[2.4] The Slivering Abyss - Trashy Toxic Blooddrenched Occultist Imploder. [CI+DoT+Slivertongue]

Welcome to the build ^.^ ( Still WIP)
IGN:HexTonkLys___SevenTeen L84 in Essence Softcore League (ESC).
First Things First

This build has really good pack clear so far (L84). However it does not do things like "INSANE DPS", "IMMENSE BURST", "ATZIRI 1 SHOT". It is just a build focused on using the trash Slivertongue and other reject items to have some fun (~under 30c to get up and running). Chimera is immune to both DoTs of the build.Guild:
Guild <GEMCUT>
Looking for a guild? GEMCUT is primarily for filthy casual OCE/SEA players with mad banter and an open mind. Other gateways and SC/HC is fine as long as you can handle the scrubcore AU > EU/NA bantz. HMU in game for an invite

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DeadEye Ricochet Theorycraft

Using Chain gem to proc Pierce to proc Bleed is a thing but I feel a gem slot just for Chain is a huge waste for only +1 Chain since the second chain of the projectile won't happen due to the 100% pierce chance of the first chain. The Deadeye has +1 chain ascendancy and I feel this is better suited to exploiting that mechanic. Deadeye is also very close to the glorious Dirty Techniques/ Vitality Void / Spirit Void Combo on the skill tree. Someone else can do this build
How the build works...
Use a volley from your active bow skill on a pack to proc the on-hit debuffs from Poison (gem) and Bleed (100% pierce + Slivertongue). When the Damage over Time ( DoT ) is active, simply run through the showers of Blood and Poison you have created for yourself. A Blasphemy Aura will curse and proc the Profane Bloom implosions effectively culling the pack as the slivers of whatever remains get sucked into the Abyss. Secondary focus of the build is on cheap core items .

We need 100% chance of projectiles piercing so that Silvertongue will proc a bleed on the target. Since this scales with DoT skill tree nodes we also use the Poison skill gem to double dip on the Damage over Time scaling (DoT).

Why play this build

  • Not GPU Intensive
  • Cheap $$ to get going.
  • Lots of stuff/skills to keep up when playing.
  • Can play as safe as you want. Inflict bleed and chaos degen from offscreen and if the enemies charge you, the extra bleed will kill them on the way in. Blink arrow out of everything
  • Good AoE damage and pack clear from chaos implosions with no AoE skills or nodes

Why not to play this build
  • it's not Blade Vortex or Vaal Spark for farming
  • No Facetanking, you will be punished for bad positioning.
  • No Boss killing power because the DoT takes forever against enemies with high hp and armour, some enemies will negate the DoT altogether :(
  • Damage scales really late. above Level 68
  • Cannot do Blood Magic map mod. Physical Reflect map mod is doable but difficult. Need to abuse Wicked Ward regen to do it
  • 0 damage in parties because monster hp gets too big. if there was %hp damage it would be fine

Background About the Build

Originally I wanted to make use of the unique jewel Hungry Abyss to leech life from the chaos explosion of Profane Bloom using really cheap gear.

I gave up on this idea because Life Leech does not work on secondary effects and also learning about the interaction between

and the Occultist Ascendancy - Wicked Ward. This is a much more reliable and quicker way to regenerate your Energy Shield anyway. For a full build based on SS/WW see here
Lurifaxx's Soul Ward
You can use Soul Strike as an alternative to Drillneck in this build as long as you make up the 10% pierce chance somewhere else.
Gameplay / Leveling Progression / Skill Tree

Level as anything that will get you to Level 69 asap and takes you close to Chaos Inoculation and Essence Sap nodes on the tree. Leveling withe a 4 Link Split Arrow + Pierce + Poison + PPAD was absolute horrors and definitely not recommended. Essence Drain can use the DoT nodes and is a good leveling skill.
Switching to Core Build

Once you hit Level 68 you can equip the Slivertongue bow and go CI however you may need to level some more since the dex requirement is 212 and is hard to get with no dex on items.
Skill Trees

For Energy Shield I take the Unnatural Calm node for the 1% lightning resist over the Infused Shield node. But it is personal taste which one to take. I also started using Energy from Within Jewel in conjunctino with the Melding notable wheel to boost ES since I started struggling to get a good ES pool on gear.
I focused on pure Physical/Chaos Attack Damage over Attack Speed in the node selection. Relying on the Frenzy Charges and the Haste Auras for Attack Speed boosts. I also take all the Damage over Time nodes that are close to the core tree pathing. If only Dirty Techniques was closer to shadow area ;_;. Not sure that Ghost Reaver is all that effective at the moment since the Occultist Ascendency Wicked Ward is handling ES regen just fine. The 4S of free regen is huge if you time it properly.
Lvl68 Core Tree
Lvl90 Tree

Level 68 Basic Gear + Items

This is all you need to get started at level 68. But in 5-6 levels you will want to start working towards upgrading your kit and getting some better gear.
Current Trash Kit

Flasks [TODO]

Jewels [TODO]

