[2.6/3.1] Shaper down on budget 5-link - The Debuffing Pizza (Tri-Curse CI Elementalist Flameblast)

"No one can refuse to eat a pizza."
--BoomBuLaCiBoom, the pizza maker who one shot bosses. XD

20190730: Decided to take a long break. Just login to say the ailment DOT is fine now. Wrote up a short record here: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2607754/page/1#p22270530

20180118: Hi. Sorry but have been AFK for some leagues. With the massive change to Ignithe this build need some rework. At the mean time, feel free to check the new build here: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2075461/page/1#p15214286. It's completely opposite to this one but fun as well. Hope you like it.

Update on 20170302: Good news! 2.6 doesn't change the build :D! (AOE area got nerfed a bit but it's an universal nerf to all AOE skills.) So no worry! If you want to experience a god-tier build on budget, this may be your last chance (because after this league there may be some mechanism changes in Patch 3.0 and this build may become a legacy and evolve to some other form). Give it a try, and enjoy the full fun of it while you can. :D

Enjoy the build in the Legacy League and good luck finding some juicy bling bling legacies :D! Cheers!

======Achievements / Fun Moments======

Note: This build was used as the league starter in the Essence league. It is totally viable to run the build from scratch with zero budget.

1. Took down Shaper (5-link)
Update on 20161116: Took down Shaper deathlessly on a Lvl 19 Flameblast (5-link). The run was to help two guide mates for achievments. The stats are shown in the Stats session. The corresponding gears are shown in "Final gears" in the Gears session.

2. Cleared all Guardians (5-link)

3. Oneshot 2-person-party Minotaur (The ultimate move, aka "Eat This!" lol)

4. Oneshot T15 Abyss Twinned Kaom (5-link. In this guide "Oneshot" means "one single cast only" to kill "both/all bosses".)

5. Oneshot T14 Shrine Twinned Piety (The ultimate move)

6. Oneshot T13 Shaped Arena Twinned bosses (in total six bosses) (5-link. One Flameblast exploded, six bosses down. It was hilarious.)

7. Oneshot T12 Excavation's three bosses (5-link)

8. Took down T16 Phoenix guardian with mods of "Enfeeble + 80% Fire Resist + Vulnerability + Elemental Weakness". Phoenix inherently has "Immune to Ignite" mod. (5-link. DPS/survivability test on end-game boss who is immune to ignite.)

9. Carried a 2-person-party T15 Core with crazy mods: "no regen + Vulnerability + -12% max. resist + 102% extra cold dmg + burning ground + Physical reflect + other mods". The other player was BV so he couldn't do much in this map therefore the run was a total "carry". (5-link. Survivability/mana management test.)

10. Killed an unidentified T11 Voll which turned out to be "Elemental Reflection + Shocking Ground" and got a "The Brittle Emperor" dropped. (The ultimate move. Reflection management test.)

11. An insane Shaper run:
Insanity Confirmed (Oct. 2, 2016)

Alright, just did this crazy Shaper run. Guess who were the four guardians before the Phase 1 of Shaper? Behold, ready to wet your pants. They were: 1) Kaom; 2) Malachai; 3) Piety (malformation); and 4) Rigwald... T17 version of these most bad ass bosses in a row, before Phase 1 of Shaper (which means you don't have any charge on Vaal skills)? LMAO! Insanity confirmed!

That's not the end of the story. Challenges are OK. The fights were epic. All fights were deathless. Heck, if the char did not die right before Shaper's death the whole run was a deathless one. Epic challenge must come with epic loots, right? The fight was satisfying. The expectation rose high. Then eventually when Shaper was down, the loot was....another pair of gloves....

WTF is this??? Insanity confirmed! That's all OP could say. The RNG was just not so fun like this, really. If the loot was a Starforge, this fight could make it to the most epic experience in POE so far. Uh... :(

Anyway, look at the bright side. Fighting T17 version of those most bad ass bosses in a row is not an everyday experience, especially on a 5-link. So yay! :D

12. With the Detonate Dead setup the char can even face roll in reflection maps (as well as in "immune to ignite" maps). No sextant required.

======Endorsement from Community======

It is really a pleasure and such an encouragement to see the build actually brings some fun to the community. Please feel free to share your success/tips/suggestion if the build entertains you. Thank you all for your support! Sorry that cannot include all here. Your kindness are appreciated!

Damn.. I literally one shot uber izaro at level 75 o_o

Wtf is going on lol
Impressive stuff!

IchiMorghulis wrote:

I can confirm that this build is very strong on a 5 link. I respected a lvl 86 witch and did uber lab easily, izaro wasn't much of a fight, also did a number of t12 - t14 maps. You do want good es gears and at least one elreon ring to make the mana more manageable.

Valathendril wrote:
Shaper Down.

ImSlower wrote:
So fun to have a FB build again. It's so damn fun.

fataleast wrote:
"The super secret ultimate 6-link" oneshots Abyss map boss (gem level 17, btw). it was white map, so no extra life on him or extra damage, just did a quick run to test it. feelsgoodman

Crucerio wrote:
Hey man ur build is awesome i didn't think i could have so much fun with flameblast. I was able to 1shot bosses up to t 13 and some t 14 . ...

Majad wrote:
Just want to say thank you for this build.

