[2.2] Elemental Blink/Mirror arrow summoner

At this moment my character have level 89 and half , done maps up to tier 12 , most of them were no problem, can quite easly do rippy mods (Extra dmg, crit, turbo etc ), though it all depends on player ability to avoid tanking dmg, you must be on move all the time.
If it's any achievment for you I did Poorjoy's Asylum, though there was close call wiht 2 Perandus Boxes in boss room...

After nearly dying to Malformation Piety I finally moved my Lazy ass and bought Vaal Haste, wich greatly helps to kill harder Packs/bosses (Yes I was too Lazy to get one before making this guide), also I'm not even fully geared, need to get 2nd 5 link and better items defense wise, I'm just altoholic so way too much money goes to make other characters instead of putting them into that one.

[Level 89 edit]

Got two 5l, did more than few red maps, they are pretty much no problem offensive wise, just little bit more dangerous to you dmg wise, up to 94 (If i get to 90 it will be awesome ) I have mare life nodes to take, so every level gonna increase my Hp pool quite a lot, also possibility of getting 2 more jewels/jewel + alchemist wheel at lvl 100 (yeah right , not gonna happen ).

Got some jewels with life and dmg finally but my gems are still level 19 , when it comes to bosses itself they are arrow sponges (double life bosses -> not a good idea if you care about speed), dangerous arrow sponges, but if I were to fix gem leveles, it should be smooth back again.
end of Edit

First I will list my set up and after that why

Current tree:

Bandits : Oak, Kill, KIll

Current Gear ( definitely not final, rares need upgrades ) :

Gem set up:
Both Mirror clones in 5l : Clone -> weapon ele dmg -> minion dmg -> Greater multiple proj -> Pierce
Auras : Anger -> wrath -> Generosity in Alpha's howl for +2 Levels
Cursing: Split Arrow -> Curse on hit -> Proj weakness -> Ele weakness
Deffense/offense : Vaal haste -> Bone Offering -> inc duration
Gems like Chaos Golem, desecreate can be put anywhere you have space

Item Explanation :

Lioneye's Glare : Best in slot , your clones get very good base dmg weapon and 100% accuracy , so dmg they gain is awesome. Also because it's fast weapon you are less vulnerable to dmg from mobs turning on you.

Alpha's Howl: 700 evasion, 30% cold ress, immunity to freeze (movement is key to survival) and most important: +2 levels to aura gems and 8% reduction on aura reservasion. Well worth it to not have life on your helmet piece in my opininion

Amulet: Good item to get lots of Dex and life ( you need 212 dex overall)

Quiver :Easy dex, life, get some WED and/or any added ele roll (Warning: you can't have any Cold dmg on your quiver if you want to keep using Elemental Equilibrium )

Rings :res, life, get one ring (or Amulet) with some cold dmg to trigger EE for your clones

Belt: Res, life, any Potion based mods are super effective

Gloves : res, life , you can get attack speed, or cold dmg to triger EE (Instead of Ring )
Enchant : <word> of Reflection is great because it summon another clone for you
<word> of Spite os not bad, gives you cwdt chilled ground (arctic breath like )

Boots: Movement Speed at least 20%, life, some ress
Enchant : one that gives you movement speed should prove very useful (my own boots enchant actauly fucks up my EE if I manage to kill something but that's minor problem )

Chest : I'm using high eva rare with life and resist, Lightning Coil would propably give way better results I have personal Vendetta against that chest so you will not see me wearing it any time soon

Jewels: Number one stat for HC: Life %, then minion dmg. After those two whatever you find useful (dex, resists, atk/cast speed really whatever )

Easy temporal fix for your dex requirement is unique Jewel : Careful Planning-> place it between Witch and Templar Area for easy 64 Dex , also get yur hands on Hyrri's Bite -> another easy 45 Dex

-Stibnite Flask :it's great, 100% inc evasion, and smoke cloud , this is great for that time when you're surrounded and blinking out, you can either run extra evasion or movement speed

-Quartz : Beacuse you keep constantly blinking you might put yourself in a situation where you need to get away but are surrounded from all sides and waiting for blink cooldown is not an option, this flask will save your life by letting you just run through all mobs AND giving 10% dodge and spell, Curse Immunity or Move Speed are options

-3rd utility spot will be either Basalt Flask (idealy witch Chemist roll so you can use it twice ), Jade flask or Quicksilver with evasion, movement or Bleed immunity

- 2 life flasks : Bubbling or Seething with at least one bleed removal , second one can be either another bleed or shock removal

In the end it's up to you what set up makes you feel safe

At this point I'm closing to 6k HP, and few thousands Evasion, dmg of your clones is great, main problem is YOU. You are pretty squishy on higher level maps so no matter what you keep on moving, hide behind clones
When not fighting Just keep blinking/mirroring while going from point A to B because on a chance you accidently stumble upon something that wants to eat your face and you don't have much time to react beside spamming pots, your clones that are behind will destroy your foes.

