[2.4 | Video Guide] The Big Dipper & Galaxy Ripper - Non-Crit & CoC Vortex Ignites

Big Dipper Guide
You can run this without Righteous Fire too! You can still oneshot Core Malachai without RF.
This means if you want, you can use Shavronnne's Wrappings to safely play this build in Hardcore.


Current Gear

Welcome to the Big Dipper!
I originally started this build in Prophecy, when elemental conflux was an on-kill effect and was always the triple conflux. Becuase of this, I used Added Chaos Damage + The Consuming Dark to combine huge poisons and ignites. Vortex's mod that says Spell Damage works on its DoT also applies to poison and ignite, so I wanted to use this to double dip as hard as possible.

The end result: A build with flameblast level ignites, but with a very low mana cost, no channeling required, and the ability to toggle between a number of more offensive or defensive setups to adapt to basically anything. The only 2 map mods we don't run are Blood Magic and Cannot Be Affected by Status Ailments.

Using Controlled Destruction, Pain Attunement, Righteous Fire, and a solid amount of spell damage, Vortex puts out absolutely disgusting ignites. Combine this with still having room for 2 curses and you have yourself a dangerous build.

Since the changes in 2.4 and the introduction of Essences, the build has undergone many changes, even going through a Remote Mine phase. I got really sick of the remote mines, so I decided to refine the selfcast version as much as possible to get it as close to the damage of remote mines as I could.

What you're seeing here is the newest version of this thread as of October 18th, 2016 and after a lot of theoryrafting, debating over crit, and considering different ascendancies, I present you with what I consider to be the best version of this build to date.

You can respec some or all of the regen into other points, and run another aura (or curse with Blasphemy) in place of Purity of Fire. The Shav's version of the build can push the ES much higher and is recommended for hardcore.

You will still oneshot most things with a non-RF version, but the guardians and maps with damage penalties will be noticeably slower.

Is it difficult to set up max damage on bosses?

Not at all:
Simply toss down an Orb of Storms, use Vaal Lightning Trap if it's available, then Vortex the boss.
That's all there is to it!
You can use your Dousing flask to turn RF off after you ignite the boss if you want some regen.

How does it compare to Grand Spectrum?

We're pulling around 950% increased damage total, 610% or so of which is from the tree.
A grand spectrum build with 14 jewels gets around 980% from the tree, for an extra 370% assuming similar gear.
There is extremely little non-spectrum damage taken in spectrum builds. There is some, but as you'll see it's not enough to impact the comparison in any meaningful way.

Grand Spectrum will do a total of 35.2% More double dipping damage compared to our increased damage. When double dipping these, this totals out to 83% More Damage on the ignite.
For us, we take our 10.5x damage that we deal (950% increased on the 100% base) and double dip it with Righteous Fire, for a 59-62% More Double Dip (as well as a little bit of increased damage on the jewel). This is 153% - 162% More Damage, double what Grand Spectrum can pull.

When our RF is off we do less damage than Grand Spectrum but have 1,500 regen.
When our RF is on we do much more damage than Grand Spectrum and still have a nice amount of regeneration between the Stone Golem, Ruby Flask and Overflowing Chalice.

In addition to this we have:
Two fully automated curses that allows you to pick and choose your curses as you want.
25% extra AoE from the scion and templar areas, which costs both too many points for a Spectrum build (or sacrificing a spectrum for intuitive leap in terms of scion start)
No need for a 6 Link
Lower mana cost
Higher Cast Speed
40% Curse Effectiveness (with Intuitive Leap + 20% Blasphemy)

Pretty good stuff.

DPS Math needs to be updated, it's actually going to be higher than shown here.



