Vic´s Flameblast Call Elementalist, double curse, armor, MoM, cheap starter. HC essense ready.

Hey guys i made this build for my HCE start, i havent gone up beyond tier 12 maps yet but it clears very fast its very safe and it isnt a 1 button boredom build.

And please remember this build its not maxed, its lvl 86 with cheap mediocre rares.

Build Overview:

This build is about using witch "Shaper of desolation" and "Beacon of ruin" with Flameblast and Stormcall igniting/shocking everything, the first is used for bosses and essense buffed rares and the latter is used for extremely fast and safe map clearing.

For defensive setups we pick a couple armor mods, enfeeble aura, MoM and instead of an ES shield we pick up Lioneye remorse that makes us very tanky and projectiles become a joke.

Pros and Cons:


-Hit and Run style with storm call, drop one or two and run to the next pack

-Not a one button build

-Not BV

-One shots most bosses with Flameblast

-Clears maps super fast with Lightning call

-You can tweak the build to use avatar of fire and other lightning aoe spells to your liking. You can even pick shield block nodes instead of armor if you like. Its possible to use elemental eq as well.

-Extremely safe clearing tanks to enfeeble, MoM and armor.

-200+ hp regen(Without golem) makes blood magic and any kind of degen a joke.

-Can pick up chaos resistance easily since we only use 2 uniques.

-With maxed gear would be possible to reach 7k life and 1k+ es.


-Not designed for 6 man parties, just not enought damage and utility.

-Cant deal with "cannot be ignited bosses".

-60% fire resistance coupled with Increased life or chance to avoid elemental status effects are a deal breaker. 1 of those on its own its good but not all three.

-Need one Elreon ring with -8 mana for quality of life.

-You will need to run a mana flask unless you have a lot of mana mods on gear.

Gem links

Gem Links


5-6link Stormcall

-Stormcall-Controlled Destruction-Conc.effect-Less Duration-Spell echo-Empower or lightning pen.

The basic stormcall setup, you should at least try to pick a high quality stormcall gem.

4-link Flameblast

-Flameblast-Controlled destruction-Conc. Effect-Increased burning damage

4 link is enough for Elementalist flameblast solo play, you can run Rime Gaze if you like but it would be overkill.

4-Link COTD

COTD(15)-IMCALL(1)-Molten Shell(18)-IDuration(20).

I run this one at lvl 15 so it only activates when i get chunked. Molten shell adds like 10% damage reduction too.

4-Link COTD

COTD(10)-Lightning Golem(10)-Phase Run Or Blind-Tempest Shield.

Phase Run is a great defensive tool, enemies will stop attacking you the moment it activates.



Basic cockblock setup, not much to say.

3 linked

-Flame Dash-Elemental weakness-Faster casting

Core build uniques and Jewels:


The basic tanking shield, everyone and their mom have a couple of those but it is extremely good. This will be your main armor source alongside your body armor.

Since we are spending so much points into the Marauder side of the tree our witch became super beefy (she can bench press stygyan horrors with one hand), she skips legs day tho.

Anyway you should be able to pick this up around lvl 80, you will need to invest some currency into getting gear with STR or INT on rings and boots. But it gives you a massive 60% spell damage increase.

These alongside repentance are the bulk of our damage, you will pick up these starting around 70-72.
Look for Increased damage, Increased area damage, Increased damage while holding a shield, Increased fire damage and INT or STR mods.
Dont try to get life on jewels its expensive and a pointless luxury for this build, we are tanking on the tree and getting our damage from gear.



As you can see my gear is really mediocre there is still a lot of room to improve, but i get bored pretty fast so dont count on me updating the rares ;p

Skill tree and progression

Tree and Progression:

This build pathing its pretty smooth, no need to use regrets.

1-Make your way to the witch aoe node

2-Then go to themplar side of the tree, pick up elemental overload. Dont pick MoM until merciless.

3-Pick dual curse then go all the way down picking everything in the order you want.

4-Around lvl 80 you should finish picking up the 2 points jewel sockets in our way.

5-My build ended at lvl 86, beyond that you can pick Indomitable and the 3 point jewel socket next to it.


-Cast speed
-Skill point

Build idiosyncrasies and disclaimers

-Avoid reflect maps, we cant do them even with Paragon of Calamity.

-Dont max cast flameblast on racecourse boss arena, you will rip.

-Decoy totem is the real star of this build.

-I avoided Tunneltrap because he looks rippy as fk, every other boss is easy.

-The builds plays around Shaper of desolation conflux, time your flameblasts correctly.

-No need to flameblast white and blue mobs let storm call deal with them.

-No need to max cast flameblast against rares.

-You can switch one of the COTD setups for lighting warp.

-You can "machinegun" igniting conflux flameblast for the lols.

-Keep a flammability gem to use against tanky bosses.

-Get some chaos resistance, those chaos grenadiers will drop your mana really fast otherwise.

-Its my first armor witch build so if you can do it better, do it and dont be smug about it.

-Made this build before pizza totems became popular, some gemss prices might have gone up

Edit: added bandits choices.
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Thanks for the guide, currently level 79 in HCE
Picked up well rolled Shield and gloves and smashing everything so far

What is your suggestion for merc and uber ascendancy points?

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