialize Atziri! Guide Inside! chaos conversion
Flameblast Zealot [2.0, cheap] - ZO, CI, EE, Ignite
[2.0] Doon Cuebiyari, 60k+ DPS Righteous Fire Flame Surge
[2.1] Zivko's CI Chaos Incinerate build - 90-130k dps / 9600ES
[2.1] Yalanis Righteous Fire Build (ES-Based)
[2.0 Tempest] Drelentless' Lowlife RF (Cheap & Original)
[2.0] Low Life Righteous Fire Burn Build (Tri Curse on Hit + EE +5 Jewels)
2.1 Crit Vaal Molten Shell - 1.6+ mil DPS because why not? uses Scold's Bridle to trigger VMS
[2.0.2] The Chaos Bomb - CI Chaos Vaal Righteous Fire Build - Fun guaranteed!

[2.1] Whaitiri's Crit Arc Witch - beginner-friendly, MF-viable, insanely fast map clearing
[2.1] Acrobatic Arc - Crit Arc/Phase Acro/VP, Talisman skill tree updated
√ SeaLaser, Critical Arc Mage
[2.1] Asta's "Purity of Casting" - ~8.5k+ MoM pool ~24k non-crit Arc (5L) [Vids]
[2.1.2] Blackdepp's Arc Witch (MoM, EB, ZO, Non-Crit)
[2.1 Updated] [Budget] Crit Ball Lightning Dual-Curse Witch - EB/MOM/ZO. Detailed Leveling Guide
[2.1] Ball Lightning 3curse - Buff in 2.1 by 25%! - leveling guide
[2.1]General Martinus' Tri-Curse Freezing Ball Lightning Witch MoM-EB-ZO
[2.1] Non-crit Spark! 5k+ life, 13k tooltip dps. Beginner-friendly
2.1 Self-Cast Crit/Proj Speed Spark - 87k+ DPS - Fast Maps Tier 12+, Fast Bosses/Fast Everything
Spark POH, flask build by Pela THC 94lvl
[2.1] SEXY CRITTY SPARKY WITCH! - CI to Low Life - Level as Hybrid - Stupid Fun!
[2.1] Lowlife vaal spark, clear t8+ in under 3 minutes

2.1 "Unlimited Blade Works" Tanky Hybrid, Dual-Curse BladeFall/EK Build
[2.1] Bino's Kitchen Blade Fall (Gameplay Video)
Sherkhan's Bladebender (cheap OP self-cast bladefall)
[HC Self-Found Guide] Self-cast Non-crit Bladefall! Beginner Friendly, Full Walk-through
[2.1] Drunken Bladefall - Self-Cast Poison Bladefall - 7k EHP 95k+ DPS
[2.1]Unholy Might Bladefall pshy and chaos damage overload possibly 100k + DPS
[2.1 DoubleTrouble] Aims' Blade Vortex : 150-600K DPS : >5K life Atziri EZ Cheap HC: Yes
Pledge of Blades EB Witch Blade Vortex 2.1.0 Build SICK CLEAR SPEED!!
[2.1]Double Cybil MoM PermaCharged NonLegacy Crit RF BladerWitch
[2.1] Harvest Blade Vortex - 82.8k clear dps, 400k boss dps on 5L, 70% phys mitigation (WIP)
[2.1] "The Lawn Mower" 1.6 mil+ DPS Blade Vortex / UBER deathless / In-depth guide with video!
[2.1] Essence Drain / Poison Bino's Witch (Gameplay video) uses Binos and poison gem for extra regeneration
[2.1]The Chaos Hexer. 2-Specs-In-One Tri(Quad)Curse EB Chaos Mage/Hybrid Supporter/Curser with EE
2.1 "The Empress Of All Maladies" Tanky Hybrid/Low-Life Dual-Curse Chaos Caster
Shotanks IronWill ED RF - aka TheFortress
[2.1] Acrobatics Essence Drain - beginner friendly, cheap, all maps viable, easy atziri
[2.1] [Crit] Low Life Ninja - 143k DPS EK, 7.7K ES, No Mirrored Gear
Ethereal Knives CI/Low Life Flask Based Build
[2.1] Low Life EK - Ethereal Knives CRIT Witch - 300k dps Atziri Viable

{2.0}Spectral Gods: Time Mage Summoner
Rathik's NEWBIE FRIENDLY FUN&CHEAP FARMER, DPS Summoner. High AOE DMG, SURVIVAL."The Matriarch" v2.0
[2.0] Angryaa's multicurse minion summoner.
[2.0] Tri Totem – Summon Raging Spirits + Some Zombies, Spectres and Skeletons Minions + ancestral bond for SRS-totems
[2.1 Video Guide] Hybrid ES/Life Tanky Zombie/Specter Summoner - The Puppet Master [HC/SC viable]
[2.0] Low Life With 8 Auras - Pure Summoner (Spectres + Zombies )
[2.1] Midnight Bargin - Triple Generositied Damage Auras - Low Life Summoner
[2.0 Tempest] Low Budget Safe Spectre Summoner
[2.0] Leary's Hybrid Summoner (Once Again): Dual Curse, invincible summons, Atziri viable
[2.1] petit's Witch Summoner Support / Carry IN-DEPTH STYGIAN REVENANTS Quad+ CURSE
[2.1 preliminary] Alpha Summoners. 5-7 auras , 81+ ele resists. Updated with 2 versions !
The Skeleton Queen (30 skeletons / 60 seconds / 251% minion damage) (With video) Skeletons only
[2.1] SC Tali - ZO Discharge Flicker Spectres - Because melee spectres are fun too!
2.1 Poison zombie/spectre build. HC/Atziri viable
[2.1 Ghazzy - Summoner Guides] Low Budget Builds also showcases classic spectres/zombies builds
[2.1 Ghazzy - Summoner Guides] High Budget Builds for Uber-Atziri
[2.0] 200k+ DPS, 7k hp, on a 1ex budget: The Summoner SRS + zombies
[2.0] TwitchTv/Dygnity | SRS | Atziri DOWN | SelfFound | CHEAP & Beginner Friendly
[2.0] Boxsalesman SRS hybrid life/ES low budget - Insane damage
[2.0] Rathik's SRS Magic Find Culler. Uber Capable. Free Uniques giveaway
Witch Hybrid SRS build 2.0
[2.1] Cocotheone Life SRS End Game Build - Full updated
Pure Life srs guide 2.1 Deathless uber viable
[2.0] Animate Weapon (Tempest) Animate Weapon
[2.1] Rev's Elemental Animate Weapon summoner (4 aura's, Arctic Armour, EB/ZO) Animate Weapon
(2.1) Animate weapon Summoner, AKA "Master of All" (with MoM)Animate Weapon
Atziri slaying Animate Guardian Animate Guardian
[2.1] Summon Raging Inferno (by Dreamscythe) Flame Golem

