[2.2.1] The Explosive Sheep°78/71% Block Chance°750 Life Gain per Block°OS BOSS

Tree :

Level 83

Gear :


And Jewels :


Mechanics :

- It's about the combo of this belt :
No potion will ever apply to you. And yet, you can survive easely.

- And this potion :

Whenever I use this potion, (spectres and zombies only) reach instantly 1 HP. With the passive Minion Instability on the skill tree, they explode, dealing fire damage scaled on their maximum life.

- Now enters my offhand :

This increase a lot my zombies HP.
Whenever an exploding zombie kills a monster, the monster will explode, dealing fire damage scaled on the monster maximum life.

Mark_GG Wrote about the Mon'tregrul's explosion on kill :

"It's secondary damage dealt by the zombies, so any damage bonuses the zombies have that are applicable to secondary damage will apply. This includes things like your minion damage bonuses, and any support gem bonuses they have that aren't specific to spells/attacks."

My supports gems linked to Raise Zombie and my passives % Increase Minion Damage will apply on the on-kill explosion

I'm using Bone Offering (+ 35% chance to block spells/attacks)
And the Necromancer's Ascendency tree to make that block chance apply to me.

- I wear this claw

in first hand to be able to Whirling Blade + Fortify

- And this Amulet :

To overcap the max block, reaching 78% Block Chance. I don't need a fast cast. Fast attack speed it always good for Whirling Blade but not needed.

- This helm :

The +2 is only for Bone Offering. From 600 to 700 life gain per block at level 20. Add 50 life on block from the Anvil, and you have a pretty solid defence just by the block.

- And these jewels :

To be capped aswell in spell block chance

The John Cena of my build :

As I don't apply to me, it does just basically SHOCK every mob near my minions, dealing 50% more damage to the surrounding monsters.

So 100% of my damages are fire. I'm cursing Elemental Weakness + Flamability + EE. That's over 100% lower resist !

Videos :


1 to 4 are not very relevant, they were test.


Gameplay video, 6th one

Some boss One Shot, T8-T11

Some few math and stats :

My zombies, with a level 19 gem without quality, have 17600 HP. They will reach 20K HP I hope when my gems will be at 20% qual lvl 20. Lets start with this number, it's easier.

Minions deals 33% of their maximum life on death, and have 125% increase damage. That's 15K DPS, without the gems.

Now they have 50% more DPS and 20% less. If I'm right, the claculation is : 1.5*0.8 = 1.2

So, they deal 18 000 fire damage when exploding, and proliferating it.

After that, came the resistances. I'm reducing the monsters fire resistance by -120% (double curse + EE). You should know that this less resistance is double dip for burners, as I. It means that it multiply the primary DPS, then it also multiplies the burning damage. But let see that later.

If a monster is killed by this primary explosion, it will explode aswell dealing 20% of it's max HP as fire damage, and it's pretty much the same calculation. Lets says X is the monster life, and D the final DPS (without resistances calculation)

((X/4)*2.25)*(1.5*0.8) = D

And this damages are also proliferating.

Now for spectres, it's a way stronger explosion. Spectres have 290% increase maximum life and 225% increase damage (190-125 for zombies), and no less gem. Lets say Y is the spectre base life, and D the final DPS (without resistances calculation). To simplifiate, i'll say that monster life = spectre life

((Y*3.9)/3)*3.25)*(1.5*1.5) = D

If my spectres got the same amount of life as my zombies, they will deal, rounded, 190K DPS

And I assume that monster from high end maps got much more than 20K HP

So ******* shitons of DPS, and got 2 spectre. Here's why the boss OS

Lets talk $$$ :

Beside the Vinktar Vessel (not needed, only for OS end game bosses), this build is very cheaaaap. A 5Sl blue is very handy. Beside this, every single unique items used in this build worth...1C or less.

F.A.Q :

- Beacon Of corruption doesen't seems like dealing real damages, worthless sadly.

- Maligaro's Lens + Necromantic Aegis is very bad in that build. Can be good in a trapper cluster trap zombie style.

- Cast on Death is not working here


How to lvl up :

Easely. Don't go as a summoner until act 4 merciless, when you don't get much XP from dried lake. It's really EASY to lvl with firestorm on a single 3 link wand (+1 fire, lifesprig...)

First rush this

Then take every HP node around, and keep farming like this

Thought recently about another version of this build, maybee stronger in temrs of tankyness :

Tree here

So, the point is to benefit from the witch ES, not above life (won't work very well with life on block), but covering mana with Eldritch Battery + Mind Over Matter and providing a nice second life bar.

That could be also a way to breed my build with traps. Guess instead of elemental prolif, trap multiple trap (or cluster), that auto raise several zombies for insta explosion.

What do you think ?
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Build edited, videos added. Enjoy !
Build edited, not far from it's finale stage. Now level 82, doing T8-T13 maps.
how much damage you have with everything up?
my builds:
- COLB (Cast On Last Breath) first ever build: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1632595
- the Flash: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1367774
- the oro's bridle build: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1409823
I'm starting a new part on my thread dedicated to calculations. On progress, but have a look !
Super interesting concept! Thanks for the guide!
You might want rethink your music choiced in videos though. I had to mute every single one of them. How about some more... neutral music? Would also prevent the downvotes pouring in I would imagine.
this is such a nice idea but really pick neutral music ambitient or something
https://poe-ssf.herokuapp.com/. Join the fun.
SSF HC Legacy Witch Lvl 53
Oh, sorry about the music. I dig hard in order to find them. Except the troll one.

I heared you. Working on a big compil of boss OS kills, up to T13-T14.

Is that one enough neutral for you ?


Was at first thinking about using this one but I don't think it matches your requirement :p


(Found thanks to Quin69)
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Awesome concept!
Looks a bit clunky to actually clear maps with. It's a shame that Spectres also go down to 1 hp, otherwise you could use them for general clearing.
But there should be something. Maybe an offensive socketed Golem?
Anyway, great concept!
IGN: Scordalia_
awesome idea and much less boring than the standard summoner stuff
thumbs up!

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