[2.6] Whaitiri's Crit Arc Witch - 6 different Setups, from Beginner to High-End + Beta Observations

Welcome to my Crit Arc guide, fellow exile!

Just to get it out of the way: this is not the most powerful build you will find in this forum.
If you want a build to easily farm Shaper/Uber Atziri with, then don't bother to continue here.

Instead of just one, you can find a total of six Arc builds in this thread.

The main setup is a solid, easy-to-play build that works with very little gear investment and is basically safe from any nerfs. It's designed to give new players an easy start into Path of Exile, while also being an option for veterans to enjoy.
If you want more, you can find five additional, stronger setups at the bottom of this post, each being based around a different mechanic.

Questions & discussion about the current version start at page 276.



Plans for 3.0

This section may get updated a couple times during beta!

My plan is of course to keep this build alive for 3.0. As always, the build may or may not undergo some drastic changes if needed, but it's still too early to decide on anything without knowing the full patchnotes and new content.

The first setup i've tested is already very promising and will most likely become the new main build version, bringing it back to the roots as one of the go-to beginner builds.
It's easily my favorite version of this build so far and will hopefully satisfy players as much as it did me.

There's a few more setups i need to test, and potential new uniques or skills can also shake up things completely, so i won't release any setup informations yet.

Please understand that i can't devote as much time to the game anymore as i used to, so it may take a while until the guide is fully updated.
I'll try to put up a very basic version on 3.0 patch day, and then expand the individual sections over the following days and add different build versions, if there will be any.

Current Beta Observations

Arc still feels inferior to level with. Makes no sense to gut the spell that much early on, while other spells can hit more enemies at once and deal similar/more damage.
This is especially noticeable in high-density situations like strongboxes or areas such as the Grand Arena.
While it won't completely fix the issues, giving Arc 1-2 extra chains at early levels would atleast smoothen the progression a bit.

A seperate single-target skill is still needed. Lightning Tendrils still seems to be the best choice, although the limited range seems pretty risky with some new bosses.
Orb of Storms is surprisingly good when properly scaled, but still inferior to Tendrils.
I'll be very disappointed if there's no treshold jewel for Arc this patch, that would allow the skill to not completely fall off at bosses without adds. Or atleast some better solutions than what we have right now (CwC Lightning Spell maybe?).

Vaal Arc still feels useless. With Spell Echo not affecting vaal skills any longer, any little potential this skill had is completely gone. All it does now is giving you approximately the same amount of chains from 2x echoed casts of Arc, which isn't worth the drawbacks of taking up sockets and needing souls.

Arc could need a base crit buff. Can't really see why most of the already weaker lightning spells are limited to 5% base crit, while stuff like Spark of Storm Call have 6%.
Unless there's some critical (get it?) balance reasons i'm missing, they should all be brought in line so the choice won't always go to the two mentioned skills for a crit lightning caster.

More to come as i progress in beta!


Pros/Cons of each Setup

Before you continue reading, here's a little summary of each build to help you deciding which one to follow.


Main EB MoM Occultist
+ cheap to gear
+ flexible setup
+ lots of defenses from passives, aura & flasks
+ passive Power Charge generation
- Mind over Matter can backfire
- no instant leech & life regeneration
- Reflect, Damage over Time & Chaos Damage can hurt
- struggles with some bosses, can't do T16+

Pledge of Hands MoM Berserker
+ 7k+ Life + 3k+ Mana
+ great leech without Vinktar
+ affordable to gear
+- Facetanks 3/4 Guardians, but not with all mapmods
- relatively slow mapclears
- 10% extra damage taken
- Damage over Time & Chaos Damage can hurt
- Phoenix/Shaper/Uber Atziri untested

Duskdawn Block Necromancer
+ capped Block & Spellblock
+ instant leech + ~600 life gained on Block
+ affordable to gear
+- passive, but inconsistent Power Charge generation
- need to keep up Bone Offering for survivability
- Damage over Time & Chaos Damage can hurt
- Guardians/Shaper/Uber Atziri untested

