[2.2] Fastest stormcaller elementalist on wild Wraeclast [STORM CALL WITCH NEAR 120k DPS]

Hi, I just wanted to break meta and play something another than next voltaxic sparker or erthquake build just to have fun from playing and creating my character step by step using just only other player experiences and opinions except whole build copying. I had chose storm call. Why? Just because its animation looks nice. Nothing special planned. I found few stormcaller guides on forum, few discussions and tried to go that way. And this is my first working in 100% build.

Why I think that storm call is good?
You can clear maps really fast, without bigger dangers. High damage, high survivability, great sustain from warlord's mark. Of course you must be careful when you met some elemental reflect monsters. This build can't handle with maps with curse immunity and as I told elemental reflect. You can do map with curse immunity, but that's taking a lot of time and it's not worth it at all.

For leveling I was using double lifesprigs with lightning tendrils, then I changed it for our main skill, storm call. In retrospect too late, becacuse I had big problems with clearing merciless maps using tendrils dealing so low damage on not so big area. Best moment for start using storm call is when you get tabula rasa or pledge of hands to set gems good enough to make storm call fast enough.

4L links for storm call:
storm call - reduced duration - concentrated effect - controlled destruction

5L links for storm call:
storm call - reduced duration - concentrated effect - controlled destruction - lightning penetration

For 6l depends on progress of your character. On low lvl good idea should be reduced mana, at higher, when you have warlord's mark and can handle with storm call costs added lightning damage.

This is my actual passive tree:


Very important here is good placing these little shiny jewels:

If u place them in slots next to Instability and Quick Recovery, you will get on this around 400 hp more. It's not little amount for just 2 skillpoints. Place it like here, marked them red circles:

In third socket, near Elementalist node (in templar's part of tree) I placed this one for higher damage and resists:

It can be replaced with any jewel giving lightning/elemental/area/staves spell/spell damage and resists, this one isn't so far good

At all on this tree the most important are not damage but health nodes. I guarantee that you'll not have too low damage. Of course we need vaal pact and aura mana reservation reduction node. Also additional curse.

In Normal we should help Oak to get 40 hp, other difficulties we kill all for skillpoint.

And here you can check my statistics:


21501 damage per cast multiplied by 5.49 casts per second gives 118040.49 damage per second. This with 42% passive lightning penetration from gem and skill tree combined with conductivity aura taking off 44% enemies lightning resistance grants tons of damage ignoring any defences that just melt your enemies.



Completing that gear was hard, but still fun. Not because it's expesive, it isn't. The biggest problem was helmet enchant for reduced storm call duration which is one of most important things in this build to me. I got it in few lab runs on my Alpha's Howl, then accidently rerolled it.


Earlier I was using Alpha's Howl since I screwed enchantment on it. It's pretty good with mana reservation reduction and +2 lvl to auras

Actually I'm wearing this one:

It have nice rolled maximum health and resistances I needed to have all full. And the most important - storm call duration reduction. It works pretty well with reduced duration linked to storm call and my amulet which you can see below.

Links in helmet - I putted in helmet my blasphemy with conductivity, warlord's mark and enlighten. Why blasphemy? Because when running curses on blasphemy I'm sure that I leech and I have full penetration all the time. Curse on hit doesn't give it, especially linked with herald of thunder triggered on kill and hitting not all enemies and not before your storm call hit. That's just safe, sure and you don't need so many sockets to use it good way.
If you are able to balance your resistances with it, good idea for this buil could be Heretic's Veil, of course with enchantment I was talking about.


I mentioned it when I was talking about helmet enchant. To not let you wait for it I'm gonna introduce ito you as second. My amulet, one of cores of this build is that one little thingy:

Why warped timepiece and what you should notice in its statistics most? Obviously it's reduced duration. This one must be at maximum roll. Additional adventage from using it is movement speed and cast speed bonus. Works nice with lightning warp granting great mobility also gives you possibility of casting more thunder stacks at short time. This amulet provides too some dexterity bonus if you need it (like me for my boots), may be helpful, especially if you decide to wear Alpha's Howl. Also applies some leech improvementing statistics, but I don't really feel difference.


