[2.4] HCE SearingBond 75k tooltip + Quad curse Occultist.

so after 4-5 leagues playing searing bond in different variations this is the final version of the build. ripped before i could finish pimping the character out.

this is a short guide to the best SearingBond build out there.

Awsome for solo / party play.
Safe and fast atziri farmer. (4-5 min per run + can do 2 man hp easy).
Hybrid DPS + Support.
can run crazy hard map mods.
can afk on traps can famr uber lab.
clears every map pretty much the same speed.
relax play style.

slow mapper.
Essence +3 bow, might not be available later.


Video of atziri kill:

sorry about the quality and the shitty run.( can kill both vaals before they down + can go faster.
* cursing atziri with flammability + vuln (coz i cant handle the double reflect curse from flammability + eleweakness)



few notes on the gear, beside buying the amulet and the 6l bow and bases, all the gear is self crafted.

getting the movment speed is really important, should craft movement speed on belt + double quciksilver flasks.



Elemtnal elemental equilibrium:
as we use ancestral bond we cant really proc it, if you drop ancestral you can take EQ but that will leave you with a single decoy & a single searingbond totem.

Elemental Overload:
for solo play its even recommended. specially if u get a 6l and can use inc crit chance gem and Orb of Storm to curse, its really good your tooltip will jump to 100k easy.

at the time of the build i was manly mapping as duo and all i needed to do was cast decoy and quad curse thats why i dont have it. ( cursing with bladefall is really easy and nice i like it).

you want 3 stats damage jewels ( 40%+ damage each)
fire damage / totem damage / damage over time / global damage so on.

Bandits : kill all.


main: Searing bond + empower + elemental focus + rapid decay + increased burning + reduce mana.

curses: bladefall + curse on hit + temporal chain + flammability + elemental weakness
for atziri you replace ur elemental weakness for vulnerability.
for party just get the curses they want.

on the mana: enfeeble + dicipline + clarity +Enlighten.

cwdt setup:(cwdt + immortal call + inc duration + phase run).


Occultist: we go with Malediction + Vile Bastion.

why accultust? for the extra curse + energy shield + stun immunity + shield recharge not interrupted. specially as we use the Soul Strike quiver.

helmet enchant: 60% searingbond placement speed (op as fuck).
Boot enchant: 10% increased movment speed if you haven't been hit recently.

just level as flameblast totems elementalist (fast safe strong cheap).

uber setup:
on the works, ive done uber on weaker versions of this build that were life base.
ill post later what u need to change to do the uber fight.
( NOT EASY AT ALL its rippy as fuck) propably better to do other build if you just gona farm uber. this build focus on atziri farm / end game mapping.

p.s sorry for my bad English its my 3rd language if there is demand maybe ill do a video guide too.
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Nice build. I'm running searing bond as well for ESC.
You can also add "relax play style" to pros.

Can you post some Atziri runs?

yea ill add it.

would like if you could post how much tooltip u have / setup you use.

there is a run in the video part you can check ill upload more videos if there is demand for it.
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How about other game bosses is it viable or just totem are too weak and most bosses 1shot them?
In order to get rid of clearspeed meta cap global movement speed at 100% but make all skills instant so everything feels great.
any skill with a +3 bow, +4 empower and lvl 21 is viable, searing bond being the wierder choice
You can proc EE with traps.

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