[2.4] Endgame-Support-Auramancer. WIP


With the start of Essence League I decided to start something I never did before: Playing full support. No damage, no leech, limited sustain and lower energy shield than most other specs. And while it probably is a straight out bad idea to play this solo, though you can with some adaptions, it's a lot of fun playing with your buddies, destroying content seemingly effordlessly. And while many people initially doubt the value of a dedicated supportchar, it often only takes a quick glance at their tooltips and defense-tab to convince them otherwise.

This spec isn't that cheap, hence probably not the best to climb the ladder with and when playing in the hardcore-leagues, you might want to prioritise some stats differently. But with the current iteration I had no problems in any content I threw at the build.



+ Fantastic, boosted auras.
+ Dual to Tri-Curse, Quad-Curse possible.
+ If you group likes it, apply Elemental Equilibrium.
+ Save spec to level with, tanky.
+ Quick, 59% movement speed, 155% with Flask. Shieldcharge with 200%+ IAS.
+ The witch looks way cooler than a senile old man.


- You're a support?
- If you don't have buddys to run with, it can be tough. Supporting players in public parties often can be pretty disencouraging.
- Some of the items you need are strangely specific. Some are plain out of Meta, such a bit tricky to get.


These boni scale with aura-effect, though they are rounded down.

All the Aura-Nodes on the tree sum up for 69% increased effect of Non-Curse Auras you Cast. Conquerors Potency gives 3%, Generosity 39%. So every aura you cast, gives 17% Damage and 8% Cast/Attack-Speed. The Generosity-Auras give 21% Damage and 10% Cast/Attack-Speed. By this mechanic, every defensive Aura also give huge boni to your offense.

This build is running Hatred, Wrath and lvl 1 Clarity on Generosity. Purity of Fire, Lightning and Ice, Discipline, Haste and Grace. For your party, that's 165% increased damage and 78% Cast/Attack-Speed. Which is enormous.


The tl;dr of the skilltree is: Get all the Aura-Nodes, get Mortal Conviction.

100 points
With 100 points, you can get all the Aura-Nodes and about enough ES to survive.

My current tree
With every level onwards you can fill in Jewel-Sockets, more ES, the wicked strong Flask-Nodes, some AoE and other stuff to your liking.

Commander of Darkness This is the Ascendancy-Notable and the essential backbone to this spec.
Mistress of Sacrifice If you can squeeze in a CWDT-Bone-Offering, you're getting a lot of block and spellblock out of this, otherwise it's probably impossible to cap block with this spec.
Beacon of Corruption For this spec, it's just 21% Chaos-Res, which is still pretty good.
Spirit Eater If you're getting carried through Uber-Lab, this is the only reasonable choice left, a bit better Desecrate and a slight speedboost.

For Bandits you want to Kill 'em all in the endgame. Killing Kraityn in normal is a really great idea though, when you have your gear optimized, that you don't need the 10% all-res, 20 Regrets aren't a steep price anymore.


For the Helmet, I'm using a Shrieking Essence of Loathing Craft with 15% Grace-Reservation-Craft. You're bound to have the enchant of any 50% Aura, without I would have to drop Arctic Armour. Aim for highest ES, Int, Chaos-Res and if you can get it Elemental-Resists.

Good ol' Shavs. For the occasional EE-Apply-Dual-Curse a 5L is sufficient, especially since most specs run a single-curse-Blasphemy already, you're just providing supplemental curses.

A Crystal Belt, crafted with the Spite-Essence is BIS. The dream-belt would drop strength and Cold-Res for beneficial Flask-Mods. The Tora-Movement-Speed-Mod is really good.

Since we're running Elemental-Resist-Auras, +1-Voidbringer are a affordable choice to +2 those Auras without loosing the helmet as a slot for ES. The Increased Mana-Cost-Of-Skills forces us to use 2 Elreon-Rings with -8, also 2 Reduced-Mana-Cost-Rare-Jewels to have 0-Cost-Skills.

Steppan Eard are BIS. While Skyforth let you run another Aura, you'll be miserable in Desecrated-Ground Maps. The Merciless-Lab-Enchant with 10% Movementspeed is the fastest choice.

Elreon-Rings with as many good mods as possible. The Leo-3-Mod of Faster Recharge-Start is pretty good.

If you want to block spells with Aegis Aurora, there are somewhat little choices. Getting the additional curse is really handy, since you're only loosing 30 Int. Other corruptions can be really nice too.

Aegis Aurora. Mine is still missing a useful corruption.

A Sai of Celebration makes your Shield-Charge really fast. Int gives Energy-Shield and Dex lets you drop a Dex-Node from the tree. Ephemeral Edge, lacking Block and adding a lot ES, and Advancing Fortress are both fine options, missing Attackspeed though.