[2.1 VIDEO GUIDE]PoE Beginners Build: Dual Flame Totem, BM [Atziri & HC/SC Viable]
[2.0] Flame Totem Witch Build - NoNamium Style
Crit Flame Totem - Blood Magic - over 70k DPS, extremely fast map clear speed
[2.0] MF | Dual Flame Totem | BM | Mapper | 56 IIQ/340 IIR MF with Sire of Shards
[2.1] Dual Flame Totem Crit version. Easy Atziri and all map mods. Self-found gear. Now With Videos!
[2.1] How to BM Crit Flame Totem - HC/SC - Up to 100k Tooltip Dps
Dual Chaos Totems 100% chaos conversion
[2.1] Dual 100% Chaos Flame Totem BM Witch 100% chaos conversion
[2.1] Lowlife Duel Chaos Flame Totem MF Culler (Solo/Party/Maps)
[2.1] Dual Shockwave Totem MF ( low life ) / Crit or Poison spec. (updated videos for 2.1)
"Event Horizon" Freeze-Wave Dual Shockwave Totems, Hardcore reverse knockback with Empire's Grasp
[2.1] Bibou's ShockWave Totem [183k - 600K DPS] (5 000 life) [atziri easy - uber possible]
Crit SWT w/ Animate Guardian
[2.1] Crit Shockwave Totem HC Challenge leagues (atziri viable) - We buff now *ENDORSED BY KARV*
[2.1] THE PULSAR. Crit Shockwave Totem. Up to 1 million DPS. NO CHARGES!! (working on Uber odds)
Arctic Breath: [2.0] Arctic Breath Totem uses Sire of Shards
Bladefall: Crit Dual Totem Bladefall 82k Dps / Hc Viable/ 6200 Life
Flameblast: [2.1] Flameblast Totem (Cheap / Hardcore viable)
Flame Surge: [2.1] Flame Surge Totem (Cheap Atziri)
Freezing Pulse: [2.0 updated] Shmizz's hardcore perma-freeze guide
Freezing Pulse: [2.1] Sire of Shatters (Sire of Shards Freezing Pulse totems)
Glacial Cascade: [2.0.3] Crit Hybrid Cascade Totem
Incinerate: [2.1][ HC Talisman] Dual incinerate totems , dual wielding . 24k tooltip dps
Shock Nova: [2.0]WIP Non crit Shock Nova Dual Totem - MF capable - Amazingly low tooltip dps
Spark: [HC VIABLE] Dual Spark Totems With Pierce (2.1) Updated with map clear video
Siege Ballista: [2.1] Dual totem Ballista Witch (AT LAST \o/) 20k dps a single totem (Screenshot added)

[2.1][For new players] Start from 0, farm uber Atziri within 1 month

[2.1]Pcoc Bladevortex, Selfcast discharge, Low life

The Little Witch Who Wants To Slam(Ground slam Melee Witch)
[2.1 Updated Tree] The Blasphemer - Low life - 5 Curse Aura and 5 Aura/Herald Support Melee also works as curse support

[2.0] Crit Mjölner - Stupidly Expensive and Fun. **UBER DOWN**
Just Another Crit Mjölner build - VP - Uber in 6mins (Awakening tree ,With Skill Jew you must have)
[2.0]♦Crit µ-lner♦: Mjölner revamped! - Lifebased, Dual-Wield w. Doryani's and Insane DPS!
[2.0] Mjolner life based Rainbownuke witch, reflect immune (Atziri viable, Uber not confirmed)
[2.0] CI/ZO Mjolner Witch 14K ES 1.8k es/sec regen (work in progress)
[2.0] [EZ Uber DOWN in 2.0] Heavy Armour Mjolner, 55k armour sustainable (Build + Uber Guide)
[2.0 Boomstick]Mjölner, Hybrid Life/Es, Ghost Reaver, Vaal Pact, Crit
[2.0] Thundercane: The Ultimate Mjolner Tank
[2.0] Odins_Secret Mjolner build
[2.0] The Nautilus - DeepWater Tank
[2.1] Mjölner QUAD - MoM/EB/GR
[2.1]Mjolner: Life and armour, tanky RT variant
[2.1.2] Tanky RF mjolner witch, volls not required

[2.1] Culler-support. Now also budget! - Full MF | 12.6kES | 7 Auras + Guardian
[2.0] LL BM CONDUIT AURAMANCER! (10 AURAS & 2+ CURSES) Cheap, and Extravagant
[2.1] Anu's 11 Reserve Sillincinerate and 10 Reserve Sillidancer actually incinerate with lots of auras
High-lvl Map Culler - Aurabot - Dual Curse aura support
[2.0] Lowlife BM 10Aura 3-6Curse EE Conduit Hard Support - NO ENLIGHTEN NEEDED aura support
[2.0] Hexaura Pentacurse Slammer: cheap support build with 6 auras / 5 curses ground slam curser
Tieryal's HC Supports several aura/curser builds
[2.0] The Healer, now healing 2,2k hp/sec!! Summoner that uses Maligaro's Lens to heal himself/the group
[2.1] [LL, BM, 8 Aura, Penta Curse] aura support

