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I played classic zombies/spectres and SRS builds a long time ago. I want to test different kind of summoner. I 6-linked accidentaly a Null's Inclination bow in Perandus SC league. I started to check Ascendancies for a possible build. I read about Beacon of Corruption here and about Null's Inclination build here (credits to Neversink). And I decided to try a Chaos-themed summoner bow build. Here are the results:

- Decent clear speed
- Decent life pool (4,8K current level 83)
- Tri-curse (vulnerability, enfeeble & temporal chains)
- Max block (Rearguard, Rumis concoction, Bone offering & Misstress of sacrifice)

- Most laggy build I ever played (worst than Mjolner discharger)
- Need specific items and corruption (Null's inclination, Rearguard, Essence worm, Doedre damming & Snakebite corrupted with vulnerability on hit)
- Finish the labyrinth is almost impossible (I did it with a Caustic arrow setup and many levels over. Ask yourself to pay a lab service)
- Loosing 6S and chromatic weapons.


Arid Lake (only in spanish)


- Current 4,8K life. Life regen per sec 4.2%.

- Block:
75% attacks / 62% spells with Bone offering + Rumis concoction

- Split arrow current dps:
4,392 dps tooltip in hideout.
7,751 dps tooltip with charges + Spirit eater.
Dot damage not shown.

- Minions damage & life not shown.

Current Gear

- Alternative gearing:
Sorry but it's mandatory Null's Inclination, Rearguard, Corrupted Snakebite, Essence worm and Doedres damming. Only replaceable item is Belly of the beast.

- Possible improvements:
More life.
Add Enchantments to boots and/or helmet.
Master-crafted Amulet with Elreon: Adds (8–18 to 11–23) Chaos Damage to your Attacks.
Corrupted boots +1 Frenzy charges.

- Animate guardian gear:
Leer cast + Dying breath + Zhandetus cassock + Boots life resis + Gloves life resis



Current jewels

Maximum life > Minion damage > Minion life > Attack speed


- Null's inclination: BBBBRG. Only 6S 5L needed you can put Bone offering alone.
Empower + Summon raging spirits + Summon raging spirits + Animate weapon + Minion damage / Bone offering

-Belly of the beast: GGGGGB. With a 6L I will add Slower proj otherway put Frenzy alone.
Split arrow + Added chaos damage + Pierce + Void manipulation + Culling Strike / Frenzy

- +2 Minions gems helmet: BBRR
Vaal summon skeletons + Animate guardian + Flame golem + Minion damage

- Snakebite: BBBG
Enlighten + Blasphemy + Enfeeble + Temporal chains

- Boots: RRRG
CWDT + Immortal call + Blood rage + Increased Duration

- Essence Worm: G


Nice and easy with Essence drain setup.

- Tree:

- Gems:
Essence drain + Pierce + Slower proj + Void manipulation + Controlled destruction + Rapid decay
Contagion + Faster casting + Increased area of effect
Spell totem + Wither + Faster casting
Cast when damage taken + Immortal Call + Blood rage + Increased duration
Vaal summon skeletons + Minion damage + Rallying cry + Increased duration
Lightning warp + Whirling blades + Faster attacks + Fortify

- Gear:
Tabula Rasa
2x Weapon/Dagger with Spell damage + Cast speed
Rest: Life & resistances gear


- Beacon of corruption: Your Minions spread Caustic Cloud on Death, dealing 10% of their Maximum Life as Chaos Damage per second
- Mistress of sacrifice: Your Offering Skills also affect you
- Spirit eater: You and your Minions have 40% increased Damage if you've Consumed or Destroyed a corpse Recently


I didn't test them but there are some good options

- Boots:
12% increased Attack and Cast Speed if you've Killed Recently
0.5% of Damage Leeched as Life and Mana if you've Killed Recently
Regenerate 1.5% of Life and Mana per second if you were Hit Recently
65% chance to Avoid being Stunned if you've Killed Recently

- Helmet:
Blood Rage grants additional 20% chance to gain a Frenzy Charge on Kill
2 additional Split Arrow Projectiles
100% increased Effect of the Buff granted by your Flame Golems
Bone Offering grants an additional 6% Block Chance
Animated Weapons deal 25% increased Damage
Raging Spirits have 25% increased Damage
Summon Raging Spirit has 12% chance to summon an extra Minion
20% increased Enfeeble Curse Effect
20% increased Temporal Chains Curse Effect
20% increased Vulnerability Curse Effect


Normal- Kill all/Help Oak
Cruel- Kill all/Help Kraytin
Merciless- Help Kraytin


- Is HC viable?
I was playing in Perandus SC but let me say Max Block, Tri-curse with 5-6K life is a HC viable build.

- Can do Atziri?
I didn't test it but you will need 3x Vaal summon skeletons to try it. I guess is a bad build for Atziri runs like is for Labyrinth runs.

- How many Snakebite do you corrupted?
I can't remember exact number but were between 40-50.


My Builds >>> view-thread/1551981
My Channel >> youtube.com/c/MoosTrenko
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My Builds >>> view-thread/1551981
My Channel >> youtube.com/c/MoosTrenko

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