(outdated build) The "CheesyScourge" Chaos BV Decay Hungry Abyss Necromancer

big list of other builds

So... pretty much every aspect of this build has been patched out or nerfed in some way. It might work in 3.0, but it will not be the same build. Consider this guide to be for inspirational purposes to those looking to make decay builds, but not as a true guide anymore.

I made this build in softcore, it was designed for myself in mind, so it was built as a softcore build. That being said, it's plenty strong enough for a hardcore adaptation imo should someone want to. It requires your attention to be safe, but it is safe if it has your attention.

What even is this buzzword whoring build?

Basically, it's meant to be an edit to Ghudda's current "speedy decay" build focused slightly more on big boss killing by sacrificing some clear speed. Cheese every cheap mechanic possible and jam it all into one build to see if it works. It worked. Quite well.

"Decay" (from essence of delirium) deals 1000 chaos damage per second base to any enemy you hit with anything. Stack any type of damage that scales this decay up and you will kill most enemies with only one tap. The easiest way to tap everything in sight is to get a big aoe Blade Vortex and then run fast.

Since everything that scales decay also scales poison, use poison.

Double dip as much as possible to make poison an effective boss shredder.

Since you are now doing a ton of chaos damage, abuse hungry abyss jewel to get almost as much leech per second as an ok geared BV pathfinder with vinktars. (Pathfinder still gets slightly more, but not by that much surprisingly, see math of exile section).

Explanation of mechanics used and abused

The scourge claw makes minion damage apply to you. This alone transforms over 200% increased minion damage into generic damage that "double dips"

Necromancer ascendancy gives you lots of this double dipping damage, some cast speed, some skill duration, and the ability to use spirit offering.

Spirit offering gives a lot of your physical damage as added chaos damage as well as some elemental resistances.

Double dipping is a mechanic where damage applies to the initial hit as well as then being applied to any other effects again. you get twice the bang for your buck.

The hungry abyss jewel transforms any leech we have into chaos leech. This has 5x effect when transforming generic leech sources (see video section for proof and better explanation).

Trees and Bandits


None (Not life based, so no oak)
Alira (Cast speed efficiency)
None/Oak (We generate end charges with warlords, but its not a core of the build)


1) Mistress of Sacrifice (great for leveling)
2) Spirit Eater (nice stat line)
3) Commander of Darkness (ok stats)
4) Bacon of Corruption (20% chaos damage beats another 15% minion damage node)

Necromancer overall is the heart of the build. Without it, everything starts falling apart. Changing this ascendancy means changing basically the whole build.

I leveled as life BV, but essence drain is also a good option. Do whatever you like.

swap to CI around 75
I had my gear all planned out, so I switched pretty early. It's really more about your gear than it is about your level to be honest. Start looking into jewels.

level 90
Your build is pretty much done at this point. Swap points for jewel sockets when they become available. 3 points per jewel is worth it since the stats double dip so much.

level 100
I love this build and not even I am going this far... I'm honored that you like it this much though.

Gems are Truly Outrageous

5l: Blade Vortex + Leech + AoE + Poison + Void Manipulation
6l: Blade Vortex + Leech + AoE + Poison + Void Manipulation + Controlled Destruction

Swap Conc Effect for AoE on boss fights for a massive boost

4l: Clarity* + Discipline + Warlords + Blasphemy
Clarity can either be level 1 just for the Necromancer buffs or higher for some regen in case of mana leech lacking. Up to the user.

4l: Vaal Disc + Spirit Offering + Faster Casting + Inc Duration

4l: CWDT + Desecrate* + Immortal Call + Lighting Golem
low level CWDT Desecrate means its mindless keeping spirit offering up on bosses

3l: Whirling + Faster Attacks + Fortify

3l: Whatever you like, I keep my conc effect and an extra desecrate in here

Jon Glaser Loves Gear

For this section, mods will be listed in order of importance

ele res mods are excluded from the lists, but make sure to cap yourself (both necro and spirit offering both give some all res so you can count those in too).

I recommend looking into corrupt weapons, jewelry, and/or gloves.


Spirit offering grants +12% of phy damage as exta chaos
High ES
+2 to level of socketed minion gems

Would recommend a rare helm over any uniques.


5l with gggrb or 6l with gggrbb
High ES

Recommend the ES variant of Atziri's Splendour. Easy to color and has nice ES for the cost.
Kinda recommend beast fur shawl. Hard to color, nice aoe, meh ES.
Vaal regalia is probably your best bet, but can be spendy.


Nothing really matters here. Just get some nice stats like a bit more ES, attack speed, minion damage.

Good option for corruptions for this reason.
Whatever you want, glove slot is pretty meaningless for my version of the build.


0.6% leech enchantment

Voidwalker (phasing is real nice, and you should be able to have full uptime on it)

Shav's Pace (a bit extra movespeed. The cheap option)

Seven League Steps (a lot of extra movespeed. Wouldn't recommend over voidwalkers, but if you own a pair then go ahead and run fast)


Cast Speed
Attack Speed
Missing stats (probably dex)

Flask mods

Uniques: Eye of Chayula OR Valyrium to help counter stuns


Scourge Claw (high attack speed roll)

Decay Weapon (high attack speed)
+Any quality of life stats you like

high attack speed means faster whirls. If you get fast enough, it outpaces walking

Weapon Swap (Optional)

Scourge Claw (attack speed matters less, but high is still nice)

High ES shield
+Any quality of life stats you want

This helps with longer boss encounters and times when you might want a higher ES pool for slightly less dps.