On Rippy maps always put Mirror clone ahead of you to scout area for danger

Curse on hit Options

Curse no hit options:
- split arrow: good skill to cover wide area, main problem is you yourself lack Pierce, you could drop Ele weakness for Pierce, but I would Keep it, also Proj Weak itself grants you 50% chance to Pierce, so you can just keep shooting in between summoning. Get any cold dmg on trinkest/amu and you can fully use EE also it's pretty good skill to try and redirect your clones target

- Ball lightning : It Pierces and curses everything, very useful, but you loose out on EE( you need to deal any ammount of cold dmg to lower resistance to fire and lightning on mobs ) and it have super slow casting speed

- Orb of storm : Fast casting, should easly curse big packs, but you're still loosig on EE and beacues it always creates orb on you, you are putting yourself in constant danger

- Ice nova : Good area coverage, can use EE but slow casting speed, combined with putting yourself in danger makes it pretty bad

You can also replace Ele weakness with Enfeeble if you prefer to get more defensive yourself

Your Defensives:

-Bone offering: is greatest defense you will ever have, it replaces shield you're lacking, and grants smae ammount of Spell Block, so even better than shield itself, always keep it UP

-Golem : Chaos golem is only useful Golem, grants you constant phys dmg reduction and will agro mobs on itself too, you ould Go for Stone Golem, that guy have the best AI of them all and he will be the best on keeping agro on himself, but you lose phys reduction for life regen, wich is not as good. You can also drop golems completely

-Vaal haste : Yes it is offensive buff, but beside making your clones even more deadly, it helps YOU by giving more movement speed and attack speed, so you are better at avoiding dmg

-Vaal Grace : you can use it instead or with Haste but I Personally am not a fan of that one, would prefer to get more soouls for Vaal haste

-Proj weakness: Funny enough , it's chance to knockback when you start cursing mobs can keep mobs away from you long enough until they die , especialy when you're on vaal haste


-Mistress of Sacrifice : You want that bone offering as soon as you can, 30% more duration also very good

-Commader of Darkness : More dps for Clones, little bit of Cast and atk speed for you , very good choice
Here you have 2 options :

-Beacon of Corruption : my personal choice, grants you chaos res, wich is good thing, Caustic cloud is nice addition to your dmg, especialy your chaos golem cloude gonna destroy things : unlinked chaos golem have 15k life , that's a lot dmg from degen

-Spirit eater - ability for some burst dmg after using offering, I personally don't like that at all, you want your Bone offering to go as long as it can and focus on cursing, summoning , dodging

Personally was trying to see how traps will work out, so I have no real Idea how "selfattacking" works on lower levels, to summarize what I did :

-Srs till level 22 where you can equip Deerstalekr boots provide trap gem for easy trap 5l (Trap->Multi Taps replaced with Cluster later ->Mirror Arrow-> WED -Minion dmg ), Blink arrow without trap on 4l (Blink->WED->Minion dmg> LMP later GMP ) combined with Storm Cloud, it's doing job though touhgt some encounters would be way easier with srs/selfattack or other leveling set up

-Level 52 is Infractem time, nice dmg bow with 100% Pierce so you get an actual Clear killing packs outside of your view, this bow works not bad as Self Attack set up, but it is super slow, while I was able to fight with Merciless Izaro on level 70 it was unnecessary risky, go get Lioneye's even on 4l it works ok, though you do lack on Pierce it does considerably more dmg than incrafctem, you can map with it

In general you can fuck around with traps but I would avoid them altogether.

Traps: Good or bad ?
In my opinion bad, especialy on higher levels and maps. While it is fun to have your own army of kage Bunshins shooting everything around rellying on traps is bad idea:

-While you can in theory throw 3 sets of clones right afeter another, they do cost a lot of mana and you still have 4 second cooldown after that, wich lose with 3 sec cooldown form Mirror itself
-You need your trap to get triggered as soon as you lay them down, otherwise not only you lose out on DPS from those clones that will not get summoned right away, you risk loosing those traps to any aoe dmg, at worst case scenario lose them all (hello Pernadus Boxes), and you don't have CLever construction + Chain reaction combo to fix that for you
-To throw your traps properly in a way to make sure they get triggered, you are constantly putting yourself in danger

So avoid traps altogether, get your selfattack version going on

"Ninja" swag Click Me

Labirynth time !