The Unique-Jewels are self-explanatory.

On the others, you'll need a total of 2 Reduced-Mana-Rolls. Add in Block and Spellblock to Cap, Energy-Shield, Resistances and Stats. If you're running Advancing Fortress you can either use a lower level of Bone-Offering or drop significant amounts of Block on Jewels.



Change depending on the group you're running with. If you're supporting a BV-Char, drop Wrath for Determination


9200 ES, 40/23 Block, 75/75 Block with Bone-Offering. A bunch of armour, 40k to 100k with Flasks, depending on auras. If you hit lvl 21 Purities, 84/88/84 Res, 82/86/82 without. Fortify.


You can run any map-mod. It's the usual stuff. Beware of Shocking Ground, be annoyed be Chilled Ground, loose frames and ES by Burning Ground. Slow-Regen is way worse than No-Regen, since it applies to your ES-Recharge also. Since you're not CI Poison on Hit can be mean, especially if you have -60-Chaos-Res. But all those things should be common sense.


Should make a video, but would have to figure out how to cut etc. So I drew a picture of the typical Map.

Thanks DPS Turds for making mapping great again, again.


Look at my Auras, my auras are amazing!
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Hi m8!

Im playing with two friends and im playing SRS. I have saved like 9 ex and was thinking to make a auromancer. When searching for builds ive founded your guide. I have a few questions:

- Do you need the leo mods on the rings? I dont think i will have the money for it.
- Do you need the +1 to sockted gems in the gloveS?
- Have you don shaper etc als support?
- I have afriend who is BV and a friend who is Mjorner. Should is use Wrath with hatred?

I hope you find time 2 respond.

Thanks in advance.


Inva1987 wrote:
Hi m8!

Im playing with two friends and im playing SRS. I have saved like 9 ex and was thinking to make a auromancer. When searching for builds ive founded your guide. I have a few questions:

- Do you need the leo mods on the rings? I dont think i will have the money for it.
- Do you need the +1 to sockted gems in the gloveS?
- Have you don shaper etc als support?
- I have afriend who is BV and a friend who is Mjorner. Should is use Wrath with hatred?

I hope you find time 2 respond.

Thanks in advance.



- The Leo-Mods are nice to have, but not required at all.
- If you don't go for +1 Voidbringer, it's a good idea to not go for Voidbringer at all. The only thing you're getting from them is +2 Max-Res with lvl 21 Purity-Auras and an extra level on Discipline. Frankly, since I only have lvl 21 Purity of Fire (screw you Vaal Orbs!) I should probably drop them and use Rares myself. That would loosen up a lot of gear-requirements, since you don't need Reduced Mana Cost on Jewels and no -8 Elreon-Rings etc.
So in short: No, but if you don't go for +1, you're better of with a nice pair of Rare-ES-Gloves.
- Did Shaper, yes. I don't know if it's because we had a lot of damage, but it was a walk in the park. Also did my last levels mostly in Uber-Atziri, so yea, if you play carefully, you can powerlevel in Uber.
- Blade-Vortex mostly needs Hatred, and Mjölnir depends. If he's going for the Power-Charge-Discharge-Route, Wrath is absolutley great, if he's only discharging Endurance-Charges, Anger might be a better choice, but won't do nearly as much, as Wrath does for Power-Charge-Discharge.
Hi M8,

Thanks for responding. I appriciate it a lot.

With your feedback im gonne make the build. Whil i be able to use bladevortex with out te rings due to bloodmagic?

I got pretty decent unset ring which i exalt enchanted so i can use that.

I will post my experience when i got it all up and running. In need 2 make a second char also, beacause i wont be able to solo when i got the auramancer.

Thanks alot!


If you only got 1 Elreon-Ring I would suggest dropping Voidbringer altogether and hope to get to 0-Mana-Cost-Skills otherwise. If you don't have 0-Mana-Cost Skills, you can often use a Regen-Roll to sustain some spells etc. But in the long run, I would strongly suggest 0-Mana-Cost since it's most convenient.

Bladevortex in itself doesn't have big Mana-Costs at lvl 1, which is all you need. It's mostly Flame-Dash and the linked Shield-Charge.

And in regards to the second char: If you really want to make 1 Char, you can get another Shavs, get The Scourge-Claw. Drop WW and AoF and link Reave-Multistrike-WED-ElementalFocus-(FasterAttacks, IncAoE, Added-Gems) to get a Make-Shift-Solo-Setup. With another Amulet with LgoH you can sustain a 6L-Reave and get 30k to 50k Reave-DPS, which isn't lightning-fast, but gets the job done for lower maps.
Hi, could you please explain why you have take the Alchemist Node? Also, I know that there's only a month left in league but could you list your flasks as well.

Thank you

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