[2.2 Perandus] Cheap, Easy, Beginner Friendly Flameblast Elementalist (Video Added)


Over the next few days I'd like to break the guide down to show the different gearing options you can pursue with this build. I will also be adding a more expensive late game option that has a slightly different skill tree and has some different/additional defensive mechanics.


The build has fared very well, I've built myself up to tier 11 maps so far without buying maps. I've been alching maps and running some very difficult mods. The only mods I currently roll over are;

-Temporal chains (this makes clearing far too slow for my taste)
-No Life or Mana Regeneration
-Elemental Reflect
-Blood Magic

I've also updated my gear to pretty much endgame standard. While it's not perfect and I could still improve some things, I am comfortable with this setup in any tier map and I have positive chaos resist and I'm elemental weakness capped.

Gear Update

Level 89 passive skill tree

I have changed a few things from the original build. I now have liege of the primordial and I'm using a flame golem. Pendulum of Destruction is the other option if you prefer the chaos golem, or don't want to deal with a golem.

Note: If you are using cloak of flame I would still recommend paragon of calamity.

My tool tip with a level 19 gem is 3.2k. I will post screen shots once I flip my gems and hit 20 with flameblast.

I'm now also using Zealot's Oath. Since I have 1.4k energy shield, I felt my life regen was being wasted since it was only used part of the time. This is a personal preference, without life regen, you need to watch out for chaos damage and use potions accordingly. You also need a substantial amount of energy shield to make this worthwhile.

This character has been great fun and transitioned really well from no gear/currency to endgame. My gear in total has cost me 53 chaos including 5 link cost (I got lucky and linked in under 60 fuses). I'm clearing end game maps and every boss along the way, and this has let me build up a substantial amount of currency to fund future builds.


I love proliferation builds. My first character that made it to maps was a tri-element trapper that proliferated, shock, freeze, and ignite. Since that character, I've done many other proliferation builds. The most recent was my detonate dead trapper.

When I saw the elementalist's artwork I knew I would be playing the class. I was really happy to see proliferation that didn't require the gem, but I was even more excited to see the shaper of desolation node. Being able to shock ignite and chill with any damage type sounded incredibly powerful and fun. Turns out it is...


T6 Strand

Core Concepts

-Flameblast to deliver huge burns
-Shaper of Desolation to trigger herald of thunder
-Herald of thunder to chill and curse enemies around me.
-Cloak of Flame to trigger Paragon of Calamity

Level 85 Passive Skill Tree


Core 5 link, links listed in order of priority

Flameblast -> Faster Casting -> Controlled Destruction -> Fire Penetration -> Increased Area of Effect

I'm using added lightning damage to make the herald of thunder procs do even more damage (and because we have mana available to do this).

Herald of Thunder -> Curse on Hit -> Temporal Chains -> Added Lightning Damage

Chaos golem for extra defense and a decoy totem for distracting huge packs

Chaos Golem -> Minion Life -> Minion and Totem Elemental Resistances -> Decoy Totem

Enduring Cry, Arctic Armour, Clarity, Flame Dash


Normal - Help Oak
Cruel - Kill or Help Alira (if min/max, kill)
Merciless - Kill or Help Oak


I budgeted 15 chaos for my entry level mapping gear (note: the 15 chaos does not include currency for sockets, links, or colors). This is early in the league so my gear isn't going to be impressive but it will give you an idea of what to look for. First off I recommend two unique items that are quite affordable and good for the build.

Searing touch to my surprise was very affordable. I bought mine for 4 chaos, and they ranged from 3-10 chaos on average.

The cloak of flame is something you can get very early on and is only 1 chaos or less. This chest is very cost effective because the physical mitigation it gives and it also enables the elementalist's paragon of calamity node.

The rest of the gear is straight forward, get some life and resistances. Two things worth mentioning is to get (or craft with Elreon bench) mana regeneration on your rings/amulet and get some dexterity somewhere on your gear.


These trees are a rough guideline to follow to help with balancing dexterity, strength, life, mana, and mana regeneration as you level.

We can't use flameblast right away, I recommend fire trap (can be bought in act 1) and freezing pulse (quest reward from killing hillock). The siren's cadence quest will give you access to firestorm. I recommend you use that in place of freezing pulse.

Use faster casting and controlled destruction in a +1 fire gems scepter/wand/dagger. Once you switch to flameblast you will be keeping the same links. It's a direct swap from firestorm to flameblast.

Act 3 you will get flameblast after killing General Gravicious. Try it and see how it compares to firestorm, if firestorm feels better, level the flameblast some and try it again in a few levels.

20 points

40 points

60 points

80 points

At this point we've spanned the tree and now we just need to fill out life and respec some points. Here is a final tree to give you can idea of how we reshape the tree once our gear is filled out.

Level 85

High End Setup

Disclaimer: I'm presenting this to show where I've taken the build. I wouldn't recommend you pursue this unless you have the currency and really like the idea. This setup is not needed to run any content.

Level 93 Passive Skill Tree

I've never owned a Shavronne's Revelation, but it solves one issue I've had with EB/MoM/ZO builds and that is the loss of my health regen, which I find to be an incredible quality of life for high end mapping.

The heartbreaker is a tooltip loss vs my old dagger, but I happened to find it in a map and the energy shield was nice to have. The culling strike kinda comes into play when I'm hitting blue packs. It means I don't have to charge the blast up as much.

I put enduring cry, decoy totem, and whirling blades on blood magic so it won't interrupt my energy shield recharge. I've also got a vaal discipline for sticky situations.

Also of note is I can add anger in with this setup which adds 500 tooltip dps.