Kallihun: CI freezing tremor rod arc mines
Kingsvenom's CI poison Blade fall trapper 13.kes +12k ev max block + dual curse

MoreRain: Life&ES CoC Discharge [Buffed in 2.1...]
[2.1] Bucket Down CoC LL BM Witch || Ridiculous DPS, 8.5k ES
[2.1]CoC Frost wall Kinetic blaster HP ES hybrid witch
Dual Wand CoC Build "omg another build for 100ex"
[2.1] HeaT's CoC CI Witch FIREFURY (Fireball & Magma Orb) Build
[2.1] KuruKuruDokkaAAaan!! - LowLife CoC EE DualCurse SoulEater Cyclone Discharger
CI CoC Cyclone | Strongest Variant | Facetank and Carry [2.1]
[2.1] CI CoC Discharge done right by Rico
2.1 Low Life Barrage CoC w/ Fireball & Freezing Pulse/Arctic Breath
DustLy's 2.1 CI Barrage CoC Witch
[2.1 Ghazzy - Cyclone COMK Discharge Guide] Low/Mid Budget Build CoMK with Oro's
StrangeCloud's [2.02] Sustainable Perpetual Auto Caster CwDT + auto selfdamaging with Heartbound Loop ring

[2.1] Legasi's Fallen Angel elemental wander
[2.1] CI Elemental Wander for Endgame (WIP) elemental wander
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2.2-2.4 builds
ELE [2.2 ELE] Atherakhia's BEGINNER FRIENDLY Arctic Breath Elementalist Witch
ELE [2.4] Freezer Burn - AB AoF MoM EO, Cheap, Fun, Screw the Meta
ELE [2.4] Sorith's Arctic Breath Shotgun Witch [Budget friendly & nice clear speed]
ELE [2.4] ESC - The Pyromaniac - Burning Breath - cheap&fun AoF, EO - AB build fire conversion
ELE [2.2] Crit Freezing Pulser Elementalist - Perandus HC
OCC [2.2] {HC} Occultist CI Crit Freezing Pulse - Ascendancy Update
NEC [2.2.1][HC] Block Necromancer / Dual Curse / Freeze Pulser
OCC [ Perandus SC League ] PA+RF Freeze Pulser Critter Occultist
OCC [2.4] Crystal - Crit Freezing Pulse - 155k DPS, 10k ES, CI, Occultist
ELE 2.2 Elementalist Ice nova. Insane clear speed, AoE, and damage. Super cheap
OCC CI's Wet Dream - Crit - Doulbe/Triple Curse - Cast When Stunned - Ice Caster
ELE [2.4] Crit Ice Nova Elementalist - <2 min Gorges, Freezes bosses
ELE [2.4] Frozen Orb Witch ((Frostbolt+IceNova))
ELE UPDATED 2.2 [ELE] | [2.0][Darkshrine HC] Crit Ice Spears! MoM + EB with ZO
OCC [2.2] occultist classic ice spear build.
ELE [2.4] Ice Spear PermaFreeze ES/Life+MoM Elementalist
ELE [2.4] Avatar of Fire Ice Spear Burn Proliferation Elementalist fire conversion
ELE [2.4] The Rimefire Witch - Ignite Ice Spear by CantripN (6K+ Life, Acro, VP, MoM) fire conversion
-----ICESTORM (whispering ice)
OCC [2.2 Whispering Ice, Lowlife, Pure Unique wearer 1900+ Int, updated]
ELE [2.4] The Curse Whisperer - Tri-Curse CI Whispering Ice Elementalist - All Targets, Low Budget
NEC [2.4 ATLAS] Qlbuto's CI Whispering Ice... Necromancer ?!
ELE [2.3] Myra Burning Vortex (CHEAP, 100% fire, AA, dual curse, Vaal Pact, Vaal righteous fire)
ELE 2.3 - The Frost Nuke™ - Crit Vortex + Herald - Full screen explosions
ELE [2.4 HC | Video Guide] VORTEX Elementalist/Chieftain build | Iron Will | Righteous Fire
ELE [2.3] Elementalist CI Crit Vortex
OCC [2.3] Occultist CI degen chaos vortex chaos conversion
ELE [2.3/2.4] Elementalist Vortex build, in-depth guide
ELE [2.3]I Can't Believe It's Not Discharge!® - LL RF DoT Vortex Elementalist [Updated]
ELE [2.4] Burning Vortex Double Degen Tank - Budget to Riches Witch/Elementalist Build Guide - HC or SC fire conversion
NEC [2.4] The Shaman Tank (Aegis/Vortex ci) fire conversion
ELE [2.4.0] Burning Vortex Elementalist
NEC [2.4] Vortex Necromancer using Decay and The Scourge + chaos damage from essence of delirium
ELE [2.4] Phoenix Ignition Elementalist (Vortex (w/Uber Lab Footage)) fire conversion
OCC [2.4][ESC] Vortex LL Occultist with huge ES Recovery (T15/Atziri viable)
OCC 2.3 Occultist Detonate dead AKA Purple death.
ELE [2.2] Crit Elemental Overload DD Elementalist
ELE [2.3] DD Elementalist / Safe, Powerful, Budgetfriendly, No Reflect
NEC [2.3] Oddopsi's Budget Necromancer. HC/ATZIRI VIABLE!
ELE [2.4][SC/HC Viable] Detonate Dead SSF - cheap, strong and new player viable (Video)
OCC [2.2] Fireball carpet bomber - 10k ES , 184 GMP dps (CI ,VP) / 708k single target flame surge
ELE Budget Fireball Elementalist
ELE [2.2] Elementalist: Non-Crit Fireball, 4 Rolling Flames; Single Target Flame Surge
ELE [2.4] Great Balls of Fire || Hardcore Viable, Beginner Friendly
ELE [2.4] JSs Elementalist Life Prolif Fireball. One Shot Bosses (Million Damage Burn, 400k+ DPS)
OCC [2.4] Occultist Tri-Curse Chaos Fireball [WIP]
ELE [2.4]PewPewPews Official Cheap Firestorm Build - Selffound possible!/Atziri Viable!
OCC [2.4] Legasi's Masterpiece - Trivialize Bossfights! Atziri & Uber Guide Inside! (HC viable) chaos conversion
ELE [2.2] ELE Firestorm/Heralds A Storm of Frost, Thunder and Ash
ELE Elementalist Firestorm Witch 2.3 - Blood Magic
ELE [2.4] Ender of the Realms Elementalist Firestorm
ELE [2.2 Perandus] Cheap, Easy, Beginner Friendly Flameblast Elementalist (Video Added)
ELE [2.3] Tichel's Elementalist Detonate Dead or Flameblast
ELE Cheap Prolif Flameblast, HC viable - 2.3 updated
ELE Elementalist Flameblast Feat 2x Obliteration BOOM CHAIN
ELE [2.2] Flameblast Ignite Elementalist - lvl 100 Perandus SC
ELE TankyBlast™ - Elementalist [SC/HC] [2.3]
ELE [2.3 Video Guide] Cheap Meta Pizza Blaster [HC/SC/Uber Izaro Viable]
ELE 2.4 CI Ignite Flameblast by Waldgaist - Shaper viable
ELE [2.4 Flameblast] The first independent build that cracks end-game contents
ELE [2.4] Rhox's Hardcore 14 Grand Spectrum [Insert skill gem here] Shaper Killer
ELE [2.4/2.5] - slocsies Flameblast Queen T15+ viable (Hybrid/Vita) Budget
NEC 2.4 (HC Essence league) Balrog whip lash build, 211k+ DPS ( 72/71 Block/Spell Block )
NEC [2.2][The Masochistic Soul Collector] Max Block, RF, Scold's Incinerate [VIDEO]
ELE [2.4] Fistan's Incinerate Elementalist - 130K tooltip - 9.3K ES - Guardian Viable
OCC [2.4] Incinerate build that actually works! (Witch/Occulist/Fire/Chaos/4 curses/Hybrid)
ELE [2.4] Nextguy's Magma Orb
ELE [2.4] Self Cast Molten Shell Elementalist uses scolds bridle
OCC [2.4] Yalani's Low Life Righteous Fire Build - 160k-880k DPS - 15k ES +Eva/Armour - T15/Uber viable
ELE [2.4]RighteouSplosion Elementalist RF + burst on hit
ELE [2.4]The Big RF Elementalist - Fast Clearer
OCC [WIP] 2.4 CI Scorching Ray Occultist Tri-curse
NEC [2.4] HC viable capped Block/Spell Block Scorching Ray Necromancer
ELE [2.3] TheGrillfriend
ELE [2.3] The CI Living Bomber(Vaal RF/Lameblast)[Video Guide/explanation]

