[2.3] Srs Build 8k life, tons of Dmg ( PvE,PvP)(The Build for the Lazy)-Uber Atziri Dead

Hello, have you been looking for a build where you can just stand and kill stuff with out targeting monsters, congratulations you've finally found it.


This build can be played in softcore and hc, it doesn't utilize zombies and spectres, they are useless and takes your time reviving them.
The Build focuses on Life and defenses instead, fast and ready for mapping. Can Do every Map Mods. Not the best clear speed build but it does ok.





This Build is for PvP and PvE, have been beating most of the top builds of the ladder and have done The Hall of Grandmasters.

My Current Gear


Uber Atziri


Making your +3 fire staff tutorial is found here

this is what the staff should look like

Passives Tree


lvl 30 https://www.pathofexile.com/passive-skill-tree/AAAABAMDAJuKvk_fsJLBjr4RLSyc7Ipr23yD6-6a4EWdU1KnCI9Gm6H318y8qsSFYE25MtFFR8BmBLOiAPAfaPKsmDpYVcY=

lvl 51

lvl 70


lvl 85


lvl 92


This is just a for now lvl 97

What i really want is this lvl 100


With Elemental Equilibrium


Help Oak, kill, kill

Gem Links For PvE and PvP

For PvE    
 Summon Raging Spirit, Melee Splash Support, Minion Damage Support, Spell Echo Support, Minion Speed Support, Empower Support

Summon Raging Spirit, Melee Physical Damage Support, Melee Splash Support, Minion Damage Support, Spell Echo Support,Empower Support

 Summon Raging Spirit, Minion Damage Support, Spell Echo Support, Minion Speed Support, Empower Support, Melee Physical Damage Support

For Block enemy and Hall of GrandMasters

Summon Raging Spirit, Minion Damage Support, Spell Echo Support, Minion Speed Support, Empower Support, Block Chance Reduction Support
Best for Hall of GrandMasters

Summon Raging Spirit,, Minion Damage Support, Spell Echo Support, Empower Support,Block Chance Reduction Support, Melee Physical Damage Support

Vaal Lightning Trap, Flesh Offering, Increased Duration Support, Vaal Haste

Generosity Support,Hatred---- Haste

    Summon Stone Golem, Desecrate, Flame Dash
    Cast when Damage Taken Support, Increased Duration Support, Enfeeble, Immortal Call


MOstly Want maximum life, minion dmg,Resistances With some Dex ,Cast Speed


Summon raging spirit has % chance to summon an extra minion

Cast Commandment of Reflection when hit-- Really powerful in pvp and pve

Regenerate % of life and mana per second if you were hit recently

Ascendancy Points

1st Mistess of Sacrifice

2nd Spirit Eater

3rd Commander of Darkness

4 Beacon of Corruption


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Cool build! Thanks for sharing!
Haven't played SRS in quite some time. Will try this one in the next few days. Will need some time for the 6L tho since I've only played for about a week in this league^^
Hey mate -

Commented on your video of Gorge clear.

As a fellow fan of SRS and it's flexibility, I loved your build. The thing I love about SRS is that it stays the same, while also being able to function differently. You can do self cast or totem SRS, zombies and spectres with SRS or just zombies or spectres. You can do life or ci, or both. It's great.

I started the league as a life based SRS without even thinking about CI. Eventually I ran into someone I traded with who was a CI SRS and helped me spec into it with some tips for the passives/jewels.

My life based version was ok, but I didn't like having to pop life flasks all the time when I would catch a projectile or got swamped by some mobs. So with CI I'm sitting at about 11.5k ES, and 19k when I pop Vaal Discipline (Which is like an amazing healing/defensive skill for when you are getting tanked on).

I just recently got my ideal +3 staff crafted as well. I would like to get a better chest piece, but anything better than mine, and the price sky rockets. The upside however is that you don't need a 6L chest, in fact you only need it to have a 4L and a 2L within the chestpiece.

Here is my gear -

I love pie.
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very nice build thx for sharing !
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Loving the look of this build, since I'm new to summoner/SRS I'm wondering what order should Asc points be put?
Anherus wrote:
Loving the look of this build, since I'm new to summoner/SRS I'm wondering what order should Asc points be put?


1st Mistess of Sacrifice

2nd Spirit Eater

3rd Commander of Darkness

4 Beacon of Corruption
Nice build!
Just wondering how you have 8K+ life with such low % increase from the passive tree. Does Kaom's really make up for that much? Thanks, and nice build :)

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