[2.3] BM Keystone SRS

I guess a SRS build around the BM Keystone has been done before alas Mors probably did it first but since the build thread does not have build like this listed, I thought I share what I came up with for the Prophecy League.

For those that are in a hurry the tl;dr:
Start as Witch, ascend to Necromancer, pick up all Minion Damage on the tree, grab the BM Keystone, cover Haste and Hatred via two Essence Worm Rings and invest your remaining points into life and life regen nodes.

If you brought more time to read then the rest is for you:

Pros & Cons

+ Good clear speed
+ Can do all map mods (though some are dangerous more on that later)
+ Our auras provide additional buffs unique to the Necromancer
+ Can hold its own in solo play
+ Decently tanky

- Resists are kinda difficult to over cap for Ele Weakness Maps
- Hatred is not supported by Generosity
- Requires at least one Essence Worm
- Gets noticeably slower in higher maps as SRS does not quite keep up in damage

Tree, Bandit & Jewels

Level 72
Level 90
For Bandits we take: Oak - Alira - Point

As you can see we still have more life to pick up but otherwise we got everything covered. The resist node in Marauder helps a lot in capping resists and you have the points to grab it. Also I grab the Minion Resist node as well as the leech node my reason for this is, that with the buffs to monster spells in 2.3 SRS are a lot more threatened to get cleared by monster AoE. Before I capped the resists on my SRS and grabbed the leech node, I had multiple encounters where I had a hard time killing packs because the SRS got killed extremely fast. Water elementals with their watery Ice Nova do a pretty good job with that.
Ideally we want both Minion Damage and Life percent on every Jewel we grab but those are hard to come by as both are prefixes. We also want two to three Jewels with Minion Elemental Resits to cap resits on our SRS. Otherwise any form of cast speed that applies to us is nice to have but not a must. Resists on Jewels may also help.

Gem Links

Weapon: SRS - Echo - Minion Damage - Melee Splash - Melee Physical - Multistrike/Added Fire/Empower 3
The 6th link is up to you they all provide comparable damage. Though an corrupted Empower 4 is superior. Empower also buffs Minion health which also helps with DPS in certain situations.

CwDT - Immortal Call - Inc Duration - Vaal Haste
Flesh Offering - Lightning Golem - Inc Duration
Some movement skill setup

In your Rings: Haste and Hatred
Somewhere on your other gear: Clarity Level 1 for Commander of Darkness


+2/+3 Fire Staff with 5 or 6 links.
An 5l staff is easy to obtain thanks to the card from Tropical Island. You can even farm that yourself if you want to craft +2 Fire with alterations. Next step is to get a 6l +2 Fire staff. Either buy one directly or complete a set of the Dark Mage whichever is cheaper or available. Again Craft +2 with alterations. The last upgrade is a +3 Fire 6l staff. Doing a Master Mod craft on a 6l is probably the cheapest option to do that.

Two Essence Worm Rings at the start you may can get away with just using one for Haste but grabbing two of those should have a high priority.

Body Armour:
Ultimately you probably want a Kaom's Heart. Early on any rare chest with Life and Resist will do. Especially with the other gear being sub par.

+Dex +Life +Resist +Cast Speed
We need 155 dexterity to be able to carry a level 20 Haste, so grabbing a bunch on your Ammy is a good idea.

+Life +Resist +Armour

+Life +Resist +Dex
Grab a pair with an open prefix to craft Minion damage with Cata 4

+Life +Resist +Armour

+Movespeed +Life +Resist

My current gear in Prophecy Standard:

Map Mods:
As said the build can do any map mod. Though I would recommend against doing chain on high damage maps or maps that have bosses that use a lot of chainable projectiles (like jungle valley or phantasmagoria). Against low and no regen maps a run of the mill Divine Flask is enough to counter the SRS cost.
Everything else requires no special preparation in regards to functionality of the build.

Basically I started leveling using spells and planing on doing Firestorm till Level 50 or so. Going from Witch start over to Templar and then beeline down to Blood Magic.
But since I got my hands on an Reverberation Rod early on. I started using SRS at around Level 35 after normal lab. I picked up the Scion duration nodes and the nearby Minion nodes and then went for BM. At around level 50 I swapped to a 5l +2 staff.

If something is unclear or you have questions about my choices feel free to post here. I will try to answer it.
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How would you switch up the build if you're using a pledge of hands staff?
Satsuki09 wrote:
How would you switch up the build if you're using a pledge of hands staff?

Basically you choose two out of Empower, Multistrike and Added Fire instead of just one. Though I would no longer recommend using Pledge in any SRS build these days. With the reduced cast time and the base duration increase, we easily cap out on SRS and the +2/+3 from a rare are superior to any of the three support gems mentioned. Also the mana cost is much more manageable now, so the 100% extra from Pledge are less of a benefit. For this build particular the extra mana is useless because of BM.
Broken skill tree. Pls fix
thelucifier wrote:
Broken skill tree. Pls fix

Which one is broken for you? Since for me both links work.
can you show your end game skill tree?
and what ascendancy the correct order to pick?

can be built as a guardian, juggernaught, necro or ascendant
my bad, i mean if i will play necromancer which order i need to spend my ascendancy points (first 2 points, then 2 more and etc.)

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