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Thx finally a HC viable build not a "i killed atziri deathless once and only died 17 times overall" build

What stats do you look for on the jewels? Life + ?
Could this build work with Belly of the Beast?
tmkOO wrote:
Could this build work with Belly of the Beast?

Yes im using Belly atm untill i get my Koams, still works well. Lvl 72 and almost 6k hp and great dmg
PSA: Level 15 tree is not a level 15 tree.
Hi, i'm at lvl 78 now, and have a 6L +3 staff with cast speed mod, since I don't have lvl 7 vagan and catarina (still both lvl 6), is it possible to use a B gem instead of the mod?
Hey, I love the build and the idea of going BM. I will likely transition to this. A suggestion that I have though is to have whirling blades or flame dash in your off hand linked with faster casting and blood magic.

This then allows you to replace flame dash in your helmet with a lightning spell (arc or ball lightning or whatever) and then you can take elemental equilibrium for rares and map bosses.

Just a thought!

EDIT: Off hand meaning, WEAPON SWAP
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im very temped to try out this build for hc :) thanks for sharing your build hehe

1. There is something you could improve, that is, to URL your links.
2. The Level 14 Skilltree is the same as the Level 87 Skilltree, same for level 38 and 50 Skilltree.

All in a nutshell, IM VERY THANKFULLY ! :)
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How do you cast your gems in your 4L Helmet without BM gem? ;)
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hey there, using this build with a few adaptions. i actually took Sovereinity templar aura nodes. allows me to use my offering, flame dash, golem and what not just on my mana. saves some trouble using bloodmagic gems on everything.

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