ELE [2.4] Whaitiri's Crit Arc Witch - beginner-friendly, flexible & fun Mind over Matter-Caster
ELE [2.3]FoxTactics Hellfire Arc build [Full conversion fire arc] Vaal righteous fire one shot fire conversion
ELE this is my 90 low life full fire conversion arc prolif elementalist fire conversion
OCC [2.4] LL Crit Arc Occultist - Budget/CI version included - Core viable
ELE [2.3] Ball Lightning Elementalist - strong and cheap - leveling & video guide - great for new league
ELE 2.2 - "Blue Fireball" - Pure fire non-crit Ball Lightning Elementalist [Budget, SC, HC viable (?)]
OCC [2.2] Occulist/CI/Crit/Brotherhood Blue Balls of Death
ELE [2.4] Non-crit flexbile BL Elementalist EO+CI
ELE ♫ [2.3] BurningWarp Elementalist Prolif, insane clear speed, Atziri and Uber Lab farmer
ELE [2.2] Shaper of Desolation / Non-crit Shock Nova / HC / Cheap
ELE [2.2] Tri5 Curse EB MOM ZO crit Shock Nova Elementalist w Videos
OCC 2.2 Self-Cast Crit/Proj Speed Spark - 115k+ DPS - Fast Maps up to Tier 15, Fast Bosses/Atziri
NEC [2.2] [HC] Spark Max Block Necromancer
ELE Chilly burn spark (technically finite dps) fire conversion
OCC [2.3] Occ Low Life Crit Voltaxic Sparker chaos conversion
ELE [2.3] Elementalist Voltaxic Spark Really good high map clear speed+viability (t13+) and good life chaos conversion
ELE [2.3]SparkPierceCritShatter GlassNuke cold conversion
NEC [2.4] LL Scourge Necromancer crit Sparker / WIP
ELE [2.2 Storm Call Elementalist]Righteous Caller of the Flames fire conversion
NEC [2.2] PSC Necromancer God of Lightning Build Guide with videos
ELE [2.2] Fastest stormcaller elementalist on wild Wraeclast [STORM CALL WITCH NEAR 120k DPS]
ELE [2.4] Vic´s Flameblast Call Elementalist, double curse, armor, MoM, cheap starter. HC essense ready. stormcall + flameblast
OCC [2.4] "THE BUZZ OF CHAOS" Vaal Sparks Decay Build - Occultist (Fast clear, It works!)