I guess there is no better or even equal weapon for this build. Let me present you my Pledge of Hands:

Can't say what's the biggest benefit from using that one. 30 lvl spell echo being actually like 7th linked support gem, powerful spell damage boost or doubled mana. It doesn't matter. The point is that it's just the best. Links as you see:
storm call - controlled destruction - concentrated effect - reduced duration - lightning penetration - added lightning damage
When I had 5l pledge I was using the same gems without added lightning damage.


At beginning I was following some guide using Atziri's Splendour. It's not so bad idea, grants more sustain and hitpoints, I recommand it for lower levels to be more safe:

Later low area of damage started keeping me unsure if this is good enough and changed it for Carcass Jack, giving almost the same statistics without hp/mana gained on kill, in place of that I got load of damage and much bigger aoe. It helps in cleaning maps, but as guy using Splendour in his build said, that hp/mana on kill is good resolution for curse immune maps. But I think that we can replace it with life/mana leech triggered on kill enchantment for boots, which I'm gonna get and test soon.

Links in chest armour. I was disappointed how easy is to interrupt casting storm call with stun (when I had much more lower cast speed and bigger duration) and decided to put in chest cast when stunned linked with something dealing damage with big aoe to dont stop leech and dealing damage on stun. I chose shock nova, then added immortal call. For this moment it look like this:

Cast when stunned - Shock nova - Added lightning damage - Immortal call - Increased area of effect
And I'm planning to add increased duration to this when I get 6-linked carcass to boost immortal call. But it's not necessary.


First one is just to fill the gaps in resistances and boost my maximum health. That's the most important in it's stats.

But the second is more interesting. You wanted to ask what with my Wrath aura? After changing Alpha's for my actual helmet I had big problems with mana reservation and Wrath lost 2 levels from Alpha's. Then I just noticed this little precious in my stash and it was just perfect to make it clear:

Wrath reserves 50% of mana (not counting tree reductions), and 2 curses blasphemy 70%. It wasn't possible to run it once and cast storm calls normally. Free Wrath and Blasphemy reserving 70%+40% of that reserved mana -20% of it gives me free 388 mana I can spent for calling storm.


What I was looking for in my gloves? The most important was like in ring and helmet big amount of health and resistances matching with another parts of me gear to give full cap of resistances. And dexterity to make wearing my boots possible. I decided to get gloves armour/energy shield to have no problem with gaining offcolors for my gems.

I linked here another defensive setup of gems:
Cast when damage taken - immortal call - summon lightning golem - increased minion speed

Lightning golem must be present all the time. It grants additional damage with passive from ascendant tree, Liege of the Primordial which makes him really hard to kill too. I added minion speed support gem just because that he was angering me with his slow running, it can be replaced with anything more useful, it's just my caprice. Stopped leveling Cast when damage taken at level 15, enough damage and golem is more useful with few levels more.


Choice here is obvious. There is no belt granting lightning damage and defensive stats such good as Doryani's Invitation

It's cheap and gives alot.


The last item, my boots. I chose Atziri's Step for spell dodge, health and movement bonus. I had hope that it will help with reflect, but it's still not enough. Probably I will change them some day, but for this moment I like them. Could be replaced with some hp/res boots with good movement to change helmet for, for example, Heretics Veil without losing resistances and hp. But for this moment I'm using this pair:

Links in boots:
Lightning warp - faster casting - reduced duration - portal
All in this gem set are to improve lightning warp and linked to them portal takes the same benefits from it making him cast fluently. Resuming, Lightning warp with those 2 support gems and Warped timepiece gives great movement and makes kite monsters easier.

The most important here is to do combo reduce duration - warped timepiece - helmet enchant, because storm call casts really slow, it makes big breaks in leech and damage that can be deadly for you. That's biggest adventage of this build - really fast casting.
Leveling on higher levels and doing Atziri or lab runs with this build aren't difficult. Good sustain, hard to kill and dealing tons of damage storm caller will survive all. All except lags and reflect :)
Hope you'll enjoy my build, I'll answer all the questions below, ask me everything you want to know or you think you know better way to improve that build.
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What Ascendancy skills you use ? :)
Pendulum of Destruction, Shaper of Disolation and Liege of the Primordial. Great buff from lightning golem, and elemental conflux from shaper is great too.

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