CI CotB Inquisitor
+ ignores enemy resistances
+ freeze through Call of the Brotherhood
+ 10k+ ES w/ Dualwield, 13k+ ES w/ Shield
+ instant leech
- semi-expensive
- Shaper/Uber Atziri untested

CI Voltaxic Poison Pathfinder
+ as meta as Arc can get
+ melts bosses once poison stacks are up
+ can run Elemental Reflect maps
+- great leech with Hungry Abyss & Vinktar
- expensive, requires 5x corrupted pieces for Hungry Abyss
- extremely squishy when flasks are down
- low initial damage
- only killed Minotaur so far (missing good gear)

Lowlife Dual Void Battery Assassin
+ highest damage of all
+ free Culling Strike
+ 81% max. Lightning Res, 91% w/ Flask
- extremely expensive
- relatively low ES (8k+)
- limited to Lightning Warp for movement
- Shaper/Uber Atziri untested


Main Mechanics in this build


Chaining: Arc is a lightning-based spell with the ability to chain from monsters - even around corners, something we can use to our advantage!
After chaining to two individual enemies, Arc can also chain back to the initially hit monster.
The amount of times Arc can chain depends on the gems level and can be further increased by enchantments, with a maximum of 11 chains attainable with this build.

Chaining is not represented in our tooltip, it simply shows DPS per enemy hit and is thus not always accurate. Taking all the above things into account, we can deal up to 4x the tooltip damage under perfect conditions.

Crit: Arc scales extremely well with crit due to its high base damage and moderate cast time, and each crit counts for the complete chain and repeated cast from Spell Echo.
Furthermore, crits have a 100% chance to inflict Status Ailments.

We scale our base crit chance through passives, gear and Power Charges in combination with Assassin's Mark curse and a Diamond Flask.

Evasion + Dodge: Evasion is entropy-based and allows us to prevent taking any damage from attacks. We gain a decent amount of evasion through Grace and a Jade Flask, further amplified by evasion passives.
Dodge is a seperate, randomized roll to evasion and comes in two forms: Dodge works towards attacks, and Spell Dodge towards spells. We get both through passives and can further increase the numbers through gear.

These are the probably cheapest non-gear dependent defenses in this game, but due to their randomness they can't prevent all damage, so we increase our survivability further with..

Mind over Matter: We combine Mind over Matter, Eldritch Battery, Zealot's Oath and Occultists Wicked Ward to a very effective defensive system.
MoM redirects 30% of damage from hits to mana before life, EB covers our mana globe with energy shield which allows us to reserve mana. ZO applies all life regeneration to our ES and Wicked Ward allows the implicit ES recharge to continue even if we cast or take damage.
The whole system can optionally be further boosted by Occultists Vile Bastion for great, autonomous sustain while mapping.


First steps for new players

Are you still rather new to Path of Exile and feel overwhelmed by all the possibilities?
Then here's a list of useful advices to make your life easier, ranging from basic information up to how you can learn to evaluate gear.


Bookmark & use the following websites:
  • PoE Wiki - Your place to go for any questions about the game, no matter if mechanics, item-related or whatever else.
  • PoeDB - Useful to look up datamined data such as enemy stats and stuff.
  • poe.trade - Most popular shop indexer, use it to buy gear or pricecheck rare gear.
  • currency.poe.trade - Same as above, but for currency trades.
  • poe.ninja - Use this site for pricechecks. Keep in mind that rolls can heavily affect the value of uniques with big variables.
  • poe-rates - Another good tool for pricechecks.
  • Poelab - Shows the current Labyrinth layouts, services and other important stuff.
  • Exilemods - Great resource to look up possible affixes, ilvl requirements and roll ranges for gear.
  • Aura Planner - Helpful tool to work out your aura setup when creating a new build.
  • Gem Planner - Same as above, but for gems.
  • Vorici Calculator - Tells you the average of chroms needed to recolor your gear to desired colors.
  • Build List - Looking for a new build? This page will help you finding builds based on their main skill.

