[2.2] Champion RT Dual Strike with Dual Varunastra Perandus HC


I intend to play this build on Perandus HC.

Skill Choice

Choosing Dual Strike as the preferred skill as Cyclone is pretty weak right now and I don't like Cleave too much. Also Dual Strike acts as a traditional melee skill that I very much enjoy.

I want to use 2 of these weapons. Hopefully it works out okay and they aren't expensive or rare.
Other alternative weapon choice - Soul Taker / Rare weapon (sword/axe/mace/whatever) / Rigwald's Command / Rigwald's Savagery.

Ascendancy Class



Unstoppable Hero, Fortitude and First to Strike, Last to Fall or Inspirational. Conqueror for more tankiness.

Unstoppable Hero




Outmatch and Outlast
Versatile Combatant

I feel this class would be for suited to the Rigwald Weapons (get easy max block)


Skill choices to use for levelling: 2H - Cleave, Leap Slam, Earthquake, Cyclone
WOULD NOT RECOMMEND DUAL WIELD LEVELLING. I will probably level with Earthquake, picking up Less Duration in Act 3 along with the regular melee set up.

Just use a 2 hander for levelling, using the OP uniques if possible. The one handed uniques are not nearly as strong as using for example, a Geofri's Baptism. Also, aim to get Resolute Techniques as soon as possible as this removes the requirement of accuracy which is problematic for melee early on. Having a dexterity amulet is very handy for levelling too for gem levelling.

Eventually swap to dual wield whenever you can get your hands on a 5L so that's around level 60+ and of course your weapons.


So I just wanted to touch on the Labyrinth. For me personally I will not be doing the labyrinth as soon as possible and instead will most likely run the Normal and Cruel difficulty labyrinth when I am better geared. Considering I've levelled plenty in the past pre-Ascendancy, I don't see much difference in rushing the new content.

As a brief update, I did Normal Labyrinth at level 50, Cruel at 65~ish and Merciless at level 80.

Gem links

Due to having permanent fortify from the Ascendancy class, you can now freely utilise Weapon Ele damage as a link. In order of priority:

Dual Strike // Melee Splash // Multistrike // Melee Physical Damage // Added Fire // Weapon Elemental

Try and get quality Dual Strike (increased attack speed) and quality Melee Splash (increased area of effect) and they will massively help your clear. I rate melee splash highly because this is your main AoE eventually and so you want to maximise your AoE.

Other things needed is Immortal Call setup (no automated endurance charge generation so it's not too reliable), Whirling Blades (weapon counts as a sword so it works), Auras (Hatred and Herald of Ash. Can use Arctic Armour if using Soul Taker off hand). I use Riposte and Vengeance with Life Leech just for added safety in times when I might not be hitting.

Note: I've actually dropped my Immortal Call setup in favour of keeping Endurance Charges up.

Bandits + Passive tree


I chose Kraityn in Cruel because you need more attack speed to prevent yourself being locked in multistrike animation. Can go Kraityn in merciless for the frenzy charge.

- 229% Max Life, 8% Life Regen
- 17% Block (can use Rumi's most likely so 45%~ block)

This is my preliminary tree that I had in mind. Deadly Dilettante is crucial for the build although it is a little out of the way. Rest of the tree is fairly typical for a melee tree.


DPS in hideout

3 frenzy charges and onslaught


Defences Hideout

Baring in mind I have Lightning Coil and Taste of Hate too.

DPS in hideout

3 frenzy charges and onslaught


Defences Hideout

Baring in mind I have Lightning Coil and Taste of Hate too.

Gear + Stat Priorities

This is the current gear and setup I had;


One of the key components is the Lightning Coil and Taste of Hate combo which provides heavy physical damage mitigation. Aim to get Flask Duration effect on a belt so that your Taste of Hate and other flasks last longer however I personally don't have this yet.

Other key gem choices are Vaal Grace for bosses - extra chance to dodge attacks and spells is just an added bonus to help with survivability.

Whirling blades is the obvious choice for movement skill. I also have a Leap Slam to jump ledges (which is helpful for Labyrinth runs).

I'm personally not using an Immortal Call setup and instead prefer to keep the 4 Endurance Charges up as much as possible. I'm also running a Stone Golem for some added regen if I need it.

I guess I should talk about stat priorities.



These are the main weapons for the build. Divine the rolls if required for more DPS. You could potential substitute one for a different off hand but I haven't tested that and not sure how well that works.


Life > Resists > Armour > Stat

Ideally you want max life rolls so 90+ with a high amount of resistance (however this is dependant on your other items too). An added bonus is having high armour.