OCC [2.2 HC Self-Found Guide] Self-cast Non-crit Bladefall! Beginner Friendly, Full Walk-through
OCC [2.2] Sherkhan's Bladebender [Occultist quad-curse Bladefall]
OCC [2.4 ESC] MyCat’s Chaotic Bow Blade (LL/CI Tri-Curse Bladefall)
OCC [2.4] "The Lawn Mower™" God Tier Blade Vortex / UBER & Core deathless / with video! Huge 2.4 update
OCC [2.2] Lawn Mower lite - Dual curse LL Bladevortex. Mowing on a "budget"
NEC [2.2] Ele BeyBlade, Tank Necromancer ( up to 276k dps )
OCC [2.2] The Occultist Vortex Blader - [PSC] LL Endgame Experimental Theory
NEC 2.3 Poison Block Vortex Budget Supertank -- League Starter (new vid)
ELE [2.3 Video Guide] The Taming Ember's Vortex Elementalist [HC/SC & Atziri Viable (Possibly Uber)]
ELE 2.3 Infernal Bladevortex. Mission failed, yet! fire conversion
OCC [2.4]Speedy Decay Build chaos damage from essence of delirium
OCC [2.4] Crit Blade Vortex Tons of Damage + Survivabilty
NEC [2.4] Auto-Offering Necromantic Blade Vortex uses kitava's thirst
NEC [2.4] Essence Necromancer || The Scourge || This is not Another BV build || Core Malachai done
OCC [2.4] ESC - Cheap - CI Quad Curse Kitava Occultist Blade Vortex / Shaper Down w/ Video
OCC [2.4] Non-Shav's Low Life Blood Magic BV Chaos Occultist
NEC [2.4] The "CheesyScourge" Chaos BV Decay Hungry Abyss Necromancer
OCC [2.2+]Essence Drain RF UBER/ALL BOSS
OCC [2.2] Occultist (Contagion + Essence Drain) Beginner starting build
OCC [2.2] Lowlife Contagion/Essence Drain - Hc Viable
OCC [2.2] Low Life Tri-Curse Poison Essence Drain Occultist - Uber Viable, 10k+ ES, 40k+ DoT dps
ELE [2.2] Windz's Lazy Essence Drainer HCP (no contagion)
OCC [2.3] Tanky Good DPS Low-life Occultist Essence Drain Dual Curse [Atziri viable]
NEC [2.3] Essence Drain/Contagion NECROMANCER - HC Viable, Low Budget to get started
NEC Drain Tank build: Essence drain necro, 200%+ life, 75/75% block, MoM, AA and Lightning coil [2.3]
OCC (2.4) "Dbum's Occultist Essence Drain With a F***ing Bow!" CI/LL, ZO, Duel Curse | HC/SC uses selfcrafted bow
OCC [2.4 HC | Video Guide] Essence Drain Occultist aka "The Bastion" | 8-link & Iron Will | life based
OCC [2.2]Low Life Ninja - 180k DPS Crit EK, 9.7K ES, No Mirrors Required!
OCC 2.2 The Ultimate Self-Cast Crit EK Build/Guide (Occultist Witch) - 418k+ DPS / Quad Cursing
OCC [2.4] Lehenaa - Crit Low Life Ethereal Knives ~500k DPS
NEC [2.4]Dragon Jooced - "Pick Your Poison" Necromancer has Bladefall + BV variants
OCC [2.4] Tri Curse Tri Charge Chaos EK Occultist [SC/HC Viable]
OCC [2.4] Witchfire Occultist of Innsbury, EK chaos poison Innsbury chaos conversion

