[2.2] Tri5 Curse EB MOM ZO crit Shock Nova Elementalist w Videos


It has come to my attention that people are playing my build which is very gratifying - due to the lack of responses I was unsure - but unfortunately this guide is a little out of date. I did not have time to update this guide when I was still playing (currently on hiatus till 2.3 and have been for a few weeks). Most notably is that I changed to occultist but non crit elementalist is a fine choice until level 86 or so where more options are opened up due to more skill points. Also I changed to ice nova but that really comes down to preference. With orb of storms, shock nova kills bosses faster. Vortex will change that and if the numbers stay the same ice nova will likely be superior in 2.3. Personally I will be playing this same build but with frostbolt and vortex and likely some tree tweaks.

If you would like to see my character the name is Apolya. Just click my account name.

Playstyle is hit the whole screen with shock nova - shocking, burning, zapping and coldsploding while automically and applying 3 curses at once that automatically alternate between huge elemental penetration and granting frenzy and power charges.

Explaining the mechanics

Tri-Cursing with style - The tri5 curse

Monsters are afflicted with temporal chains via blashemy aura. With curse on hit, Herald of thunder applies both elemental weakness and conductivity.
As monster packs are dying they will explode from Herald of ice which applies both assassin's mark and poacher's mark giving enemies a 38% chance to gain a frenzy charge and 38% chance to gain a power charge as they die. This replaces elemental weakness and conductivity but it is not a problem because the pack is already exploding - the extra elemental penetration is no longer required. Any rares that are still alive will have elemental weakness and conductivity reapplied immediately from herald of thunder.

Get a cold damage to spells weapon
Otherwise the cold damage will sometimes not be enough to proc herald of ice. Alternatively use added cold damage instead of added lightning if you have a very good weapon with no cold damage.

For high tier map bosses with no adds, swapping the place of herald of thunder and orb of storms will allow the orb to apply curses over a long period of time.

The interaction of eldritch battery, mind over matter, and Zealot's Oath
Eldritch battery means I can spend ES on my skills which allows me to reserve all my mana.

Mind over matter with EB means 30% of damage is taken from energy shield before life, essentially 30% less damage taken. Both the 6L skill cost (101 ES per cast) and Mind over matter are easily sustained unless I take a lot of damage at once, which is usually prevented by my defences.

Zealots oath means I regenerate ~150 energy shield a second when my stone golem is up.

No regen and less regen maps are easily doable but in fast paced outdoor maps sometimes waiting for the ES recharge is required. Yes, ES does now count as mana for the map mod purpses, which is unintuitive and no fun :(

Mana reservation

14% reduced mana reserved on tree (sovereignty)
Temp chains aura - 31%
Arctic armor - 22%
HoIce - 22%
HoThunder - 22%
With an utterly useless 3% left over. It bugs me more than it should.

Pros and Cons
-Most map mods
-Fast clear speed that scales with huge ele pen, frenzy and power charges.
-High defence via Mind over matter and arctic armour and fortify, with the potential to spam powerful utility flasks on every pack. All mobs are slowed significantly by both chill and temporal chains.
-Not particularly expensive.

-No blood magic maps
-Ele reflect is a problem that can only be fixed with voltaxic rift or using spell totem.
-No regen and reduced regen maps occasionally need time for ES recharge.
-Being a huge aoe skill the single target is less than some skills.
-Not particularly cheap.

Elemental Reflect Maps
Personally I just reroll reflect maps ATM. Elemental reflect maps will require either voltaxic rift or swapping chests and using spell totem. Soul mantle is an option I have tried but it can be dangerous. The clear speed is not great in either case. Another option is the 90 lightning res granted with the combo of a topaz flask, saffel's frame, and level 20 purity of lightning. I intend to try this but I do not believe it will be enough to be safe.

Gear and Links
Boots - Herald of ice

Life res ES, move speed.
Leech enchant to boots is helpful as this build has no life regen. Attack and cast speed enchant is also good.

Helm - Herald of Thunder
Life, res, ES.
Shock nova radius Head enchant is strongly recommended. I spent 15c on mine but I would have alch scoured if necessary. Heads are not so bad to roll if you just want life and res.

Gloves - orb of storms and stone golem

For long duration boss fights where you cant rely on herald of thunder's curses you can swap herald of thunder with orb of storms so that the orb applies the curses instead. Some of the higher tier map bosses will take a little while to kill. This is probably the biggest drawback of the build. The foot soldiers melt pretty much immediately.

Lightning pen and added lightning are optional and must be removed if linked to herald re above.

Stone golem grants a significant boost to energy shield regeneration which is assists in sustaining skill usage as well as mind over matter's 30% less damage taken.

Weapon - movement skill

All the usual nice things you want on a weapon. Crit, multi, spell damage. Forgo cast speed for whirling blades and the implicit global crit. Or a scepter with leap slam is acceptable and can roll cast speed. Aim for the closest mob in a pack and proc fortify.

Don't forget the cold damage roll.

Carcass jack - shock nova

Got a lucky Voll's Devotion from Cadiro so now I have a 6link, but I played to 90 with a 5L and it is very good. In the video I am using a 5L.

I have had the best results with these gems. Faster casting instead of Added Lightning Damage is an option, but keep in mind that the base damage of shock nova is relatively low as a trade off for it's superior AOE, and added lightning damage provides more than half again the damage of shock nova, at level 20.

