[2.3] Tanky Good DPS Low-life Occultist Essence Drain Dual Curse [Atziri viable]

Hi guys! We all know that the chaos conversion faced heavy nerf across the board. As a fan for chao damage myself, I rolled a full chao damage Occultist. I do not claim this build for myself. This is a spin-off version I made from both Mathil's Scion low-life ED and klinolol's Tri curse witch version. Here is the link for both builds:

Mathil's Scion ED:

klinolol's Tri curse version:

In general, what I did is that taking the idea of 100% piercing for ED and adapt it to klinolol's build.

What is this build different from other ED builds?

Many other ED builds are very good and can even achieve more DPS than mine. However, immortal aura is a big counter to ED build if u dont have 100% pierce chance. It's doable but a real pain to find the aura source (totem/rare mob). Having 100% pierce chance improve our quality of life much better. In addition, This build doesnt slower your projectile to improve damage. Along with faster casting gem, the ability to maneuver the character is greatly improved which is very helpful with some tough bossfights.

Pros and Cons
- Tanky/high survivability you can face tank a lot of things (Not Vaal Smash)
- Easy Deathless Atziri (actually its a r*pe), Have not got the currency to try Uber yet
- Very few un-doable map mods
- Is reflect still in PoE? Kappa
- Can even do red maps on a 5 links
- Good clear speed once you are used to the build mechanic

- Very weak on party plays
- Blood magic is a pain, curse reflect can kill you
- Have to use a mana flask
- Overconfidence -> get one-shot

Since it was not cheap, I havent amass enough currency to roll it in Prophecy league yet. I managed to use all of my last currency to roll this character on Perandus league (was my last character).However, most of this build mechanic have not changed in 2.3 (apart from being slight buffed with 2 more Ascendancy points) I am confident that this build can shine in 2.3

I won't explain detailed mechanic and gear choice of this build since klinolol has done a great job. Please visit his thread for a full build mechanic explanation.


What did 2.3 change this build?
- 2 more AP: Save yourself 4 skill points on the tree for the extra curse and invest it into more ES. On other hand, Vile Bastion is also a solid choice

- The nerf of the Consuming Dark dagger help ease down our build cost by a couple of chaos Kappa

My gear(In standard atm)

The Topaz and Ruby Flask are for Atziri purpose

Skill tree

To be honest, I took klinolol skill tree and add in another 50% pierce chance and add more here and there. Overall, his and mine share a lot of similarities.

Gem Set-up


links with

goes with

the 2 pair should not be linked together or wont work (Check gear section)


Shaveronne: 5 vital links are

For 6th link you add

Some may argue that Rapid Decay instead of Faster Casting. WE are using poison and for nice single target we want to stack as many poison stacks as possible. This set up drain Atziri health straight below 50% health within couples of castings and force her almost immediately to splitting phase.

Offence/DPS :

Character Stats:
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