Additionally a stat roll such as strength or intelligence could be preferable for more HP and damage or to help with gem levels.

Chest Armour

One of the most popular chest armours in the game. I think right now it's pretty much 100% best in slot for melee builds and I would definitely recommend investing in one. I will eventually look to get a 6L one.


Life > Resists > Attack Speed > Added Phys > Strength

As with other pieces of gear in HC leagues you need to maximise life and resist rolls. As an added bonus Attack Speed and Flat physical damage rolls can also be used on Gloves. Attack speed has the higher priority to speed up the dual strike animation.

Strength roll would be an added bonus however others will have priority.

My gloves at the moment aren't too great however the enchantment has proved to be quite useful as it creates a decoy/clone similar to Mirror Arrow and acts as a mini taunt.


Life > Resists > Strength > Movespeed

Here's where I believe it gets a little interesting and will change depending on future patches. As of right now I do not believe movespeed is important at all on boots. This is because whirling blades is way more efficient and you barely run at all.

I don't have the most optimal boots and would have preferred higher resistances however the lab enchant I managed to get is very strong for the build


Life > Dexterity / Intelligence > Resists > Added phys (rings + amulet)
Life > Flask Duration > Strength > Resists (Belt)

One important look-out for the jewellery slots is stat points. The build does lack an amount of dexterity and intelligence which may be required for levelling up gems. An added bonus is to pick up flat physical rolls to boost damage.

Because this build uses Lightning Coil, you need heavy lightning resists to make up for the loss.


Obviously a bleed and anti freeze flask is necessary. Bleed is often a common status effect. Anti freeze is 95% of the time used against strongboxes.

My other choices are Taste of Hate - because you're playing melee in a hardcore and it's near 100% essential to have one. Definitely worth the investment for a build like this. Gives a small DPS increase too. Has been nerfed since the previous leagues however I still think it's strong.

Granite and Basalt flasks for added armour and damage reduction. With all the defence flasks active, you are very tanky.

Can bring elemental flask (ruby and topaz) depending on boss of maps.


Can do the majority of map mods. For example -max and no regen is possible, you've just gotta know your limits and play it safer. For reflect you can swap out Melee Phys or Weap Ele for Life Leech as a precaution. Don't run blood rage in no regen.

For Academy boss remember to take out Vengeance and Riposte.


Overall I think this is an okay build. In comparison with my Rigwald's Weapon Dual Strike this one is weaker and potential lacks the same survivability as this one has less block. However I am still 5L'd at the moment and so there is decent potential here.

It's a good clear speed (for a melee build) and reasonably safe, however I feel progressing towards t12+ maps you may be vulnerable because there's a chance of being one shot or just unable to leech fast enough due to just being a melee build. Something like cyclone doesn't really have this problem because they're not locked into position.
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Why not use sunder with something like a soul taker offhand? I think that could be strong
joeb1 wrote:
Why not use sunder with something like a soul taker offhand? I think that could be strong
I don't really rate Soul Taker much anymore. The free casting of skills isn't that useful when Duelist leech is still good.

However, Sunder is something I do want to try. I presume it alternates weapons but yea will try it out. Seems a bit clunky but will see.
I agree that Soul Taker is no longer that great of an option. However, I was planning on using Varunastra with ground slam or sunder (assuming it only uses main hand) with an offhand stat stick like ungil's (block and maybe crit if not choosing RT), prismatic eclipse (big damage), or something else like a Soul Taker. Excited with the possibilities and hopefully the low base dps of Varunastra can be made up for.
Yea for sure. Varunastra is definitely an interesting unique. Hopefully it proves to be a good weapon.
Okay just updated the tree which is the level 100 based tree.
Hi, Liam. I'm interested in your build.

A noob question:

with "Deadly Dilettante" you gain 24% PD with claws, 24% PD daggers, 24% PD swords. Varanustra take 72% Physical Damage? Thanks for reply.
Vladimiro wrote:
Hi, Liam. I'm interested in your build.

A noob question:

with "Deadly Dilettante" you gain 24% PD with claws, 24% PD daggers, 24% PD swords. Varanustra take 72% Physical Damage? Thanks for reply.
Yes, you are correct. Because each stat is on a separate line it is applied individually so Varunastra gets the full benefit. It's pretty much the most important node for the build.


Also I'll update the build later tonight since i've managed to acquire both weapons and other gear.
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hey fix the passive skill tree and a gear setup would be nice too rly interesting build i am trying it on hc !! :)
Updated first post with my Gear and DPS / Defence stats.

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