Shield - temp chains and arctic armour
Life, Es, ele weakness cap > spell damage/spell crit.


Doedre's equates to frenzy charges and elemental penetration. Probably a better option than windscream.

Multi and spell damage neck recommended. Maximize life, get enough dex and get ele weakness capped.


The second instant healing flask is not often used so 4 utility flasks is viable. For sc I went with damage flasks but it is not necessary. It is possible to spam 4 defensive utility flasks and be very very tanky - the clear speed will allow for constant flask usage. As it it I am quite tanky enough for softcore, although I am going to get a jade flask of reflexes for the more rippy maps. Possibly a smoke cloud flask as well. The two work very well together.

Vinktar's is very nice but it is also costly and it is not possible to keep it up at all times like other flasks.


Enfeebled unidentified Gorge run

Out dated gear Academy - EEq, -max, boss damage
Zerphi's Flask was a mistake... I used to play with mana. Stats have changed a bit since this video. Have since acquired a 6L.
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Hello! I'm trying to do your build and i love it :) but i have a problem, my energy shield doesn't recharge faster enought, so i have to stop and wait until i get full to continue :x it's maybe because my gems aren't lvl 20 or something ? i don't have all points in the skilltree tho but i have mainly of them
What does really grow your energy that quick ? even if you get hit ;o ?

/E : Nvm, i didn't take zealot's Oath in my passive tree because you didn't take it on your passive tree you show :o
/E : Can you show your offensive stats ? :) i wanna see how much crit and multi you got
/E : I feel really squishy :s i don't know how to change that, for the moment i have 3.8k hp and full resist ofc :)
/E : ah and i forgot again something xD i feel like dealing no damage to bosses :s i do put my orb of storms and spamming shock nova but it's too long :( i'm lvl 78 for the moment btw
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Hi sorry I have been neglecting this guide a bit and I didnt put my updated changes occultist is actually superior to elementalist for limitless energy shield. THe build should not feel squishy with all the stacked defences just try and get a decent amount of evasion when you have sufficient energy shield the block and evasion goes very well with the mitigation of EB/mOm.

I'm not playing at the moment sorry I wish I could go into more detail and do this guide more justice but I have assessments to complete.

Boss damage is a bit slow I think in the new xpac I will use frostbolt + vortex and I hope this fixes the problem.

78 is a little low for crit stay elementalist and non crit rather than crit occultist which you can switch to later.

I made a low of tweaks that I didnt bother to put in the guide (Sorry about that!) but i lacked time. check my character 'apolya' and I will try and answer any questions.

I think this is a very strong build and I stand by that but it is not without its growing pains. Good luck mate
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thanks for your answers :)

I've played a lot on this witch and i'm now 88, i've finish your tree you did link.
I can now do atziri's without dying (but sometime i still do :p) and for single target i use Storm Call so i can stay away from boss

I've check Occultist and yes indeed i think it's way better :o With Fobbiden power and Vile Bastion it would be awesome, i'm gonna switch to that (or maybe you think about other node in occultist ?)

To survive longer i take rumi's convocation, it's way better than evasion pots i think (and i'm using diamond, sulfur and atziri's flask to deal extra damage :D)
I tried with Vessel of Vinktar but i didn't really liked it because 20% lightning leech is huge but it's taking too much time to get me full life :/ so i don't really know if it's really usefull (yea ofc the 10% lightning penetration is awesome but taking the flask only for that ? ;o)

/E: After all those point on your tree, what would you suggest ? I think i'll go for spell damage at the beginning of the witch tree, what do you think about that ?
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nice to hear you killed atziri with this build.


My level 92 accolutist tree. I must have spent 100 regrets or more so I bloody hope this is as efficient as it gets - though a hardcore player would crucify me not spending 5 points on devotion - great thing about occultist is that there is no need for spending points in ES which opened up a lot of possiblities.

Vile bastion and forbidden power, yes.

Rumi's is dope. I love any build that can have 100% flask uptime and this build is that. It's so powerful. I only use 1 life flask so 4 perma utility flasks is lovely. Vinktars is sweet but I didn't bother myself. My objection is not having 100% uptime. defs Diamond flask, any uncapped crit build will do immensely well from a diamond.

with the 8th asc point I might pick up malediction for +1 curse meaning I can 4 curse or free a ring slot or free some passives. Lot's of options!

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I've check your tree and your build with the forum and i've seen you changed for spell damage at the beginning yes, and it's way better because the occultist give us already limitless ES as you said :)
i need only 3 lvl more to get 1 more node with multi crit and i'll have finish this witch (hope i can get 3 lvl before tonight with the new league :D)

I also check about diamond flask how it works and i think i'll swap to onslaught pot as you because i have already 70% crit without power charge and 89% with them so i think diamond flask won't be very usefull because i already almost crit all the time :)

Yes the +1 curse would be awesome and can add something really good. I don't think i need a new rare ring because i have already full cap res and i have now enought life (NEVER SAY ENOUGHT xD) but if a curse can be powerfull than some crit and life than yes stay with doedre's damning :)
Btw i'm using doedre's damning corrupted with 4% cast speed, it was only 20c maybe you could do the same to boost your dps :D a little bonus like this is always good to take ^^

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