{2.4} Necronomicon / Raise Spectre Monster Info basic infos for classic summoners
NEC {2.4} Spectral Gods: Goat Simulator Classic Summoner
NEC [2.2] Lasgo's Tanky Crit Spectral Summoner focus on spectres
NEC [2.3] Spectre/Curse/Aura Necromancer with MoM/EB/ZO. Beginner friendly
NEC [2.2] Army of Zoom (with Video) - Necromancer SRS, Spectre, Zombie build
NEC [2.3 Video Guide] Beginner's Build: 4 Keystone Spectre Summoner [HC/SC/Atziri/Uber Atziri Viable]
NEC [2.3 Video Guide] Beginner's Build: 5 Keystone Horror Summoner [HC/SC/Atziri Viable]
NEC [2.4] The Classic Zombie, Spectre Auramancer 12 Auras! Very good solo aswell as Party! With Stream
NEC [2.2] The Gravelord Nito build
NEC 2.4 Improved Guide on Leary's Auramancer (UBER! viable classic summoner, 945-2027k dps, ez MF/Lab)
NEC [2.2] Necromancer: Undying Grappler Summoner [Softcore]
NEC [2.2] Spectacular Spectres - Ultimate Utility Guardian (No SRS) with videos. Low-Cost
NEC [2.4] Miger's Knitted Horrormancer
NEC HORRORMANCER - low budget beginner friendly
NEC Electrified Punkheads[2.2] Classic necro plus SRS, and Midnight Bargain, ft. Charge-O-Rama!
NEC [2.3] Queen of the Dead | Low Life Classic Summoner | Solo & Party viable
NEC 2.4 Necromancer Spectre/SRS Angryaa Spectres + SRS
NEC [2.4] Spectre, Zombie, Raging Spirits, MoM, EB, Dual Curse Summoner Zombies, Spectres + SRS
NEC [2.4] Viper Summoner HC [Atlas Of Worlds] Max Block, Max Spell Block Super Tanky Zombies, Spectres + SRS
NEC [2.4] Montregul's Grasp Defensive Necromancer Zombies
NEC [2.4] Mon'thregul Standart Necromancer
OCC [2.4] Occultist Summoner - You will never want to play Necro again! Spectres
NEC [2.4]Crit Malachai's Loop Summoner power charge/crit build
NEC [2.4] The Skeleton Queen (24 skeletons / 60 seconds / over 300% minion damage) (With videos) Skeletons only
NEC [2.2] One Dozen SkeleMages focus on skeletons
NEC [2.3 Video Guide] Beginner's Build: Lich Queen Skeleton Summoner [HC/SC/Atziri/Uber Izaro Viable] focus on skeletons
NEC [2.4] - HC Summoner w/ 3 curses, golems, spectres + 7 zombies [guide for fresh start, budget] Golems + spectres
NEC [2.4] Kaz's Classic Summoner Build Guide
NEC Path Of Exile 2.4 - Necromancer shaper kill build
NEC [2.2.1] The Explosive Sheep°78/71% Block Chance°750 Life Gain per Block°OS BOSS minion instability
NEC [2.2] Rathma's Chosen - Attack/Summon Hybrid melee hybrid
NEC [2.4] "The Battle Queen" || Double Strike/Auto-Summoner Hybrid melee-kitava summoning hybrid
NEC [2.4] Plaguemancer || Beacon of Corruption Degen || Budget damage source: poison cloud on spectre death
NEC [2.4]Caustic cloud spectres Necromancer damage source: poison cloud on spectre death
NEC Perandus Pure Life Srs in progress + 2.2 Deathless uber srs(STD)
NEC [Ascendancy] Angryaa's SRS Spectre Necromancer.
NEC [2.4] Pure SRS *Cheap* *Atziri* *Magic Find* *Endgame Viable*
NEC (2.2) [PHC] BM Necromancer SRS 8.7k life, fast clear
NEC [2.2.2d] Badreinigers CI SRS Witch Necro Summoner
NEC Temp League SRS
NEC [2.2][NEC]Femur of the Saints and Queen's Decree Armour Based Summoner PHC
NEC [2.2] PHC #1 Necromancer lv100 SRS build
NEC [2.3] Necromancer SRS - 1H + Shield. Max Block. Extreme Defense & Offense. [T15 + Atziri viable]
NEC [2.3] BM Keystone SRS
NEC [2.4] The Poet - SRS + Blasphemy Enfeeble+TempChains
NEC [2.3] LL / SRS / Support / Necro / BloodMagic keystone [Endgame Viable]
NEC [2.4] Saltizard's Raging Summoner [CI SRS]
NEC [2.3] Srs Build 8k life, tons of Dmg ( PvE,PvP)(The Build for the Lazy)
NEC 2.3 NEC SRS SUPP " The dishwasher " Safe, Fast , hight damage
NEC [2.3/2.4]Dragon Jooced - Support/SRS Necromancer
NEC [2.4] Necro SRS Self-found ZERO budget Build
NEC [2.4] Essence of Hysteria SRS Max Block Necromancer
NEC [2.4] Merisc's LL Necro Uber SRS Summoner(1.9Mil+ dps) 9 Auras
NEC [2.4] [CI SRS] Chaos Inoculation Summon Raging Spirit (Shaper Viable)
NEC 50 SRS in one second, a Null's Inclination Summon Raging Spirits build Animate Weapon, SRS with Null's
NEC [2.4] Beacon of Corruption SRS Necromancer damage source: poison cloud when spirits expire
NEC Animate weapon Necromancer with MoM, updated for 2.2 Patch!
NEC [2.2] Dead Men of Dunharrow (Animate Weapon Summoner) Max Block, EB/MoM. Atziri Video!
NEC [2.3]PHC Zoomancer Weapon Animator - 200+ minions. Atziri viable Safe and Fast clearspeed
NEC [2.3] Animate Weapons of Mass Destruction (EB/ZO/MOM/NA/EE)
NEC [HC 2.3] Necromancer Animate Weapon Atziri viable
NEC [2.3] Animate weapon SIX AURA of GLUTTONY
NEC [2.3] Animate Weapon Summoner featuring Cloak of Tawm'r Isley
NEC [2.4] [WIP] Chaos Animate Weapon Necromancer (EHC, level 97)
NEC [2.4] Totem + 2 Essence Worms Animate Weapon Necro on totem
NEC [2.2] MOosChaosArmy Null's Inclination Beacon of Corruption 3Curses MaxBlock HC/SC Animate Weapon, SRS with Null's
NEC [2.4] Whaitiri's Chaotic Null's Inclination Necro - all map mods, 73/65 block without Rumis Animate Weapon, SRS with Null's
NEC [2.4] Cospris Dual Curse Nulls Necromancer - The VooDoo Mistress Animate Weapon, SRS with Null's
OCC [2.2] CI Poison Blink arrow/Mirror arrow Occultist Summoner (level 95 Perandus)
NEC [2.2] Elemental Blink/Mirror arrow summoner
NEC [2.2] Kamikaze Yourself! Blink / Mirror Arrow ☺ Minion Instability ☺ Low life ☺ Purities ☺ Max Block
NEC [2.2][SC][NEC]Mirror Arrow Trap & Skeletons' Totem - A cheap and beginner friendly build
NEC [Prophecy, 2.3.0] Hardcore Blink arrow / Mirrow arrow Necromancer trapper capped block
OCC [2.3] Clonemancer: One For All, All For One (Uber Viable, Millions of DPS)
NEC [2.3 SC] The Hipster Member of Pale Council (self-cast Mirror/Blink, 4 Blasphemy curses, 9 jewels)
OCC [2.3 HCP] BDY's 20k ES Mirror Arrow/Blink Arrow Boss Killer Occulist - UBER Atziri down!
NEC [2.4] Dariidar's Blink & Mirror Arrow Necromancer- 10k EHP, 75/75 block, t15 viable
NEC [2.2] Summon Raging Inferno (3 x 6L flame golem) Flame Golem
NEC [PoE 2.4 ESC] Necro Golemancer - LowLife Triple Stone Golem Stone Golem
NEC [2.4] Dancing Dominatrix - The Dancing Dervish / Dominating Blow Melee Necromancer Dancing Dervish

ELE [2.4] Better than Inevitable Judgment: ES AoF Elementalist Warchief Totem with 97% Fire Penetration
div [2.4] Dual Flame Totem Crit version. 263k dps (400k possible) . Uber and Normal Atziri
ELE 2.2 Perandus Explosive Arrow Totems (Cheap, high dps ,over 6k Life w/ MOM)
OCC [2.4] HCE SearingBond 75k tooltip + Quad curse Occultist
OCC Freezing Pulse: [2.2][Occultist] Sire of Shatters (Dual Freezing Pulse totems feat. EB+MoM+Tri-curse Blasphemy)
ELE Ice Nova: [2.3] Beginner-friendly Easy-Peasy Ice Nova Dual-Totem
NEC Flameblast: [2.4] Low Life Necro Flameblast Totems Ft The Scourge Terror claw/ 400% IAS Whirling! Videos added
NEC SRS: [2.2] Necromancer - Dual totem SRS EE + 9 Zombies and 3 Specters
NEC SRS: [2.2] [HC] LL SRS SpellTotem aura necromancer blood magic

