[2.4] Khelsie’s AFK CWS CI Occulist [Tri-Curse]

Please reply to this thread if you have any questions or comments – I want to keep all information regarding my build consistent and transparent – so we can all benefit.


A special thank you to Dadhismom for hours of in-game advice, and guiding me on the path of my first CI (and most successful build) to date. The transition from Hybrid to CI is insanely good… Once you go CI you NEVER go back.

This build guide would not exist had it not been for Kayogee2904 persisting with me for weeks to share (some) of my secrets and create a build guide for you – the Path of Exile community. Also, I found it quite fitting to have been invited to his guide named < CWDT > it’s like he knew in advance…

A huge thank you to Regisle_ for his generosity, patience, wisdom and time invested – in helping me transition from a non-crit focused build (5% base) to a crit-based build (30.75% / 354%) that dominates in both PVE and PVP! Many an hour has been spent discussing Khelsie’s build and (never-ending) variations (this includes the good, the bad, and the ugly). PS: Did I mention Regi’s patience?

This build would not have evolved to where it currently is had Mena_Bistro not reached out to me at level 7 to notify me that they were going to try my build – my first and most successful protégé to date. Mena killed Khelsie at level 78 (when I was level 89) and then proceeded to dominate Khelsie in PVP at level 88. Mena has been my inspiration to transition my build from CWDT to CWS – after dumping another exalted into my build and gear (compliments Mena) Khelsie has become better than ever before! The ongoing play testing feedback I have received so far has been absolutely invaluable.

Lastly, I cannot forget the silent but deadly Koopa77 who – like others – has been oh so generous in both currency, wisdom and time – my go to play tester (versus opponent) who continues to survive everything I throw at him… motivating me to build more efficiently and defensively again, and again… and again. Also, he’s my #1 Master Crafter!

Latest Major Update – 29/10/16

I have updated my build to enable the transition to projectile based spells, as the enhanced skill tree pathing and our projectile weakness curse support these oh so well. Our current active skills ratio is currently as follows – 6x Projectile Skills, 2x Utility, 1x AOE, 1x Defensive and 1x Flame Golem (welcome back buddy – we missed you!)

PS: I now have a proper 15 minute Sarn Arena PVP video uploaded, showcasing what this build is capable of – remember, this is just the beginning! The damage and survivability scaling opportunities are endless… it all comes down to your own persistence and playstyle.


Ever since the Perandus league I became very interested in the concept behind CWDT (Cast When Damage Taken) and CWS (Cast When Stunned) builds.

It has taken me three leagues, numerous characters created, many hours of levelling and build adjustments – and of course, plenty of currency dumped (6ex in regrets and counting) to achieve the build that I present to you today.

Whilst this build may initially come across as gimmicky or cheesy – players typically change their opinion (almost) immediately once the see the damage, survivability – and outright (ridiculous) fun that’s offered through this unique build.

In the past 3 years of playing Path of Exile – I’ve created many characters, yet never before have I had so many people comment on (and question) my build. From expressions of excitement, curiosity, frustration and more – this build is a catalyst for player reactions!

Something unique to this build is the ability to watch players change their strategy over time, after repeatedly failed attempts to kill my player – or leave Sarn Arena / PVP all together. Other players have (and will) find counter measures to this build and abuse them respectively :)

PS: I achieved Rank 20 in US-ESNC 1v1 Open PVP on Essence League 10/10/16

Due to popular request – I officially present my (first) build guide for ‘Khelsie’s AFK CWS CI Occulist’
You can find me in-game in Essence Standard League (currently level 89 and running T12+ Rare maps).

First Impressions

Feedback I’ve received whilst AFK in Sarn Arena :)

"What kind of cancer is this?"

"LMAO what are you?"

"That little animate weapon got me lol"

"I enjoy this"

"What the f**k is this?"