Learn recipes: Path of Exile offers an extensive recipe system which you can use for your advantage - if you know all the good recipes.

Level your masters: Elreon, Haku and Catarina can all substantially help you while gearing. Zana is very helpful once you hit endgame maps and should have a fixed spot in your hideout.

Make use of crafting benches: After having unlocked masters by leveling them up once, go to your hideout and use the /claim_crafting_benches command to have their crafting benches available.

Use an offline skilltree tool: While this website offers an online skilltree to link and check out passive trees, it is advisable to use an external tool to more conveniently edit and store all your passive trees. I recommend Emmitt's Offline Skilltree Calculator, or the more complex & detailed Path of Building.

Use an item filter: A dynamic item filter will help you finding possible gear upgrade bases, while blending out all unnecessary stuff. You can find most relevant filters including a preview of each at Filterblast.

Create a shop: Setting up a shop with Acquisition or through Premium Stash Tabs will help you selling stuff to buy upgrades for yourself.
This little guide can help you to find out what gear is worth selling.

Level gems: Make use of your secondary weapon slot to level a few copies of Arc, or other popular gems to vaal or sell. Even if technically not active, these gems will gain experience.
When leveling Empower, Enhance and Enlighten, you can use weapons with Haku's "+x% quality to socketed support gems" mod for some extra experience gain on those gems.

Additional Guides: The following generic beginners guides are worth checking out aswell.
You might find something in there that i didn't think of including here: Beginner’s tips to play your own build and Diablo Player's Guide to Path of Exile.

Have Fun: While Path of Exile has an overall great community, there are some black sheep who will ridicule anything that doesn't come up to their "efficiency standards".
But seriously, screw all that. Having fun is all that should matter to you in a videogame.


Leveling this build

This is probably the fastest way to level this build, but you don't have to follow it to the point. Especially if you're new to the game, it's good to test different spells to figure out what you enjoy.


Actually i'm going to cover two ways to level this build in this section - Arc/Tendrils and Bladefall Totems.

The former is basically our endgame build without some of the fancier stuff, it's rather slow early on but will help you getting a feel for the skills.
The latter is faster and safer, but requires minimal currency investment and a slightly changed leveling tree progression.

Arc/Tendrils Leveling

Start with getting Spark, get to Coast, take the waypoint and finish off Hailrake in Tidal Island for your Quicksilver Flask. You can skip this quest in Cruel, do it in Merciless if you don't have a Basalt Flask by that time.
Go back to town after entering The Prison and claim Added Lightning Damage, and link that to Spark. You can also get a Decoy Totem from other players at this point, it'll be an immense help with any bossfight.
Take a last trip to town after entering The Cavern of Wrath to claim Clarity, Flame Dash, Arc and Lightning Tendrils and equip 1x or 2x Sapphire Rings for Merveil.
Also craft yourself a 3L wand with +1 to socketed Lightning Gems for your new skills with help of the Recipe list.

Once in Act 2, start looking out for Topaz Rings to boost your lightning resistance. You can also wear a Kite Shield for the implicit elemental resistance if needed.
After finishing the Weaver quest, claim Faster Casting for your Arc 3L and Elemental Focus + Faster Casting for Tendrils.

Start to work on capped resistances in Act 3, especially fire and lightning matter here. A Granite Flask will also greatly help from this point on.
Progress as usual and do the Library quest to unlock penetration gems and Blasphemy, another quest that you can skip in higher difficulties.
Link Enfeeble with Blasphemy, replace Added Lightning Damage with Lightning Penetration on Arc, and Elemental Focus for the same on Tendrils, add in Life Leech if you have a 4L.

Farm Dried Lake a bit once you reach Act 4, it's a pretty easy zone with good exp gains. I recommend atleast Lv35 before you should continue.
Before entering the Black Core and fight Malachai, claim 2x Spell Echos and replace your Faster Casting gems with them. Also replace your weapon with a more offensive one, if you've found one by now.