Killed shaper on my first try with 4 deaths and all guardians deathless.

This build is amazing. Haven't had so much fun and challenge in a while.

Thank you so much.

Dakkar890 wrote:
Really great build! 90lvl on EHC so far. As I can see - only one thing can kill me now btw. It's my own stupidity, but I'm still not sure :D

Thanks a lot man, today 10/23 i killed The shaper on EHC.
The only changes I made in his build was in the ascendancy, which changed the pendulum by paragon of calamity to help me in HC.

Dorfy wrote:
Just back to the game after a break of around 1 year and liking this build a lot. Its not the fastest clearing build out there I am sure but its pretty nippy and in any case very satisfying to plant a big pizza on top of a Boss and watch it burn down in a second or 2. I rarely even swap out iAOE for bosses as its not often needed.
Havent ran any lev 16 maps yet with this char but high rolled lev 15s and Uber Lab are mostly trivial.

All in all there isn't a lot not to like about it - cheap, powerful and fun to play - highly recommended.

====== How to face roll in "Reflection" / "Immune to Ignite" maps (Nov.24, 2016) ======

Good news! Elemental reflection is no longer a problem! No sextant is required. Check the 4th question regarding reflection in the Q&A session for details. The same setup can be used to face roll "immune to ignite" maps. This IS a buff, literally.

======Secretly updated an ultimate 6-link setup (Oct.7, 2016)======

(Maybe hidden somewhere in the Gem setup session.)

======Pros & Cons======
A brief summary to help you quickly decide whether you want to continue reading.

2. Fun to play. You observe -> Choose the right timing and position -> Deliver that one hit -> Finish the fight. This is not a skill spamming style build.
3. Not gear demanding. 5-link is all you need (with one link being Chance to Ignite which almost provides no damage). The Shaper and all gurdians were taken down on 5-link.
4. Not flasks dependent. No pressure to keep flasks up.
5. Versatile. The build focuses on generic stats such as "AOE/Cast Speed/Elemental Damage" that suits not only Flameblast but also other elemental/fire skills. You can mess around with many skills (Fireballs, Vortex, ...) at almost no cost! The character is not only powerful but also versatile.
6. The build concretely defines a caster character (CI, elemental spell, fast casting, large AOE, tri-curses, golems, destructive power...). This may be irrelevant for most players though.

1. Not BV. Not Pathfinder. Not public meta. XD
2. Not a tool tip warrior. The tool tip shown on the panel is 3k-8k only (although the true damage is millions per hit). However, if you are that kind of person who enjoys surprising people with low tool tip but high damage, you may find THIS IS A BUFF. XD
3. Need skills to play. Not a skill spamming style. (This is a fun part for OP. But it depends on your play style.)
4. Elemental reflection map is no go (theoretically you can do it but too much of trouble). This is an inherent challenge to elemental builds so no hard feelings. A good news is, single target elemental reflection is no problem, surprisingly.
5. "Immune to Ignite" ("Immune to Elemental Status Ailments") reduces the mapping efficiency quite a bit. Fortunately, the Phoenix boss is not a problem.

Update 20161124: 4 and 5 are no longer a problem for mapping! Check the setup on the 4th question in the Q&A session for details.

======Q & A======
You may find concerned questions here.

(Experienced players may want to check this session first to decide if you want to read the rest of the guide. New players are recommended to check this session last after reading the following sessions first.)

1. Channeling skills are too clunky.

TBH it was OP's first impression about Flameblast. It's the reason why OP hasn't used it at all before this league; and why OP was so impressed after finishing the build. For this build, if you feel you are channeling all the time, you are doing it wrong.

For trashes, just pull a 1-3 stack pizza and go. Thanks to the huge cast speed (53%) on the tree, the action is so quick that you do not actually feel "channeling" dealing with trashes. For example, 3-stack costs around 0.3-0.4 seconds. In comparison, a ranger with 3 Attack Per Second need 0.33 second to fire a skill. Playing with a 3-APS char certainly feels quite agile and not clunky at all. Same here for this pizza maker. :D

In addition, the huge amount of AOE makes sure the burn proliferates wide and fast. It is a little bit like playing Essence Drain and Contagion, that you hit one mob, the whole screen die. Only that in this case you don't have to cast an extra skill like Contagion for the proliferation, which was totally "free".

Bosses are the targets you want to channel the FB up. Thanks again to the cast speed, a 10-stack costs around 1.1-1.2 second. In that 10-stack one hit, the char delivers literally MILLIONS of damage. So one hit is all you need. Less than 2 seconds to finish a boss fight? Sounds not clunky at all. :D

2. What about "Immune to Ignite" end-game bosses such as Phoenix?

Just did this crazy Phoenix map: Enfeeble + 80% Fire resist + Vulnerability + Elemental Weakness.

"Enfeeble + 80% Fire Resist + Immune to Ignite" is the heaviest debuff combination to the damage of this build. "Vul. + Elem. Weakness" is a huge debuff to survivability. All these on a T16 Guardian? Seemed like a no go mod for the char. Debuff V.S. Debuff. Who's gonna win? :D The picture said it all. The Debuffing Pizza won hands down. The fight took long, but totally manageable.

If Phoenix is your concern about the end-game content for this build, no need. The fight takes some more time than other boss fights, but it is quite safe actually.

