[2.4 HC | Video Guide] VORTEX Elementalist/Chieftain build | Iron Will | Righteous Fire

First of all i would like to mention that i want to avoid text of walls in this guide, so let's start.
English isn't my native lanugage.

If you prefer to look a Video instead of reading, here you can find the Video guide -->

[2.4 HC | Video Guide] VORTEX Elementalist build|IW|RF

feel free to ask questions and leave Feedback for improvements!!!

Idea of the build:

--> wanna play a fortress


The Ascendancy Class of choice for this build is the Elementalist
Here you need to pick up Shaper of Desolation, Beacon of ruin & Pendulum of destruction.

This setup will significantly increase your damage, Aoe and also give you some Prolif.

The Guide also includes gameplay footage:
VORTEX Elementalist build|IW|RF

Screenshot DPS --> http://imgur.com/Lb1OISN

more vids soon.
Twitch Shaarq --> if u wanna see some live action.

Current gear:

Gear in general:
we looking for: Elemental Resistances, Life, Strength and Armour on all your stuff and additionally Spell damage on Amulet and at least 25% Movement Speed on boots.

To cover your Dexterity & Intelligence requirements of your skill gems try to get a bit of those attributes on the gear you craft or buy as well.

mandatory uniques

recommended uniques

recommended flasks


On rare Jewels we looking for: Strength, All Attributes, Dexteritiy, Strength & Dexteritiy, Life, Ele Resistances, Spell Damage, Spell Damage while Holding a Shield

6 link
Vortex - Iron Will - Rapid Decay - controlled destruction - added cold damage and Increased aoe

4 Link
Cwdt (lvl3) - Immortal Call (5) - Inc. Duration (max) - Clarity (lvl8)

4 Link
Blasphemy - Elemental Weakness - Flame dash - Faster casting

3 Link (Doon Sceptre)
Vortex - Conc Effect - Rapid decay - (Iron Will)

3 Link
Righteous Fire - Increased AoE - Increased Burning Damage

Purity of fire!, Endurying Cry, Golem, Portal, etc...

Skill Tree progression is fairly simple, head to the Templar Area for Keynotes like Amplify and Light of divinity.

Finally we are heading to the marauder and duelist area for more damage, life and liferegen.

I leveled with firestorm until merciless lake (~lvl63), it's more effective in low lvls.

Usually we start using Righteous Fire in the late 70’s, after met all the requirements i mentioned before. That includes grabbing all the liferegen nodes on the tree, keep that in mind guys!

tree lvl91

Bandits: help oak - kill all - kill all / help oak

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Nice build, is the elementalist ascendancy mandatory?
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nexxx85 wrote:
Nice build, is the elementalist ascendancy mandatory?

Not mandatory, but by far the best choice!
Nice Diamond Flask.
Pewbs wrote:
Nice Diamond Flask.

if not, the Diamond flask is a pretty common way to improve the uptime of your elemental overload passive especially for non crit builds.
One question, how do you deal with pyre exploding the corpses? Is it really worth having Beacon of Ruin even though most corpses explodes?
Shaiku wrote:
One question, how do you deal with pyre exploding the corpses? Is it really worth having Beacon of Ruin even though most corpses explodes?

Pyre says "Ignited enemies you hit are destroyed on kill", we basically ignite every mob.

I think Beacon of Ruin is worth it, because it proliferates a high ignite damage (also shock and shatter)
It's up to you, but i don't think there are better options to choose.

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Why use 2 different vortex gem setups ?
CookieRamsing wrote:
Why use 2 different vortex gem setups ?

for single & multi target.
why not Chieftain? he looks better than Elementalist

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