[2.5] Whaitiri's Crit Arc Witch - down until next league!

I'm going to temporarily take down the guide in a few days. It will be back up with a much better optimized setup starting next league, eliminating most of the issues the build currently faces.

If you still want to continue with the current version, please save yourself all needed passive trees and any other information!


Welcome to my Crit Arc guide, fellow exile!

Just to get it out of the way: this is not the most powerful build you will find in this forum.
Instead of abusing stuff that is certain to get nerfed, i've tried to create a build that will reliably work at any time under any circumstances with any budget.
It's designed to give new players an easy start into Path of Exile, while also being a strong option for veterans to enjoy - even in HC.

And this concept has been proven very effective for many leagues now!


Main Mechanics in this build

- Arc: A lightning-based spell with the ability to chain from monsters - even around corners, something we can use to our advantage!
After chaining to two individual enemies, Arc can also chain back to the initially hit monster.
The amount of times Arc can chain depends on the gems level and can be further increased by enchantments, with a maximum of 11 chains attainable with this build.

Chaining is not represented in our tooltip, it simply shows DPS per enemy hit and is thus not always accurate. Taking all the above things into account, we can deal up to 4x the tooltip damage under perfect conditions. The skill is balanced around this mechanic, which also means our damage suffers when those conditions are not met.

- Dualwielding: Lightning Damage has one huge disadvantage in this game - its damage range is rather high. We counter this by stacking cast speed, a main part of this comes from dualwielding two weapons with preferably high cast speed and the Dark Arts notable.
As a positive side effect, this also reduces the time we're locked in casting animations and thus increases our mobility greatly.

- Crit: Arc scales extremely well with crit due to its high base damage and moderate cast time, and each crit counts for the complete chain and repeated cast from Spell Echo.
Furthermore, crits have a 100% chance to inflict Status Ailments, which we use in both an offensive and defensive way.

- Damage Conversion: We convert half of our damage to cold with Call of the Brotherhood, which allows us to freeze while keeping the ability to shock.
Freezing is a great defensive mechanic and removes many annoyances and dangers, most notably Detonate Dead and the on-death spikes of Porcupines.
We can also attain a pseudo-conversion with The Three Dragons on a lower budget, but lose the ability to shock with that.

- Resistance Penetration: Converting our damage lets us make great use of Mastermind of Discord and Frost Bomb to substantially penetrate enemies resistances, which is especially helpful in bossfights.
We penetrate up to 82% cold resistance and 25% lightning resistance, but can attain even more with specific items and enchantments. The focus on cold resistance penetration is intended to assure reliable freezing.
Penetration doesn't directly increase our damage on tooltip, but it acts as a hefty more multiplier, which gets more effective the higher the enemies base resistance is.

- Mind over Matter: With this keystone, 30% of damage we take from hits is deducted from our mana pool instead of life.
There's two ways to build around this - Eldritch Battery and manabased. While both have their place, the former has too many limitations for this build, which is why we go the mana route.

- Dualcurse: Curses are a cheap and effective way to boost either damage, survivability or both. We go with a very defensive dualcurse setup and remove the need to selfcast them through Blasphemy.


Leveling & New Player Advices

This is probably the fastest way to level this build, but you don't have to follow it to the point. Especially if you're new to the game, it's good to test a few different spells to figure out what you enjoy.
Here's a list of uniques recommended for leveling. They're usually pretty cheap but don't invest too much, it's better to keep some currency for your endgame gear if you're on a low budget.

However, this leveling section is based on the assumption that you don't use any of these.

We level with a different gem setup than the main build, simply because the endgame setup isn't really effective early on. First, choose one of the following as your main skill:

Firestorm - Spell Echo - Concentrated Effect - Fire Penetration


Arc - Spell Echo - Lightning Penetration - Added Lightning Damage
Storm Call - Spell Echo - Lightning Penetration - Less Duration

If you choose Firestorm, i recommend to still level an Arc gem with you on the way!

