The Scourge || Dom Blow || Kitavas or Crown of Eyes

This build is a very fun build and extremely fast passed for a dom blow character. The build runs dual Scourge Claws in conjuction with the Necromancer ascendancy class to provide good damage from dom blow as well as boosting minions at the same time.

The scourge works by allowing increased minion damage nodes to also affect the claw damage. Further more the claw provides a massive amount of damage on hit and some nice attack speed for your minions. The spectral wolfs are a nice addition but nothing to write home about, especially since they are limited to a 3L.

Kitavas helm is one variant of the build. This takes advantage of the high cost of dom blow, requiring a fevered mind jewel still to reach 100+ mana, and using it to cast socketed spells. After trying many different probabilities I found a 4L BV to fit very nicely with the build. Along side of blasphemy + warlord's mark, BV provides a decent amount of damage as well as the extra mana regen required to keep the build attacking. 100+ mana per attack is pretty crazy. The downside to this is that the build requires some extra points in mana nodes.

This helm is a very nice option as well as it allows spell damage to also affect your claw. Though it will not provide as much damage as Kitavas helm you will be able to save some passive points and not have to run a fevered mind jewel. This is a bit more budget friendly but your clear speed will drop a little in comparison.

Crown of Eyes also lets you drop Warlord's for Poacher's Mark making no regen maps much more viable and giving you the option of dropping blood rage.

Passive Tree

This is the current planned skill tree for the build. Kitava's users will want to pick up Righteous Decree and Dynamo as well.

Pre-70 Leveling
Since the claws require level 70 I suggest leveling as SRS. A Reverberation wand with SRS + Minion Damage + Melee Splash linked in it will carry you all the way to 70.


Normal: Oak (+40 hp)
Cruel: Krytain (attack speed)
Merc: Either Oak (Endurance Charge) or Krytain (Frenzy Charge)

Gem Links

Dom Blow + Multi Strike + Melee Splash + Melee Physical + Faster Attacks + (optional)

Hatred + Blasphemy Warlord's Mark

Whirling Blades + Faster Attacks + Fortify

Boots and Gloves
CWDT: CWDT + bone offering + Desecrate + Inc. Duration

Vaal Haste + Bone Offering + Blood Rage + Increased Duration

Kitava's Helm
Blade Vortex + Controlled Destruction + Increased Duration + Increased AoE
swap increased AoE with Conc. Effect vs bosses

Crown of Eyes
Optional links, whatever you feel you need for your play style.

Convocation would be a helpful link if using Crown of Eyes

Required Gear

The scourge claw is the entire bases for the build. You need at least 1 of these for the build to work. You can run 1 + a shield or dual wield them for a huge DPS boost.

The more expensive option, Kitava's helm is one variation for the build. A bit more passive hungry and more limiting on the map mods but overall a much faster clearing item.

Kitva users will also REQUIRE a fevered mind jewel.

Much more budget friendly and less passive hungry on the skill tree. This helm provides a very nice DPS boost, just not as much as Kitava's with BV will.

Accessories (if using Kitava's)
It is highly suggested to get mana leech on your accessories to help with the high cost of using Kitava's


There are some additional mechanics that should be pointed out.

Mistress of Sacrifice: This allows us to take advantage of our offerings. For White and Yellow tier maps you can chose between Flesh Offering and Bone Offering. I prefer Bone offering in general for the added defenses.

Soul Eater: This has to parts to it. A passive buff to our damage and a temporary buff that is procced on consuming a corpse. This is why there are two offerings in the build. One on CWDT and the other manual. The manual is there to cast generally during trash clearing as CWDT will not proc nearly as often. So to keep the buff up the self cast is provided.

Scourge Claws: The claws themselves have a very large damage boost to them but require you to hit something once every 4 seconds to keep the buff up. Very easy to do.

Lastly, endurance charges are generated from warlord's mark and frenzy charges are generated by Blood Rage. Blood Rage is a degen while active and you need to pay attention to where you stand, corrupting blood, etc.

In general it is very hard to tell the tooltip DPS of the build without being in combat and with a few of the buffs only lasting 4 seconds you will have to be extremely extremely quick to record both BV damage and Dom Blow Damage.


T11 Underground Sea Map w/ Kitava's Helm

This is just a showcase to show the potential of the build. The map was a pretty substantial buff to the boss allowing it to outlast the minions. The character is quite under leveled (level 77) for T11 maps and Conc. Effect was not slotted providing a large DPS decrease with Blade Vortex.

Red Tier Mapping

Yes this build can run Red Tier maps, it does and full clears decently, but with that said I would suggest saving your red tiers for a more proficient character unless you don't mind skipping some bosses depending on mods. Outside of bosses is not a problem, the problem arises against bosses that have nasty mods rolled in their favor.

Mods to avoid:
-Less/no Regen Maps (if using Kitava's)
-Blood Magic

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