Things should be straightforward from here on until maps, just keep your resistances capped. We don't need our Ascendancy until endgame so don't bother.
You also don't have to finish Act 4 in Merciless, simply get the skillpoint quest done and then farm either Dried Lake or get into maps.

Bladefall Totems Leveling

This method requires leveling gear with lots of Dexterity, 1-2 mana flasks and 11 respec points.
A Tabula Rasa and Axiom Perpetuum can further improve your leveling experience.
I won't go into much detail about general progression here, just read the other leveling section and ignore any gem-related stuff.

Start with Spark, switch to Firestorm at Lv12 and finally Bladefall at Lv28.
The links for our totems are Bladefall - Spell Totem - Concentrated Effect - Controlled Destruction (+ Faster Casting - Added Fire Damage in Tabula), additionally use Hatred as only aura.
On the passive tree, rush to the left side through Purity of Flesh to Ancestral Bond, then get Amplify and Shamanistic Fury (like this) - respec out of them when switching to the endgame Arc setup.

While we don't need our Ascendancy until endgame, it's pretty faceroll with this setup if you want to get it done already.


Passive Tree, Bandits & Ascendancy

Step 1 - Step 2 - Step 3 - Step 4 - Finished Build - Lv100

Help Oak (Normal) - Kill All (Cruel) - Help Alira (Merciless)

Only Occultist, Wicked Ward and Profane Bloom are fixed. For the remaining points, choose two out of Vile Bastion, Forbidden Power and Malediction.

Vile Bastion gives great ES sustain during mapping, Forbidden Power opens up two gemslots, Malediction gives another powerful curse against bosses.



Gem Setup

Gems are listed in order of importance!

That's right, we only need a 4L for our main skill. Arc scales fairly well on its own through gem levels, so that's what we will focus on here. More damage isn't needed for pack clearing anyway.

Spell Echo is a huge multiplier to cast speed and repeats each cast without mana cost.
Since Arc can only hit a limited amount of times, this helps us quickly getting lots of chains between monsters while also lowering time between hits on the lower and higher end of lightning damage range.
Lightning Penetration is a hidden damage multiplier - it doesn't directly increase tooltip DPS, but it's in worst case a 37% more damage multiplier and just gets more effective the more lightning resistance an enemy has.
Empower increases base damage and helps us boosting Arc to Lv24 for another chain - more about that in gear section. If you don't have leech on gear yet, use Life Leech in this slot.

Arcs single target capabilities are pretty poor without much investment, so we need a different skill for bosses. Lightning Tendrils is perfect for this purpose - when considering that it hits 4x per cast, it's one of the highest base damage spells in the game!

Lightning Penetration and Spell Echo serve the same purpose as on Arc.
Since this is the boss killing skill, Life Leech shouldn't need any explanation.
Controlled Destruction is a huge damage multiplier and worth the 6% crit we lose with it.
Elemental Focus however seems like a weird choice at first - why invest into crit, and then remove the ability to shock?
Simply because we can't surpass the minimum shock duration where it matters anyway.
We can however still shock them with a Vinktar Flask, which you should have by the time you can afford a 6L.

Concentrated Effect isn't worth using - the damage multiplier is insane, but the loss of range makes it too annoying against any boss that can move.

Storm Call is just a gem switch for Atziri, and whatever else boss you find easier with this gem.

Grace gives us a huge amount of base evasion, Stone Golem gives the majority of our ES regeneration.
Assassin's Mark, supported with Blasphemy gives us Power Charges, and enemies some flat chance to receive a crit and take extra damage.

These are mostly needed for bossfights. You can either use two Vaal Disciplines to assure MoM-sustain for longer bossfights, or one + Vaal Grace to temporarily cap your dodge chance.

Three different movement setups, your weapon dictates which one to use.
Whirling Blades is by far the most responsive and requires a dagger, with a sceptre you need to use the slower Shield Charge. Both can be supporter with Faster Attacks and Fortify.
If you use a wand, you're stuck with Flame Dash - it's pretty fast, but the whole cooldown thing is pretty annoying. It saves you two sockets in return, which you can use for Orb of Storms + Power Charge on Crit to gain Power Charges in bossfights without Forbidden Power.