Personally i prefer the Firestorm setup - it needs less total sockets and feels stronger, but if you want to get a feeling for the endgame build, Arc with Storm Call for single target works too.

The rest of your leveling gem setup is:

Decoy Totem - Summon Lightning Golem - Minion and Totem Elemental Resistance*
Blasphemy - Enfeeble - Warlord's Mark
Orb of Storms* - Culling Strike* - Power Charge on Crit*
Flame Dash - Faster Casting*

Gems marked with * are optional!

Not all of these gems are available from start, keep an eye on the Vendor Rewards list when you can get them. Decoy Totem, Warlord's Mark and Less Duration aren't available to Witch and have to be bought from other players.

Now to the actual leveling process:

Start with getting Spark, get to Coast, take the waypoint and finish off Hailrake in Tidal Island for your Quicksilver Flask. You can skip this quest in Cruel, do it in Merciless if you don't have a Basalt Flask by that time.
Go back to town after entering The Prison and claim Added Lightning Damage, and link that to Spark. Also get a Decoy Totem from other players at this point, it'll be an immense help with any bossfight.
Take a last trip to town after entering The Cavern of Wrath to claim Flame Dash and Firestorm/Arc + Storm Call and equip 1x or 2x Sapphire Rings for Merveil.
Also craft yourself a 3L wand with +1 to socketed Fire/Lightning Gems for your new main skill with help of the Recipe list.

Once in Act 2, start looking out for Topaz Rings to boost your lightning resistance. You can also wear a Kite Shield for the implicit elemental resistance if needed.
After finishing the Weaver quest, you can claim some support gems for your main skill.

Start to work on capped resistances in Act 3, especially fire and lightning matter here. A Granite Flask will also greatly help from this point on.
Progress as usual and do the Library quest to unlock penetration gems and Blasphemy, another quest that you can skip in higher difficulties.
Get Enfeeble and use it with Blasphemy, once you have Whispers of Doom add in Warlord's Mark.
Before entering the Black Core and fight Malachai, you can claim the last batch of support gems.
You should have a 4L for your main skill by now, and can replace your +1 weapon with a more offensive one.

Things should be straightforward from here on until maps, just keep your resistances capped.
You don't have to finish Act 4 in Merciless, simply get the skillpoint quest done and then farm either Dried Lake or get into maps.

Here's a small list of useful advices if you're still relatively new to the game, ranging from basic information up to how you can learn to evaluate gear.

- Read the wiki: You can expand your knowledge about anything game-related in the Path of Exile wiki. A good summary of all important game mechanics can be found here.

- Learn recipes: Path of Exile offers an extensive recipe system which you can use for your advantage - if you know all the good recipes.

- Level your masters: Elreon, Haku and Catarina can all substantially help you while gearing. Check their possible crafts, and check Exilemods to find out what affix slots are open on your piece of gear. Zana is very helpful once you hit endgame maps and should have a fixed spot in your hideout.

- Make use of crafting benches: After having unlocked all masters by leveling them up once, go to your hideout and use the /claim_crafting_benches command to have all crafting benches available.

- Use an offline skilltree tool: While this website offers an online skilltree to link and check out passive trees, it is advisable to use an external tool to more conveniently edit and store all your passive trees. I recommend Emmitt's Offline Skilltree Calculator.

- Use an item filter: A dynamic item filter will help you finding possible gear upgrade bases, while blending out all unnecessary stuff. My favorites are Antnee's Classy Item Filter and Neversink's Lootfilter.

- Use poe.trade and set up a shop: Poe.trade can help you easily finding gear upgrades. Setting up a shop with Acquisition or through Premium Stash Tabs will help you selling stuff to buy upgrades for yourself.
This little guide can help you to find out what gear is worth selling.

- Level gems in secondary weapon slot: Make use of your secondary weapon slot to level a few copies of Arc, or other popular gems to vaal or sell. Even if technically not active, these gems will gain experience.
When leveling Empower, Enhance and Enlighten, you can use weapons with Haku's "+x% quality to socketed support gems" mod for some extra experience gain on those gems.