"Damn strange build"

"Some nonsense you got going on there"

"That CWDT build is nuts lol"

"I like this"

"Damn so fast"

"That Bastard is invincible"

"Gay build"

"Lol that decay that Khelsie has is OP as f**k"

"Holy shit"

"Khelsie’s clone killed me…"

"Don’t kill me, my d**ks out for Harambe"

"Clone is OP"

"Lol that is amazing damage"

"Oh that burn, yeouch… that’s wicked XD"

"Haha Khelsie has a great spec"

"I don’t understand how she can be that tanky… with that kind of damage"

"Hey, I’m using your build! XD"


-Less than 1.5ex for great gear – 12k ES un-buffed ;)
-Super Tanky CI Spell Caster + Near Instant 5.5k ES Recharge!
-Tri-Curse with reliable Endurance & Power Charge generation

-Can truly AFK PVP – For PVE some movement is required XD
- Truly unique – this ain’t no metacaster-wormblaster-pathfinder!
-Completely flexible play style, choose any spells you want (supports optional)

-Only one unique item required to achieve Greatness (and it’s cheap!)
-30.75% Base Crit Chance \ 354% Base Crit Multiplier x10 Damage Skills
-The masses will love you and will want to know the secret-sauce to your build!


-Solo play style, mobs get easily distracted in parties
-Regret hungry, as you personalise your build to suit your playstyle
-You may die from time to time (sadly) built for Standard League only

-No active skills – you need to get beat on, otherwise no explosions!
-Never enough sockets, 10+ Active Skills linked to CWS and counting...
-Typically results in frustrated players leaving Sarn Arena prematurely

Passive Tree


Normal (Kill All)
Cruel (Kill All)
Merciless (Kill All)


CI Occulist -->

#1 – Profane Bloom
#2 – Malediction
#3 – Wicked Ward
#4 – Forbidden Power

How to Level Effectively

-Before you do anything! Download NeverSink’s Loot Filter it’s Brilliant!

-Choose any spell – I used Vortex (Vortex, Increased AOE, Controlled Destruction, Rapid Decay)
-Use POE Trade and POE Currency Market often to find great deals on all items in-game!
-Path defensively and offensively evenly whilst levelling – you can never have too much ES
-Always make sure you are resistance capped per difficulty (75% min)

-Focus on three easy stats – Energy Shield (ES) > Resistances > INT (some STR + DEX required)
-Your time is better spent levelling through content and quests than in ‘Dried Lakes Farm’ groups

-At level 50 using an ‘Essence of Delirium’ to create a Delirium weapon is highly recommended!
-High iLvl (Item Level) Wands or Daggers are the best suited ‘craft base’ for Delirium enchant
-Once you feel comfortable you have enough ES (approx. 5k) you can switch to CI

My Gear

Skill Gems

(5L) Body Armour – CWS (Max), GMP, Freezing Pulse, Ice Spear, Fireball

(4L) Helmet – Blasphemy Support (Max), Warlord’s Mark, Projectile Weakness, Elemental Weakness

(4L) Gloves – CWS (Max), GMP, Magma Orb, Frost Bolt

(4L) Boots – CWS (Max), GMP, Arctic Breath, Ball Lightning

(3L) Weapon – CWS (Max), Arc, Lightning Warp

(3L) Shield – CWDT (Max), Molten Shell, Summon Flame Golem

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wrecking in pvp at lvl 64 :)
Haha you know it!

Those were fun times (last week) now level 83 and tuned the build to make her pretty sweet :)

PVP and PVE funtimes ahead.
Had really fun times chain trigger with your build in arena. Nice build indeed :p
Thanks for the kind comments Kayogee :)
video? have to see it in action
There is nothing in the "My Gear" section. Is it just broken for me or did you forget to put something there?
Thanks for the heads up, gear link was broken and is now fixed.

Sarn Arena PVP video currently uploading... 2 hours to go
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I still can't see anything under the "My Gear" section.

Edit: Nvm it came up :D
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