Versus Shaper
Immune to Shock (Damage / 1.5 / 1.5)
40% Fire Resistance

3,159,782 Fire Damage Per Second

Versus 75% Resist Boss:
1.48x Initial Hit
1.23x Ignite

4,476,085 Fire Damage Per Second

Versus 40% Resist Boss:
1.83x Initial Hit
1.58x Ignite

7,109,510 Fire Damage Per Second

Versus 15% Resist Boss:
2.08x Initial Hit
1.83x Ignite

9,359,355 Fire Damage Per Second

Versus 0% Resist Boss:
2.23x Initial Hit
1.98x Ignite

10,856,793 Fire Damage Per Second


Versus 75% Resist Mob:
2.22x to Initial Hit
1.97x to Ignite

10,753,521 Fire Damage Per Second

Versus 0% Resist Mob:
2.97x to Initial Hit
2.72x to Ignite

19,863,549 Fire Damage Per Second


27,428 Initial Hit
38,400 Elemental Overload
57,600 Shock
61,056 Concentrated Effect Without
91,584 Concentrated Effect + Shock

==Increased Damage==

From the tree:

50% Area
28% Over Time
126% Elemental
116% Fire
83% Spell
100% Pendulum
80% Jewels

Total: 583%

From Gear:

40% Gem Quality (RF, CD, IAoE, CtI)
130% Wand
57% Opal Ring
30% Pyre
22% Amulet
40% Beast
37% Shield

Total: 356%

Combined Total: 939% Increased Damage

10.39x Multiplier

==More Damage==

1.30 Helmet
1.30 Pain Attunement
1.40 Overload
1.44 Controlled
1.50 Shock
1.59 Righteous Fire
(1.59 Concentrated Effect)

Ignite: 8.126x
Conc: 12.92x

Combined Totals

Ignite: 84.43x
Conc: 134.24x

Damage Per Second

AoE setup:
57,600 * 0.2 * 84.43 = 972,633 Fire Damage Per Second

Boss Setup:
91,584 * 0.2 * 134.24 = 2,458,847 Fire Damage Per Second

Versus Mobs:
-197% Resist to Initial Hit
-172% Resist to Ignite

Versus Bosses:
-123% Resist to Initial Hit
-98% Resist to Ignite

Map Mods

Fire Resistance: Swap Less Duration out for Fire Penetration

No Regen: Turn off Elemental Weakness (and clarity if you are still on low life while it's off) and use your Hybrid Flask to sustain your mana. Our low mana cost due to running a 4L is a huge benefit.

Vulnerability / Less Regen: Leave RF off even if it is a damage reduction map in this case. If you are a scientist, you can activate RF while igniting the boss like normal. By reading this build guide you accept that I hold no liability in the instance that death occurs in this manner. Thank for understand.

Poison / Desecrated Ground: Just keep your eye on your HP. Desecrated ground is worse.
Turning off Discipline is fine even in red maps if you need the extra safety against chaos resist to run a really good but rippy chaos map.

Elemental Weakness: You should be aiming to cap your resists against this curse, but if necessary you can run Purity of Elements.

Hexproof: If you don’t want to spend chromes or buy a 2nd beast, just turn your curses off and keep the unreserved mana.
Otherwise, swap in Arctic Armour and Vitality (keep vitality low enough level that you can equip it).
Depending on your gear setup, you may want to swap in Mokou’s Embrace.

Blood Magic: Skip


We run Flammability and Elemental Weakness.
Both of them offer massive double dipping damage, and Flammability grants us a bunch of ignite chance. The curses are linked to Blasphemy which guarantees they are always active.

Stun Protection

We use a multi-layered stun protection in this build, however you can also use Valyrium if you want.

Our boots can be enchanted to provide an 80% chance to avoid being stunned if we have killed recently, which adds a huge level of smoothness onto the entire setup.

These sources of stun protection multiply together, meaning that we do not have to worry much about stun.

If we have killed recently, only 20% of stuns will get through our avoidance.
If we are taking damage, having any amount of energy shield gives us a 50% chance to cancel the ones that get through our avoidance.
Finally, if we are casting then 55% of the stuns that both are not avoided and not cancelled by energy shield will still not interrupt us, because of Practical Application.