- Additional Guides: These three guides are also worth a read, all credit goes to the respective authors: Beginner’s tips to play your own build, Diablo Player's Guide to Path of Exile and How To Not Suck - An In-Depth Beginner's Guide.


Passive Tree, Bandits & Ascendancy

Regular Vaal Pact Passive Tree
Step 1 - Step 2 - Step 3 - Step 4 - Endgame Goal - Lv100

Passives for Atziri's Acuity users
Endgame Goal - Lv100

Passives for Void Battery users
Endgame Goal - Lv100

Passives for Atziri's Acuity + Void Battery users
Endgame Goal - Lv100

Help Oak (Normal) - Kill All (Cruel) - Help Alira (Merciless)

Elementalist: Pendulum of Destruction > Mastermind of Discord > Paragon of Calamity > Liege of the Primordial



Gem Setup

Gems are listed in order of importance!

Arc is our main skill. I've already explained its basics above, and won't repeat myself here.
Spell Echo heavily multiplies our cast speed, which gives us great mobility to clear maps fast and helps manually evading dangerous stuff.
Increased Critical Strikes adds to our base crit chance and lets us reach 70%+ chance to crit.
Cold Penetration only affects half of our damage while wearing Call of the Brotherhood, but it's still helpful to raise freeze duration and allows us to freeze even highly resistant monsters.
If you don't have a CotB yet, use Lightning Penetration instead.
Increased Critical Damage is a heavy boost to our crit multiplier, but only effective once you reach 50%+ crit. Until then, use Added Lightning Damage instead.
Empower increases our base damage and adds another chain with successful corruptions on Empower and Arc - an endgame goal to work towards.

If you have a 6L early-league and Empowers are too expensive, use Added Lightning Damage or Lightning Penetration until you can afford a Lv2+ Empower.

I've intentionally left out Controlled Destruction here, as its downside is very noticeable if you don't have all crit in place yet.

Orb of Storms supported with Power Charge on Crit lets us gain Power Charges very quickly and gives some additional damage on top, while we're inside its radius.
Increased AoE helps with staying in said radius, Culling Strike helps getting bosses down a little faster.

We use Blasphemy + Warlord's Mark to leech life + mana and gain Endurance Charges for physical mitigation, and Enfeeble to greatly reduce incoming damage from affected enemies.
Enlighten increases our unreserved mana pool for Mind over Matter.

Flame Dash is our movement skill, Frost Bomb helps with single target by reducing their cold resistance and life regeneration. Both skills also proc Mastermind of Discord towards cold and lightning, which further helps us with taking down bosses.
In the last two slots you can use either Vaal Haste or Vaal Clarity supported with Increased Duration, or both vaal skills. Vaal Haste is a nice speed boost, Vaal Clarity helps if you should happen to run out of mana against bosses.
If you use Vaal Haste, keep it at whatever level your dexterity allows.

Decoy Totem is our life insurance. Whether it's strongboxes, bosses or just some nasty enemy, the totem will draw its attention and give us enough time to kill.
Minion & Totem Elemental Resistances helps the totem to stay alive, Empower further raises its life but isn't required.

Our Golems of choice. They syngergize well with Liege of the Primordial and the stats they give are actually helpful for us too. Cast when Damage taken removes the need to selfcast them.

If you feel your golems don't proc enough, use a lower level CwDt gem and make sure your golem gems are in the trigger treshold level, f.e. Lv12 CwDt + Lv10 golems.

Situational gems. Storm Call + Less Duration is needed for Atziri's split phase, but you can also use it for other bosses if you want.
Life Leech is needed to run elemental reflect and hexproof maps, and can also help with some bossfights in place of Empower.
Mana Leech is needed to run Hexproof + No Regeneration maps.

