[2.4] Phoenix Ignition Elementalist (Vortex (w/Uber Lab Footage))

The build is done. Info in the comments section.


Hey guys! I've been having an absolute blast since the league started with this build I made and I just had to share it with everyone. It's a double degen/duel curse Vortex Elementalist with capped Physical Resistance when a single Flask is up and curse capped Elemental Resistances. Chaos Resistance gets close to 50% with one Flask and Life is at almost 5.7k at Level 90. You can EASILY farm Uber Lab with this build and high tier maps are no problem. Let's start with the gear.


Mandatory Uniques

First off we have the Eye of Innocence. This is the item that sparked my idea for this build. This one is a max roll. The 70% Damage scales insanely well with Vortex since we'll be using double degen (more on that later.) The 2% Leech is also a nice bonus. All damage we receive is completely negated by Life Regen we get in the tree so no worries there. Obviously a +1 Curse corruption would be phenomenal. Lately I've been buying some up that have 65%+ damage and Vaaling them. No luck so far.

Next up is Mokou's Embrace. The main reason we use this ring is to keep up our self-ignite for our amulet's 70% damage buff but it does have some okay Resistances on top of it. It also has a little bit of Fire Damage, Ignite Chance and a very nice increase in Cast Speed while we're ignited. This is a near max missing one point in Fire Resistance. It's also VERY cheap.

Our other ring is Pyre. Just like Mokou's Embrace, we're really only using this ring for one mod: Cold to Fire conversion. The 35% Burn Damage is very nice, though. Pyre will also destroy any Ignited enemies we kill with the initial hit of Vortex, leaving very few corpses for enemy casters to detonate. The degens DO NOT proc this mod since they are not considered "Hits." Other than that it has some okay Resistances. This is near max with Fire and Cold Resistances being off by one. The ground cold degen from Vortex DOES NOT convert to any other type of damage so we'll be doing two types of degen damage.

Last but certainly not least is The Brass Dome. This thing is a monster and is our main source of physical mitigation, although we do scale more Armour in the tree as well. It not only has an insane amount of Armour, but most importantly, crits from enemies have no multiplier. This is HUGE. Do note that you still receive crits so Avenger flasks still work if you like using them. Now there are some downsides of course. It reduces Block stats by quite a bit, but since this isn't a Block build it doesn't really matter. We even still have 8% Block chance with no stat investment other than the implicit mod on our Staff. Shock duration is increased but that can easily be solved with a Flask. There's also a Movement Speed penalty that we'll be alleviating with a Jewel.

I'm using a 5-Link with a Cast When Damage Taken setup. The gems are CWDT, Molten Shell, Increased Duration, Arctic Breath and GMP. We use Molten Shell for more physical mitigation and Arctic Breath for it's chilling ground. The damage is also decent, although they proc less being at a high level.


Now I'll admit, I got very lucky crafting this staff. It saved me A TON of currency. Not only did it drop as a white 6-Link from a unique chest but it took me less than 20 Shrieking Essences of Sorrow for these rolls. Some people may be wondering why I was able to craft Spell Damage when it was already rolled. Well, the Spell Damage and the Mana count as a single hybrid roll, which allowed me to craft more flat Spell Damage. The +2 to Cold Gems scales very well with Vortex and gives Added Cold a little more oomph. It also has a max roll for casting speed at it's item level which is amazing. It has a decent Cold Damage roll but it's not stellar. The Spell Damage is easily the best stat on here though. Since we're using Pyre, Spell Damage TRIPLE DIPS with Vortex! It scales the initial hit, the Ignite damage and the ground degen.

For Vortex support gems I'm using Added Cold Damage, Rapid Decay, Empower, Increased Area of Effect and Controlled Destruction. You can also swap AoE with Concentrated Effect when you're fighting bosses, which is perfect for Uber Lab when you're doing key runs. We're not using Frostbolt in this build though so we'll be up close and personal with that setup. Empower is at level 3 so since we've corrupted our Vortex gem, it is now level 25!!!

Not much going on here. The Dexterity is needed so Rapid Decay and Added Cold can hit level 20. It gives us exactly 111 Dexterity. It also has Spell Damage, Life and Resistances. Make sure that you don't Lab Enchant any of the new bases if you want to keep their implicit mod. It will override it.

For gems we're using Flame Dash, Faster Casting, Culling Strike and I've recently replaced Vaal Haste with Vaal Flameblast. I'm enjoying it a lot more. It's perfect for dangerous packs that are out of range, such as +4 projectile Spark packs.

I FINALLY got come good rolls when crafting this 40% Vortex Bone Helm. The damage increase is great and well worth it. Other than that we have high Life, a decent amount of Armour and some Resistances. DO NOT try getting Helmet Enchants in Uber Lab yourself. I have over 50 runs this league and never once saw a single Vortex mod. There are just so many that it's incredibly unlikely that you'll ever get what you're looking for. Buy a base with the Enchant you want and Essence craft it. Trust me.

