[2.4.1] [EHC] Lepor's Coffee While Stunned Block Cap Necromancer.

If you have questions you can always msg me ingame @LeporVSLepor

Do your fingers start to tingle if you have no spamming to do? Do you require constant action and micro managing out of your gameplay? Great! Then this guide is definitely not for you!

The build is based around using a Valyrium to lower our stun threshhold while blocking everything(since the change that blocking can now trigger a cast when stunned).

- Tanky! Automated bone offering with a 50-69% chance that gives us heal on block, block chance and spell block chance!
- Cheap! Started with no money to speak of, leveled as a cast when stunned from level 38 onwards.
- Effective! Not sure where the limit is, haven't gotten to test it all the way through
- Simple! no buttons needed aside from pressing red potion if red globe is small
- Surprisingly fun to play for a build with no buttons!
- Massive AOE

- Not the fastest build imaginable if enemies are being dumb or hit slowly.
- Having to activate RF on every zone load.
- Divine shrines cause issues and you might have to logout if you get chain stunned.
- False sense of security! Capped block might make it seem like you're invulnerable especially with the healing that bone offering gives you but you still want to keep an eye on your red globe.


Oak - Kill All - Kill All


Take any of the 5 popular spells and breeze to a level where you feel comfortable to start your gimmickery or go by the tree, pick up cast when stunned at level 38 and never have to press a button again(aside from activating a potion every once in a while and RF in every zone t_t), the choice is yours!

Required Items:

A helmet with % additional block chance from bone offering.

Recommended Items:

A reckless defence or two, depending on your wealth and if you want to use a Rumi's.

If you plan on running RF and are high enough level to sustain it.

Cheaper than doryanis and does its job fairly well, the high STR is also a huge plus!

Gives you a nice spelldamage boost and the tree pretty much lends itself for this item.

Gem setup:

Cast When Stunned - Desecrate - Bone Offering - Bone Offering

Cast When Stunned - Elemental Focus - Frostbolt - Flame Surge

Gloves/Boots(Replace with additional fire/cold spells similar to the above if you don't want to use rf/can't sustain it):
Righteous Fire - Increased burning - Concentrated Effect - Increased Area of Effect

Body Armour(In order of importance):
Molten Shell - Cast When Stunned - Fire Penetration - Fireball -Magma Orb - Firestorm/Controlled Destruction

Weapon+Shield(If you use Doon Cuyebari, socket your Ice spear and Ice nova in it.):
Ice Nova - Ice Spear - Cast When stunned
Purity of Fire - Vitality - Arctic Armour

Current gear I am using, it's not optimal yet but it should give you an idea of what to look for. Main things to focus on in the gear: High ele resists(Until eleweakness cap), Life, STR, Armour, stats if needed for gear/Gems.


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I'm creating a build around the same ring, but with a totally different approach.


-Gladiator ascendancy

CwS: max out the number of times you get stunned

-Valyrium, lose ES in order to lose the 50% ES stun avoid (using Bloodrage, easy-peasy)
-Iron reflexes: please hit us as often as you can.

Stunlock prevention:

-Max out block (the Anvil) 78/78%
-Max out spellblock
-Lioneye's paws (break stunlock when LoL)...might drop this item eventualy


-Cast out a shitload of phys spells (phys due to Gladiator bonus, EK BF, BV, GC)
-Tempest shield


-Cybil's Paws: Cheap, effective, tanks back life on attack AND spell


-Block (shield), armor, life


-Shield charge

My concept works nicely, now @ lvl 69. Changes are needed in order to beef life and avoid one-shots. Probably a Belly, Lioneye's Remorse, Life gloves, helmet, belt, ring and maybe Boots.

In your situation....taking on ES doesn't make much sense ...guess you burn it off with the RF ?

Necromancer ascendancy is cool in terms of the block/leech bone offering, but the rest of your ascendancy points are not very usefull it seems.

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No passive tree?

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