Gem Quality

Gems that benefit the most from quality are Blasphemy, Enfeeble, Flame Dash, Increased Duration (if used), Decoy Totem, Minion & Totem Elemental Resistance and both golems. Consider buying them with 15%+ quality.

Arc, Empower, Enlighten, Life Leech, Frost Bomb, Cast when Damage taken and both Vaal Skills don't need any quality at all.

For all other gems, just level them to Lv20 and use the 20% recipe, which will also level them back to Lv1 in the process.


Gear, Jewels & Flasks


This build scores with a great gear progression curve. My goal was to make it work well with very cheap gear - you can gear a completely map-viable char for less than an exalt, but the more you invest, the better it gets.

Our main stats are Life and Mana. You need atleast 400 flat life from gear, the more the better. Mana can be crafted in sufficient quantity through masters, which drops our gearing cost.
We don't scale Armour, Evasion nor Energy Shield, so you don't have to focus on any of these stats. Though i recommend to get mainly int-based gear, simply for easier chroming.

The by far most important stats for your weapon are 10%+ cast speed and 80%+ critical strike chance for spells. Secondary are either 40%+ spell damage or 1-80+ lightning damage added to spells.
Crit Multiplier, Lightning Damage% or Mana Regeneration Rate are all great additions, but can quickly raise the price. +x to socketed (Lightning/Cold/generic) gems is also helpful by raising the lifepool of your golems or Decoy Totem.

Doryani's Catalysts are a good budget choice, try getting some with 10% cast speed and good elemental damage roll if you go with them.
Void Batteries are more costly, only recommended if you use two of them, require a special passive tree and you need to keep up Power Charges all the time, but in return they're probably the best you can get without mirroring a wand.

There are a few viable chest choices for this build.

First is simply a rare chest with atleast 80+ life and resistances, mana is also good to have. Carnal Armour bases are a good choice due to their implicit mana. The "15% of Physical Damage taken as Cold Damage" mod from Essence of Horror can round a good chest up.

Lightning Coil is our absolute Best in Slot choice - it offers extremely good physical damage mitigation for no passive investment. But like all good things it comes with a price, in this case it's getting the right colours - expect to spend a lot of chromes. Your best bet is using 3B with Vorici, until you get the right colours.

Cloak of Flame is similar to Lightning Coil in terms of physical damage reduction, and way easier to chrome, but it lacks our much needed life.
Atziri's Splendour in its life version is an overall solid choice, giving us resistances, life and also 100 life + mana on kill.

Your helmet needs 80+ life, resistances and optionally mana. Good enchantments are Arc chains an additional x times, Enfeeble Curse Effect and Warlord's Mark Curse Effect, everything else is irrelevant for us.

Use Three Dragons as a substitute if you can't afford Call of the Brotherhood. You gain the ability to freeze but lose shock. Once you acquire CotB, replace this with a rare helmet.

Again, 80+ life, resistances and optionally mana, preferably on Fingerless Silk Base for the implicit spell damage. If you feel comfortable with your lifepool and have capped resistances, you can also use Facebreakers, Maligaro's Virtuosity or Shadow's and Dust to boost DPS.
Atziri's Acuity are the absolute highend choice here - they give life, mana through int, some crit and instant leech for both our life and mana, while also saving us passive points.
I feel like no enchantment is really useful here, don't bother with it.

And once again 80+ life, resistances and optionally mana, but this time also look out for 20%+ movement speed. Quick repositioning is a very important part for ranged casters, and that simply works better with higher movement speed.
Hands down the best enchantment for this slot is x% Elemental Penetration if you haven't killed recently to help with bossfights, but it's also extremely rare. If you want to farm it, i recommend to do so in Merciless Lab - the additional 2% from Uber Lab is not worth the cost.
Also good, but somewhat less impactful is x% Life + Mana Leech if you've killed recently.

Pretty basic, get a Leather Belt with 80+ life and resistances. If it has an open prefix, you can also add movement speed with Tora.

