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Hello guys, i'm here to present my first build ever made. This is my first character, created in the Perandus League (and reseted after 2.3 update).
For my first character, I wanted to make something custom for myself... like a chalenge and make it viable in some way.

Example Video
Pros and Cons:
- Huge area and clear speed
- Kill things from far, far away
- Amazing mobility
- Huge dps aganist bosses too!
- Mana Regen is pretty good. (even at 40% less regen maps).

- Squishy, must dash out of danger all the time.
- Reflect can kill you really fast if you're not paying attention.
- Corrupted blood can kill you fast too, since you deal many hits!
But what does this build do?
R: Damage, a lot of it! In a freaking giant area!

The objective is to max Spark crit chance without the use of power charges, slowing enemies with chill.

These are my current items, there still a long way ahead for improvements!

For weapons, I choose daggers over wands for more mobility using Whirling Blades AND way more crit chance!

For weapons, we get as much crit chance for spells as possible, second by crit multiplier and finally spell damage. On my tests, crit multiplier>spell damage here.

Whirling Blades-Faster Attacks-Fortify (For mobility and being a little less squishy)
Clarity-Wrath-Enlighten (Wrath reserves 50% of mana! Thats a lot. Clarity is a must for mana regen if you don't have that in the gears)


is a must have, it increases your damage mana regen and turn 50% of your damage to ice, allowing you to slow them and increasing the effectiveness of your golems.

for more crit chance and resists too! This is here more to cover the hole in resists.

for even more crit/resists.

The increased damage/resist/leech combo is really good on this one, Vitality isn't necessary.


A lot of evasiveness and 6l? Of course yes! The lower mov speed doesn't matter since you're using WB to move.
The links focuse on maxing crit chance and damage for Spark, making it a easy way to send groups of monsters to the void! Hypothermia is underated, but since you're chilling enemies 100% of time it's amazing!

Here we have more crit! And our golems!
With the elementarist node Liege of The Primordial each golem will increase your damage, cast speed and crit! It's important to use a Lightning and a Ice one, since using the same golem twice won't increase your damage by 40% twice.

Here's a good chunk of my defenses, Temporal Chains, Phase Run and Frost Wall proved to be a good way to get out of enemies when it's triggered by Cast When Damage Taken.
The wall can block non-piercing projectiles as well while Phase Run protects you if you got some kind of stun/freezing.

Here we have more crit (yay) and a amazing +3 spark projectiles enchant (this is freaking OP).
The only relevant gem is Arctic Armour (ignore the support ones, they're here just for leveling). This will reduce the damage you take, and will chill enemies that hits you, making your sparks to shock them on the first hit! It's an amazing defense.

The skill tree is focused on increasing the pierce to 100%, making each spark hit multiple enemies!
Besides that, I've got some increased damage and life nodes. Evasiveness is pretty good too, since you don't have almost any armour. At gems we have more crit and stats fix to use the Dex Items.
Hope you've enjoyed. Suggestions are wellcome! =D
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