To handle stuns, we use Kiara's Determination whenever we are about to engage enemies.
This prevents us from being stunned entirely, allowing us to destroy the pack.
From here, our boots are now activated: 80% Chance to Avoid Stun.

We can ride out this effect until we run into a long space between packs.
As long as you leave yourself with 1 charge of Kiara's up after you kill the last pack in the group of packs, you'll be ready to go with full stun immunity again when you encounter your next group of mobs.

If you want to overkill it, you can use both this setup and Valyrium to get near immunity to stuns.

Righteous Fire

One thing I wanted to be able to do with this build is run far more map mods than most builds that incorporate an RF that can be sustained permanently are able to. You do need a very solid ES pool to be able to sustain it, but this is not a problem.

The Beast Fur Shawl’s 40% recovery applies to all ways in which you can recovery ES: Leech, Gain on Hit, Recharge, and most importantly for us, Regeneration.

This build is similar in a way to some temporary RF builds, in that it is tuned around Righteous Fire being an Offensive/Defensive toggle. What this means is that we deal more than enough damage even when RF is turned off. However, this build is also able to sustain RF permanently without leech, making it a proper toggle rather than a temporary buff.

Your Ruby Flask, Stone Golem and Overflowing Chalice will provide very solid amounts of regen during their effect, keeping your shield topped off. We also carry a Dousing flask which allows us to instantly turn RF off and gain massive regen.

Righteous Fire is especially effective in maps with combinations of Monster Life, Resistance and Enfeeble. Righteous Fire allows you to maintain your ability to quickly wipe mobs even in the most extreme damage reduction maps, and will kill things that get too close to you.

It is also quite effective to turn RF on in general for all bosses, as you can immediately turn it off again after landing your ignite by using your Dousing flask. This gives us access to our offense and defence on the fly as needed, and since we are a DoT build we do not need our offense to be up the entire time anyway.

What I said about being tuned around not needing RF is important though: We can still oneshot the majority of mobs with RF turned off. While it is still plenty safe to run maps with RF, you can run maps far more lazily when you leave it off. This is a really nice quality of life benefit, and lets you cruise through maps mainly just making sure you flask up when you take chaos damage.

In addition to this, we have two curses on blasphemy, one of which is easily swapped out.
Elemental Weakness can be swapped out for Enfeeble in dangerous situations if you feel it is necessary.

Because of this ability to toggle between extreme offence (RF + EE) and defence (Regen + Enfeeble) as well as in between, this build handles mapping far better than others that use RF.

Ascendancies & Bandits

Kill all 3 bandits on each difficulty for 3 passive points.

For our ascendancy, we’re going with the Proliferationist Elementalist.

To start, we grab Shaper of Desolation.
This gives us a period of time where our ignite chance is 100%, as well as a period of time where we can shock. This is just a nice bonus on top of what we’ve already got in terms of mapping.
For bosses however, this can be extremely potent and provide an additional layer of safety if you time it correctly. Because so many of the new maps have arenas for bosses, you can run extremely rippy bosses by waiting for a couple seconds outside their arena to time conflux. If you’ve got your single target set up and RF going, you will generally still oneshot T15 map bosses even if you don’t get an elemental overload proc.

Second, we grab Beacon of Ruin. Getting proliferation without a damage penalty is a massive benefit. Not only does this allow us to consistently wipe out packs, but it also helps melt rares and bosses with adds. The strongest ignite takes effect on an enemy so if we proliferate a bunch of ignites around a rare (or more importantly, an essence mob), we always get the strongest ignite out of the pack onto the tankiest mob.

In addition to that, it adds a shitton of AoE.

Third, we grab Pendulum of Destruction. Getting the occasional AoE and damage boost never hurts.

Finally we grab Mastermind of Discord.
We’re using lightning skills anyway: To Proc Elemental Overload and EE, to move, and to shock.
25% Penetration is fantastic, and while on the majority of trash you face the 80% damage from Liege of the Primordial would actually be better, Mastermind is better against resistant enemies, where it counts.

