POHX IS BACK Inform Me If you Want Updates! Fire Witch! 18k+ Dps. ( Youtube Vid Included )

Hello again guys, This is pretty much a direct variation from my molten shell witch. I feel that this witch offers more party utility, as well as faster clearing speed.

This isn't written in stone. It's simply here to guide you on the path you would like to take. It's subject to change at any point in time. I really want to grab serpent strike. The staff nodes right above Static Blows. Also if you're having mana issues. Pickup the witches mana nodes at the start to help, They'll make a big difference once you've taken EB

ALSO. For everyone who is going to complain stating you'll be 1 hit via Reflect mobs there is a simple solution to this. Don't get your crit till you're max resists while running purity for 80%, You have 130% burn damage you can abuse with your fire. Ignite them and watch them die. You take 0 Reflect damage from Ignite.

Recommended gear/gems before starting this build.

-Searing Touch
-Quality Fireball.
-Quality Fire Penetration
-Some type of mana regeneration Acc's
-Reduced Mana For when you run Clarity + Purity

I'm going to be completely honest, Having a searing touch from level 13 Will literally carry you through your entire gameplay.

Witch Gameplay

This is basically just some gameplay of me running through some merciless content, demonstrating how quickly it melts down mobs and can even handle reflect without capped fire resist. I can also upload my status screen if you guys would like.

Level 1-20

Level 21-40

Level 41-60
Level 61-80

Level 81-100

Level 101+


During my lowbie levels, I used Searing touch with firestorm to literally blow mobs up. Including resist yellows. The +2 To level of fire gems is just so strong all throughout game

Once I got to city of Sarn I swapped over to Fireball LMP Fork and chugged saturated Mana potions till I went EB at 61. It's your choice on what level you want to swap over.

Weapon Style

Weapon Type: You have 4 choices here. Wand, Mace, Staff or Dagger(s)

Wand: High spell damage, can roll crit. Can roll projectile speed

Mace: High Elemental Damage, Can roll spell power + Elemental Damage ( ? )

Dagger: They can basically roll what a wand can, Aside from the base Spell power, along with projectile Speed ( Not 100% Sure on all stat roles. )

Can' say much more to be honest

My personal favorite for this build is the " Searing Touch " Staff. It complements this build so well.


Rings: Hp, Mana Regen, Fire Damage, Spell Power, Resists

Necklace: Same as rings



You want to prioritize Pure Armor Gear, or if you really need it, Hybrid armor + ES for EB so you can have more mana regen.
Rolling pure armor will give you the defense you need to take a few hits just incase physical mobs get to you


*Single Target

Fireball, Currently i'm using LMP, Fire Pen, Fork. Obviously this isn't made for single target but it's just annihilating monsters due to searing touch +2 Level of gems, along with Flammability.

Molten shell: With concentrated it's hitting well over 11k Dps.. you've seen what it does on the other witch lol

**My goal is to run GMP instead of LMP as it'll do more single target damage when up close. not sure if i'm going to replace fork with chain however.


Fireball, LMP , Fork, Fire Pen

*Curses: No supports really needed since the AoE is huge due to the 2 AoE nodes you pickup in the passive tree along with the 4%

-Enfeeble: For Survivalability
-Flammability: You major DPS Curse

Other Gems you can use:

Chance to Ignite.

Farming Areas

Act 1: Ledge
Act 2: Western Forest/Fellshrine
Act 3: The City of Sarn

Bandit Rewards

Oak +40 Hp ( Normal )
Alira 4% Casting Speed, Or skill point ( Cruel )
Unsure. It's pretty much up to you here on how you want to spend it ( Merciless )

Flasks: My personal favorite

Bubbling: 50% Reduced Amount Recovered, 135% Increased Recovery Speed, 50% recovery Applied Instantly

Seething: 66% Reduced Amount Recovered, ( INSTANT RECOVERY )

Sapping: 60% ( INCREASED ) Life recovered, Removed ( 10% ) of Life recovered from ( MANA )

Saturated: 50% Increased Amount Recovered. 33% Reduced Recovery Speed.

Warding: Immunity to curses during flask effect ( Also removes any curses )

Iron Skin: 60%-100% Increased Armor During Flask Effect ( 60%-100% Dependent on Flask Roll )

Ample: +10-20 Charges

Current Flask Setup



Clarity ( Level up to max )
Discipline ( Level up to max )
Purity ( Level up to max )
Grace ( Put points in where you can )

Determination ( Trying to figure out when to put this in )

Current Gear ( Level 61 )

Please feel free to comment on anything you would like, ask questions and let me know what else you would like me to add on!

Stream: http://www.twitch.tv/pohx
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Looks fun. Currently running your Molten Shield build, looking to transition into this. I'm very new, though, so is the Searing Touch staff just a drop? Or is there a way to get it. It may sound like a dumb question, but the way you mention it sounds like there's a specific way to get it or something.
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macrmp wrote:
Looks fun. Currently running your Molten Shield build, looking to transition into this. I'm very new, though, so is the Searing Touch staff just a drop? Or is there a way to get it. It may sound like a dumb question, but the way you mention it sounds like there's a specific way to get it or something.

Buy it off of someone - use the trading forums, there are usually several of them for sale at any given time. Or be really lucky and have one drop for you.
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Any life regen?

Miojex wrote:
Any life regen?

1% From Templar tree if you chose to take it
Work in maps with chaos damage?
Miojex wrote:
Work in maps with chaos damage?

Haven't tried, but no reason it can't run them
Thanks for another great guide Pohx, much appreciated. I learned a lot from reading your guides and watching the stream. Keep it up. I'll give more detailed feedback once I've tried this out some more.
Love to see more Fire witches. Thanks for being such a help to the community and running a great stream. Look forward to more content.
Another good guide. Always good to see someone sharing a build in such great detail.
Keep up the good work, ill try this after i finished my current charakter
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