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We're proud to announce Supporter Packs for Path of Exile: The Awakening!

The sales of Supporter Packs so far have funded a significant portion of Path of Exile's development. Thanks to your generous contributions, we were able to pay for the content and server costs of Path of Exile and several expansions. Over ten million gamers have enjoyed Path of Exile and many have supported us by purchasing supporter packs and microtransactions. This support is greatly appreciated. It covers not only our day-to-day development costs but also the development of future expansions.

Thank you so much for your continued support of Path of Exile. We hope you really enjoy these supporter packs and all that The Awakening has to offer!

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Divination Cards

Divination Cards

In The Awakening, Highgate Supporters can design a Divination Card, putting their personalised mark on Path of Exile.

Divination Cards are a new type of item that drops from monsters you encounter while playing The Awakening. Sets of cards can be traded to the Act Four NPC Tasuni in exchange for the item referenced on the card. Each card type drops in specific areas of Wraeclast, so careful choice of where to play allows you to maximise your chances of obtaining the desired item.

Here's the submission page where Highgate Supporters can decide the name, flavour text and redemption item for their Divination Card. We reserve the right to reject submissions that aren't in theme with Path of Exile. You're able to resubmit your idea until it's accepted.

Once we've agreed on the above details of the card, then you're all done! We'll create art for your card in the style of the traditional tarot, balance its rarity, determine how many you'll need to complete a stack, and assign it to drop in specific locations.

You'll be able to use your Divination Card artwork as your Forum Avatar, if you'd like.

Thanks again for your generous support. We're really looking forward to seeing your creativity!

Supporter Pack Notes

  • Shipped T-Shirt/Graphic Novel:

    These are available to ship soon after purchase. Shipping is free internationally. The shirts and comics are shipped from America, so we can't offer custom signing this time. The Graphic Novel contains all four issues of the Path of Exile comic with bonus behind-the-scenes sketches.
  • Apparition Effects:

    The Shade of Axiom, Bloodletter of the Vaal, Harbinger of Lunaris and Overlord of Highgate are effects that are applied to your amulet. Whenever you equip the possessed amulet or stand still for a while, the apparition will loom menacingly over your character.
  • The Awakening Digital Soundtrack:

    This is a soundtrack containing all the new music from The Awakening (but not the rest of Path of Exile). A high-quality FLAC version is also available. Both are DRM-free.
  • Upgrades:

    You can upgrade from one of these new Supporter Packs to another on this page by clicking "Upgrade" on the desired pack. The process will include any pure points packs purchased since the previous supporter packs went away on April 20. The maximum amount that upgrades can contribute is 80% of the value of a pack. If you have any questions about this process, please contact!
  • Payment Plans:

    Because you can merge points packs (purchased since April 20) up to 80% of the value of a supporter pack, you can make intermediary payments towards a pack and then spend the points immediately. If you'd like to arrange a more complex payment plan or have any questions, please contact!