Remember, you only need to proc this every 10 seconds and you don’t even need to stop to do it, lightning warp will trigger this. On bosses, we use Orb of Storms to proc Elemental Equilibrium and Elemental Overload, so that’s also taken care of. Basically automated.

Liege vs Mastermind
Mastermind of Discord offers us higher damage than Liege of the Primordial, despite gaining 80% double dipping from Liege. The only points at which the Double Dipping damage offered beats out 25% penetration is at extremely low resistance values against non-bosses.
In addition, we do not rely on our golem for this buff to be active.

Furthermore, Mastermind of Discord gains additional relative value in Hexproof maps, or any map where you choose to run Enfeeble instead of Elemental Weakness.

An example vs. Shaper:

1.83x Initial Hit
1.58x Ignite
2.8914 x 1039 Base = 3004

1.58x Initial Hit
1.58x Ignite
2.4964 x 1119 base (1039+80) = 2793

As you can see here, Mastermind of Discord offers 7.55% More Damage against the Shaper than Liege of the Primordial does.

Gem Links

The reason Vortex is in our helmet is because of the 30% More Elemental Damage suffix.
With a 6 Link, our best options are Level 4 Empower + Rapid Decay for a multiplier of 1.3 * 1.39 for a total of 1.807.

The helmet offers us 1.3 * 1.3 for a total of 1.69. This means that going from a 4L helm to a 6L only offers 6% More Damage, but also requires you to drop damage somewhere (either a suffix or passive points) to use Rapid Decay, massively increases the mana cost, and takes 2 gem slots.

Pretty badass helmet mod, eh?

Just use a 5 or 6 link until you can get ahold of a helmet like this.
(Less Duration for 5th link, Rapid Decay or Fire Penetration for 6th link depending on your stats)

Helmet - 4L
- Vortex
- Controlled Destruction
- Increased Area of Effect
- 4th Link

You have a few options for your 4th link:

Less Duration offers the most damage of the available supports, but is significantly weaker than the supports we're using.

Chance to Ignite offers safety through additional consistency on bosses, at the cost of not using a damage support. If you have enough damage, you won't even notice. This is the recommended gem for maps that have Chance To Avoid Status Ailments.

Chance to Ignite can also offer additional *real* speed. If you have enough damage to instakill a boss without Less Duration, then with Chance to Ignite you will be spending less time casting over the course of multiple maps.

You deal 70% damage with Chance to Ignite compared to Less Duration.
Something to realize is that at this point, you're oneshotting stuff on a 3L. Vortex is flameblast levels of power without having to channel.

Fire Penetration is massively devalued under most circumstances because of how much we already lower enemy resistance, but on maps with 60% or 80% to enemy fire resistance, it becomes quite powerful.

Just use a 5L or 6L chest until you have the helmet.

Body Armour - 4L + 2L or 6L
- Blasphemy
- Flammability
- Elemental Weakness
- Enlighten
- Lightning Warp
- Less Duration

- Cast When Damage Taken
- Immortal Call
- Increased Duration
- Vaal Discipline

- Blood Magic
- Clarity
- Discipline
- Enlighten

- Purity of Fire
- Righteous Fire
- Summon Stone Golem

- Orb of Storms
- Vaal Lightning Trap
- Increased Critical Strikes

Gear Guide


We want to get a bunch of spell damage, and +2 levels to fire gems.
Get some Fire Damage and Resistance as a suffix if possible.

Use a Doryani's Catalyst in the meantime, or if you are running a Non-RF version of the build.


(I plan to craft that Opal ring with metamods)

For our rings, we're using a solid Rare ring and Pyre.
You'll want to craft Elreon's 20% Energy Shield onto your ring when you can afford it.
If you have enough chaos resistance and feel you have enough energy shield, you can use Mokou's Embrace instead of a rare ring.

Pyre converts our damage to Fire, which both lets us ignite and also causes Flammability do double dip (as opposed to using Hrimburn).


