2.3 WItch Supporter 11-12 Aura / 5-6 Curses + More

Hey fellow exiles i thougth i would share my witch supporter build.

Ever wanted to get carried? Sick of doing damage? Tired of killing things? Have several exalts of spare currency and a deathwish?

In seriousness, this build will make your friends invite you to all their maps, wax poetic about the amazing things you're doing for their DPS numbers and have random people who trade with you express their amazement at the ridiculous boosts you're giving their DPS.

At it's core (and most budget version), the build runs a minimum of 10 auras and 3 curses. Be aware that even the budget version is not a true budget build, with a baseline ~3ex cost to roll, and requiring a large array of unique items (most cheap, some not). That being said, that version works excellently and was able to run a variety of high maps fairly safely due to the power of auras and curses. Furthermore, the lack of needing Enlighten to run all 10 is really nice because Gem Slots are really at a premium for a pure support character like this one, between all 10 auras and the curses.

Gives Teammates Huge DPS, survivability, mobility.
Immensely fast map clears - allows teammates to 1shot all mobs even in 80+ maps!
Makes bosses much safer because curses are OP
Get invited to allllll the map groups
Can do pretty much any map mod beside blood magic (just afk behind party in No Regen maps)

No damage. At all. Takes 20 minutes to kill a totem in maps.
Sort of squishy (especially before Shavronne's), has to idle for a few seconds to regen ES, hates Flaming/Desecrated ground.
Needs at least level 68 and 2 mid-tier uniques to run at all

Required Uniques (for 10 Auras + Low Life)

Alpha's Howl, Prism Guardian and the Conqueror's Efficiency Jewel are necessary because they reduce mana reservation such that they allow for the character to be able to run 10 auras, coupled with the Mortal Conviction node behind blood magic (50% less reservation) and every Aura Node on the tree. Solaris Lorica is the budget unique which allows you to be on low life and not instantly die to chaos damage.

Recommended Uniques (for Curses and Survivability)

The Ephemeral Edge sword gives a decent amount of survivability with its 50% Increased Energy Shield and the Windscream boots make you able to have +1 curse while on low life. The Asenath's Gentle Touch gloves give you Temporal Chains on hit, which allows you to run other curses in your Curse on Hit setup, and Doedre's Damning is necessary if you dont have the boots to run all the curses.

My Skill Tree

Skill Tree Done

Ascendancy: Occultist. Gives solid survivability to the build, combined with even more curse power. You might be wondering why not Guardian Templar? I thought about it, but the templar start is really awkward and clunky and makes it really hard to reasonably get all the aura/curse nodes while still maintaining adequate survivability

Bandits: Kill 'em all.

This skill tree aims to get every Aura and Curse node on the tree, while maintaining an acceptable amount of survivability and enabling the player to run high maps without being a liability.

The baseline of the build, in a 4Link and with Occultist's +1 Curse and Asenath's Gentle Touch allows the player to 3 curses (Temporal Chains, and 2 Curses of the player's choice). Acquiring a Shavronne's Wrappings 5L and a Doedre's Damning allows the player to add another curse. A 6L Shavronne's and a 2nd Doedre's adds a 5th curse. After that a Vulnerability on hit corrupt on gloves + a corrupted +1 curse neck can let you go up to 6.


The core jewels of this build are Conqueror's Efficiency, as mentioned earlier, which allows the player to run 10 auras, Conqueror's Potency which boosts auras, and Energy From Within Jewels, which provide a very skill-point efficient way of acquiring Energy Shield.

THe Flask's i use

The character needs to run at least 1 Staunching, and at least 1 Heat.
I use 3x Doedre's for sharing the chrages with my teammates allso

Gem Links

Alpha's Howl: Determination, Discipline, Grace, Vaal Haste/Grace. These are your basic Defence boosting auras, and Generosity can be used to make them even stronger if you like (since you don't need them) Grace also gives a tons of evasion (~10k coupled with Alphas).

Prism Guardian: Purity Of Ice, Purity Of Lightning, Vitality. These auras are very useful to both your allies and yourself. Discipline will be a significant chunk of your ES before you get a Shavronne's. The Vitality lets you sustain casting stuff, while purities give a tonne of resist/max resist.If a sufficient amount of life regen is acquired elsewhere (the 3x0.4% nodes at Scion are quite good), Vitality can be replaced by an Empower, to make the Purities even stronger.

Windscream (Luxury: +1 to Socketed Gems): Clarity, Purity Of Fire, Enlighten Support and Blood Magic.
These auras are allso very useful to both your allies and yourself.

Gentle Touch is not just a pair of gloves it allow you to 1+ curse ( Temporal Chain's )
Here i use Animate Guardian, Raise Zombies/Spectre's, Minion Life.

3L: Vaal Discipline, Ghost Golem, Vaal Grace/Haste.
Vaal Auras are super OP with this build. Vaal haste boosts your allies DPS through the roof, while Vaal Discipline is your panic button, which practically makes you invincible for the duration of its effect.

Curses: Curse on Hit, Cursing Spell, Curses. Yeah. I use Purity Of Elements til i get a 6L :) .
For the Cursing spell, I personally switch between Ball Lightning, Firestorm and Ice Nova, depending on who I'm partying with and what element I need to EE against. I also vary the curses based on who I'm partying with.

With level 20 Auras:
~5k ES (Solaris Lorica)
~7k ES (Shavronne's Wrappings)
~10k Evasion.
81 all resists, capped on Elemental Weakness maps.

With flasks:
~3-4x Each Charges to share for your teammates.

My Current Gear (L88)

The 2nd Howl i change to if my mates want more damage like the Vaal Clarity + Haste can be changed too if needed.

Levelling Advice
The easiest way to level is by getting carried, but failing that, Flame Totem is super OP. I levelled using Flame Totem in a Tabula Rasa entirely solo (except for asking guildies to help with bosskills), and it was acceptable, if slightly difficult.

As for which skills to level: I started off getting all the aura nodes (and a decent chunk of ES) while preparing myself for the transition into Hard Support at level 70. At 70, I had every aura node on the tree, Mortal Conviction, and the Double Curse node, as well as whatever spare ES nodes I could pick up, and after the transition I had 3.2k ES with Solaris Lorica and L19 Discipline.

Build Video coming soon

If you have any tips to, how to make it better feel free to write to me thanks.
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