[2.5] Crit Blade Vortex Tons of Damage + Survivabilty

The BV nerfs hurt us on our boss DPS, but our clear speed DPS should be fine. II had to roll a 5 off colour on my shavs to theory craft for essence so I'll probably finish that build up before I come back to this.

This guide is still currently being put together. I'd like to put as much effort into it as my last guide. I haven't min maxed my gear and the passive tree yet (although I breeze through everything right now so I haven't taken the time to do so JUST yet). Will be done soon. I also don't have money for mirrored gear, the mirror gear min-maxed BV build has already done by a few others.

I really enjoyed Bogok's pathfinder BV build, but I felt like it was a bit out of meta and didn't scale as far as I would have liked it to.

With my build I get about 7-8k ES + lots more damage along with lots of flask charges (though we dont have free surgeons modifiers on everything). Almost every boss I've done besides T13 Lair dies before my vaal auras run out. I will try T16s + Shaper as soon as I can

I will try to put together a cheaper version of the build but right now you need a Shavronnes Wrapping the build also scales STRONGLY with flasks, but they are not necessary for it to function. If you can't afford the more expensive flasks then consider dropping The Magnate belt for a high ES +res belt

18% additional ES and +1 Max lightning Res

Level 90 gives up the above for 100% additional spell crit

You can have both at 94


Shavs : Blade Vortex - Poison - Added Fire - Spell Echo - Increased Critical Damage - Increased Area of effect/Concentrated effect

Swap between the two for mapping/bosses

Shield : Hatred - Haste - Discipline

You could swap haste for a Purity of your choice if you need help with resists

4 link : Vaal Haste - Vaal Clarity - Vaal Discipline - Increased Duration

4 link : Blaphemy - Warlords Mark - Poachers Mark - Enlighten

Divinarius : Fortify - Whirling Blades - Faster Attacks

If you cant afford Enlighten they you may need to give up some nodes and grab the charisma cluster under Vaal Pact. Level 3 is pretty cheap on standard though.

Util gems I use : Clarity, Lightning Golem, Rallying Cry, Flame Dash





These are outdated since I've changed some gear around.
Remember that poison doesn't add to tooltip DPS

The below are with Increased Area of Effect instead of Concentrated Effected to show unbuffed and buffed DPS while normally clearing

Unbuffed + IAoE (with Grace)

Unbuffed + IAoe (with Haste)

buffed damage pics need to be retaken

Defense unbuffed

Defense buffed without vaal skills

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how about your ascendency man??
go in the passive tree and up the ascendancy menu in the witch starting area
if u didnt know that i doubt u can afford the build alone the flasks are roughly 9.5 ex
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how about ur Jewel?
i build ur build but idk which jewel i should use...
Sorry for the lack of replies, I've been busy with IRL stuff

For jewels: %Damage (double dipping), %ES, resists (if you switch valyrium like I did and need some help getting ele weakness res capped)

%Spell damage and %Spell damage, %Phys can be nice too, but if you're happy with your survivability and damage stack as many %attack speed mods that apply to you on the jewels for faster clearing

I'll be updating the build on Friday/Saturday, link example jewels and put up a video or two and my updated gear, nothing changed really just some minor upgrades. I did swap out haste for grace though.

If you click the arrow next to witch start it'll show you the ascendancy points, anyhow:

Forbidden Power, Malediction, Wicked Ward

If you have any other questions before Saturday just post here and I'll try help.
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Hey man, Im trying this build out, so far so good... But i noticed that i die (a lot) to Corrupted Blood or bleeding in general. Should i switch flasks? Which one? Thank you for the nice build!
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Hey, I've been experimenting with how to deal with bleeds.

It's honestly the worst part of the build since you've gotta pay attention when it comes to bleeds and plan out the mobs around you, normally you can spread out your kills and leech yourself to safety until the bleed runs out, if not I normally TP out.

I'm thinking of dropping ToH/Rumi's for another flask with a staunching affix, but it's really heart breaking. I could swap the Stibnite flask of heat for a staunching, and then simply rerolling crit maps and identifying strongboxes but I'm not too sure. I'd personally suggest the stibnite flask of staunching until I come up with a better plan.
i got the headhunter belt and around 50 ex what do you think i should buy for my character with that build after your items? any upgrade or that's the max dps and def i can get???
another thing i realized how my dps descreased do you see any possibilty for another build or something in this new patch 2.5???
Nice going on the headhunter! Your flasks might have lower uptime, but in by comparison it's probably nothing.

I think that out of all the Blade Vortex builds this one is probably one of the least affected by the nerfs because our flask uptime was based around high flask charges gained and killing bosses during our vaal skill uptime rather than sustained fights by getting charges from surgeon's modifiers.

I'll be updating the build soon, and take a look at some upgrades for you later today. The biggest upgrades would probably be a BV related helm enchant and better items from essence exlusive crafting mods on new bases.

You could also look at buying a good ammy with a legacy crit multi roll. I'd normally suggest grabbing a better dagger than a Divinarius if you have the money (high spell dmg, spell crit, APS for faster whirling blades, damage to spells for a decent boost) but your clear will safer from 10% less AoE.

Will experiment later

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