ELE Multi-Skill elementalist. Taming/Emberwake. Tanky/fast clearspeed. Never boring. can be played with a lot of different spells
blast rain ELE 2.4 Nuros Elementalist - ShatterRain Ranger 100% cold damage with nuro's harp
burning arrow ELE [2.3] Burning Arrow Elementalist || Insane Clear Speed, Solid Defenses and Budget (Atziri Viable)
caustic arrow OCC [OCC] CI Caustic Arrow - Atziri Down
caustic arrow OCC [2.2 OCC] CI Hidden Potential Caustic Arrow Uber Atziri viable
caustic arrow OCC [2.3] KrazyEd's CA Occultist- 3-4 Curse DoT Resistance Crusher
caustic arrow OCC [2.3 Build Guide] Lurifaxx's Soul Ward Occultist! [HC/SC/Atziri Viable]
caustic arrow OCC [2.4] Caustic Arrow - CI
explosive arrow OCC [2.2 Occ] KuteKitteh's CI EA Regen Tank - Durable w/10k ES, instant clear, EZ-Atziri, affordable!
explosive arrow OCC [2.2] CI Explosive Arrow Crazy ES Regen
explosive arrow ELE [PHC] Witch explosive arrow NO GMP / Lvl 98 & 100 with Aeiko
explosive arrow ELE [2.3] Explosive Arrow Elementalist (HC, Fast Clear)
explosive arrow ELE [2.3] Explosive Arrow Elementalist - Insane Clear Speed with 11 Grand Spectrum
explosive arrow ELE [2.3] Explosive Arrow Elementalist Witch [PSC]
explosive arrow ELE [2.4] Explosive Arrow - Elementalist Build Guide
explosive arrow ELE [2.4] I Prepared Explosive Arrows This Morning! This is a Buff.
ice shot ELE [2.2] Ice Shot Elementalist - Lots of Ice explosions! Fast clear speed
lightning arrow ELE [2.3] Boulz's Grand Spectrum Lightning Arrow Conflux Build (High Budget / HC viable)
lightning arrow ELE Windripper elementalist CI 130k+/175k+ LA dps 7arrows, solo reflect immune 219iiq/404iir, top mf uses Windripper
split arrow ELE Doomfletch's Prism Elementalist (Budget and strong) [Top30 PHC] uses Doomfletch's Prism
split arrow OCC [2.4] The Slivering Abyss - Trashy Toxic Blooddrenched Occultist Imploder. [CI+DoT+Slivertongue]
ELE [PHC 2.3] AutoHerald Elementalist Heralds as main damage source
ELE [2.4]The FireFly (Burning HoT - insane damage) Herald of Thunder as main damage source; fire conversion
cyclone OCC [2.4 ESC] SPINNIN' SIS // Occultist Cyclone // 13k+ ES // 300k+ DPS
dominating blow NEC [2.2] Meleemancer, Complete Domination
dominating blow NEC [2.4]Scourge Knight - Dominating Blow Max Block Necromancer
dominating blow NEC [2.4]The Scourge || Dom Blow || Kitavas or Crown of Eyes
earthquake NEC [2.2] Yesterday's Minion-less Necritmancer (Crit - Block - Melee Witch) uses Hegemony's Era
earthquake ELE [2.2] Burining Earthquake Elemetalist (Avatar of Fire) fire conversion
earthquake ELE [2.3] Meltquake - Earthquake Degen Elementalist [PHC] bleed+poison
elemental hit ELE [2.2 ELE] CI Melee Elemental Hit + Tri-Elemental Damage Elementalist
facebreaker/infernal blow ELE [2.3] Offscreen Melee Witch: FB/IB Elementalist- Insane Prolif Chains
flicker strike ELE [2.2] EmberStrike - 2h Flickerstrike - Insane damage
flicker strike ELE Sherkhan's Aerialist [triple curse CI pure physical Flicker Elementalist]
flicker strike OCC OCC [2.2] CI Dagger Budget Flicker Strike
flicker strike ELE [2.2] [HC] Oro's Flicker Strike Elementalist, HC Perandus
flicker strike ELE [2.2]The Supreme Gentleman's Oro's Elementalist with VMS [videos coming soon]
flicker strike ELE [2.3 HC] HecticHippo's Elementalist Oro's Flicker Strike. Tanky, fast, fun.
flicker strike ELE [Ele]CI Oro's Flicker currency farmer (HC)
frost blades ELE [2.3] FROSTBLADES WITCH 5/6 KEYSTONES EB + MOM + ACRO + PHASE ACRO tanky insane dps! by STOYA
ice crash ELE [2.3]The Burning Ice - Ice Crash Oro's Elementalist uses Oro's Sacrifice
ice crash ELE [2.4]Ice Crash Brain Rattler Elementalist
lacerate OCC [2.4/2.4.2] Two Handed Sword Witch / Occultist / Starforge Lacerate
reave NEC In Progress: 'Shadow Knight' - Claw Max Block Tank Necromancer (REAVE) - "The Scourge"
reave NEC [2.4] Scourge Poison Reave ☠ 75/75Block,19kArmor,+693Life on Block,Face Tank T16Boss
sunder NEC [2.2] Varuni's Death Knight (Varunastra - Necromancer melee/block tank) uses Varunastra
sunder OCC [2.3] Poison vacuum cleaner bloccultist
sunder NEC [2.4] Poison Sunder Necromancer
sweep NEC [2.2][HC] Crit Staff Necromancer 30k DPS 70% block, 6k Life + Fortify uses Hegemony's Era
unarmedELE 2.3 Doryani's fist - Angry Charger - Ice crash Elementalist uses Doryani's Fist
wild strike ELE [2.2] The Wild Spellblade | Elementalist | Pure Elemental Wild Striker
wild strike ELE (2.4) Way of the Grand Spectrum X10 (Wild Strike Elementalist) HC Essence League
