ExileCon 2023 - Event and Ticket Details

Aug 12, 2022, 6:22:28 PM
As we revealed on our Lake of Kalandra announcement livestream yesterday, we'll be hosting our second ExileCon event in New Zealand next year. At the event, we'll announce the Path of Exile 2 Beta start date and will reveal almost everything there is to know about Path of Exile 2 and Path of Exile Mobile. Attendees will be able to play both games, attend developer talks, meet the team, hang out with other Path of Exile fans, and more! Read More.

50 Point Sale - Get a Free Mystery Box When You Spend Points

Aug 11, 2022, 9:12:01 PM
This weekend, we're running a 50 point sale and bringing back past mystery boxes for a limited time. A huge number of microtransactions are available for 50 points or less, including Skill Effects, Pets, Hideout Decorations and many more! You'll also get a free Sentinel Mystery Box when you spend points. See the full range of discounted items here. Read More.
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Arcane Flaming Head Helmet Attachment Buy
Arcane Flaming Head Helmet Attachment discounted to 50 Points
Ends in 2 days
Demonic Blade Vortex Buy
Demonic Blade Vortex discounted to 50 Points
Ends in 2 days
Sin Sword Pet Buy
Sin Sword Pet discounted to 20 Points
Ends in 2 days