Important: Keep these gems at the shown levels!

Cast when Damage taken will automatically trigger the linked gems whenever you take a total of 528 damage, which coincidentally is when you'll usually need them anyway.
Immortal Call helps with surviving many physical hits coming in quick succession. You should usually evade/dodge most of them, but it's still good to have just in case.
Enfeeble helps mostly in bossfights, heavily reducing the chance to get hit, receive a crit AND any damage that gets through, but you'll need either Malediction or +1 Curse on gear to use it.
Vortex chills enemies, which slows them down by 30% - perfect while being in close range combat with bosses. When linked with Blind, it can also further reduce the enemies chance to hit by 50%.

Gem Quality

Gems that benefit the most from quality are Blasphemy, Summon Stone Golem, Increased Duration and if used, Whirling Blades, Faster Attacks, Fortify, Flame Dash, Vortex, Blind and Enfeeble. Consider buying them with 15%+ quality.

Arc, Empower, Cast when Damage taken, Vaal Discipline and if used Vaal Grace, Immortal Call, Shield Charge, Orb of Storms and Storm Call don't need any quality at all.

For all other gems, just level them to Lv20 and use the 20% recipe, which will also level them back to Lv1 in the process.


Gear, Jewels & Flasks


This build scores with a great gear progression curve. My goal was to make it work well with very cheap gear - and even highend gear won't cost you that much.

Main stats are Life and Energy Shield. You need atleast 500 flat of each from gear, the more the better. Some evasion helps too, but shouldn't be priority.
Aside from that, you also need atleast 17 Strength and 11 Dexterity from gear or jewels to max level all gems.

There are three suitable weapon types for this build - daggers, sceptres and wands.
Main focus on all is high cast speed, spell damage and crit chance for spells.
Secondary are flat lightning damage to spells and crit multi.
If there's an open prefix, you can also add lightning damage leech with Catarina.

Wands can roll these mods and are usually pretty cheap, but gate you to Flame Dash for movement.
Sceptres have a unique in form of Doryani's Catalyst that satisfies all our needs. I recommend one with high attack & cast speed rolls, the other two don't matter too much.
Daggers are the expensive choice. They can't implicitely roll cast speed, only way to get it is through an Essence of Misery. Attack speed is also important to get the most out of Whirling Blades - base attack speed doesn't matter here, only the local attack speed roll on weapon affects movement skills.
This leaves you with two choices - spam essences on an ilvl84 Golden/Platinum Kris until something useful comes out, or buy one.
An absolute highend dagger would have spell damage, flat lightning to spells, attack speed, cast speed, spell crit chance/multi and lightning damage leech, orientate on the above linked dagger for a lower budget choice.

Focus on high life and spellcrit here, any spell damage, ES or a free suffix for cast speed are a nice bonus.

I highly recommend an Evasion + ES base for this slot, 6L bases with a good itemlevel are usually fairly cheap to get. Alt + Regal until you get a good life, flat ES and resistance roll, then add Evasion + ES % with Haku, or if you feel lucky spam Essences of Loathing until you hit these mods for some extra dodge.

You can also sacrifice some life and ES and use The Restless Ward for some additional ES sustain in combination with an Enduring Cry gem.

Nothing too fancy, just a helmet with high life, some ES and resistances.
You can also use Geofri's Crest for a cheap +1 Gem Level item for Arc, but i highly recommend to switch it with a rare helmet once you reach higher map tiers.

Get yourself a +3 Arc chain enchantment base once the budget allows and try to craft.
All other enchantments are irrelevant for us.

There's a few choices here. Voidbringer offer the absolute best DPS increase and come with nice ES, but the increased mana cost can get problematic without Vile Bastion. Use them at your own risk!
Facebreaker are a ~10% DPS loss, but you can get them pretty cheap since the roll doesn't matter for us. Atziri's Acuity are the most expensive choice and a ~15% DPS loss over Voidbringer, but they're the only way to get instant leech without conflicting with Zealot's Oath.