A tip to Phoenix fight: replace the Doedre's Damning ring with another Elreon ring. You can either keep the Temporal Chains (OP chooses this setup), or switch it with Arctic Armour. Cast from a distance. Drop Decoy Totem to guide Phoenix to a convenient position.

3. Elemental build sucks. It is inferior than Physical/Chaos build.

TBH this was OP's though before this league. Look at those elemental resist on mobs! Look at how "pure" physical/chaos damage are! Elemental damage is so inferior! Based on this impression, OP exclusively played Physical/Chaos build only before this league (well, tried Discharge COC on the very first char in POE but it was more of a mess around).

But think about it from another perspective. Yes, elemental damage suffers from resistance. But it also means that we can greatly enhance the damage by reducing the target's resistance. In fact most mobs in POE have very low or even zero elemental resistance. End-game bosses such as Shaper has 40% fire resistance, which can be brought down to -10% by the EE alone, and further down to around -50% by two curses, and further down to -90% by penetration (for the initial hit). This is where the "Debuffing Pizza" comes from. The huge debuff turns the elemental resist from a curse to a bless to the build. That's why the char can take down Shaper in a 5-link (with one link being "Chance to Ignite" that provides no damage).

Now look at Physical/Chaos damage. There is almost no way to bring down the physical/chaos "resistance" (except for Occultist who can reduce Chaos resistance by 20%, or for Scion who reduce Chaos resistance by 15%). The real advantage of phy./chaos damage was the Physical/Chaos DOT. Before Atlas no one single boss is immune to these DOT, which was part of the reason of all those "Poison BF Mine" meta. But now there are end-game bosses such as Chimera/Hydra who are immune to poison/bleed. So physical/chaos build now finally need to compete with elemental build more "fairly". Not saying that elemental damage is more superior, but that it deserves a second look.

4. How to deal with "reflection"?

Surprisingly, single target reflection is no problem at all because of the huge ES pool. Reflection mod on map is no go though. Theoretically you can try to hit only 1~2 mobs at a time and rely on the proliferation to clear the map, but it is too much of trouble for an elemental build.

Tips to avoid being oneshot by yourself: OP rarely pulls 10-stack FB when mapping, especially when dealing with Essence packs whose mods are not shown beforehand. If you feel checking the mods on monsters is too tedious (so does OP), for Rare/Essence pack, just pull some median size pizza on the edge of the pack, then let the proliferation clean the pack.

Ran this unidentified T11 which turned out to be "Elemental reflection + Shocking ground". Bored that day so tried to run it anyway. Then got this:

===Update on 20161124: How to face roll in reflection maps?===

The pizza master has developed a setup which enables her to deal with reflection in a fun and clean way. Now the master can even face roll in reflection maps, with an elemental build LMAO. THIS IS A BUFF.

The following setup may look crazy but try it out by yourself. If you want to face roll a reflection map, simply use the following setup:

Use Desecrate to create corpses. Then use Detonate Dead for explosion. In this build the explosion itself deals ~250% of corpse maximum life as an initial hit on trashes, which is already overkill for the corpse's peer monsters. Then it burns for ~1250% of corpse's max. life per second for ~5 seconds, i.e., in total 6250% of corpse's max. life for one explosion. Unless a monster has over 6250% more life than its peers in the map, it will be eliminated under one explosion. Thanks to the proliferation, the burn will proliferate and clean the whole screen.

And the explosion is reflection proof.

Note: You need at least Lvl 19 Desecrate in order to create corpses up to Lvl 100.

Note 2: You can also use this setup for "immune to ignite" maps. The mod is no longer a problem!

5. How about survivability? Layer of defence?

a. Huge ES pool.
b. Temporal Chain on Blasphemy.
c. Many means of distraction: Two Golems + Decoy Totem. Be noted that the golems are immune to elemental damage (Try this out. You will be amazed by how tanky they are.).
d. Great agility thanks to the huge cast speed. Actions finish quickly.

A quick example to showcase the survivability:
Helped a BV player the other day on a crazy Core: no regen + Vulnerability + -12% max. resist + 102% extra cold dmg + burning ground + Phy. reflect + other mods. Triple damage mods alone are dangerous enough. Plus it was with burning ground which is a big thread to CI build because it stops the ES recharge. The player was a BV build so he couldn't do much help. It was such a test to the survivability of the build. Eventually finished the map without too much trouble. So no need to worry about the survivability :D. Besides, it can be seen that mana is definitely not an issue if play properly. :D Just don't spam skills and you will be fine. Also did another Core with the same player with the mods of: Hexproof + Phy. reflect + other mods. Finished it deathlessly. So Hexproof is not an issue as well. :D (Will upload the pictures when imgur works.)

In short, the achievement of this char pretty much say it all. If you try it you will find you face roll most maps even bosses below T16. And the fact that the char can take down the most end-game bosses with budget 5-link gears is a good illustration of both offensive and defensive aspects of the build.

6. My DPS is so low that I cannot kill monsters.

All gear/gem/skill tree setup are listed in the guide. The build has been pretty much optimized in terms of skill trees/gem setup. It's the reason why the gear requirement is so low (This is a buff). Every detail matters. Make sure you follow the guide properly.