Do not use Doryani's Invitation! We need all the flat life we can get, which this belt happens to lack.

Call of the Brotherhood in first slot. Your second ring needs to have 50+ life and resistances. Flat Mana, Mana Regeneration Rate and/or Dexterity are good additions, highend bases are Diamond and Opal.

Your amulet needs 60+ life, 30%+ crit multi and some dexterity. Mana Regeneration Rate and Crit Chance are good additions. Spell damage would top things off, but that's gonna get expensive very fast.


Flasks are an extremely important, but often overlooked key to any build.

Seething prefix gives us instant heal as a panic button and is most effective on a Divine Life flask base.
The Hallowed Hybrid flask is helpful if we should happen to run out of mana, good prefixes are Surgeon's or Catalysed.
of Heat and of Warding are interchangeable between both flasks, it just matters that you have them somewhere.
A Basalt Flask is our way to mitigate big physical hits even without a Lightning Coil. Experimenter's prefix greatly raises its duration, of Staunching is needed to counter Corrupting Blood and other sources of bleed.

The last two slots are very flexible:

- Vessel of Vinktar is an extremely strong survivability boost, i'd even call it mandatory for bosses and reflect in higher level maps. The legacy version has more leech and saves you some points for Vaal Pact, but even the nerfed version is still strong.
Best for us is the Penetration version, Flat Spell Damage is good too. If you use this flask, you will need a flask with of Grounding suffix in the last slot.
- Taste of Hate is additional physical damage mitigation and also gives additional maximum Cold Resistance.
- Quicksilver of Adrenaline will let you burst faster through maps and help with quickly repositioning, which is especially helpful against some bosses.
- Not listed, but if you use Vessel of Vinktar the best addition will be either a Silver, Sapphire, Ruby or Quicksilver flask with Experimenter's prefix and of Grounding suffix.
Without Vinktars you should use a Topaz Flask with the aforementioned affixes to counter reflect.


Priority order for jewels is life > crit multi > cast speed > damage > everything else.

We use jewels mainly as an additional way to boost life, even just a 2-stat jewel with life and one offensive stat is worth using.

Here's a list of all stats that affect this build:

x% increased maximum Life

x% to Critical Strike Multiplier with Lightning Skills
x% to Critical Strike Multiplier with Elemental Skills
x% to Critical Strike Multiplier while Dual Wielding
x% to Critical Strike Multiplier for Spells
x% to Global Critical Strike Multiplier

x% increased Cast Speed while Dual Wielding
x% increased Cast Speed with Lightning Skills
x% increased Cast Speed
x% increased Attack and Cast Speed

x% increased Spell Damage while dual Wielding
x% increased Spell Damage
x% increased Cold Damage
x% increased Lightning Damage
x% increased Damage

x% increased Global Critical Strike Chance
x% increased Critical Strike Chance for Spells
x% increased Critical Strike Chance with Elemental Skills
x% increased Critical Strike Chance with Lightning Skills
x% increased Critical Strike Chance while Dual Wielding
x% reduced Mana Cost of Skills
x% increased maximum Mana
x% increased Mana Regeneration Rate
x to Strength
x to Dexterity
x to Intelligence
x to Strength and Dexterity
x to Strength and Intelligence
x to Dexterity and Intelligence
x to all Attributes
x% increased Rarity of Items found
x% to Fire Resistance
x% to Cold Resistance
x% to Lightning Resistance
x% to Fire and Cold Resistances
x% to Fire and Lightning Resistances
x% to Cold and Lightning Resistances
x% to all Elemental Resistances
x% to Chaos Resistance

Upgrade Order Guide

The question i probably get asked the most is "what do i upgrade next?", so i've decided to give a generic baseline with different steps, showing you what to get before going for the bigger investments.

This section is based on the assumption that you start from nothing. If you already have one of the pieces, obviously use them even if you haven't completed the prior steps yet.

- Step 1: Rares with Life & Resistances, a 5L chest and some basic wands.

