[2.2] Yesterday's Minion-less Necritmancer (Crit - Block - Melee Witch)

Do you like BUFFS?
Do you want to pick Witch as a starting class for a Melee Build and not get outclassed by perma-fortify?
Want Aegis Aurora but are either too poor, hate ES, or not want to use a shield?
Do you hate 6-linked gear?
Do you think Vaal Haste is overrated?
Then this build is for you!

Yesterday's Minion-less Necritmancer!

What is it?

This build is based around using Mistress of Sacrifice to give you access to Bone Offering and Flesh Offering.

So what?

Level 20 Bone Offering gives you 35% block chance, 34% spell block chance and 594 life on block, akin to Aegis.
Level 20 Flesh Offering gives you 29% movespeed and 30% attack and cast speed.

(as a comparison, Lv. 20 Vaal Haste gives 36% attack speed and 20% MS. And they stack, naturally.)

Spirit Eater gives us 40% increased damage when we consume a corpse (all the time).

Commander of Darkness gives us 6% damage and 2% attack speed for each aura we have (including Vaal auras)

Pros and Cons

-Tanky with crappy gear.
-Able to do t9 maps with self found rares and <5c stuff (Hegemony's helps A LOT, so if you can choose to sac the rest of your gear and buy a Hege (45c on Perandus atm), DO IT).
-54% block chance (Lv. 11 Bone Off.) on almost 100% uptime, block capped with Rumi's.
-30% spell block (Lv. 11 Bone Off.)
-198% Armour @Lv. 87
-160% Life @Lv.87
-4.1% Life regen means we can keep Blood Rage up all the time.
-3s Immortal Call.
-Vaal Grace/Vaal Haste.
-Life gained on block.
-Max charges all the time.
-Gets the job done with 4Ls on all your gear.

-You're a crit build, so you need gear investments to really push your damage up.
-Mapping is slow if you don't get a decent rare staff or Hege's early on. (this was my first character on Perandus but I managed to buy a Hege's as soon as she needed it)
-Earthquake is slower due to Mistress of Sacrifice, so 20% quality Reduced Duration and Enchantments are recommended.
-This build is a momentum type of build, if you fight a boss with all your buffs, it will MELT. But if you fail to keep your stuff up, it's significantly harder.
-Requires you to keep your buffs up.

Links and Gems

Still no 6L FeelsBadMan.
Desired Links: RRRRBB
Core (RRRR): Earthquake/Ice Crash - Melee Physical Damage - Added Fire Damage/WED - Less Duration.
For bosses (BB): Increased Critical Strikes/Damage - Concentrated Effect.
For mapping (BB): Increased Area of Effect - Item Rarity

-All options have the same coloring, so you can change them at will.
-You may take Added Fire/Wed off and use Fortify instead if you can't be bothered with Leap Slam.
-You may also replace EQ with Ice Crash altogether, in order to avoid interaction with Mistress of Sacrifice; both work just fine.

This is your "Manual Buffs" Link.
Enduring Cry - Flesh Offering - Vaal Haste/Grace - Increased Duration
-We use Flesh Offering manually cast to override Bone when we need damage and not mitigation.
-Enduring Cry for bonus regen and endurance charges.
-Use Vaal Haste or Vaal Grace, whichever you prefer.

This is your auto-buffs Link.

CWDT (lv. 6) - Bone Offering (lv. 11) - Immortal Call (lv. 8) - Increased Duration (lv. 20)

-With a lvl 6 CWDT you get Bone Offering on 100% up-time while clearing packs, you can increase it as you get more Life.
-Immortal Call should last about 3s.
-If you are going for maximum clear speed, switch Bone Offering for a Flesh Offering (with correct CWDT level) and roflstomp through the map with a permanent pseudo-Vaal Haste.

If you have a 6 link, you could try Molten Shell - Phase Run, or Blade Vortex - Blind.

This does not have to be linked at all.

Hatred - Herald of Ash - Summon Ice Golem - Blood Rage

-Against Ele Reflect maps, just turn off Hatred and HoA and you're good.
-Blood Rage lasts long enough that you shouldn't need to recast it. Attack Speed and Leech.
-Ice golem because we are a crit build.

Your Movement skill.

Leap Slam - Fortify - Curse on Hit - Warlord's Mark.

-Fortify can be replaced with Faster Attacks if you decided to link it on Earthquake instead.
-Warlord's Mark for more Endurance Charge generation (since you'll spend them often) and life leech.

Dealing with the Bandits

Oak - Kill All/Oak - Alira


-You want 1 Surgeon's of Staunching and 1 Seething of Grounding as Health pots,
-The third flask can be swapped for a Surgeon's Sulphur Flask of Heat, for bonus 40% damage and Freeze removal.
-Fourth flask is either the best rolled Granite you can get or a Rumi's Concoction.
-Fifth Flask should be a Stibnite of Iron Skin for when you need to Tank up even further. Smoke cloud is OP, abuse it.

Gameplay Videos

T10 - Necropolis, Chilled Ground: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EuYzaSDz1mA

This is my first posted build, constructive criticism is appreciated.
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I'm very interested in melee witch builds in general, but am very curious about those using NEC/MoS.

Are there any uniques you aspire to use with this build? (Other than Hegemony's Era)

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