My first build guide for my Plague Weaver Occultist.

The premise of the build: use low life benefits to spell damage and additional auras to pump as much out of Essence drain as possible while still being tanky enough to not die to one shots.

-Safe as fuck if you arent bad at the game
-Can do every map except blood magic(fuck blood magic)
-Reflect immune of all kinds
-Fun to play
-Scales really well
-Insanely good for cheap builds(just play ci)
-Can scale to be expensive
-Good for the start of new leagues and can scale to be relevant all league

-Not amazing in parties, however you are a curse bot with auras
-Clear speed isn't insane

Freeze pulse until level 12 and then switch to Contagion and Essence Drain, won't be insanely fast at first but is viable and will pick up speed really quickly. Switch to low life when you can safely sustain on es.

How to play the build:
Cast contagion on a pack, shoot essence drain, pop appropriate flasks and watch everything decay and die. Cast abyssal cry right before they die and watch the screen pop in beautiful array of purple violence. Proceed to collect loot.

How to handle Uberlab traps:

Weapon swap to these things, blink lets you jump around the traps really fast with quill rain, soul strike makes your es regen near instant and with Occultist points you can just run it down mid like a normal life regen build

The passives @ level 88:

Put Energy from withins in the spots where health nodes are picked up. Near the scion wheel put intuitive leap and pickup the curse effect and scion area nodes. There is one jewel socket you can customize on the way to the scion area.

How To Set Up Your Auras:
You run two blasphemy curses on your mana. You then run with discipline and blood magic on your HP. You keep a low level clarity on blood magic and level it when you get enough hp to use it.

The gear:

Note that Intuitive Leap is not required and really only saves you a few passives so just drop a few es nodes until later if you can't afford it.

C'mon potato man why you using that shitty Consuming Dark? Let me explain, it was only 99c. No but seriously its really good for single target stacking poisons on the bosses since it scales on chaos and damage over time which is what we are scaling, it also procs poisons on the corpse explosions from Occultist and from abyssal cry causing massive poison dots on packs. The spell damage is also nice. I haven't tested it that thoroughly but I'm fairly sure consuming dark is BiS for ED builds.

Bandits: Kill all in every difficulty.
You don't need the HP because of being low life, cast speed isn't that useful for ED, and no charges benefit you.

Blood rage or nah? I don't like using blood rage even though it can give you more damage because it never lets your es recharge which really fucks up one of your ascendancy points.

Why Occultist? Occultist gives us corpse explosion, increased damage with curses, reduces nearby enemies's life regen and chaos resist, and makes your es pool really big while making you insanely tanky with regen from Wicked Ward and Vile Bastion.

Hehexd nice build, Shavs expensive. I used a solaris lorica to do uber lab, atziri and even high tier maps and had no issue you just have to play more carefully. That being said shavronne's wrappings makes the build a lot tankier and it gives you pants so 10/10 item.

The build synergizes really nicely around itself because every skill you use is chaos and aoe which makes passive pathing a lot more efficient.

ED-Controlled Destruction-Rapid Decay-Void Manipulation-Empower-(Pierce)
Abyssal Cry - Increased AoE - Void Manipulation
Contagion - Faster casting Increased AoE
Blood Magic - Discipline - Enlighten - Clarity
Blasphemy - Vulnerability - Temporal Chains - Vaal Discipline
Portal - Faster Casting - Summon Flame Golem - Wither

Lets talk flasks:
Bleed immunity is a necessity, however resistant flask is preference.

Consecrated Ground is really helpful for sticky situations, the extra damage feels really good for single target as most packs die in one cast with just a level 19 gem. The remove freeze is so necessary as with Low life you can get frozen upwards of 10 seconds.

Stun recovery prevents funlocks, Phys mitigation helps lower hits that would stun you, also makes you tankier.
Gotta go fask and backup bleed fast flask. 20 qualitying your flasks is important if you're not a boosted fuck like me

DPS Screenshots(tool tip does not include damage from curses)

Defensive Screenshot:

Thank you for checking out my guide, you can post any questions in the comments, I'll be happy to answer them.

Update log:
-fixed passive tree
-added aura setup
-added pictures
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got an updated tree?
Its the same for the new update too haha!
Could you make your characters public in your profile?

and what priorities for ascendancies?
your tree seems broken when i load it up in poeskilltree
as the above guy said, can you link your witch character?

Milomir wrote:
your tree seems broken when i load it up in poeskilltree
as the above guy said, can you link your witch character?


URL isn't broken, check the end of the URL you're pasting. Your probably grabbed extra text on accident like I did.
Any chance of getting a better sense of how you build out the passive tree? I'd love to know what pieces you prioritize, or to see a few snapshots of the passive tree at different key level points.
You think this is a good start for Breach? What do you think about the speed it would clear the breaches? Will it be fast enough?

Good Guide tho :)
I've decided to play this build and I like it very much so far, I'm level 55 on breach softcore league.
Due to the fact I play on SC (fist time on my poe career), I'm not focusing too much on survivability, I've died few times being inside breaches. This build has the potential to clear breaches fast but in mid game with self found item's...it's a russian roulette, depends on breach.
I recommend switching to Essence Drain/Contagion after obtaining inc aoe gems and gathering all inc radius nodes from witch and templar. Game is way more enjoyng then. Until that, You can basically play whatever. I've personally choosed zombies and spectre with firestorm.

IGN: _Pabulon_
Just wanted to say thanks for the guide, I'm using it on my first character and its fun for now.

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