[2.4] Ice Spear Perma Freeze Elementalist

If there are some mistakes in English, I'd like to apologize.(๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و

This is IceSpear build focus on PermaFreeze Bosses.


>>T14-15 Boss Movie<<

>>T9-13 Boss Movie<<


+ Freezeproof T1-15Maps.Good grp supporter.
+ High DPS. GMP110k , Single200k.
+ Very high resistance penetration/reduction. Total218%(154% on Boss)
+ Very easy to kill high tier Bosses.
+ 9.5k EHP(4.5kLife,3kES,2kMoM).Tough in Caster build.
+ Off-Screen Kill possible.


- Cost 10-15ex.
- Specific Helm enchant required.(Not big problem.Ice Spear is very unpopular skill now.It's easy to buy)
- T16,Shaper,Uber have Freeze Immunity.They are not target of this build.
- Can't run ElementalReflection Map.Also -MaxResist mod is hard.Reflected damage is most dangerous for this build.
- ChaosDegen and Bleed are relatively hard.You must memorize who have it.
- Ailment Immune Mod is not rare.

Skill Tree

Ice Spear is very unique spell.High base crit7%,Second Form+600%CritChance,HelmEnchant+300%Critchance.
CritBuildPassiveTree gives us About 400%CritChance.
Total +1300%CritChance. 7*14=98%(95%Cap)
It's mean we don't need CritChance Gears and PC.

Weakpoint is FirstForm range.
I think Vortex is best skill for cover this range.

Ice Spear can attack out of screen enemy.
It's inevitable to hit ElementalReflection Golem or other rare+Can't die totem.
Countermeasures of Reflection is necessary.
I think Elementalist is best for Ice Spear.
50% ElementalReflection Reduction , 25%Penetration , Shock and Burning.


Bandit Oak-Kill-Kill

Gear and Gems

I think Pledge of Hands is best for IceSpear.
30Echo gives +62%DPS , High Spell Dmg , double mana.
And can access Staff CritMulti node.

5Lver IceSpear-ContD-ColdPen-Pierce-GMP
(Empower4 is better than CritDmg.But very expensive)

ContD have -100%CritChance penalty.
But it's not problem for this build. SecondForm CritRate is 90% over with ContD.

+300%CritChance enchant is essential.
Buy enchanted iLv84Helm, then craft by Horror.
Ideal Mod=Life+ES+Resistance

Vortex-ContD-RapidDecay-EleFocus(or IncAoE)
Vortex for near trash mob and ElementalReflection rare.
Dot part is not reflected.
So Dot setting is recommended.
This skill increase Map clear speed greatly.
Gorge Run score is 3min around.

You can change Vortex to other Anti-Reflection skills(Trap Totem etc),if you like.

High ES+Life+Resistance.

OoS-CoH-Frostbite-EleWeakness-IncAoE 1FreeSlot
If you want more defensive curse, swap EleWeakness to TemporalChains.

For 90% CritMulti.
I think Commandment of Winter is best enchant for this build.
(Show Necropolice part of T9-13Movie5:00~.Nearly one shot boss.)

FlameDash-FasterCast 2FreeSlot
Movement and Trigger of Mastermind of Discord.

0.6% Leech enchant is nearly essential.

This build have no EC. So Cwdt level is 1.


Life/Mana Leech ring.

LesserEE ring.
I think this ring is one of the most underrated unique.
LightningGolem reduce 30%Cold and Fire resistance automatically.
EE is not mitigated by boss.
LesserEE 30% = 75% Resistance Reduction Curse * 0.4(Boss Passive)


This is zero armor build.
Bleed Flask is essential.

ClearMind FreezeDuration+CastSpeed+Life/Dmg/Resistance*4


This is first form Lv20IceSpear+GMP DPS.
Second form DPS is 112k.
Swap GMP to Hypothermia, actual DPS will be 200k.

Resistance Penetration and Reduction

This build have many Penetration and Reduction.

Mastermind of Discord 25%
ColdPenetration 37%
Frostbite+EleWeakness(+20%effect) (44+44)*1.2*0.4(Boss passive)=42%
Malachai's Artifice 30%
Cwdt-FrostBomb 20%

Total 154%

MapBoss have 30-40% ColdResistance.

Boss resistance will be -114%~-124%.

SecondForm GMP DPS will be 112k to 246k.
Hypothermia DPS will be 200k to 440k

Perma Freeze

BasicFormula 5%HP=300ms
IncreaseFreezeDuration 10%(tree)+16%(Jewel)*4+20%(Q20FB)*0.4(Boss Passive)=82%

IceSpear should have 300ms casttime.
+183%CastSpeed required.
+183%=+57%CastSpeed + SpellEcho30

This build can freeze boss very easily with GMP.
Usually Gem swapping is not needed.
But Boss is buffed by many Map mod, GMP to Hypothermia swapping is needed.

+HP TemporalChains +ColdResist Enfeeble ReduceCritDmg Hexproof
1-2 of these mod is not problem.
Maybe 3 is failed.

Needless to say,we can't ignore FreezeImmunity.(T16Boss etc, 100%Immune Map mod)

Leveling Guide

Life/ES vs CI

We can't equip shield.
And it's pretty hard to craft High ES helm with Horror.

This build have 2 leech.
1% on Freeze enemy and 0.6% killed recently.
These leech sometime stop , I think Flask Rescue is needed.

If run with CI, LifeLeech gem is requied.
It's huge DPS loss.

So I recommend Life+ES+MoM

ClearMind vs HoI

60%SpellDamage=about 10% more dmg
1 Gem Slot

Add cold dmg to spell=4.8% more dmg
1 Jewel slot
25% ManaReserve=-500EHP
AoE effect on Kill(I can't feel difference of ClearSpeed)

ClearMind is deffensive, HoI is offensive.
You should use which you like.

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very nice.

you should write that upfront before you lure ppl with the awesome boss killing compilation vid...

Like the build! I did an ice spear build a while back that used the http://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Taryn%27s_Shiver
It worked pretty well but I am liking the permafreeze I will have to see about making a build soon!
mdg1975 wrote:
very nice.

you should write that upfront before you lure ppl with the awesome boss killing compilation vid...

These gears cost is 11ex.
8ex 6L pledge and 3ex others.
Base Unique is all cheap.
Berek10c and 1c uniques.

6L is expensive. It's inevitable.

But this build will work with 5L Pledge.
Easy to reach PermaFreeze DPS.
This is a very impressive display. Does it work for t15 bosses on Hexproof maps? Are we sure a Golem can apply Equilibrium (it normally can't)?

I just might try this build out next!
Freeze Arc Mines Guide (3.14) - https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3071009
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If i only have 5L
What should i change about the gem?
bandits please
Last edited by BeneTleilax on Oct 1, 2016, 12:46:38 AM
5L IS-GMP-ColdPen-ContD-Pierce


I think 5%CastSpeed is unworthy of 1point.
stone golem?
BeneTleilax wrote:
stone golem?

StoneGolem can't trigger EE.
It's 100% Physical damage Gem.

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