Also, beware of the "Immune to Elemental Status Ailments" mod which means "Immune to Ignite". This mode reduces effective DPS quite a bit because it prohibits burning which is a huge part of DPS.

7. What about the Ghost Reaver notable? Does it worth it?

Ghost Reaver has been brought up for several times. It indeed looks pretty cool on paper. :D

OP intentionally skipped some detail mechanism explanations of the build because they may be too lengthy for most players. :D But will try to explain more on this topic here.

Before the explanation, there is a little background you may want to know, that OP always considers the toughest scenario when theory-crafting a build, where the char has to one-on-one fight against the most end-game boss. Therefore, all "on kill", "killed recently" effects are off the table. If the build can handle this worst scenario, it can handle others pretty easily.

Some numbers you need to know: by default, the cap of a single leech instance is 2% of your max. life/ES per second; while the absolute cap. for multiple leech instance is 20%; unless the char has Vaal Pact. Therefore on a one-on-one boss fight, the max. leech you can get from the boss is 2% of max. ES per second. For a char who has 12k ES this cap is 240 ES/second. Now you can see how trivial the number is comparing to the ES recharge rate which sites on like 5-6k/second. Besides, the mumber is even much smaller in a real fight because the char simply does not standing there doing constant hits on bosses. It is simply not the play style of the build. Therefore while Ghost Reaver looks nice on paper, it provides little for the build, especially in a worst scenario.

For mapping where you can hit multiple mobs, leech may help more. But since the char only deliver 1-3 stack FB when mapping, the leech won't be ridiculously high as well.

If you manage to take the Vaal Pact notable, there is no limit to the leech cap anymore. But the char only has 0.2% leech from the weapon, therefore for a 10-stack FB that gives a 200k hit on a boss, the char will get 200k*0.2%=400 ES leech. Not so much as well.

However, if you want to practise the ultimate move more safely, you can try to get both Ghost Reaver and Vaal Pact. The move can deliver over 1 million hit if executed properly. In this scenario, even the 0.2% leech will gives "1 million * 0.2% = 2000 ES" which is instant recovery. It will prevent your char from death when she has degen debuff on.

Despite of the analysis above, feel free to take Ghost Reaver if it suits your need. You are welcome to take experiment on the tree and share your result here. :D

8. Shall I take "Liege of the Primordial (double golem)" or "Mastermind of Discord (25% fire penetration)"?

Double golem is highly preferred. It effectively gives +60% d-dip damage (if you were going to use Flame Golem without it), and 18% cast speed, and one more golems, and grant elemental immunity to golems. The final dps can be very close to or even higher than that with 25% fire pen depending on your gears, and the extra bonus definitely makes it worth it. Be noticed that "penetration" and "reducing resistance" are DIFFERENT. Penetration only works on the initial hit. It does NOT double dip.

In addition to the DPS boost, double golem gives additional +18% cast speed and one more golems and grant golems immunity to elemental damage. It's a no-brainer for this build. Without double golems you probably need 6-link to put on Faster Casting. With double golems you can work on a 5-link. And you can put an Empower to the 6th link if you want more numbers (which is totally not needed). The eventual damage will be higher.

To get the real numbers of the comparison of the two nodes you need to consider all the inc. dmg. on your gears, EE, curses, boss's resistances, boss's curse resistances etc. OP has done the math and tests and eventually settled on the current optimal setup.

In sum, the numbers of some nodes look indeed nice on paper. However if you dig deeper into the mechanism you may find better choice. Besides, this build is not lack of DPS whatsoever as it is anyway. The current trees have been thoroughly tested and optimized so no worries. :D

9. How to manage mana?

Use one Elreon ring with at least "-7 mana cost". If you feel the mana is an issue you can even use Reduced Mana Cost for the 6th link. As said before 6-link is absolutely not required for this build. It has been emphasized many times but let's say it again here: there is no point to pursue more "tool tip numbers" on the 6-th link. Use the 6-th link to either improve the QoL (e.g. reduce mana cost) or have more fun (the ultimate 6-link is highly recommended). You are recommended to check the Play Style session if the mana management is an issue for you. Be reminded that DO NOT SPAM flameblast. You certainly do not need to do so.

More tips:

1. Do not spam Flameblast. You really don't need to do so. The burn lasts 4-5 seconds. So if a mod is ignited it is pretty much dead already. No need to cast FB repeatedly on it.
2. Find some "mana regen" mods on your gears.
3. Find some "reduced mana cost" on jews. The damage is your last concern for this build. Feel free to grab gears that can improve the quality of life.
4. Roll "Saturated" mod on a "Ethernal Mana" flask. It depends on your playstyle. OP finds it very useful.
5. Never overlook the "+5 mana gained on kill" on the Doedre's ring. It can save you day when mapping.

More discussion on mana management in a boss fight:
Use one Elreon ring with at least "-7 mana cost". And use a Saturated mana pot like the one posted in the Gears session.

Normally one single 10-stack FB is enough to take down most bosses. In case you encounter a hard one, you can start using the Saturated mana pot right after you start casting the first FB. The calculation is listed in the Highlight Session. One pot should be sufficient to support long enough.

You can also try to use Reduced Mana Cost support for the 6th link. You probably won't feel any "lose" in DPS. But you will feel a substantial Quality of Life improvement.