We're going with a helmet with a 20% Reservation enchant on one of your auras.
In addition, when you are able to you want to get a helmet with 30% More Elemental Damage to Socketed Gems. This is nearly the same damage as a 6L, while costing as much as a 4L, saving 2 gem sockets, and letting us get more damage from suffixes /passives / jewels by not needing Dexterity.


For our gloves, we're using Southbound.
This allows us to proliferate effectively by not destroying corpses with Pyre.
It also grants a massive amount of cold resistance, and some increased life.

You can swap these for any gloves you want during bosses like Shaper, Izaro and the Guardians.


We’re going with rares in these slots.
Get as much resistance as you can on your belt. Use a Heavy Belt until level 79, then switch to a Crystal Belt.

Leo's Reduced Damage Over Time taken mod allows more than offsets the 5% Increased Damage Taken on The Beast Fur Shawl.
This also allows us to get a massive boost to energy shield and any resistances you need, compared to Rise of the Phoenix.


It's got the Shield.
It's got the Deeps.
It's got the AoE.
It's got the Regen.


Use this on Melding and Quick Recovery.

Chance to Ignite is a very helpful mod on your jewels, I recommend searching for some jewels with 2 damage stats + ignite chance.
If you can get a third damage stat or ES, or any good 4 mod jewel, even better.
You may need a jewel or two with Chaos Resistance depending on your gear.

Spell Damage, Spell Damage with Shields, Area Damage, Fire Damage and Increased Damage fully double dip with all your damage.
Other damage types single dip.


Carry a staunching flask while levelling and in dangerous situations.
It is not necessary in even T16 maps due to being able to turn off RF and pop Vaal Discipline, except in circumstances of extreme bleed under vulnerability or less regen.

Galaxy Ripper Guide

May be changed further.

Read the Big Dipper guide first.
This section of the guide assumes you know how this build works already, and have a solid grasp on the game mechanics. As such, it will be be very brief in comparison.


Have some extra currency and looking for more power and speed? Well look no further, the Galaxy Ripper is here for you.

This uses the same core idea behind the Big Dipper, and makes it mobile with Cast on Crit.
Warning: If you do not have 6L, you should still be using the Big Dipper unless you specifically want the CoC playstyle.

This build is designed to be an upgrade to the Big Dipper.
Because of this, it is a more expensive build.


For the ascendancy, we're going with the Occultist

Wicked Ward and Vile Bastion provide massive amounts of defense.
Profane Bloom gives a nice chunk of extra damage, and the chaos explosion helps kill things near the edge of the pack.
Malediction saves us a bunch of passive points.

Gear Differences

There are some key gear differences between the Big Dipper and the Galaxy Ripper:

1. You will need a 6L The Beast Fur Shawl. If you do not have a 6L, the Big Dipper will be better for you.

2. You will need a dagger with Vagan's signature mod "Hits Can't Be Evaded".
Your dagger does NOT need +2 to fire gems, thankfully.
The bare minimum here is Hits Can't Be Evaded and Critical Strike Chance.
Ideally, you want to multimod your dagger into:

P Hits Can't Be Evaded
P Spell Damage
P Lightning Damage
S Increased Critical Strike Chance
S Critical Strike Chance for Spells / Attack Speed
S Multimod

3. You will need Facebreaker (or gloves of choice) corrupted with Elemental Weakness on Hit. This frees up the space needed to run Vitality.

You also no longer need the 30% More Elemental Damage helmet mod.

Finally, try to get Lightning Damage somewhere on your gear. This will proc Elemental Equilibrium automatically on the first hit of things for you.


We run Elemental Weakness as our primary curse.
When mapping, we use Assassin's Mark to generate power charges without having to wait for Orb of Storms.
For bosses, we can swap Assassin's Mark for either Flammability or Enfeeble depending on your preference. Both are substantially stronger than Assassin's Mark.

I would not bother Curse-Swapping on anything below T15 unless you are running a map with significant amounts of damage reduction.