Take a combo of the following:

Atziri's Promise (good as a panic button, gives a LOT of extra leech and damage)

Witchfire Brew (Massive damage, borderline mandatory)

Quicksilver of adrenaline (SONICS THE NAME, CLEARSPEEDS MY GAME)

Dying Sun (Bigger AoE is always nice. not as needed but makes you look professional)

Silver of heat (Cast faster, don't get frozen)

Something of staunching (Bleed removal. Honestly, I'm using vaal discipline as my anti-bleed, but thats an extra advanced softcore strat that not everyone would be ok with)

Quartz of whatever (If you're not using voidwalkers, would recommend)



rare jewels:
Minion damage
Chaos damage
Area damage
Energy shield
Cast speed
Attack speed

Math of Exile


just over 650% increased damage for the poison total
75% increased skill duration
Lvl 21 Vulnerability gives 33% more damage over time
Conc effect gives 59% more damage
Void Manipulation gives 39% more damage

poison does 0.08 * your damage per second for 2 seconds base
base * 1+inc * 1+more *1+more * ... * duration * 1+inc duration = effective multiplier

(0.08 * (7.5) * (1.33) * (1.59) * (1.39)) * (2 * (1.75)) = 6.17

so poison is effectively a 617% more multiplier for single targets (balanced.jpg)

Phys gained as Chaos

5% from tree
29% from lvl 20 spirit offering (possible 3% more here)
12% from helm enchant

46% gained as chaos at all times (you have offering up at all times)

32% from Atziri flask + flask effect

78% gained as chaos with flask up


Against Mobs
Against mobs:
10% from gem (hungry abyss abuse)
11% from warlords (curse effect + hungry abyss abuse)
3% from boots (enchant)
2.6% from Atziri flask (will be up while mapping)

Total of 25.6% of Chaos damage leeched as life.

With that applying to 78% gained as chaos, that's about 19.9% for comparisons

Against bosses

Calm Case:
10% from gem
4.4% from warlords
3% from boots
2.6% from Atziri flask

Total of 20% chaos leeched as es

applied to 78%, that's down to 15.6% for comparisons (still massive)

Panic Case:
10% from gem
4.4% warlords

Total of 14.4% chaos leeched as es

applied to only 46%, that's down to 6.6% for comparisons

This case assumes everything is down,
this seems small compared to the other numbers put up here, but, with my current stats, this amount of leech still gives me 8k+ ES per second.

Pathfinder Comparison

Pathfinders with Phys>Light Vinktars will have about 30.8% leech applying to 34.1% converted to/gained as lightning, that's roughly 10.5% at all times

Pathfinders with good crit and have higher upfront damage, but compared to the sheer amount of increased I have in crit's place, the difference turns out to not actually be too bad, especially since chaos resistance is rarer or at least lower than lightning res in most situations.

In very long fights (Shaper, for example), Pathfinders outclass this build still, but so long as you have enough ES to tank the first hit, both build types will be able to fully sustain in nearly every scenario.

All and all, pathfinder beats us out in terms of raw tooltip and leech. They will be more defensive with capped double block and such. They have higher cast speed. They get shatters. Their damage isn't locked into poison so they can do poison immune bosses much easier.

Our poison + decay enables us to do comparable damage, if not more than the mid tier pathfinders, to bosses although the tooltip is lower. Decay lets us sprint through maps with only one stack up and clear very efficiently. You get to be a hipster with this build: great for those Vegan rotations.

The main reason to chose this as opposed to pathfinder is the cost though. This gear will be much cheaper, and you'll be able to do *almost* the same content.

What Have I Done?

T15s/maps in general
Have done a ton of double boss maps for challenges. Could carry through double boss cores without much panic.

Can do t15s no problem other than dark forest.
Rigwald can be a problem for the build because he has a very long immunity phase where he can also do a lot of damage to you.

Can do most mod combos other than:
No Leech
Blood Magic
Phys Reflect + Curse Immune (at same time)

Minotaur and Phoenix are easy with enough ES deathless. I was able to take down Chimera (3 deaths) and Hydra (1 death), but it took so long without poison and just wasn't fun nor worth it.

Killed him solo once and with a support once. Ripped one set to having Rigwald in the starting four bosses (FeelsBadMan, also I'm an idiot for dying SO many times to him too but whatever). Would point you to other builds for true shaper farming, but this can do it.

Vaal Temple
Haven't tried it solo, but didn't have any issues in a large party with a support with me in the doubled boss rooms with damage mods.

Really not a good build for farming it, but I was able to get through. The only builds it struggles against are the two massively high regen + aegis tanks in there. Need to swap into block pen gear to get through them. Everyone else gets clapped no problem though.


a lazy Abyss
Wasn't going full speed here, but it displays the build mechanics well.

Project PT Chaos Leech
More professional than my vids. All about leech with chaos damage.

Hungry Abyss
Quick vid showing/proving the hungry abyss interaction

Let me know if I missed anything or should make any edits. Thanks for checking it out!
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