For leveling, you can refer to the following advice.
For anyone having Mana trouble.. I picked up the Dark Seer really helps with mana problems early on. Does require some STR but had that already from gear.
Super good for packs and can keep your Energy shield up some as well~ Love this build so far..


This may be the OP's first independent build that cracks end-game contents (with budget gears). Well. Technically not the first independent build. Started to play POE in late Talisman. Then seriously played in Perandus, using my own variation on a Crit BF Trap build, and took down Uber Atziri in 5-link and dirt cheap gears. It was exciting, but it was not my own build after all. Then into Prophecy. Tried to make the first independent build, a 2H RT 2-dot EQ Slayer. The build worked really well overall. Basically the char facerolled all red maps without too much trouble in very budget gears (did not try Core though because had never seen that map until this league). However, since it was a melee attack build, it naturally relied heavily on gears. Eventually did not try Uber Atziri. But later saw a very similar build that facerolled Uber Atziri using end game gears such as an Atziri Disfavour. So it seems that the build should be "end game viable" (but not with "budget" gears).

Then into Atlas. Initially wanted to try the new melee channeling skill called "Blade Fury"(or whatever), which looked like one of the coolest skills "Seven Side Strike" in another famous ARPG. Then the skill got delayed. So started working on something else then eventually settled down on this build which turned out to be amazingly fun and powerful. Took down four guardians, all in the first attempt (on yellow maps without crazy mods). And eventually took down Shaper in the very first try.

======The Build======

Flameblast as an elementalist. Tried to make an end-game viable build that requires as little investment as possible.


1. +64 Str/+84 Dex (Eventually need 155/98 for lvl20 gems).
Str is for: Decoy Totem, Flame Golem, CWDT, Inc Duration.
Dex is for: Temporal Chains.
Be reminded that the stats points do not come free. Simply need these stats either on the tree or on the gears. Stats are affix on gears which compete with the resists/intelligence(for ES %)/flask mod(on belt). Having enough stats points on tree is definitely not only convenient but also useful.

2. +34% all resist; +1% max light resist.
Very convenient especially for budget gears. Turned out to be important if you are looking for elemental weakness cap.

3. +1 curse with 10% curse effectiveness on tree. Eventually run 3 curses.
Curses are still powerful although the curse effectiveness got a big nerf against bosses in Atlas.

4. +35% cast speed on tree, and another 18% when the Lightning Golem is on (and this little guy is always on). So eventually 53% cast speed WITHOUT any gear or Faster Casting gem. These are GLOBAL cast speed which affects every single skills you use. It is huge QoL.

5. +30% inc AOE area.
Good stuff on many aspects.

6. CI
Huge EHP pool. Critical for end game contents in Atlas.

7. +30% inc. effect of flask, 12% (26% including gears) inc. duration of flask.
The 30% inc. effect turned out to be important especially for the mana flask. With the "Sacturated" mod, the eternal mana flask recovers 1728 mana over 14.9 sec (116/sec). With the 30% inc. effect it becomes 150/sec. Lvl20 FB cost 14 per stack and the char casts around 9+ stack per second. With the flask on the char can comfortably cast FB without worrying about the mana problem even without the Clarity. This is huge QoL. In addition, the effect greatly buff other flasks which in turn provides not only QoL but also survivability.

8. 5 sockets.
Convenient for budget gearing. Powerful for min-maxing.

Point #3-#6 are all Witch's significance IMO. Together they make a concretely defined caster. (Despite of their OP power some char such as a bow mine marauder is just kinda weird in terms of char design in an RPG game IMO. But this is just personal preference.)

Skill tree:

Lvl 91 - Base version

Lvl91 - Agility version. +5% cast speed, +5% movement speed, -26% elemental damage (around 6% less final DPS). This version is recommended. OP is using this tree now. The char can still oneshot 2P Minotaur. So no need to worry about DPS.

Lvl91 - DPS version. -12% cast speed, -4% movement speed, +8% AOE area, +31% elemental damage (around 8% more final DPS).

Leveling trees:

Use Firestorm/Spark/Spell Totem for early stage. Only use Flameblast after you have got the Elemental Proliferation support gem (around late A4 Normal to A1 Cruel). After that everything should run smoothly.

Phase 1 (27 skill points):

Phase 2 (47 skill points):

Phase 3 (64 skill points):

Phase 4 (84 skill points):

Phase 5 (98 skill points):

Starting from here, fill the missing nodes shown in the Level 91 tree.

Leveling tips/items:

These items come in handy for leveling:

Ascendancy points:


For HC play, you can switch the Pendulum to Paragon of Calamity for extra safety.

It's highly recommended to pick the proliferation ascendency node before the uber lab.

Skill point/Cast speed/Skill point

Gem setup:
The essential independent part of the build. The result is satisfying.

Took down Shaper in five-link:
Flameblast - Fire Pen. - Control Destru. - CE/iAOE - Chance to Ignite

Together with the Orb of Storm setup shown below, a 10-stack FB can deal over 2~3 mil dmg on a 45% fire resist boss (who has 60% less curse effectiveness). So 5-link is definitely enough for end-game contents.

For the sixth you can go for:
Faster casting, iAOE(if CE was used in 5-link), Empower, Inc. Burning Dmg, etc.

