Basic Point Packs

Path of Exile is completely free to download and play. We never intend to charge for content or access to the released game. In order to fund the development and continued expansion of Path of Exile, we offer a range of ethical microtransactions that allow you to distinguish yourself in the world of Wraeclast without receiving any gameplay advantage. We are completely opposed to the concept of "pay-to-win".

The Points sold on this page can be spent on a wide range of cosmetic pets, weapon and armour effects, animations and alternate skill effects. Cosmetic effects can be moved between items. The Reclaim button in the microtransaction stash allows you to remove effects from items.

50 Points
100 Points
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Forsaken Masters Supporter Packs

We're proud to announce Supporter Packs for Path of Exile: Forsaken Masters!

The sales of Supporter Packs so far have funded a significant portion of Path of Exile's development. Thanks to your generous contributions, we were able to pay for the content and server costs of our Beta period, October 2013 Release, Sacrifice of the Vaal and now the Forsaken Masters expansion. Since release in late 2013, millions of gamers have found Path of Exile and many have been supporting us via our microtransaction store. This support is greatly appreciated and covers our day-to-day development costs, guaranteeing that Path of Exile will be around for a long time.

Thank you so much for your continued support of the game. Without our community and their generous contributions, we would not be able to provide Path of Exile as a game free of pay-to-win elements. We hope you really enjoy these supporter packs and Forsaken Masters!

Apprentice Supporter Pack

Support the continued development of Path of Exile and show off a permanent forum title to demonstrate your commitment! You'll also receive 400 points, a digital copy of the Soundtrack (or 50 more points if you already have it). Apprentice Supporters receive the Apprentice Armour Set (Boots, Gloves, Helmet and Body Armour) as well as the Apprentice Back Attachment and Hideout Banner.

You will receive the digital contents immediately.

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Journeyman Supporter Pack

The Journeyman Pack includes the Journeyman Armour Set, Back Attachment, Hideout Banner and also has an alternate frame for your Social Portrait in-game. Your characters will stand out when displayed in a party, guild, friends list or on the character selection screen! Like all tiers from this point on, we will upgrade your forum title to reflect your generous support. You'll also receive all Armour Sets, Back Attachments and Hideout Banners from previous tiers.

You will receive the digital contents immediately.

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Master Supporter Pack

Receive a pack of exclusively signed Concept Art from Path of Exile's past, present and future! The Master Pack also contains the Master Armour Set, Back Attachment, Hideout Banner, Portrait Frame and all of the effects from the Apprentice and Journeyman packs.

You will receive the digital contents immediately. Physical items will be shipped within approximately one week.

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Grandmaster Supporter Pack

The Grandmaster Pack immortalises your character in the Hall of Grandmasters Unique Map to be challenged by generations of future Exiles. In addition to the contents of all of the other packs, you'll also receive the Grandmaster Armour Set, Back Attachment, Hideout Banner and Portrait Frame for a total of 27 separate microtransaction effects!

You will receive the digital contents immediately. Physical items will be shipped within approximately one week.

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Supporter Pack Notes

  • Upgrades:

    You can upgrade from one of these new Supporter Packs to another on this page by clicking "Upgrade" on the desired pack. The process will include any pure points packs purchased since the previous supporter packs went away on July 28. The maximum amount that upgrades can contribute is 80% of the value of a pack. If you have any questions about this process, please contact!
  • Shipped Signed Art

    : These are available to ship soon after purchase. Shipping is free internationally and they will be signed by the artists. Due to the quantity, we don't offer custom signing of these items.
  • Hideout Banner

    : Hideout banners are decorations that can be placed in your Forsaken Masters Hideout to show your support tier. They'll be added to your account once Forsaken Masters has released. Note that they don't grant access to a hideout - you still need to earn one in-game by helping a Master.
  • Digital Soundtrack

    : If you already have access to the Digital Soundtrack, you'll receive 50 points instead. It's DRM-free, of course. A high-quality FLAC version is also available.
  • Supporter Forum Titles

    : These can be displayed alongside your existing Closed Beta, Open Beta and Release forum titles.
  • Payment Plans

    : Because you can merge points packs (purchased since July 28) up to 80% of the value of a supporter pack, you can make intermediary payments towards a pack and then spend the points immediately. If you'd like to arrange a more complex payment plan or have any questions, please contact!

The Hall of Grandmasters

The Hall of Grandmasters is a Unique Map that contains versions of characters submitted by Grandmaster Supporters. After purchasing the Grandmaster Supporter pack, you will be able to nominate one of your characters. It will be exported from the live servers and then imported into the Hall of Grandmasters Unique Map in a subsequent Path of Exile patch. For more information about this process, visit

When players enter the Hall of Grandmasters, they must fight against waves of exiles submitted by the Grandmasters. The Grandmasters appear in a random order, but if a supporter purchases multiple packs, it's possible to have several of your Grandmasters in the same wave. Note that Grandmaster Supporters don't automatically get access to compete in this Map - they must find it like any other player. While the Hall of Grandmasters is a Unique Map and hence limited in availability, it's designed to be a common one so that end-game players can relatively easily trade for it to have a chance to beat the Grandmasters. It offers rewards based on how many waves of Grandmasters were defeated. If you want it to be more challenging, submit a character!

We're expecting to see some really interesting builds and build combinations, such as players taking advantage of Cast on Death! When you specify which character to export, make sure that it's wearing all the microtransaction effects that you want it to have (including a pet, if you want).

The Hall of Grandmasters will be added to Path of Exile soon after Forsaken Masters' launch, once we have an initial group of Grandmasters set up.