Core Items

Slivertongue 2c
You need a Slivertongue bow. I was able to buy 2 for 2 chaos each. Use a Jeweller's orb to 4 socket at the very least and a Fusing orb to 4Link (4L)it. Once you have about 20 chaos from farming Dried Lake or whatever, buy a Jeweller's Touch prophecy and 5L it.
Alpha's Howl 1c
I was able to buy the Alpha's for 1c and 4L myself. We need it for the evasion and the 8% Reduced Reserved Mana modifier.
Drillneck 4c
Most people corrupt the Drillneck looking for +1 arrow modifier. In the beginning we just want the trash Drillneck which is unmodified after the corruption. It will still have the 10% Chance of Projectiles Piercing mod. Which is essential for this build at low levels. I got mine for 4c.
Vaal Regalia Chest 3c
This is the main source of Energy Shield (ES) so the higher the value of total ES the better. Mine I was able to get for 3c and craft some ES onto it. Look for high ES and good elemental resistance values.
Eye of Chayula 7c
I got mine for 7c but they're cheap and you can probably corrupt it yourself. We want this for the Cannot be Stunned modifier and +# to Strength.
Vaal Haste 4c
We need a Vaal Haste just for the boost to damage. They are expensive but worth it.
Added Chaos Damage Support Gem 1c
This is also a drop only gem so you will probably have to buy it. It scales the Poison
WitchFire Brew Stibnite Flask 10c
This flask is the most expensive part of the build in the early stages but the % increased Damage over Time on flask use is a huge damage boost. max is 70% inc but 50% is fine early.
Endgame Items past Level 80

Best in Slot (BIS)
+1 Arrow Drillneck - As long as you have 100% pierce from other sources.
+1 Curse Eye of Chayula
The best 6L Vaal Regalia you can buy.
Get a Heretic's Veil instead or an ES helm with 5% reduced mana reserved enchant instead of Alpha's Howl to maximise the Energy Shield mainly.
A 6L Slivertongue.

Skills + Socketed Links

Bow 5 Link

For the Main Attack Skill it is your choice all have pro's and con's
Split Arrow
Tornado Shot

My current setup is Split Arrow for clearing packs and gem swap with Barrage/Frenzy for single target. Frenzy is used in a 4L to curse and to generate frenzy charges.

Split Arrow

This is currently what I use to do area of effect damage. You don't need to link it to Lesser Mutltiple Projectiles ( LMP ) or Greater Multiple Projectiles ( GMP ) for good coverage and it lets you use another gem link.
Tornado Shot

Tornado Shot has 100% pierce chance on the initial attack which mean there is no need to link it to the Pierce gem. However the secondary projectiles have no pierce chance and will need 100% chance to pierce from skill tree, gem, projectile weakness and Poacher's Aim. Unlike SA though you will need to have an LMP or GMP socketed with it for good clear speed.

Same deal as TS where you need to have LMP or GMP to be effective. There is no inbuilt pierce but you do get the damage and attack speed increase that stacks with frenzy charges. Frenzy has the highest base damage out of these active skills. You can also gem swap this with SA for single target damage.

I find this to be the best for single target damage. Especially when all projectiles hit, the Poison debuff really stacks up. Bleed does not stack though with each hit. Can be used with LMP or GMP but not necessary.
Supports for Main Skill
Main 5 Link

Currently in the 5L is
SA + Pierce + Physical Projectile Attack Damage + Poison + Added Chaos Damage

Prospective Supports for 6L

Other Linked Skills

In boots I have a 2 x 2L
Blink Arrow and Faster Attacks

Blasphemy and Warlords Mark


In helm I have a 4L Frenzy + GMP + Curse on Hit + Projectile Weakness


In gloves I have the standart Immortal Call + Incresased Duration + Cast When Damage Taken (CWDT) + Vaal Haste defensive set up

Vaal Haste does not get triggered by CWDT however it still benefits from being linked to Increased Duration.

Blasphemy + Curse
Vaal Haste

Alpha's Howl + Conqueror's Effciency jewel + Aura nodes lets you run these Auras and the Essence Sap mana leech noses on the skill tree solve your mana problems.
Enlighten Support Gem
This is a drop only skill gem, It cannot be bought. not necessary in the beginning.
Get an Enlighten gem as soon as possible and start leveling it. It will come in handy when the build reaches endgame.
Aura Reservation

Curse Setup

At the moment running a blasphemy Aura with Warlord's Mark and a Curse on Hit with rojectile Weakness. But since getting the Witchfire Brew flask I have been thinking about taking the Whisper's of Doom node to get +3 curses. The Flask adds a level 21 Vulnerability Aura which is very nice for the build ( initial hit does more damage ). Warlord's Mark I think will be getting taken out of the build and replaced with Temporal Chains or Enfeeble. The life leech is not enough and the while the Endurance charges are nice, I am not sure I need them.

Viable Curses


Dried Lake Clear L73 w/ TBE drop
Tier 8 Atoll Clear, w/ trash kit
Beware video was recorded on 8y/o laptop with OBS and PoE running at the same time. Sorry for horrid quality and lost frames.

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I like this idea. Really cool. Would be nice to see some more footage, though!

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