Basic Point Packs

Path of Exile is completely free to download and play. We never intend to charge for content or access to the released game. In order to fund the development and continued expansion of Path of Exile, we offer a range of ethical microtransactions that allow you to distinguish yourself in the world of Wraeclast without receiving any gameplay advantage. We are completely opposed to the concept of "pay-to-win".

The Points sold on this page can be spent on a wide range of cosmetic pets, weapon and armour effects, animations and alternate skill effects. Cosmetic effects can be moved between items. The Reclaim button in the microtransaction stash allows you to remove effects from items.

50 Points
100 Points
200 Points

Release Supporter Packs

We're proud to announce Release Supporter Packs for Path of Exile, in collaboration with J!NX!

During Path of Exile's Beta period, the sales of Supporter Packs funded a significant portion of the game's development. Thanks to your generous contributions, we were able to pay for the content and server costs of our full October release. Since release, millions of gamers have found Path of Exile and many have been supporting us via our microtransaction store. This support is greatly appreciated and covers our day-to-day development costs, guaranteeing that Path of Exile will be around for a long time.

After hundreds of emails about the possibility of Release supporter packs, we decided that we should give our new community members the chance to show their support and receive exclusive bonuses. We'd love to scale up the size of Grinding Gear Games and deliver you more content, faster. Act 4 is in production currently and any additional resources will help us deliver additional acts, monsters and complex game systems like website trading and custom leagues sooner.

J!NX will once again be producing our physical merchandise, which will be shipped from their warehouse in America.

These packs introduce two new types of cosmetic microtransactions - Portal Effects and Back Attachments. Each supporter pack also includes all of the Portal and Back Attachment effects from lower packs. These effects aren't just limited to supporter packs. We've added some to the normal microtransaction store and will continue to add more over time.

Thank you so much for your continued support of the game. Without our community and their generous contributions, we would not be able to provide Path of Exile as a game free of pay-to-win elements. We hope you really enjoy these supporter packs and are looking forward to the first content expansion in March as much as we are!


Survivor Pack

Support the continued development of Path of Exile and show off a permanent forum title to demonstrate your commitment! You'll also receive a digital copy of the Extended Soundtrack (or 50 more points if you already have it). Survivor Supporters receive the Survivor's Respite Portal Effect and Survivor's Supplies Back Attachment. While other Portal Effects and Back Attachments will be sold in our microtransaction store, these specific effects are only available as part of these Release Supporter Packs.

The Release Soundtrack will be available for download on your profile page.

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Warrior Pack

The Warrior Pack includes the Warrior's Assault Portal Effect and the Warrior's Mark Back Attachment, but also has an alternate frame for your Social Portrait in-game. Your characters will stand out when displayed in a party, guild, friends list or on the character selection screen! Like all tiers from this point on, we will upgrade your forum title to reflect your generous support. You'll also receive all Portals and Back Attachments from previous tiers.

The Extended Soundtrack will be available for download on your profile page.

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Champion Pack

Gear up with a Path of Exile "Exalted Orb" Hoodie and T-Shirt, created by J!NX. The Champion Pack also includes two different Social Portrait Frames, the Champion's Arrival Portal Effect, Champion's Hour Back Attachment and all the effects from the Survivor and Warrior packs.

You will receive the digital contents immediately. Physical items will be shipped in approximately March.

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Conqueror Pack

Conquer Wraeclast in style! The Conqueror Pack includes a custom forum avatar created according to your design as well as the Exalted Orb Hoodie and T-Shirt, the Conqueror's Campaign Portal Effect, Conqueror's Reign Back Attachment, the highest tier of Social Portrait Frame and all nine other effects/frames from lower packs!

You will receive the digital contents immediately. Physical items will be shipped in approximately March.

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  • Upgrades:

    You can upgrade a single Point Pack to one of these new supporter packs on your account page (click "Account Transactions"). To upgrade multiple packs (purchased since Path of Exile released on October 23), please contact support!
  • Shipped Physical Items:

    These will be shipped in approximately March. Shipping is free internationally.
  • Exclusive Portal Effects/Back Attachments:

    These are only available in these Release supporter packs and will never be sold in the future. Other types of Portal Effects or Back Attachments are for sale in the regular microtransaction store, with more added over time.
  • Digital Soundtrack:

    Beta supporters with access to an earlier Digital Soundtrack are automatically upgraded to the Release Digital Soundtrack. It's DRM-free, of course. A high-quality FLAC version is also available.
  • Release Supporter Forum Titles:

    These can be displayed alongside your existing Closed Beta and Open Beta forum titles.
  • Custom Forum Avatar:

    We'll draw a forum avatar for you, based on your design. It'll be assigned to your account on the forums and you will be the only person able to select it. This forum avatar will be a little larger than normal avatars. We can reject designs if we feel they are inappropriate for the forum. Note that we may sell special or custom forum avatars to other people in the future (but not the one that was created for you).
  • Payment Plans:

    If you'd like to pay over time for a pack in a series of smaller payments, please contact support!