Only relevant enchantment here is "..of Light", but ideally you'd want a +1 Level to Socketed Gems corruption in this slot.

These boots are BiS, all stats on them are useful for us and they're fairly cheap to get.

I highly recommend the leech enchantment here. You don't necessarily need its Uber lab version, just run Merciless lab on a fast layout day to get it.

Just a basic belt with high life, resistances and optionally some ES on Leather/Heavy/Vanguard Base.

Again, priority on high life and resistances, optionally ES and/or Evasion.
Add Leo's Faster Start of ES Recharge mod if there's an open prefix.
Highend bases are Opal and Diamond, but capping resistances should have priority.

Main focus on high life and crit multi. Evasion %, crit chance, spell damage and ES are secondary. Also a great opportunity to finish our stat requirements.


Flasks are extremely important for our survivability. We use the Surgeon's/Experimenter's Prefix on all utility flasks (Diamond can't roll Surgeon's), and Surgeon's/Chemist's/Catalysed on our life flask.

An Eternal Life flask helps countering DoT's and whatever else may hurt us, i'd recommend either Warding or Curing suffix here. Blood of the Karui is also a good choice here.
The Diamond Flask increases our chance to crit, since we ideally use it in conjunction with a Vinktar flask, it makes sense to get Grounding suffix here.
Vessel of Vinktar gives maximum Lightning Resistance for reflect, insane leech and shocks enemies around you, even the highest life bosses. Best version is Penetration, budget is Flat to Spells.
If you can't afford either, use a Topaz Flask with the suffix you didn't roll on your Life flask.
A Basalt Flask is our savior against any physical hits that get through, and since lots of bleed effect are tied to physical damage, it's the best place to get Staunching suffix.
Last slot for a Jade Flask to gain lots of extra evasion, very helpful against Porcupines and other projectile stuff. Slap on Heat suffix here.


Priority order for jewels is life > crit multi > cast speed > damage > everything else.

We use jewels mainly as an additional way to boost life, even just a 2-stat jewel with life and one offensive stat is worth using.

Here's a list of all stats that you can look out for:

x% increased maximum Life

x% to Critical Strike Multiplier with Lightning Skills
x% to Critical Strike Multiplier with Elemental Skills
x% to Critical Strike Multiplier while holding a Shield
x% to Critical Strike Multiplier for Spells
x% to Global Critical Strike Multiplier

x% increased Cast Speed while holding a Shield
x% increased Cast Speed with Lightning Skills
x% increased Cast Speed
x% increased Attack and Cast Speed

x% increased Spell Damage while holding a Shield
x% increased Spell Damage
x% increased Lightning Damage
x% increased Damage

Upgrade Order Guide

The question i probably get asked the most is "what do i upgrade next?", so i've decided to give a generic baseline with different steps, showing you what to get before going for the bigger investments.

This section is based on the assumption that you start from nothing. If you already have one of the pieces, obviously use them even if you haven't completed the prior steps yet.

Step 1: Rares with Life & Resistances, a 5L chest and some basic weapon.

Step 2: Crit Gloves, Atziri's Step, Jewels

Step 3: Cheap 6L Chest, Vessel of Vinktar, +3 Arc Chain Helmet, Lv3 Empower

Step 4: Lv21 Arc, +1 Gem Crit Gloves

Step 5: Highend Dagger/Shield/Jewelry, Lv21 Tendrils

Step 6: Lv4 Empower, whatever else has room for improvement


Mapping, Labyrinth & Atziri


Mapping is pretty straightforward - use Arc for packs and Lightning Tendrils for anything that survived. Keep your Diamond Flask up, use Topaz towards reflect and Jade/Basalt if there's some incoming damage, mostly true for projectiles.
Recast your golem if needed, and use Vaal Discipline for the rare case that your ES should be gone.