- Step 2: Call of the Brotherhood

- Step 3: Cheap 6L Chest, Vessel of Vinktar, helmet enchantment, Lv3 Empower

- Step 4: Highend weapons & jewelry, Lv21 Arc, upgrade gear for Lightning Coil penalty

- Step 5: 6L Lightning Coil, highend jewels

- Step 6: Atziri's Acuity, Lv4 Empower/Enlighten

- Step 7: Lv21 gems, whatever else has room for improvement


Alternative versions

Staff Version

This is largely the same build, but instead of dualwielding we're using Arc in a staff, which removes the need for heavy off-colours on Lightning Coil and has some other perks.

There's three staves we can choose from:

Pledge of Hands is a pretty solid budget solution and is DPS-wise about 10% lower than my pair of wands. The 100% increased maximum mana gives a ~40% gain in unreserved mana pool and mana regeneration rate - great for HC-players. Downside is a noticeable loss of global cast speed for all our skills, and the loss of about 8% flat crit chance.

A +3 Lightning Gems Staff is highend, the linked one ranks itself perfectly between my wands and dual Void Battery by +/- 10%. Staves like this are rare, even more so with good stats on a good base, but you can craft them yourself (scroll down & click "load 15 more images") with the right budget - mine cost me about 12 exalts in crafting cost. If you go this way, i recommend an Eclipse Staff base. Aside from cost, it also comes with the lower global cast speed downside to a lesser extent.

Duskdawn is a really interesting staff, and lines up perfectly between Pledge of Hands and a +3 Staff DPS-wise without even building properly around it. Both of its buffs are basically up all the time, and it gives some nice extra non-reflectable chaos damage.
When using this staff, use a Rumi's Concoction flask for additional defense and DPS.

Any other staff is not worth using for this build!

Passives w/o Atziri's Acuity
Endgame Goal - Lv100

Passives w/ Atziri's Acuity
Endgame Goal - Lv100

Gem setup is unchanged, but goes into the staff now. Use Added Lightning Damage instead of Spell Echo with Pledge of Hands, since it already has the latter integrated.
You'll unfortunately still need 2x blue sockets on Lightning Coil, but that should be way easier than the colours from our main setup.

Pledge of Hands DPS

DPS in Town

DPS w/ Power Charges & Pendulum of Destruction

DPS w/ Charges, Pendulum, Vinktar & Vaal Haste

+3 Eclipse Staff DPS

DPS in Town

DPS w/ Power Charges & Pendulum of Destruction

DPS w/ Charges, Pendulum, Vinktar & Vaal Haste


DPS in Town

DPS w/ Power Charges & Pendulum of Destruction

DPS w/ Charges, Pendulum, Vinktar, Rumi's & Vaal Haste


Mapping, Labyrinth & Atziri


Mapping is pretty straightforward - cast Orb of Storms and burst enemies down with Arc, then Flame Dash to the next pack.
Use Decoy Totem at Strongboxes or to kite away Volatile Blood rares.
Don't rush up in map tiers too fast - there's no point in running Lv80 maps at Lv80, all it will do is giving you a bad time because you're most likely still undergeared and miss lots of passives.

While this build wasn't made with killing specific bosses like Uber Atziri or Shaper in mind, all regular map bosses up to T15 are possible to do, it just won't be simple facerolling like with any current meta build.
The best strategy is to cast Orb of Storms, Decoy Totem and Frost Bomb on range, then Flame Dash near the boss to trigger the fight. Keep Decoy Totem up and you shouldn't have many issues with any boss.
You can also switch to Storm Call + Less Duration to cheese bosses, if it makes things easier for you - i personally prefer the challenge.

I know it's easier to put the blame on the build instead of admitting failure, but if you struggle with a boss it's most of the time due to lacking knowledge about their mechanics.
If you want to educate yourself, check out the wiki page for maps.