To further improve my gear I need better bases for my helm and gloves to get more evasion and energy shield. I could also improve some HP on a few items and my jewels should have these 3 stats

-Cast Speed

With these changes I can break 5k hp, 2k es, and 3k evasion.

Soon I'll add some videos of the game play with these changes.

Tips & Tricks

If you channel flameblast and release, there is a slight delay before it goes off. You can make it go off immediately by moving or casting something like enduring cry.

Generally I will place a decoy totem (if large/dangerous pack), channel flameblast, then casting enduring cry while channeling to immediately detonate it.

If I'm trying to push quickly through easier content, I will channel flameblast to 3 or 4 stacks and move. Herald of thunder and the burns will clean up whatever survives the initial blast.

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build looks super fun gonna try it out!, what do you do for bandits?
Added bandits.

I have not got to play much since the weekend, but after getting into maps I wasn't happy with the clear speed.

Disclaimer: The clear speed was more than fine, you one shot everything that isn't a map boss and two shot most map bosses (all this on 15 chaos budget).

However, I'm picky when it comes to mapping. I want to move fast, kill fast, and not stop for anything.

With the setup linked in the original post I had three issues;

1. Elemental Reflect. I was chunking myself for about half my health, which is really dangerous if something decides to jump me after I hit a reflect rare.

2. Flame Dash, 30% move speed boots and a 6% move speed enchant was not fast enough. I was getting bored casually walking up and blasting. Granted, some may see this as a huge positive because it was a pretty casual play style.

3. Maintaining my endurance charges was too much of a hassle. I've been playing builds that either automate or have 15+ second endurance charge duration. This may be a non issue for others, and if you wanted you could just not worry about always having max charges.

At first I blame the skill, and tried a number of other skills to replace flameblast. The short version is there are some great skills out there that take advantage of elementalist, but none gave the all round killing power of flameblast.

So here is what I did to fix the problems I was having.

1. Elemental Reflect, Rise of the phoenix is now more powerful than a ruby flask, sadly it's armor based and I'm trying to stack up evasion primarily. The fact that it's a whopping 1 chaos these days makes me feel better about its off-stat.

2. I still have flame dash to hop ledges and gaps, but now that I had a shield I tracked down a decent dagger (1 chaos) and crafted some extra spell damage on it. I'm now also proccing fortify which helps with number 1.

3. I had to choose between Kingsguard and Restless Ward. I like the Kingsguard and have used it in a number of my other builds. I chose Restless ward because I've never had one and it gives me even longer endurance charges than Kingsguard.

With these changes I lost 300 tool tip dps and some physical mitigation (from cloak of flame), and I clear maps 30% faster and still one/two shot evertyhing.

I spent a good chunk of my currency linking the restless ward (about 30 chaos), so once I build my stock pile back up I will work on getting more evasion and energy shield out of my helm, gloves, and boots. Find a better dagger, find some cast speed jewels, and get a belt with more life and some armor.

A long term goal for me would be to get a few decent pieces of elreon jewelry. Doing this will allow me to spec out of some mana and mana regen.
Thanks a lot for making this I've been looking for a newbie flameblast build and this seems to be it.
@Elisrae I hope you like it.

I've added some gameplay from a T6 strand. My map pool is building up tier 6's and 7's, so it's what I have to work with right now.

I was able to build up some currency so I may be upgrading gear. Getting some gear with chaos resist is my number 1 priority for now. I'm also starting to spec into some jewel sockets, mainly for more cast speed. I want to hit 100% increased cast speed so I can 10 stack in a second.
Gear Update

I am now using a cast when damage taken tempest shield for the additional 3 block chance. For herald of thunder I've also switched added lightning to lightning penetration since it now provides more damage.

I have one jewel so far, it has a combined 7 cast speed and 10 spell damage. While the jewel is not optimal, it was a great deal at 4 chaos. Good jewels can get very expensive costing from 10-30 chaos. Great jewels are upwards of an exalt. I will go with bargain jewels until I improve the rest of my gear.

I've also made some slight changes to my skill tree. Here is my current tree.

Passive skill tree

My next 6 levels will be picking up the remaining 2 pt jewels. I decided to skip heart of flame because the Shadow start helps herald of thunder and flameblast. This is mostly preference though, feel free to go whichever route you feel is best.
Do you think this build can go CI? Also what is best for 6 socket(6L) and can this build do t15 maps and atziri? Also which enchants should we get in the labyrinth? I am leveling atm with this build. It feels awesome blowing things up i 1-2 casts.
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Hey me again. Would you consider adding a level tree (30 40 50 etc) if one wants to go a chaos route. Using a binos infernal consuming and all that good stuff. Saw this done by a streamer but I wouldnt know how to l evel it or gear it or gems or whatever. Thanks for your work making this build!
RazerVen wrote:
Do you think this build can go CI? Also what is best for 6 socket(6L) and can this build do t15 maps and atziri? Also which enchants should we get in the labyrinth? I am leveling atm with this build. It feels awesome blowing things up i 1-2 casts.

This is a mapping build it can do all tiers of maps. As for Atziri, you can't ignite her so our ascendancy points are wasted. I've done atziri with flameblast plenty of times though so it should be fine even with a few wasted nodes.

You can go CI, but that isn't beginner or new league friendly so it's not an option in the original post.

@Elisrae chaos blast is quite a bit different and I'm sure there are plenty of guides considering how popular it was last league. The main thing is you would do scion or occultist which, also gear, passives, jewels would all be a quite different. So that's a different build and also not beginner/new league friendly.
Currently leveling as your build, using spark and orb of storms as I prefer that to firestorm at the moment, I'll switch to flameblast soon and Ill tell you how it is. What flasks do you use?

Also I just noticed how you changed up the build a little on the templar side. Should I use some respec points and do the same? I was following build in the first post.
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