The only real danger are Volatile Blood rares. Despite common believe, they don't scale with monster life at all. Instead, Volatile Blood deals 300-360% of main hand damage as x elemental damage and gets further amplified by any damage/AoE mods on map or monster and can crit.
If you keep all these factors in mind, you'll get a feeling which monsters you'd better play around safe.

Bosses are a different story. My strategy here is cast Vaal Discipline, pop all relevant flasks and burst them down with Tendrils.
While most bosses are doable, there are some this build struggles with - i'll leave it up to you to find out which ones you can and can't do.
Often it's just a lack of practice or knowledge about the fight, here's a list with all bosses, their mechanics, difficulty and some other neat stuff that will help you with the latter.

Only mapmod we need to skip is Elemental Reflect, but i'd also recommend to skip No Leech.
We need to completely rely on ES Recharge and Vaal Discipline in No Regeneration maps, Reduced Regeneration is annoying without Vile Bastion.


The Labyrinth is an optional instance you have to run atleast once in each difficulty to gain Ascendancy Points. It's a rather extensive topic on its own, i recommend to read the wiki pages for The Lord's Labyrinth and Izaro so you have an idea about how it all works.
You can find the layout and all needed information about each current labyrinth on poelab.com.

We don't really need our Ascendancy until endgame, so they shouldn't be any problem.
I'd recommend to wait with Merciless lab until you're properly geared and have a Lv17 Lightning Tendrils.

Uber lab is doable, just avoid tough mods like Charges and disable his mods if needed. I've even been able to carry friends while doing fullkey runs, admittedly with good gear but just to give you some confidence.


Atziri is the probably most overrated fight in the game. Once you know all the mechanics and have some practice, the whole Apex of Sacrifice turns into a cakewalk.

All you need is a properly geared character. It's possible to do with the regular setup, but i find it much easier when switching Tendrils with a high level Storm Call.

Vaals: Trigger the right one and start casting shortly before he fully emerged. Move to the other Vaal, pop Vinktar and kill him aswell. Shouldn't be too hard.

Trio: Upon entering their room, go around the first pillar to the right and approach the Tittybitch from there. Stay in motion and circle the arena, so she stays in the middle until she dies. Now concentrate on the Dualstriker, try to seperate him from the Cycloner and keep circling until Dualstriker is dead. Now kill the Cycloner, you should be able to facetank him with Basalt of Staunching up - if not, continue circling until he's dead.

Atziri: The fight is easy, you're able to tank the spears and can easily move away from all other damage. In splitphase, focus on damaging one of the four clones, but avoid to hit the one holding the mirror! Learn the Flameblast clones pattern and keep attacking between her blasts.

Uber Atziri however is untested by me, and probably not possible. Sorry!


My Characters

EB MoM Occultist

Lv92 Passives

Offense/Defense Screenshots

DPS unbuffed

DPS buffed

Defense unbuffed

Defense buffed

CI Inquisitor

Lv100 Passives

Offense/Defense Screenshots

DPS unbuffed

DPS buffed

Defense unbuffed

Defense buffed


Alternative Setups

These are more powerful setups for advanced users, each carefully built around a different core mechanic and Ascendancy to cover many different playstyles.

Each version links to a code which you need to import in Path of Building to get all important information - passive tree, gem setup and gear choices. Unfortunately i can't work out leveling trees for so many different builds, so you'll have to figure that part out on your own.

Please also note that the majority of these builds need the 0.x% of Damage Leeched as Life and Mana if you've Killed Recently enchant to work properly. While i've listed the Uber Lab version in each code, all versions will work.

Pledge of Hands MoM Berserker
Duskdawn Block Necromancer
Lowlife Dual Void Battery Assassin
CI CotB Inquisitor
CI Voltaxic Poison Pathfinder




10th June 2017: Beta/3.0 Sections updated
12th May 2017: reworked & improved Alternative Setups
17th April 2017: updated layout, small changes
2nd March 2017: updated for 2.6, Assassin setup added
24th February 2017: small improvements
13th February 2017: small improvements
6th February 2017: Fixed typos & layout
5th February 2017: Guide remade from scratch


Special thanks to everyone who helped improving the guide or supported it in any other way, and to GGG for this awesome game and their exceptional support!