Gem Links

R Shield Charge
B Vortex
G Cast on Crit
B Controlled Destruction
B Increased Critical Strikes
B Increased Area of Effect / Concentrated Effect

R Summon Flame Golem
R Purity of Fire
B Vaal Lightning Trap

B Righteous Fire
B Orb of Storms
B Power Charge on Critical

B Blasphemy
B Enlighten
R Vitality
B Assassin's Mark / Flammability / Enfeeble

R Blood Magic
B Vitality
B Clarity
B Enlighten

B Vaal Discipline
R Cast When Damage Taken
R Immortal Call
R Increased Duration

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sounds cool but without shavs wont chaos damage wreck you?
How do you leech life/es?
Build has been updated!
ES jumped from 6.3k to 8.4k, and there's a movement skill now.
Videos of updated build soon.


For chaos damage, you need to be a little careful at times and watch your health. You have a bit less survivability against chaos damage as a life build at -60 at 500 life and 75% chaos resistance. This results in chaos damage being very manageable, since you are never taking other sources of damage to your HP simultaneously which brings your overall survivability in an instance of running into chaos damage to around the same level.

This doesn't apply for chaos damage bosses of course, where you need to be extremely careful, however your flask will heal your enitre HP, and your damage will be so high that it's usually not a problem unless you manage to get oneshot. You can always choose to skip high level map chaos bosses with nasty map mods if you feel uncomfortable with the chaos damage they deal.

You can also just drop RF for more damage nodes and run shavs.

For leech, Atziri's Promise is being used, because more than half of the damage output is chaos. This provides 2.8% leech instead of 2% beacuse of The Beast Fur Shawl.
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Kaninsurma wrote:
Your dps calculations seem to be incorrect. Not all of your "more" multipliers double dib into the dots.

Controlled destruction doesn't.
Righteous fire doesn't.
Pain attunement doesn't.

Elemental overload for burning and conc. effect for both do though.

Also spell damage doesn't increase burning damage either, so your total %increased for burning is much much lower. It also won't increase the poison damage.

For burning damage: elemental damage, damage over time, fire damage, universal damage and area damage will apply.

For poison damage: Chaos, dot, universal and area damage.

You need to read what Vortex does before lecturing people on mechanics
Kaninsurma wrote:
Your dps calculations seem to be incorrect. Not all of your "more" multipliers double dib into the dots.

Controlled destruction doesn't.
Righteous fire doesn't.
Pain attunement doesn't.

Elemental overload for burning and conc. effect for both do though.

Also spell damage doesn't increase burning damage either, so your total %increased for burning is much much lower. It also won't increase the poison damage.

For burning damage: elemental damage, damage over time, fire damage, universal damage and area damage will apply.

For poison damage: Chaos, dot, universal and area damage.

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I am lecturing you!

--> typo you use Vaal Discipline and wrote Vaal clarity.
Lecturing: end

Nice build very nice idea and very nicely balanced. I think for SC it would be zuper fun and wounderbar (bad jokes double diping)

For HC on the other hand my limit is 750 HP in low life without shav...but if you are skill full you could still use one of the best flask ever "Let the blood sear in your vein" even if this would interrupt RF and killing the build it will give you 2 whole second of immunity to OS chaos..... (wasteland voll would insta kill you without it)

For uber lab even in HC it looks near perfect!

Final verdict---》

The time i spent reading (enjoying) the guide and watching the video was worth it!

Wikarina: pass!

As a side note, next time you showcase uber lab, please dont forgot to walk the dog (kill argus!)

Cheer and peace

You ARE my Bitch of burden!
"Stay Alive exile! Or you'll be the next zombie someone raises off the beach." - Altnaharra
" Be Excellent To Each Other" -MikeP_GGG
"If you die to yourself are you still the victor? " - BEX_GGG
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Thanks for catching that typo, i'll get that fixed!

That's a good point about uber lab, i need to make a proper video where i use Ele Overload properly and with Writhing Jar, so i'll make a new uberlab video after work today.

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lots of clever synergy all around.
twitch.tv/rogueyoshi youtube.com/rogueyoshi

currency flipping web app:
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