2.2 Perandus Explosive Arrow Totems (Cheap, high dps ,over 6k Life w/ MOM)

Current Tree:

Current Gear, Gems Setup, and Cost Breakdown

2ex and ~100alts for good roll

2ex or 1c for regular
drop, maybe 20c
1 to 15c each

Total Cost ~ 8ex fuse and chroms incl.

Cost Needed to Complete Build
1. Empower 3: ~1ex
2. +3 Bow Crafting Cost: 2ex
3. L21 0q EA gem: ~2ex midleague or vaal yourself
4. Empower 4 (optional): ~12ex midleague

Vids (New with lvl 22 EA):

Abyss Double Boss Triple Cursed (Total deaths shown at the end. This is the only hard map I have other than that core drop you'll see so can't make another vid. If you want to see Core or higher quality vids, please check old vids below):
Springs Run:


1. can run any mods
2. short duration (6s) totems
3. can add frenzy and faster attacks by taking out inc duration and putting rallying cry on another unset ring. Works well but too much buttons to press for me
4. DPS will double with +3 bow, Empower, and level 21 EA gem (see link below for unupdated scion BM version with lvl 28 ea gem. Witch will have much higher DPS and will be a bit more tanky)

Old Thread



Old Vids with lvl 28 EA (HIGHER QUALITY VIDS)

Core: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3WCJaFwvukA
Shrine -max resist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GS0JF0icC1U
Conservatory Double Vaal: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rzhgBwwa7V8
Talisman Canyon 3min clear @ lvl 99 with xp/hour shown: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rzhgBwwa7V8

If you have questions, comments or requests please post here or msg me

IGN: FittyC

If I got an EX I give you fitty C
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really funny build :D tried out a few low tier maps for fun on my bow char (phys TS/BR build), and surprisingly managed to kill stuff in a decent amount of time.

tho i did laugh a bit coz "cheap" in the title.

sooo, can this be done in budget?
+3 bows are massively expensive, and good luck crafting one yourself. you need catarina lvl 8, leo lvl 3, tora 7 I think... and the ability to understand the recipe, and especially what's a prefix, what's a suffix.. if u mess up u waste an exalt.

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