[2.2 ELE] CI Melee Elemental Hit + Tri-Elemental Damage Elementalist

First ever build post, so why not start off with a terrible build, things can only get better from there right? This build (if you can call it that) combines two of the least popular things in the game:

Elemental Hit is a truly terrible skill gem, and the five people who were using it before 2.0 are probably using Wild Strike now. Elemental Hit has one interesting characteristic... it's tagged with all three elements - lightning, fire, and cold. More on this later. We're going melee because it's the most satisfying way to take down anything in POE.

Elementalist (Witch subclass) GGG's announcement of this class was mostly met with jeers, which only subsided when GGG revealed the Occultist. Elementalist is by far the least popular Witch subclass, and is one of the four least popular subclasses overall: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1622774/

Elemental Hit triggers Mastermind of Discord:

Damage Penetrates 20% Cold Resistance if you've used a Fire Skill Recently
Damage Penetrates 20% Lightning Resistance if you've used a Cold Skill Recently
Damage Penetrates 20% Fire Resistance if you've used a Lightning Skill Recently

Because Elemental Hit is tagged with all three elements, I think it counts as a Fire Skill, a Cold Skill, and a Lightning Skill, and so it procs all three parts of Mastermind of Discord upon usage. Thus, we'll go for tri-element DPS to leverage all three resistance reductions.

Basic order of operations:

- Leap Slam into pack
- Blast everything with Elemental Hit/Melee Splash
- Clean up rares/bosses with Double Strike during Mastermind of Discord

Gear Basics

300 EDPS 1h weapon


400 ES shield
Eye of Chayula strongly recommended, especially if you plan on fighting Dominus or Merveil.
Ondar's Clasp - 30% IAS for CI characters.

Elemental Hit + Melee Splash + Weapon Elemental Damage + Increased Area of Effect

Our main attack vs packs.

Double Strike + Weapon Elemental Damage + Multistrike + Elemental Focus + Added Lightning Damage

Single target attack. Lead with Elemental Hit on a boss to trigger Mastermind of Discord, then slice away. Rinse and repeat, clearing adds as necessary to get a good shot at the boss. If you crit during Pendulum of Destruction, you will do some good damage.

Blasphemy + Elemental Weakness (Assassin's Mark would work if you have crit, Enfeeble if you need defense.)

Everything else is mostly up for grabs. I went with HoA/HoI and basic Leap Slam/CWDT setups. You could also run your heralds in a 4 link with Curse on Hit and spend your mana on Arctic Armour or something instead of Blasphemy.

Sample gear set:

With this gear I have about 7k ES, 30k single target tooltip DPS before factoring in resistance penetration, and ??? AOE damage (Among Elemental Hit's many charms, it doesn't calculate tooltip DPS). Not great, but good enough to clear maps. Gems are not leveled and I'm only level 74. Everything is going into attack speed nodes/jewels from here, so DPS should jump.



*Thanks for reading!

*It's not a very strong build, but it's a fun playstyle. When the stars are aligned (full ES, Pendulum of Destruction, maybe power charges or a crit) we do pretty good damage. When they're not, we're pretty lame. I would like GGG to add visual timers for Pendulum of Destruction and Mastermind of Discord.

*Why not Wild Strike? Wild Strike scales from physical damage IIRC. We opt for a tri-element weapon to take full advantage of Mastermind of Discord, so Wild Strike won't scale very well. Second, good phys dmg weapons are expensive.

*For the truly wild at heart, play this with two Hyaon's Fury swords.

*The build isn't too expensive, but you'll likely have to spend a lot of real $ on MTX because you're using the lamest looking skill in the game. Elemental Hit has no visual effect and looks for all intents and purposes like the mighty Default Attack.

*Any tips on boosting the DPS welcome!
Last bumped on Aug 8, 2016, 8:36:09 PM
An update on the build no one would ever want an update on!

Lvl 85 currently. Swapped single target damage to cleave/conc effect. I like AOE "single target" attacks to clear adds efficiently. Single target DPS is 65k before calculating Elemental Weakness and resistance penetration from Occultist. But a simple multiplier (x1.57) gives us around 100k DPS. Not bad. Gems are still not leveled and we have more DPS nodes to add. 80k is possible, if we get a six link, 100k is possible.

AOE DPS = 15k tooltip (i.e., minus Elemental Hit's damage). Maps clear pretty quickly.

Looking for ideas on:

- How to add frenzy charges? Without Zealot's Oath, Blood Dance seems like a crappy option. Has anyone played with the Conduit area of the tree?

- Is it better to run:

HoT + Curse on Hit + Elemental Weakness, HoI, Wrath (+10k DPS)


HoT, HoI, Elemental Weakness + Blasphemy (+DPS from tree nodes; Currently running this setup)

Blasphemy option means we don't have to worry about HoT's timer expiring to curse. And we can curse Atziri without curse reflection.

Will try running Atziri in the next few days.
Hi, if you go for Ondar's Clasp, why not use 2+ IAS weapon ?
Hi there. I´m so happy that finally someone try Elemental Hit again. I´m gona try this out too, looks fantastic with elementalis ascendancy. Btw can you show a video guide, gameplay, some stats ss? ty alot and keep it up.
I believe this build would work if you slot in phys to lightning instead of AoE, and then use WildStrike. Cool build idea though!
Just in case anyone has questions about elemental hit as a main skill, I ended up using infernal blow/splash/aoe instead of elemental hit. Elemental hit is still really bad. Trying it as a single target skill on another character though.

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