[2.4] Avatar of Fire Ice Spear Burn Proliferation Elementalist

If there are some mistakes in English, I'd like to apologize.(๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و

This is Avatar of Fire Ice Spear Burn Proliferation Build.
If you are bored Flameblast , try this build.
This is not best ignite build, but very viable.


>>T15 Abyss Map(+25%Life+35%BossLife)<<

+ Fast map clear speed.
+ High DPS. Full debuffed IgniteDPS can reach 1.2M/s.
+ Good EHP. 5kLife2.2kES. 62/55Block with Rumi.
+ Off-Screen Kill possible.

- Cost 10-20ex.
- Specific Helm enchant required.(Not big problem.Ice Spear is very unpopular skill now.It's easy to buy)
- Can't run ElementalReflection Map.
- Ailment Immune Mod is not rare.
- GMP/SlowerProjectiles swapping required.


Fire/Elemental damage is important for Ignite damage.
+300%CritChance and Life/Mana leech Enchant are strongly recommended.
Malachai's Artifice is only way to apply EE for AoF build.

Gem Setups

1. IceSpear-Cold to Fire-Empower4(CritDmg)-FirePen-ContD-GMP/SlowerProjectiles
Pierce is also liked by Lioneye.
2. ShieldCharge-FA-Fortify
3. FlameGolem-MinionLife-Blind
4. Decoy-TotemResistance Discipline ArcticArmor
5. OoS-CoH-Flammability-EleWeakness
6. Cwdt1-IncDuration-IC-VaalLightningTrap
7. LightningGolem (Malachai's Artifice)
I was planning to use IceGolem for +40%Cold damage,but his AI/Skill is awful.
LightningGolem is recommended.

Defensive Stat

5kLife and 2.2kES.

Buffed by Rumi.

Offensive Stat

GMP linked.
SecondForm has 90.79%CriticalChance.

SlowerProjectiles linked.

These are not IgniteDPS.
IgniteDPS calculation is complex.
Show next section.

Ignite DPS

GMP 10442~15670*4.44=46362~69575 Damage/Hit
Slower 18334~27512*4.44=81403~122153 Damage/Hit

103% increased Spell Damage [Initial Hit]
105% increased Cold Damage [Initial Hit]
249% increased Elemental Damage [Initial Hit][Ignite]
292% increased Fire Damage [Initial Hit][Ignite]
40% increased Damage [Initial Hit][Ignite]
12% increased Projectile Damage [Initial Hit][Ignite]

IceSpear has 801% increased Damage.
Ignite has 593% increased Damage.(=*6.93)

17% More Projectile Damage(Pierce15) [Initial Hit][Ignite]
29% More Projectile Damage(Slower) [Initial Hit][Ignite]
26% Less Projectile Damage(GMP) [Initial Hit][Ignite]

Ignite by GMP IceSpear 1.17*0.74=0.87
Ignite by Slower IceSpear 1.17*1.29=1.51

Calculated as 40%Fire resistance(=HighTier MapBoss)
37% Fire resistance penetration [Initial Hit]
42% Resistance Curse [Initial Hit][Ignite]
30% LesserEE [Initial Hit][Ignite]

[Initial Hit] 40-37-42-30=-69%FireResistance (=*1.69)
[Ignite] 40-42-30=-32%FireResistance (=*1.32)

50% More Damage [Initial Hit][Ignite]

Full debuffed IgniteDPS by GMP IceSpear

Full debuffed IgniteDPS by Slower IceSpear

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Like this Idea, man! Everytime happie to see no meta viable build :)
I don't think that very expensive. Lioneye's chest chrom action will be painful, but everything else not very expensive)
viable 2.5 + hc ?? :D thnx !

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