[2.4] Essence of Hysteria SRS Max Block Necromancer

This build was made in SC Essence, and relies on the Essence of Hysteria and max block for damage. It's currently level 90 (character name AlmostKindOfGood). It's also kind of assuming that the Essence of Hysteria shield mod actually adds the fire damage to everything, including SRS. It's kind of unclear based on the wording, but it doesn't say "to specific thing", or "to socketed gems", so it seems like it should add it to any socketed skill gems you have, including your SRS. You can do the same sort of thing with Flameblast (Heirophant for 6 link gloves could be cool), or any other fire skill with whatever Ascendancy class fits best.

I made this build because I wanted to try SRS, I think the Essence of Hysteria mods are pretty cool, and also because I didn't want to buy a 6 link staff :P (thanks to Pasta for helping to theory craft the original build. It's changed a lot since then, but the idea is still the same)

It's life based right now, but it should be possible to make it low-life for more auras and more damage. It would require much more currency investment though. You'd need Shavronne's Wrappings and would have to get pretty solid gloves and shield using the Essence of Hysteria. Not impossible, but I think the play style of this build is more comfortable with life, personally, if only because you can use life flasks. I will add a possible tree for low life as well.

I'll say now, I've only killed the Minotaur guardian so far, though I haven't tried the others yet. T16 bosses seem to be kind of slow, though. Not sure how far the build can go in this respect, so just keep in mind this isn't a super endgame Shaper killer. T15 maps can be done pretty comfortably, and you can run all map mods. You'll have to remove your auras for Blood Magic, and add a mana flask for less regen maps. No leech maps are also uncomfortable because you can no longer leech with Tempest Shield.

I don't have any gameplay videos yet, and my capture quality always seems to be terrible. I'll add some if I can get any that looks better than garbage.

The idea behind the build is to be aggressive and get in amongst enemies to take hits and block, which will proc your shield's Essence of Hysteria mod, and dealing damage yourself with Whirling Blades to proc The Scourge's 70% minion damage mod and Fortify. I also have Tempest Shield slotted, which deals a hit every time you block, solving both problems at once.

If you're going life based, try to get as much life and elemental resistance as possible, as well as armour. The gloves and shield are required for the build. Everything else is fairly cheap, and finding an armour base with the right enchantment isn't very expensive.

You can also look for Dexterity on gloves, which help a lot when leveling Haste and Vaal Haste.

The Hysteria boot mod is not necessary at all, and I only tried to craft it when I was already content with the gloves and shield I had. But it does have nice synergy with the playstyle, since you'll be using Whirling Blades to get in close and proc The Scourge. It basically one shots any white monsters up to T11, which is pretty nice, and adds a decent amount of DPS to tankier enemies. I actually got these on the first try, which was amazing. Don't expect so few tries to get something similar.

Get as much life and armour + resistances as you can on the helmet, and as much % increased life on the Belly of the Beast as you can. A 6 link is not necessary.

I crafted one unset ring for Lightning Golem. That isn't necessary, but it does help your cast speed and minion speed if you use Essence of Fear. Life, resistances, mana and mana regen are very useful on the rings. You'll also want to find some rings with Dexterity so you can equip The Scourge if you can't craft gloves with Dex. Pretty standard belt as well: life, resistances, armour. The Stone of Lazhwar is also necessary if you're trying to maximize your spell block. And I didn't realize before this that minion damage was a possible corruption on amulets. It's really nice, though, and you'll want to get as close to 20% as possible. I got it for less than 10 chaos. Although, if you're going low-life, you can probably use Rainbowstrides instead, and still get maxed spell block when you use Bone Offering. Lazhwar offers higher base block, though, and is nice for when you want to use Flesh Offering for more damage instead.

Already explained the reasons above. Get as much minion attack speed as you can. And if you can afford to buy one corrupted with Culling Strike, do that as well. The leech isn't really helpful.

The Life total is actually 5943 because of Blood Magic-Clarity
You can ignore the DPS, too. Pretty sure it isn't the actual value.

Gem Links
SRS is the main thing here, of course. In your gloves, you'll want to link:
SRS-Minion Damage-Spell Echo-Melee Splash

You can swap out Melee Splash for Multistrike for single target, or use an Empower if you can't sustain the mana cost Multistrike would give you.

Whirling Blades-Fortify-Faster Attacks

Desecrate-Clarity-Blood Magic

Tempest Shield-Blind-Life Leech (Blind can probably be replaced with something else, but it can be nice against enemies outside of the Witchfire AoE)

Cast When Damage Taken (level 13)-Immortal Call (level 15)-Enfeeble (level 15)-Vaal Clarity

Bone Offering-Vaal Haste-Vaal Lightning Trap-Increased Duration


I had Anger instead of Hatred for a while, and that works fine, too, if you don't have the link colors. But Hatred gives more damage, even though 50% of your SRS's damage isn't physical.

Also, if you can, get level 21 gems for your SRS. It makes T15 maps smoother, although they can still be cleared with 20/20 gems. I got lucky and vaaled level 21 Spell Echo and Minion Damage, but the amount you have to invest in that will obviously vary from person to person.

Basically, look for % increased maximum life, cast speed, minion damage. If you need resistances, go for those as well, and Dexterity is also nice for increasing your Haste/Vaal Haste gem levels. Reduced mana cost is fine, too, but not as useful as the others. % Armour and Minion Life are okay, too.

First of all, note that my life flasks are bad and I'm still able to clear T15 maps comfortably.

The Rumi's will help max out your block and spell block, and the Witchfire Brew is great since you'll be getting up close and personal with enemies as you whirl through them, so you can easily sustain in dangerous blue packs and attack based bosses with both maxed block and blinded enemies. Your SRS also deal 50% physical damage, and can ignite when they crit, so Vulnerability is nice for damage output as well.


Mistress of Sacrifice

Spirit Eater

Commander of Darkness

Beacon of Corruption

Pretty straight forward. Beacon of Corruption works well with Minion Instablility, spreading chaos damage after an initial explosion.

Normal: Oak (if you're going low-life, kill all)

Cruel: Kill all

Merciless:Kill all

Pretty simple. Find a wand with cast speed, or buy a Lifesprig and slot your SRS gems in that. You can dual wield wands, or one hand with a shield. Take all of the passive points that give increased maximum life first - take one of the Skill Effect Duration Clusters in there somewhere too, and level to 69, the level you can equip Essence of Hysteria gear. You'll also want to run Clarity while leveling. You don't really need damage auras until maps, so just wait until you have the mana regen to sustain with more mana reserved.

Use the Essence to craft on Titan Gauntlets, Collosal Tower Shield, and Titan Greaves (if you want the essence mod for the boots) for the highest potential armour count.

And upgrade your wand to The Scourge when you have sufficient block, and feel tanky enough to survive any hits you don't block. You'll also need 113 Dexterity to equip it, so if you have to, take the Agility node (+30 Dexterity) until you have enough on gear and then respec it. You might actually need that if you go low-life since you won't be going down to pick up the Art of the Gladiator passive (at least in the tree I came up with). You can use Flame Dash as a movement skill until then.

If you don't feel you're doing enough damage at any point while mapping, grind out a level on the SRS gem and that should solve your problem. Or swap out your Multistrike/Empower and put Melee Splash back in. I've done that way too many times :P

Always keep in mind that this version of the build is not necessarily the best possibility. I've never played an SRS build, so there could be plenty of things I'm missing or doing sub-optimally (besides the gloves themselves, obviously :D). There are probably plenty of ways to tweak it to make it better or better fit you.

I've also never made a build guide, so there are probably some things I missed. Let me know if you have any questions.
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