wild strike ELE The Goddess gone Wild (TGU - wild strike - perma buff) uses Goddess Unleashed
OCC [2.2] Culler-support. Now also budget! - Full MF | 12.6kES | 7 Auras + Guardian
OCC [2.2] Lowlife BM 10Aura 3-6Curse EE Conduit Hard Support - NO ENLIGHTEN NEEDED aura support
OCC 2.2 Notive's Tanky Low Life Blood Magic Occultist Septa/Hexa Curse Blasphemy Cheeser curser
NEC [2.3] Necromancer: Aurabot Support Build [HC / SC] aura support
NEC [2.3] SRS Auramancer LL Witch SRS + aura support
NEC [2.4] SRS LL Auramancer MF guide SRS + aura support
OCC 2.3 WItch Supporter 11 Aura / 3-4 Curses + More aura support
NEC [2.3 Video Guide] Auramancer Pseudo Support Build Guide [HC/SC/Atziri/Uber Atziri/Uber Izaro Viable] classic summoner + aura support
NEC Summoner_from_wraeclast summoner + aura support
NEC [2.4] 12 Aura | 2 Curse Necrobot: The Legend of Aura aura support
NEC 2.3 Necromancer Support 12auras and 3curses aura support
NEC [2.4] The Public Party Princess aura support
NEC [2.4] Endgame-Support-Auramancer. WIP aura support
NEC [2.4] The Tooltip Medic ♥ Comprehensive Aurabot Guide aura support
NEC [2.4] ESC Solo Support with Spectral Spirits (nope, I don't have a lisp) playable without group
OCC [2.4] Occultist CI Ice-Shot Curser - LVL 100 HC Essence
Ball Lightning traps ELE [2.3] Elementalist: The Sire of Ignites - Ball Lightning Trapper, guide & videos uses Sire of Shards
Bladefall mines OCC [2.3]CI Bladefall BOOM BOOM mines with poison, Tri-curse, deathless uber at 82. Affordable.
Bladefall mines OCC [HC] Video 2.2 Bladefall poison miner occultist atziri/high maps triple curse CI ES
Bladefall mines OCC [2.4] Time-wicked Miner, Occultist 3 curses. Uses bow. Extremely tanky, easy T15 & Uber Lab farm
Bladefall mines OCC EB Triple Curse Occultist Bladefall Miner [HC Atziri farmer+curse-bot]
Bladefall traps OCC [2.3] CI Occ Crit Trap Bladefall
Bladefall mines OCC 【2.3】ViViiiii's Temporal Chains Posion Miner Everything You might interested to know
Bladefall mines OCC [2.3] Xirgil's Cranker Blocker Curser Occultist (multiple builds)
Bladefall traps OCC [2.4] Two and a Half Curse Bladefall Trapper CI Occultist [HC/SC Viable][UBER ATZIRI DOWN!]
Bladefall mines OCC [2.4]Mine Bladefall - Two-Curse CI | Uber Farming (Low Budget)
Detonate Dead traps OCC [2.4] Brofessional Necrophiliac 11k+ ES, Uber Viable, Millions of DPS (with Videos) chaos conversion
Fire Nova minesELE [2.2] [Ele] Ignatius: Fire Nova Mine Screen Sweeper
Fire Nova minesELE 2.4 The taming + Emberwake FNM Elementalist
Ice trap OCC [2.2] Black Mage - Low-life Grenade Trapper
Ice trap ELE [2.4] -273,15 °Crit-Trapper (Shaper viable) + Budget Version (< 3 exa) fire conversion
Vortex traps ELE [2.4] Double Dipping DoT Dreams | CI Vortex Trapper
OCC [2.4] CI CoC Discharge by Rico (barely reanimated) coc
ELE [2.4] Bucket Down CoC LL Elementalist (CoC still alive) coc
ELE [2.4] CoC Vortex Elementalist *Insane dps* 2-3 shot Guardians - Shaper down! [Video Inside] coc
ELE [2.4]Cyclone Mjölner (Coc Replacement) Mjölner Discharge
ELE [2.4.0] Tanky RF Elementalist mjolner witch, volls not required Mjölner Discharge
ELE [2.4] Hysteric arrow build fire burst on hit
ELE [2.4] Hysteria Vortex - a story of Fire Burst and an Elementalist fire burst on hit
OCC 10 spells Abaxoth on Cocaine CWDT Build,HC and Uber Atziri Viable triggering CwDT with heartbound loop
OCC 2.2 and 2.3 Nuclear Sojourner - Shield Charge + CWDT - Insane triggering CwDT with scold's bridle + shield charge
OCC [2.4] Khelsie’s AFK CWS CI Occulist [Tri-Curse] afk build with CwS
ELE [2.4] Tank with up to 2.5 Milions DPS !!! One issue : CWS !!! CwS
NEC [2.4.1] [EHC] Lepor's Coffee While Stunned Block Cap Necromancer CwS
-----WANDS (Frost wall no longer works with own projectiles in 2.4!)
OCC [2.4] Legasi's Fallen Angel elemental wander
ELE [2.2] One-click screen clear: Emberwake/Taming KB Wander Elementalist elemental wander
ELE [2.3] Elementalist Wander | Fast Clear Speed, Reflect Immune elemental wander
ELE [2.3.x] Elementalist LowLife Kinetic Blast - Fast Clear, Uber viable elemental wander
ELE [2.3]Dela's Obliterate Build CHEAP & FAST clears 200% life UPDATED corpse detonation with Obliteration
OCC [2.2] Occultist - Profane Bloom Chaos Wander corpse detonation
ELE [2.3] The great Herald of Chaos! by Akilander Obliteration + Heralds
OCC [PoE 2.4] Pure Chaos (CI BV Occultist Obliteration) corpse detonation with Obliteration
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