(2.4) Way of the Grand Spectrum X10 (Wild Strike Elementalist) HC Essence League

Way of the Grand Spectrum (Wild Strike Elementalist)

2.4 change

The build was made in 2.3 but with a buff to Wild Strike in 2.4 it will just be better. Because the damage was already good in 2.3, I plan to do this build in HC essence league but with Raider instead for less damage but more attack speed, dodge, movement speed and immunity to status ailment. Have fun if you decide to give it a try. See you in Essence league.

Edit: current 2.4 tree of my ranger so far



If you are looking to do a ''hipster'' witch build, you are at the right place.

If you are very experienced with Path Of Exile, go ahead and just look at the tree and gear. If not take time to read the full guide. I try to explain every important aspect of the build without going into to much details.

I would like to say to not follow any guide to the letter or don't try to be perfect. As you play any build you'll figure out what to do. Use it as what it is, a guideline.

Hope you enjoy the build.


This tree is what it should look before you get Viridian Grand Spectrum jewels:


Then the tree should look more like this in end game:


Tree Explanation:


It is a pure elemental melee character. What is aimed here is elemental damage, attack speed, a bit of accuracy, overlord and accrobatics.

The build is viable without:

But really shines when you have 8+ of them.

The ascendancy:
Nodes in order:
-Pendulum of Destrution
-Mastermind of Discord(Wild strike is a cold fire and lightning skill. BUFF in 2.3 25% penetration)
-Liege of Primordial
-Paragon of calamity



Help Oak normal
Help Kraytin cruel
Help Kraytin merciless





Wild Strike - Weapon Ele - Multistrike - Faster Attack - Added cold - Elemental Focus

Added cold or added lightning is one or the other, elemental focus beats having both.

Overlord does not get triggered enough often because of no investment in crit.This setup solves the problem:

Blade vortex(lvl 1) - increased crit chance - CWDT(lvl 1) - increased duration.

Whirling blade - faster attack - fortify:

20% reduced dmg from hits... who does not want that?

Herald of thunder:

grants additionnal dps.

Blasphemy - enfeeble:

another layer of defense that is too good.

Arctic armor:

another layer of defense

Blood rage:

frenzy charge generation

Lightning Golem - Ice Golem - Culling Strike - Item Rarity:

Optionnal but the increased rarity on boss kills is useful

Vaal haste

Detonate dead:

This skill unlinked gives you a cheap relatively fast way to finish dangerous monster ranged(volatile blood for example)





This section explains the early leveling as the first character of a brand new league.

Because you are at the start of the league and have nothing. Using frost blade with last resort unique is not an option. I recommend you play it as a spark - orb of storm caster dual wielding wands.

During leveling, pay attention to gems you will need and gems available at vendor. For example vortex that you will need later and not leveled.

At level 12 you should already have overlord working with
Orb of storm - Increased critical strikes.

Level 12 tree:

At about level 18 you will be able to link your spark to elemental focus and faster casting.

Keep leveling paying attention to gear that might help your Spark - Orb of Storm setting and gear that might help your future elemental wild strike setting. The switch to Wild strike elementalist should occur between level 28 to 38.

At this point you will need to kindly bother other fresh starters in the league to buy you gems from vendor. Gems like whirling blade - faster attack x2 - weapon elemental damage - wild strike and also some other gems later like fortify. Ask nicely and offer tip like maybe a silver coin and it will be good.

As I tested it the switch is possible at level 28 but I would recommend doing the switch at level 38 with better elemental gear and wild strike- multistrike - faster attack - weapon elemental damage setup.

At this point tree should look like that:

Here is an example of gear after the switch at level 28 a testing character:


This build is surprisingly tanky and offensively good. But the most important is that it is not boring. It is very fun to play. And melting packs of mob with Wild Strike is very satisfying.

Please feel free to comment on this build if you have any questions or suggestions.

See you in HC Prophecy league.




Tanky Fancy Melee Witch (Wild Strike Elementalist):



This build got decided based on the ascendancy skills

Shaper of desolation: Your most powerful skill, gives you free shock burn and chill 90% of the time.

Pendulum of Destruction: Decent damage buff but what is really interesting is next one:

Mastermind of Discord: 20% penetration all the time because we use Wild strike that is a cold fire and lightning skill.

Not sure about the maths, but this skill setting gives us two seperate more multiplier. the penetration and the shock.

I think it compete very well with other offensive ascendancy like Berserker that has 40% more damage.

Now that our ascendancy skills are all offensive, let's make a tree that is mainly defensive and use simple tricks to get decent offense anyway.



Tree Explanation:

Basically we're getting overlord, a lot of jewel slots, a lot of block chance, a lot of life, and a few dmg nods and a few triple and double dip nods. Ok now let's talk about gear and skills.



Help Oak normal
Help Kraytin cruel
Help Kraytin merciless



Varunastra makes our life so easier. Makes it easy to get really good damage with just a few nods that double dip and triple dip.

Stone of Lawhzar is really mandatory to this build or all those block nods would feel wasted

Daresso is not mandatory but is a nice offensive and defensive armor. You have high armor and evasion, life, endurance charge and onslaught.

For boots i chose Atziri Step over Rainbowstride because of the life.

You need a 29% + block shield , armor evasion or both, you pick.

This flask is really useful to trigger elemental conflux vs bosses and get endurance charges too with daresso.

Actual gear:



Our main skill is Wild Strike.

The links I use on my 5 link are:

Wild Strike - Phys. to lightning - Weapon Ele - Multistrike - Faster Attack

The Phys. to lightning is very important so that we do 100% elemental damage.

Overlord does not get triggered enough often because we have no investment in crit. The solution i found is self casting Blade vortex - increased crit chance - power charge on crit - increased duration.

It is not time consuming and very cool looking and fun.

You will want to have whirling blade - fortify - faster attack

CWDT - tempest shield - blind.

Auras I use are hatred and blasphemy elemental weakness.

Actual level 83 stats:


I don't really like showing tooltip because in this case it is really not accurate. Not only the damage changes all the time but also it does not include elemental weakness, penetration, shock... I'm not sure but I think it also does not include the cold fire and lightning conversion of wild strike. I think the tooltip is really misleading here, I'm killing as fast as my dead 60k to 90k dead marauder.

Defenses are accurate and in this picture there is no defensive aura or flask used.


This build is surprisingly tanky and offensively good. But the most important is that it is not boring. It is very fun to play. And melting packs of mob with elemental conflux is very satisfying.

Please feel free to comment on this build if you have any questions or suggestions.

Hope you have fun playing it if you try it, Thanks for reading.

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Will give this build a try :) looks fun!
Will give this build a try :) looks fun!

I hope you like it ! Good luck and have fun.
I'm only lvl 47, but I love this build so far ^^ I got now 2k life and decent dps, can't wait for Varunastra :P
Best helm chant for this build? I have a Arc chant ( 2 times more chain ) will that help with the arc that fires?

Nice to hear you like it. Using Varunastra yet?


Not sure what would be the best helm enchant, Died to volatile blood and character went to standard before I could look for enchants.

I don't think that an Arc enchant would affect Wild Strike because it's a different skill.
Hey, this is similar to another build I saw on here using wild strike (crit and full conversion though with phys to lightning). Does this tree work with that playstyle in mind or do I need a different tree?

Also would low life/CI work with this as time went on? The tree would have to be more on the right side though, do you think you could help me out and make a variant of that tree?


This is what I came up with as a low life build, not sure how well it would work though.
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whats about ele reflect on maps? its will be rip?
ing: @seeether

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