Inc. Burning Dmg gives you around 12% more DPS; Empower 25% more. You probably won't notice any difference in practice because a 5-link is already over kill for most contents.

If you feel the mana is an issue you can even use Reduced Mana Cost for the 6th link. As said before 6-link is absolutely not required on this build. Feel free to choose whatever you want to improve the QoL. You are recommended to check the Play Style session if the mana management an issue for you. Be reminded that DO NOT SPAM flameblast. You certainly do not need to do so.

The above 6-link setups are conventional. OP went for a super secret ultimate 6-link setup which gives you next-level fun. Read further for more details.

Orb of Storms - Curse on Hit - Flammability - Elemental Weakness

This is the bread and butter of this build. The OoS is used to proc: EO, EE, and 2 curses in one single click. EO for "40% more" d-dip dmg, EE for -50% fire resist, and 2 curse for around -40% fire resist (on bosses). All these huge buff/debuff in one single click. How good is that?

CWDT(lvl19) - IC - Lightning Golem(lvl19)

Simply because CWDT not leveled to 20 yet lol.

Vaal Discipline - Increased Duration - Vaal Lightning Trap

The VLT is not needed in most cases. The dmg itself is already high enough without the Shock. In addition, because the char does not have any trap trigger radius bonus, the trap can be hard to trigger for agile bosses. Don't be too greedy for using the VLT and miss the good timing of FB, which is more crucial for boss fight.

Flame Golem - Decoy Totem - Flame Dash - Faster Casting

Temporal Chain - Blasphemy - Discipline - (Any. Enlighten is a solid choice if you have mana issue. Enhance provides great enhancement on TC which boosts your defense.)

>>>>>>The super secret ultimate 6-link<<<<<<:

Recall that in comics/movies super heroes/Kong Fu masters always have their ultimate move? It is a secret deadly move that is so powerful yet so complex and dangerous that only a true master can try to learn it. The move does not show easily. But if it does, it owns.

Well, good news here: the Debuffying Pizza master has finally developed her ultimate move! The name of the move is, "Eat This!". lol

Some features of the move:

The power is so overwhelming that it cannot be read from the DPS panel. But as the creator of this master, OP can give you a number. If pulled off right, the move unleashes a destructive hit that is as powerful as a 100+ stack regular Flameblast... You read it right, "one hundred plus" stack. If a 10-stack FB is able to one shoot bosses, think about what a 100-stack hit can do...

2. Super complicated
An ultimate move is only for a true master. The setup uses up ALL of the hot key slots. And it requires to click 4-5 keys in a correct sequence to unleash the true power. (This is not a buff, TBH.)

Combining the above two features, the satisfaction of pulling off the move right is ... You gotta feel it by yourself!

4. Great cost
An ultimate move always comes with a certain price. The price includes the cost of gears. A 6-link is recommended. 5-link will work too. But hey, gotta give some respect to an ultimate move, right?
Great power comes with great danger. The price also includes the great danger the move brings. The ultimate move does not meant to be shown easily. It is not for every situation. It is your responsibility to read the situation and to decide when and where to make the move. It is not easy, really. Fortunately, a correct sequence of key click of the move protects you in a certain degree. The correct click sequence is not only for destruction but also for protection! That's why the move is complex and therefore only recommended for players who has enough experience with this char.

OP is quite satisfied with the concept of the setup. It is a great piece to enrich the character definition. And being able to make an ultimate move in an ARPG like POE is really, really fun and satisfying. The problem is that, the cost of test is so expensive, because the hit is so huge that only T15+ or even T16+ bosses can be qualified for the test...

Hints about the move:

The following picture contains all the secrets of the move and the required link setup. If you can read the information hidden in it, you are ready.


True.1shot "42% More Life" T14 Twinned Piety. The hit was so huge that you couldn't see any "burn" effect. Just an instant flash then loots on the floor lol.


Do not try it at home! Do not try it if you don't know what you are doing (especially for HC players)!

You do NOT need this ultimate move to make the build fun or powerful. It is just the next-level stuff that you can play with. Think about it this way: Without the ultimate move, the power level of the basic 5-link setup is already like that of the green Hulk. It is more than enough already to smash things. With the move, it is like putting an anti-Hulk-ironman-suit on Hulk. It is so ridiculously powerful that even Marvel does not make it happen yet lol. But before you can make that happen, you gotta be Hulk first. So, no rush. Complete the char, get use to the play style first, then you can think about having some next-level fun.

WARNING: the move is so dangerous that it is lethal to you as well as to your enemies. An improper execution can severely jeopardize your gaming experience with the build. This is the real reason why it is not recommended for inexperience players. The frustration when you die to it is as high as the satisfaction when you do it right. You will die A LOT practising it. The frustration is real. You have been warned.