The build is very flexible when it comes to mapmods and can run almost anything, only a few combinations require specific changes:

- Elemental Reflect: Replace Empower with Life Leech. Equip a Sibyl's Lament if coupled with -max Res.

- -max Res / Elemental Weakness: Watch out for reflect. Ele Weakness only requires attention if your resistances aren't overcapped.

- Hexproof: Either use Life Leech instead of Empower, or make heavy use of your Vessel of Vinktar. Use Mana Leech if coupled with No Regeneration.

- Cannot Leech Life + Mana: Equip another Hybrid Flask and play carefully. Skip if combined with Elemental Reflect.


The Labyrinth is an optional instance you have to run atleast once in each difficulty to gain Ascendancy Points. It's a rather extensive topic on its own, i recommend to read the wiki pages for The Lord's Labyrinth and Izaro so you have an idea about how it all works.
You can find the layout and all needed information about each current labyrinth on poelab.com.

If you followed my leveling guideline and use Firestorm, both Normal- and Cruel Lab should be no issue. If you have trouble, just wait until a higher level, we don't really need the Ascendancy while leveling.
I'd recommend to wait with Merciless Lab until you have atleast a Lv18 Arc gem and are properly geared, and there's no Charge Disruptors phase on that day.

Uber Lab is doable, but pretty tough. Same as with Merciless Lab, avoid doing it on a day with Charge Disruptors. If you still have a hard time, you can usually find people rushing you through for a small fee in the forum or the public noticeboard.


Atziri is the probably most overrated fight in the game. Once you know all the mechanics and have some practice, the whole Apex of Sacrifice turns into a cakewalk.

In order to do it with this build you need a properly geared character, another Basalt Flask of Staunching, a Ruby Flask of Dousing and the Storm Call/Less Duration setup.
Keep the regular setup first and make your way to the double Vaals. Trigger the right one and burst him down until he vanishes. Move to the other Vaal which should be up by now and burst him down aswell. Try to get them both to low HP and kill them simultaniously, otherwise you'll have to deal with an enraged Vaal.

After they're down, equip the second Basalt Flask and get to the trio. Upon entering their room, go around the first pillar to the right and approach the Tittybitch from there. Stay in motion and circle the arena, so she stays in the middle until she dies. Now concentrate on the Dualstriker, try to seperate him from the Cycloner and keep circling until Dualstriker is dead. Now kill the Cycloner, you should be able to facetank him with Basalt of Staunching up - if not, continue circling until he's dead.

After this fight, replace the second Basalt with your Ruby Flask and get to Atziri. Before entering her room, switch Arc with Storm Call and Empower with Less Duration. I find this fight much easier with Storm Call, and you won't kill yourself to reflect in splitphase.
The fight is easy, you're able to tank the spears and can easily move away from all other damage. In splitphase, focus on damaging one of the four clones, but avoid to hit the one holding the mirror! Learn the Flameblast clones pattern and keep attacking between her blasts.

Uber Atziri however is untested by me, and probably not possible. Sorry!



- T13 Gorge Run
- T14 Boss Compilation
- T15 Boss Compilation
- Atziri in Budget Gear
- T15 Dark Forest in Budget Gear

Special thanks to my good friend Marttern for recording these!


My Character

I've leveled this build multiple times in different temp leagues, but unfortunately don't have a snapshot of each character saved!

With the posted setup, i've leveled from 92 to 95 to test its durability before releasing the update.


Lv95 Passives

Offense/Defense Screenshots

DPS in Town

Unbuffed DPS + Golems & Mastermind of Discord

DPS w/ Power Charges & Pendulum of Destruction

DPS w/ Charges, Pendulum, Vinktar & Vaal Haste

Defense Tab

Gear/Passives used in Budget Gear videos

Lv93 Passives

Offense/Defense Screenshots

DPS in Town

DPS w/ Power Charges & Pendulum of Destruction

DPS w/ Charges, Pendulum & Vaal Haste

Defense Tab





Special thanks to everyone who helped improving the guide or supported it in any other way, and to GGG for this awesome game and their exceptional support!