For gems I have Orb of Storms with a duel Curse on Hit setup. Flammability and Temporal Chains work very well with this build. Orb of Storms hits quite frequently so it keeps Elemental Overload up at all times, not to mention the 25% Fire Pen for 10 seconds from Master of Discord whenever we cast it. Since we have Elemental Equilibrium in the tree as well, it increases all Vortex damage tremendously. It's HANDS DOWN the best support spell to use for this build. Don't use anything else.

Pretty solid pair of boots. Three Resistances, Life and 30% Movement Speed. The Lab Enchant really helps out with traps when running Uber Lab.

For gems we have our Fire and Ice Golems, Enduring Cry and Increased Duration. Pretty simple.

Lots of Life and two Resistances. Pretty straightforward.


Easily the best offensive Jewel you can get for this build. We're using Blood Magic so the 60% Spell Damage is up at all times. The Mana Regen is useless so just focus on getting a max roll on the damage like this one.

This is what renders the Movement Speed penalty on The Brass Dome useless. It's also incredibly cheap.

Found this and haven't felt the need to replace it. The Mana is useless, however.


The Dying Sun Flask IS NOT mandatory and is only icing on the cake. That being said, it's amazing. Swap it in place of Atziri's Promise when you know you don't need the Chaos Resistance. It gives us more AoE for Vortex, Orb of Storms and Vaal Fireblast. It also gives +2 Projectiles to Arctic Breath so we have a larger coverage area for chilled ground, along with the usual Fire Resistance stats.

Now let's go over the Skill Tree:

Phoenix Ignition Elementalist Skill Tree

Here are the main Keystones we use:

Elemental Overload - 40% increased Elemental Damage on crit for 8 seconds (always up with Orb of Storms.) Since we're using Controlled Destruction on Vortex, the loss of a crit multiplier doesn't matter.

Elemental Equilibrium - 50% increased damage of the opposite elements the enemy is hit by. Orb of Storms does only Lightning Damage so it makes the Fire and Cold Damage from Vortex deal 50% more damage per element. Since Orb of Storms hits so often it will keep this effect up as long as you aren't holding the cast key for Vortex. No spamming!

Blood Magic - At first I was running Mind Over Matter at 4.5k Life and 1.5k Mana. Switching to Blood Magic allowed me to raise it to almost 5.7k Life. Since we have 4% Life Regen in the the tree and even more from Enduring Cry/Charges, our life refills before we can ever get off a second Vortex. Even with an Aurabot.

Unwavering Stance - Cannot be stunned. Excellent.

Other than that we get the one AoE cluster near the Witch starting path and another AoE cluster from Templar. We also get the duel curse cluster, going through effect instead of cast speed. Other than some Spell/Elemental Damage from the paths we take and the Jewels, that's all the damage we'll be picking up with our passive skill points. Everything else is Life, Resistances and one +30 Dexterity node for our green Gems. For Bandits we go with Life/Passive/Passive.

Now let's talk Asendancy points:

Pendulum of Destruction - More damage and AoE. Lots more. Both are on separate timers. This should be your fist choice.

Liege of the Primordial - This is the second one you want to grab. Fire and Ice Golems are our weapons of choice. Buffs for both get doubled. The double crit from the Ice Golem means that we don't have to spec into crit at all to keep Elemental Overload up and the 40% damage increase from the Fire Golem is great. We also get 40% Fire and Cold damage increases from each respective Golem. Watch out for the additional chain mod in high level maps, though. It can be brutal when paired with other damage mods.

Shaper of Desolation - Since Vortex is such a great skill while leveling you don't need the ignite until you start maps. Without this you wont be igniting bosses too much. Each Conflux lasts separately for 4 seconds each, then all of them at once for 2 seconds. When the Ignite/All Conflux pops up bosses will melt incredibly fast.

Mastermind of Discord - At first I went with Paragon of Calamity but I found that I didn't need it all that much. Now with this you can kill yourself if you're in let's say a T16 map and you hit a reflect mob with an incredible Life pool, but it's much more likely to happen if you use Orb of Storms first. Without the Flammability, Ele EQ and this, the damage wont be anywhere near as life-threatening. That being said, you do have to keep an eye out when in high level content. Elemental Reflect maps are out of the question.

That's about all there is to it! I hope you guys enjoyed this guide! It's my first one and I put a lot of work into it. I definitely plan on posting more successful builds in the future as well. If you have any questions feel free to ask!
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Bump. Guide is finished now. Sorry for the early post.
Bump. Uploaded Uber Lab footage. I read that the bump limit is once per day so please let me know if I was misinformed. Thank you.
Bump. Some slight gems changes. Also, Vortex is now level 25 with 21/20 and Empower. Will update the links soon.
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Bump. Some more slight changes. Gear Links have been updated.
Bump. Some more slight gear changes have been added.
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Bump. Tried Hydra for the first time and got him within culling range. This build is DEFINITELY Guardian viable. Once I have the fights down they'll be no problem. I'll update more as I fight the others and try out The Shaper. The only thing I'm worried about is my Life pool. DPS is INCREDIBLE.
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