If you are not afraid of death and do really really want to know more about the move, here are more details:

A proper execution of the move may look like this:

1) Fight normally. Pull pizza on bosses as usual. (Most bosses will not survive this step lol; so you may as well skip this step for the sake of practice.)
2) You decide to make the move.
3) Check the Conflux buff icon. When Chilling Conflux shows up you can start throwing Vaal Lighting Trap. VLT lasts 27+ seconds after being activated. It is long enough to not worry about it later.
4) Fight and dodge stuff as usual while keeping your eyes on the Conflux buff. When it turns to around 2 seconds on the Shock Conflux, it is your cue to make the move. You have a 6-second window to finish the following steps.
5) Start approaching the enemy. Keep calm and avoid dangerous things (THIS IS IMPORTANT).
6) Active Vaal Discipline in advance if necessary. Drink utilities flasks to avoid bleeding/ignite effects on you.
7) Approach the enemy to an almost melee range (if using CE instead of iAOE. CE is required to unleash the true power of the move though).
8) Drink the Sorrow of the Divine flask. This gives you a 10%+ more DPS buff (can be roughly equivalent to a regular 10-stack FB, depending on your gears) and 700-800+ ES regen. You need to stay on the Consecrated Ground to have the ES regen though. That's why you need to use the flask after you get to the enemy.
9) If you do the above steps right and smoothly, you should be still in the middle of the Igniting Conflux and Elemental Conflux. Activate the ultimate 6th link, aka the Vaal Righteous Fire. BE 100% SURE that Vaal Discipline is activated at this point.
10) Get out of the spot IMMEDIATELY. It is your most vulnerable moment after the detonation. Find a safe place, take another sip of the Sorrow of the Divine for additional ES regen. This is very IMPORTANT, because sometimes bosses can stay alive for some additional seconds even when they show empty HP for whatever weird reason; or because you miss the 6-second operation window and do not ignite the bosses; or simply because you mess up and totally miss the hit. Remember that the fight is not over until you see loots on the floor.
11) Take loots.

It looks complicated. And it really is. Taking care of all the details in an end-game boss fight is never easy. You will properly die if you miss one step here or there. And you will feel a high level of frustration dying to the move. That's the price. You have been warned.

Again, the move is meant to be for fun. If you do not have fun with it, do not use it. It is not mandatory for this build.

Side note:
If you heavily rely on the move and want some more safety, you can modify the skill tree to something like this:


WARNING: This is like the dark version of the char who pursues extreme power. :D She sacrifices: "5% cast speed + 5% movement speed + 30% inc. flask effect + 12% inc. flask duration + 60% ES recharge rate + 15% faster start of ES recharge + some ES" in exchange with some instant ES leech upon the ultimate move. Feel free to try it out. But consider this an extreme variation of the base tree which is not recommended.


Took down Shaper deathlessly on a Lvl 19 FB (5-link). Following are the stats. The corresponding gears are listed in "Final gears" in the Gears session.

As you can see, you don't need "big numbers" in this build. But don't get fooled by the tooltip numbers on paper. The effective numbers (which you should care about) are huge. This char just doesn't like to brag about it. lol

The following stats are not the limit of this build. They are just some references for you to see with what stats you can take down Shaper in this build. You can easily push the numbers higher if you have better gears. But be warned not to pursue tooltip by stacking "Spell Damage" which is literally inferior in this build.

In hideout with Pendulum on (Lvl 19 Flameblast):

In hideout without Pendulum (Lvl 19 Flameblast):

Defense (in a 475 ES chest):


Got lucky on some pieces but overall totally reachable. Look for "fire/elemental/area/increased damage" on gears. Do NOT look for "spell damage", which is literally inferior for this build. (The Stone Golem shown in the shield was just put there to level up for other builds. It is irrelevant to this build.)

The build does not rely on enchantments. So any related enchantments are bonus. The choices are pretty free here. The enchants shown are for QoL. The two together gives 180% inc. crit. to QoS and 90% to FB in terms of proccing EE. You can go for 100%-150% inc. effect of Golems, or FB radius, or curses effectiveness on the helmet; and leech on boots to help sustain mana during mapping (if you have mana issues).

Final gears:

The chest was replaced with a 6-link one. Gem links were adjusted to accommodate the ultimate move. Jews were not changed.

Can put this on the off-hand. It can save like 20% fight time in the 3rd Phase of Shaper fight:

======Play Style======

Hit once, hit hard. DO NOT SPAM flameblast (you do not need to do so for either mapping or boss fight). For boss fight like the Shaper, need to stay calm, dodge stuff, and pull a 10-stack pizza (took 1.x sec) on him. The timing is important. For trashes, switch CE with iAOE, and pull a 1-3 stack pizza (almost an instant click, so you do actually feel "channeling" dealing with trashes) and go. DO NOT use CE for trashes, because CE also reduces the proliferation radius greatly. Cast OoS occasionally to proc EO. Since the char has huge amount of cast speed and AOE area on the tree, casting OoS is almost instant. And it covers a large area. On this char the OoS is almost like an aura. It just feels smooth to use it. (It is just like using Frenzy on a fast attack ranger. You don't feel too much interruption using the skill occasionally.) No wonder the OoS gem requires the char to cast "by yourself, directly". It is such a great skill if used properly.

======Shout out to the Guild======
It is you guys who make the game ten times more fun to play. Thanks for the fun time. This is for you:

="Final Thoughts", "Feedbacks" and "Change Log" are moved to the bottom of the 1st page.=
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FBB pizza, oneshot shaper, strong, invincible.