Hope you enjoy the build and have a nice day!
Forever solo.

Arc Guide: 1147951 | Unique Collection: 1637159 | Temp League Builds: 1678487
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Can you dual wield fishing rods? Do you think you could get the fastest cast speed lightning warp with two fishing rods or with a +3 lightning 22% cast staff?
All my builds /view-thread/1430399

T14 'real' clearspeed challenge /1642265

IGN maks
Can you dual wield fishing rods? Do you think you could get the fastest cast speed lightning warp with two fishing rods or with a +3 lightning 22% cast staff?

Unfortunately not, they count as 2H. I think 2x perfect Apeps would beat out a +3 max CS staff.
Forever solo.

Arc Guide: 1147951 | Unique Collection: 1637159 | Temp League Builds: 1678487
Hi, i came back after some time to try the game again, and i somehow stumbled into your thread.

I like the concept of Arc. It reminds of the old days in another game :)
After reading your guide i have some questions.

Is it possible to play this as EB + CoD build? (im sure its possible, but do you think its worth it? With all auras running, my mana pool would be reduced by a lot...)
Im not very rich and CoD is probably the only good item i have, thats why im asking :P

I would have to safe currency for a long time to buy both, catalyst and invitation. Thats why i hope i can use a rare belt to gain some extra life, mana and res + a wand with 1% leech from catharina.

Is 1% leech enough with and without Vaal Pact? Can Vaalpact really safe me vs reflect mobs? (i never used this node, so i have no idea)

Would be nice to get some feedback.

Merry Christmas
Completed 8 ChallengesZentr0x wrote:
Hi, i came back after some time to try the game again, and i somehow stumbled into your thread.

I like the concept of Arc. It reminds of the old days in another game :)
After reading your guide i have some questions.

Is it possible to play this as EB + CoD build? (im sure its possible, but do you think its worth it? With all auras running, my mana pool would be reduced by a lot...)
Im not very rich and CoD is probably the only good item i have, thats why im asking :P

I would have to safe currency for a long time to buy both, catalyst and invitation. Thats why i hope i can use a rare belt to gain some extra life, mana and res + a wand with 1% leech from catharina.

Is 1% leech enough with and without Vaal Pact? Can Vaalpact really safe me vs reflect mobs? (i never used this node, so i have no idea)

Would be nice to get some feedback.

Merry Christmas

Hi, and Merry Christmas!

CoD will be possible, but you'll have to drop one aura, either PoL or HoI, i'd recommend dropping the ladder.

VP does save you against reflect, especially when combined with the maxres of PoL and popping your Topaz flask. With only 1% leech it gets kinda funky though, i would in the meantime replace Empower with Life Leech until you can afford the Catalyst/Invitation setup.
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Thx for the fast reply,
i will go with the LL Gem, should make it much easier to find a cheap Wand with decent stats.
When i drop HoI, i can replace it with Arctic Armor and i wont need an unset ring for know. Gives me more choices for this slot.
Suddenly this build is affordable, for me ;)

thx again!
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Nice guide!

I want to ask you a question: what's your opinion on apep's rage?
Nice guide!

I want to ask you a question: what's your opinion on apep's rage?

Apeps is great, but not for this build. The mana cost jumps to 170 mana/cast which is simply unsustainable. DPS is at 38.5k fully charged and it's bit less exposure to reflect, but yeah, the mana cost.
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Arc Guide: 1147951 | Unique Collection: 1637159 | Temp League Builds: 1678487
You tried with Pledge? If so how much dps you got? Nice Build btw!
You tried with Pledge? If so how much dps you got? Nice Build btw!

Thanks! Unfortunately i do not have a Pledge of Hands to hand, so i can't test it, but it's most likely beaten out by dual Catalyst.
Forever solo.

Arc Guide: 1147951 | Unique Collection: 1637159 | Temp League Builds: 1678487

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