Hope you enjoy the build and have a nice day!
Wealthy without flipping, scamming or other shady stuff.

Guides - Arc: 1147951 | Slivertongue: 1880619 | EK: 1889562

Unique Collection: 1637159 | Temp League Builds: 1678487
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Can you dual wield fishing rods? Do you think you could get the fastest cast speed lightning warp with two fishing rods or with a +3 lightning 22% cast staff?
All my builds /view-thread/1430399

T14 'real' clearspeed challenge /1642265

IGN maks
Can you dual wield fishing rods? Do you think you could get the fastest cast speed lightning warp with two fishing rods or with a +3 lightning 22% cast staff?

Unfortunately not, they count as 2H. I think 2x perfect Apeps would beat out a +3 max CS staff.
Wealthy without flipping, scamming or other shady stuff.

Guides - Arc: 1147951 | Slivertongue: 1880619 | EK: 1889562

Unique Collection: 1637159 | Temp League Builds: 1678487
Hi, i came back after some time to try the game again, and i somehow stumbled into your thread.

I like the concept of Arc. It reminds of the old days in another game :)
After reading your guide i have some questions.

Is it possible to play this as EB + CoD build? (im sure its possible, but do you think its worth it? With all auras running, my mana pool would be reduced by a lot...)
Im not very rich and CoD is probably the only good item i have, thats why im asking :P

I would have to safe currency for a long time to buy both, catalyst and invitation. Thats why i hope i can use a rare belt to gain some extra life, mana and res + a wand with 1% leech from catharina.

Is 1% leech enough with and without Vaal Pact? Can Vaalpact really safe me vs reflect mobs? (i never used this node, so i have no idea)

Would be nice to get some feedback.

Merry Christmas
Completed 9 ChallengesZentr0x wrote:
Hi, i came back after some time to try the game again, and i somehow stumbled into your thread.

I like the concept of Arc. It reminds of the old days in another game :)
After reading your guide i have some questions.

Is it possible to play this as EB + CoD build? (im sure its possible, but do you think its worth it? With all auras running, my mana pool would be reduced by a lot...)
Im not very rich and CoD is probably the only good item i have, thats why im asking :P

I would have to safe currency for a long time to buy both, catalyst and invitation. Thats why i hope i can use a rare belt to gain some extra life, mana and res + a wand with 1% leech from catharina.

Is 1% leech enough with and without Vaal Pact? Can Vaalpact really safe me vs reflect mobs? (i never used this node, so i have no idea)

Would be nice to get some feedback.

Merry Christmas

Hi, and Merry Christmas!

CoD will be possible, but you'll have to drop one aura, either PoL or HoI, i'd recommend dropping the ladder.

VP does save you against reflect, especially when combined with the maxres of PoL and popping your Topaz flask. With only 1% leech it gets kinda funky though, i would in the meantime replace Empower with Life Leech until you can afford the Catalyst/Invitation setup.
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Thx for the fast reply,
i will go with the LL Gem, should make it much easier to find a cheap Wand with decent stats.
When i drop HoI, i can replace it with Arctic Armor and i wont need an unset ring for know. Gives me more choices for this slot.
Suddenly this build is affordable, for me ;)

thx again!
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Nice guide!

I want to ask you a question: what's your opinion on apep's rage?
Nice guide!

I want to ask you a question: what's your opinion on apep's rage?

Apeps is great, but not for this build. The mana cost jumps to 170 mana/cast which is simply unsustainable. DPS is at 38.5k fully charged and it's bit less exposure to reflect, but yeah, the mana cost.
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You tried with Pledge? If so how much dps you got? Nice Build btw!
You tried with Pledge? If so how much dps you got? Nice Build btw!

Thanks! Unfortunately i do not have a Pledge of Hands to hand, so i can't test it, but it's most likely beaten out by dual Catalyst.
Wealthy without flipping, scamming or other shady stuff.

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