[2.5] SRS Auramancer LL Witch [Updated]

Hello everyone this is my first guide I've ever published to showcase my SRS build. I've been playing poe since before they added act 3 and this is by far the strongest build I've made out of the 50 or so builds I've ever done!

Why SRS?
When I make a new build I look generally for two things:
Total rarity and Quantity that the build can have with finished gear.
Clear speed (Note: not dps)
The ability to handle all map mods and all map tiers.
And of course, general enjoyment

This is why I picked SRS because it offers the best solution to what I want. Not to mention that people LOVE to map with you because your auras.

More about this below

How the build works

This is a shavs. There are many like it but this one is mine. I used a Solaris Lorica for about the first three days in the league running tier 8 maps so if you have no money you can just roll a Solaris Lorica instead. Keep in mind there are no god tier 20c builds in path of exile, if you want a great build you will have to buy expensive gear.

By using a shavs we can reserve 98% of our life for our auras and leave just enough health to cast SRS. We will use a stone golem to grant us life regen to allow us to cast when vaal clarity is not available.

We will be taking EVERY SINGLE aura node in the tree. This totals five clusters and the Blood Magic nodes. This will allow us to run the following auras:
Grace, Discipline, Level 1 Clarity, Haste, Purity of Elements at 66% increased effect
Hatred, Anger, Wrath at 105% increased effectiveness

By taking every single aura node in the tree our auras are incredibly strong and have a large radius for our allies to enjoy. These auras also give us a lot of additional survivability by granting us movement speed, evasion and energy shield. Since we can get so much ES, ER, and resists from auras we can sacrifice our rings and boots for Andvarius and Wondertrap for rarity, or Goldwyrm and Ventor's Gambles for Quantity. Right now with IIR gear I have 347% rarity or with Quantity gear I have 60% IIQ and 98% IIR.

Keep in mind with Necromancer we will be getting 10% damage and 5% attack speed per aura, giving our minions a total of 80% damage and 40% attack speed. This bonus is affected by the 66% aura effectiveness from the tree and any Generosity gems.

With Purity of Elements, the Necromancer tree, and the base 25% resistances on Zombies we can have maximum resists on our minions with just the auras. Keep this in mind.

Clear Speed
Back to why this build is strong: clear speed. We will be super fast, durable, have great damage, and be running 400% rarity.

Flesh offering grants 30% Attack/cast speed and 20% movement
Haste grants 13% movement and 26% attack and cast speed
Auras give 40% cast and attack speed which is affected by our aura effectiveness(From Necromancer)
Vaal Haste (Which will be perma running) gives 32% movement and 60% cast/attack speed

Which means while mapping we are gonna get 65% movement speed without boots. SRS will get 85% with quality on the gem which means we are very fast. Also, 156% attack and cast speed will allow our SRS to kill fast and for us to cast fast. Allowing us to very quickly amass SRS as we clear maps

Discipline will grant us lots of Energy Shield giving us an easy 6.5k ES and allowing us to get 8-9k ES with great gear. Grace will allow you to have 10k Evasion Rating easy and Purity of Elements will top of our resists allowing us to be resist capped with two andvarius WHILE being cursed with elemental weakness - this is important!

Final thing: Vaal skills. We will be getting so much increased duration that we can run Vaal clarity with a 30 second timer, Vaal Haste with 18 seconds and Vaal Discipline (Which is only used for hard bosses or strongboxes) If you have a decent map you should be able to run Vaal Clarity and Vaal Haste without ANY downtime. This removes our mana cost and skyrockets our clear speed


Gear Discussion
Weapon - Advancing Fortress gives us Fortify on our shield charge and stone golem and gives us 15% block. It's purely a defensive tool.

Shield - Highest ES possible. Fill the resists in somewhere else.

Helmet - High ES and as much resistance as possible. Try to get atleast one resist or an open suffix. Consider getting a rarity roll aswell if you want.

Chest - Shavs. Self explanatory. Use a Solaris Lorica if you are poor.

Gloves - Lots of resist and Energy shield! Good gloves will be useful but can be expensive. Try to get atleast 150 ES and some resistance. Use Sadima's Touch for quantity if you'd like.

Boots - Wondertrap gives us 100% rarity when on lowlife and 10 dex. As long as we keep killing monsters our movement speed buffs are good enough to counter the low movement speed on the boots. Use Goldwyrm for IIQ.

Rings - Andvarius for the rarity. Purity of Elements with the aura effectiveness and the 20% free resists from the Necromancer tree will allow us to run two without worrying about resists too much. Ventor's are good for Quantity.

Amulet - Eye of Chayula. This makes use stun resistance and gives us some rarity. Upgrade it to a Presence of Chayula with a Blessing of Chayula.

Belt - Just any energy shield and resist belt. Later in the league I will try to chance a Headhunter and swap it out. Headhunter will allow us to get the auras from the rare mobs and give them to our minions.

Passive Tree and Bandits

Kraityn - Kill - Kill/Oak
We want Krautyn for the Elemental resist but if you don't think you'll need it you can get the skill point

For Jewels you will need Energy from Within and Conquerer's Efficiency. Later on I will get a Red Nightmare and socket it in the Scion area for the block chance and endurance charge generation. In the meantime I'm going to take rare jewels with minion damage.


Comming soon.
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looks fun, but honestly im a fuckhead and i have no idea how to level this thing, any advice on skills to use while leveling, directions to head in on the passive tree, etc?
For leveling I just used SRS with melee splash and minion damage. Later on in act 4 I added spell echo and used the 4 link with a solaris lorica all the way to around 85. Nothing special, I was doing maps on day two of the league. It was pretty easily leveling. Just put a few points in life nodes and respec them later.
I've took all the Reduced Mana Reservation nodes and i can't use all listed auras:
Purity - 11%
Discipline - 11%
Hatred - 16%
Grace - 16%
Haste - 16%
Wrath - 16%
Anger - 16%

So in total it's 102% reserved. How you bypassed it further?

Edit: Oh, it was Conqueror's Efficiency. Didn't see it.
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Where did you get str/dex for gems while leveling. Also here are many directions one can take on this tree. Do you think you could provide a few lvling trees to highlight priorities?
I haven't actually played a Shav's build before, or a low life/CI kind of build. What is your current flask setup?
IGN: TsukiZap
Im intrested in your flask setup as well :)
Why do you have Pain Attunement? As far as I know it doesn't affect SRS.
Can this build run all map mods with no issues?
No life regen maps might be hard since u use life to cast when vaal clarity is down.

Also, question for OP or anyone else who tried the build, ~98% reserved on my 1.3k life means i have less than 30 life left after 6 major auras and level 1 clarity, how do you cast a 6L srs that is costing 77 mana/life for me right now?

As a work around before any advice, i am using prismatic shield, but i lose so much es

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