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This is the true love post of FBB, up everyday plz.
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Patch 2.4.1
Shaper now immune to ignite.

mxwBeyondGamecrash - Beyond
letsThrowSomethingElse / RedshirtThreeSixty - Nemesis
MXW_CIPW - Onslaught Lv92 Witch - Low life Dual Elemental Hit totems
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Read your imformation from Tieba,good job,dude!
Thanks for your kind words.
PS: Guild mates are hilarious as always lol.

Update on 20161124: The main thread is too long to maintaining. The "Feedbacks", "Final Thoughts" and "Change Log" is moved here:

The community has given some great feedbacks on this build. More discussions are in the thread. Sorry that cannot include them all here.

1. Viability on HC

@LiChE gave an honest review from an HC perspective. Check details and discussion following it at:

@Dakkar890 made it to Lvl 90 in EHC and still thriving.
Dakkar890 wrote:
Really great build! 90lvl on EHC so far. As I can see - only one thing can kill me now btw. It's my own stupidity, but I'm still not sure :D

@ViniciusRivieri even took down Shaper in EHC at Lvl 90 on 5-link and got a Starforge!
Thanks a lot man, today 10/23 i killed The shaper on EHC.
The only changes I made in his build was in the ascendancy, which changed the pendulum by paragon of calamity to help me in HC.


For HC play, you can switch the Pendulum to Paragon of Calamity for extra safety.

Thank you all HC players for putting trust in this build and take it so far in HC!

2. Leveling tips

Check the leveling trees. In addition, @grombombolero shared some leveling tips at:

Besides, you can always check here to look for low level gears such as sceptors/wands/armours:

Getting the right leveling gears is a great part of the leveling experience. Don't be afraid. Do experiments. Some gears you will never use again in end-game. It is such a waste to not use them when you can.

3. Uber Izaro kill

@EFSpooner made a video on the Uber Izaro kill. Check it out.
EFSpooner wrote:
N4Z wrote:
WOW. WTF JUST HAPPENED!! I one-shot uber izaro today.

It's insane for boss kills, I ran uber izaro yesterday for enchant (no buffs on him) while I was at lv81 and killed him in 3 seconds after applying burn with 10 stacks. I even got 20% reduced discipline reservation so I can run it with empower now. I haven't even skilled Breath of Flames yet.


======Videos from Community======

Sorry but OP cannot record videos. Following are some videos shared by nice community members.

1. Uber Izaro by @EFSpooner

EFSpooner wrote:
N4Z wrote:
WOW. WTF JUST HAPPENED!! I one-shot uber izaro today.

It's insane for boss kills, I ran uber izaro yesterday for enchant (no buffs on him) while I was at lv81 and killed him in 3 seconds after applying burn with 10 stacks. I even got 20% reduced discipline reservation so I can run it with empower now. I haven't even skilled Breath of Flames yet.


2. Tul's Domain by @Smerte

Smerte wrote:

I was bored so I recorded this video just for you. This is how I completed Tul's Domain. Even if your damage isn't as high as mine (I'm only using 5L and not even 20/20 gems so your damage should be close to mine if not better), and at the end I haven't even used vaal discipline, so even if the fight would have been longer, I would have been perfectly safe. Oh and if the creator of this build wants to use that video feel free to do so.

======Final Thoughts======

Despite of all those "Meta" one might see on Reddit/Stream, POE actually still preserves its great diversity which is the game's significance. There are still gems lying there waiting to be discovered and tried. It is a big fun part of the game IMO. To the community the FB may be one of the oldest skills in this game. But for OP, this build is definitely fresh (especially with the new "Channeling" skill system update) and fun to play. And the result is quite satisfying. :D Hope you find some fun in it as well.

======Change Log======

Oct. 1, 2016: Greatly enriched the content.
Oct. 3, 2016: Added Q&A to address various concerns.
Oct. 2, 2016: Added Pros & Cons.
Oct. 4, 2016: Explain more on the mana management in the Gem setup and Play Style session.
Oct. 5, 2016: Updated three versions (Base/Agility/DPS) of skill tree. Added a question regarding DPS in the Q&A session. Added tips for the Phoenix fight.
Oct. 7, 2016: Updated a Feedback session. Secretly updated an ultimate 6-link setup. Updated leveling trees.
Oct. 9, 2016: Updated more details about the ultimate 6-link. Updated jews in the Gears session.
Oct. 11, 2016: Updated more explanation in Q&A regarding the Ghost Reaver notable. Updated an extreme variation of the skill tree to provide more safety for the ultimate move.
Oct. 19, 2016: Updated a question regarding mana management in the Q&A session.
Oct. 21, 2016: Added a "Achivements/Fun Moments" session.
Oct. 22, 2016: Moved the insane Shaper run into the Achievement session.
Oct. 29, 2016: Updated more tips for mana management in a boss fight in the Q&A session.
Nov. 2, 2016: Updated more explanation on the choice between double golems and fire penetration ascendancy nodes; and on the enchantments.
Nov. 7, 2016: Updated a Uber Izaro kill in the feedback section.
Nov. 12, 2016: Updated the final gears.
Nov. 14, 2016: Updated leveling gears in the Leveling Tree session.
Nov. 16, 2016: Updated the stats for a deathless Shaper run.
Nov. 24, 2016: Updated a setup to enable to char to face roll in reflection maps. Details are in the 4th question in the Q&A session.

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