[2.3] Elementalist CI Crit Vortex

Patch 2.4

So 2.4 brings a nerf to Elementalist, pretty much removing the Conflux buff. Pretty sad but I guess it had to be done.

Build should still be fine, you'll just lose some DPS from less shock and burn and all that. As far as I'm aware, nothing else has changed with the build so if you're lucky enough to get this sort of gear then it should be good to go.


See also my other builds: Rigwald Dual Strike, Varunastra Dual Strike and CI Voltaxic Spark




This is replacing Inc AoE with Spell Echo for maximum DPS

Regular Mapping DPS

Using Inc AoE

Key note: At the moment my build is quite expensive, using Skyforth and 2 level 3 Enlightens however I do believe you can do a sort of budget version investing points into Charisma and the 4% in Influence to cover the Enlightens and Curse on Hit Assassin's Mark to replace Skyforth. You should be able to pick up level 2 Enlightens imo

An area of effect power house but can lack some boss killing potential~

This build differs from the Frost Nuke build in that it utilises Energy Shield as its main defences.

Vortex is one of the new skills introduced with patch 2.3.

Ice Nova vs Vortex

I originally intended this build to be an Ice Nova one however there were several fundamental issues with Ice Nova.

1) Lower base damage than Vortex (and also 70% damage effectiveness vs 100%)
Ice Nova just does way less damage than Vortex and all additional damage bonuses are at a much less effectiveness.

2) Mana cost
Ice Nova has a 31 mana cost vs 21 mana cost of Vortex at max level which leads to a potential mana struggle.

3) DoT damage
The DoT actually provides a reasonable damage boost which might help on bosses.

4) Chilled ground
Vortex leaves behind a chilled ground which is highly useful in kiting bosses such as Malformation Piety or w/e else.

Benefits of Ice Nova:

1) Larger AoE
2) Faster cast time
3) Higher base Critical Strike Chance (6% vs 5%)


Vortex - Spell Echo - Controlled Destruction - Cold to Fire - Increased Critical Strikes - Faster Casting

Last link can be Faster Casting or Added Cold Damage or Empower or even Increased Area of Effect. Up to you really.

Note: I'm actually using Faster Casting as part of my 5-link replacing Spell Echo since I mostly one shot packs with the first Vortex cast so Spell Echo seems unnecessary.

Assassin's Mark - Curse on Hit - Herald of Ice


See gear spoiler for my gem setup


Discipline, Warlord's Mark and Herald of Ice

I initially wanted to run dual Blasphemy with Warlord's Mark and Elemental Weakness but it did not seem as strong as I thought it would be.

Ascendancy Class

I've chosen Elementalist for all of the damage boosts it provides starting with Shaper of Desolation and then Beacon of Ruin, leading towards Paragon of Calamity and finishing with Pendulum of Destruction after Uber Labyrinth.

I believe Assassin Shadow will also work nicely, focusing more on the Crit aspect of the build rather than the burn potential. Only problem would be reflect.

Key Items

For now I believe The Vertex is the only key item, allowing you to run a level 4 Enlighten with ease.

Going to add the cold version of Doryani's Invitation. With the radius 6% corruption it provides a lot of stats that are useful. If you cannot afford this then a rare belt with the same corruption is acceptable.

Skyforth allows you to drop Assassin's Mark as a Curse on Hit setup.

Gear (Patch 2.3)

You must enchant your boots with "leeched as life and mana if you've killed recently" - this is crucial for sustain.

If you do not have Skyforth, you need to run a Curse on Hit Assassin's Mark setup with Herald of Ice and find a way to run dual curse either on the passive tree, or from Doedre's Damning.

Note: I am using Herald of Ice with Inc AoE in order to have larger explosion (remember this will also inc the mana reservation). Also I have Reduced Mana socketed with Lightning Warp just to make the cost more manageable. Finally Flesh Offering to remove corpses.

Kill - Kill - Alira

You need the leech on boots so either "0.5%or 0.6% of damage leeched as life and mana if you've killed recently"

Gloves I would prefer decree of reflection which creates a clone and acts as a minion to potential draw damage away from you. Anything that might chill mobs will be useful too.

Helmet you ideally want "8% or 12% Vortex Radius". Other acceptable enchants would be Discipline/Herald of Ice reduced reservation to allow for more mana.

Only obvious mod this build cannot run is Blood Magic

Haven't tested other mods such as "Cannot Leech" or reflect too much yet.

Elemental Reflect - socket life leech in place of cold to fire and you should be fine with reflect provided you have the 50% reduced reflected damage from Paragon of Calamity. Be careful when reflect is in combination with Hexproof or -max resists.
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reached lvl 89, updated gear, adding more info.

Will flesh it out more if there's interest
liam u sook
updating my gear and passive trees
Nice build. If you are rich and have alot of chromes - would it work with cospri's will and void battery? I think you can get alot of curses with blashemy and discipline with all the aura nodes (4+discipline). With 8 charges its 120% spell damage + cast speed + addtional 50% global crit. Not bad.
Harmster wrote:
Nice build. If you are rich and have alot of chromes - would it work with cospri's will and void battery? I think you can get alot of curses with blashemy and discipline with all the aura nodes (4+discipline). With 8 charges its 120% spell damage + cast speed + addtional 50% global crit. Not bad.
Cospri's possibly, but you'd have to get either 5 or 6 off colour which is probably near impossible (socket in added cold or something). Is it worth it? I'm not entirely sure and you lose out on a lot of Energy Shield. Which then means playing a Life build and I feel you would struggle to build enough defences.

Beast Fur Shawl might be a useful as a cheaper alternative.

Void Battery is an interesting thought but I've never actually used them before so I've no idea how they play. Seems like they'd be nice but no idea on their DPS output.

interesting ! could you post a video?
RIP King of the Forest view-thread/1738625

My Lootfilter: view-thread/1696052
cmphx wrote:
interesting ! could you post a video?
Honestly, not at the moment. I have little motivation to play PoE so I haven't thought about posting a video yet.

The videos in https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1680690 are pretty much the same thing if you want an idea.
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Why Controlled destruction gem and what's your ES right now ?
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Sinnerrr wrote:
Why Controlled destruction gem and what's your ES right now ?

I've added some of my stats to a spoiler on the main post

But also: controlled destruction because it's a massive damage boost. You lose out on about 5% crit but I don't think it matters at all.

My ES is roughly 9.1k. Could be higher with ES craft on the ring and also using a shield over the second wand. Can also put more ES nodes on the tree. But I'm on SC so I haven't focused too much on that.
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