I did quite a lot of Merci runs lately to get some enchanments on my gear and I figured I barely Mentioned that part here, so might as well now.

When ?

Normal Lab -Zone level 33, I did it right after getting to Cruel act 2 ( usualy I end Cruel around 41 I tend to Over level to buy my Cruel gear beforehand), wich for this build was 43--> Total overkill, while traps are as deadly on any level, Izaro was nothing, easy fights so you could go for it sooner if you fee like it.

Cruel Lab - Zone level 55 , I did it around 62 or so , Little bit more Dangerous , but still quite easy Izaro fight

Merciless Lab - Zone level 68, now beacuse I got frustrated form trying to 5Link my chest (at the time of writing it this fucker is still 4l, at least 6 sockests ... ) and was Lacking money to get 5L Lioneyes so I tried Lab on level 70 with Infractem SelfAttack (I was over traps at that point , fuck them ), after Killing first faze of izaro I concluded that while it is doable fight, it's way too dangerous with bow as slow as infractem, so I escaped, bought cheapest Lioneye's and just 4l it.

This time it went way smoother, though I would not advice to try him that soon, Izaro hit for quite a lot especialy if you fail his "chalenges" and buff his dmg even more, he can easly take over 5k life if you get hit dead on with his stronger smashes, so be preapred to dodge as much as you can. Keep your Flaks as much as you can too.

You could farm Normal/Cruel one to learn how to fight him in less deadly enviroment (and get some useful enchants in the processif you have gear that will last to Merciless).

Get at least 5,5k Life to be on safer side

If you need General tips how to do Izaro here is Yoji's Guide

Izaro fazes :

-Golems ; even if you fail 2 of them they don't seem to make fight that dangerous, but still be even more Carefull if you fail it

-Statues : personaly Hate them, it's Pain in the ass to do it, and they make dodging Izaro even harder on already busy space full of traps, still managable

-Curses :
-Ele weakness - should not be much of a problem if you're overcapped on resistances, otherwise it's just more dmg to you, especialy if you failed Golem part already.

-Vulnerability - SUper dangerous, I'm pretty sure you will die if Izaro hit you with his heavy hitter and you don't block/ dodge it ,

-Temporal chains - That one is even worse than Vuln, beacuse you get SUPER slow, as in Tar zombie "walking" speed, Izaro will have easy time hitting you.

If you fail any or all of them it's not end of the world, Get your hands on another Stibnite with Curse Immunity, idealy with +X charges , with best roll Stibnie alone can provide you with 30 seconds curse immunity and you can refil it in combat (got Perfect roll and just kept it, might Roll move speed on Quartz, considering how much uptime on Curse immunity Stibnite gives, or just other roll, will need to think about it )

I had no problems with other mechanics or just didn't fought with them personally yet, to learn of their dangers :D, as for what Ascdendancy points to take, I mentioned their importance before.


Gloves : Best two IMO :
- Decree of Reflection -> another poewerful Clone that will scale with your passives and auras in addition that one can move, though rarely will have to. With that gurl you might be able to easly kill mobs without even summoning your normal clones, but she lacks, GMP and Pierce beacuse no gem links.
- Decree of Spite -> Shoot 10 projectiles in nova like fashion that leaves chilled ground , very good defense even better than cwdt+GMP+ Arcitc Breath set up

- Extra move speed if you were'nt hit recently : Best in slot, let's you avoid danger even easier
- 1% regen when hit : not terrible, but beacuse you don't tank dmg like armour builds , not that usefull
- added fire dmg when killed something : you rarely score kills so don't worry too much but it is pretty terrible
- added lightning dmg if you didn't killed recently : This is the worst you can get, you "never" kill so it's constant buff that fucks up your EE
-no thoughs on other enchants for now

Hard to get what you want but:

-Mirror/Blink based ones are very good ,
-Effctivness of Golem buff is nice defensive if you use chaos Golem,
-Aura reservations are okayish, might help in half regen maps little bit, not that great unless you try to squeeze out one more aura with enlighten gem (if you have space for it that is)
-Bone offering duration : GG in my opinion, let's you focus more on summoning clones and avoiding danger, especialy helpful on boss fights where you don't have time to use it (especialy if you need to desecreate before ), last around 18 second with max bodies consumed
My Item Filter : http://pastebin.com/7AsWX5jb
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I added rest of information ,edited a litltle bit, I think that's all, if someone find it usfeul want to get more info, just write here or better yet pm me in game
My Item Filter : http://pastebin.com/7AsWX5jb
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