[1.2.2] How to kill without doing anything. Guide for an AFK PvP witch build.

Hello and Welcome to my Guide for my AFK PvP Witch. I’ll try to explain everything about it, answer every question, give advices etc. etc. I’ll update the information in this thread when it has to be updated. This is not a theorycraft thread and everything in this guide is tested!
This build is for PvP only and it focuses on making your enemy kill himself!
A long and boring prove that this build is not good in PvE ( i guess you can play as the tank of a party) : http://www.twitch.tv/korgothbg/c/3557566

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Usualy i start my guides with Active skills section ( attacks, auras etc. ). But this build has no attacks so i'll start directly with the auras.

Discipline - Since you'll go for CI this aura is a must have. It will increase your ES by alot! You should link it with reduced mana support gem
Vitality - You'll be using Zealots Oath so your life leech will apply to your Energy Shield. This aura has low reservation cost and it is a cool addition to your survivability.You should link it with reduced mana support gem
Tempest Shield - Not technicly an aura but it reserves mana so i'll talk about it here. Tempest Shield is one of your main damage sources. It adds 4% block. When you block you'll automaticly deal lightning damage to your oponent. The cool thing about this skill is that it can be linked with Added Lightning/Chaos/Cold damage to increase the damage that you'll deal on block. I have only 4links for it so i link it only to Reduced Mana, Added Lightning and Culling strike ( yes culling strike works in PvP and the bonus damage from higher level gem increases the damage of the tempest shield ). If you have more links on your chest you can add Added Chaos and Added Cold ... the problem is that you'll use Death's Oath which is AR based chest so getting BBBRGG on it would be extremely difficult!

We all know how important curses are in PvP. Some might say that trigger cursing is a good thing - that is true, but in PvP i prefer to manualy cast my curses.

Vulnerability - Great curse because it is the only way to increase the Death's Oath chaos DoT "aura"
Elemental weakness/Conductivity - Useful vs CI caster character due to the tempest shield lightning damage on block.
Punishment - Useful vs CI melee characters.
Temporal Chains - Useful when your oponent knows that he is doomed and he just runs around like crazy

Trigger gems are very important for this build. Since you won't attack you don't need Unwavering stance and stun immunity and becuase you will be a CI guy you will be stunned constantly. Because of all that Cast when Stunned is perfect for you!
First of all You'll need Cast When Stunned + Enduring Cry + Rejouvination Totem ( you'll have Zealot's Oath )
You also need Cast When Stunned + Molten Shell + Concentrated Effect + Added Lightning Damage
Fill all other empty slots in your gear with Cast When Stunned + Etheral Knives + Added Fire Damage

I'll mention here(even if it's not trigger related matter) the fact that you'll need a movement skill in order to broke free from those bear traps - leap slam, whirling blades, flicker strike - they all work well!

Well like i said you won't be using attacks or casting spells so you can focus only on defenses!

This is my tree:

If you have a higher level character i'd suggest to get to the ES circle above the scion start and/or grab some % spell damage nodes to spice up the EK.

Maybe now is a good time to mention that i have no idea how to level up this build! You need to have a full respec on a character or you need to use alot of regrets! But that's the way it is .. and i don't see what can be done about it. Actualy with this build you can clear all PoE content even very high level maps but the problem is that it's painfuly slow!

Chest - You'll need this chest piece:

High armour, very useful attributes, resists and the awesome DoT aura that just destroys life/low life builds!

Shield - You'll need this shield:

High block chance, some armour and ES, some resists and that increadible on block effect! It's a must!

Boots - You'll need these boots:

Good ES, good resists, good movement speed and spell block. THe spell block combined with the Stone of Lazhwar(that you'll keep in your inventory.. i'll explain later) will make your life vs casters very easy!
You'll also need these boots:

Keep them in your inventory and use them vs heavy life leeching vaal pacting opponents.

Amulet - You'll need this amulet:

Armour, block, strengh, more damage on block, useul mana on block... what's not to love!
The other amulet that you'll need is this one:

Keep it in your inventory and put it on when facing casters.

Rings - The first ring should have Resists and Extra Energy Shield... that's all
The other ring should be this one :

Use it on the right slot to get awesome ES regen, it also boosts your ES nicely and you don't have to worry about the no mana regen thing... after all you won't be doing much casting(only curses usualy) and the mana on block from The Anvil amulet comes is very useful here.

Gloves - High ES and high resists that's all that you need from your gloves

Belt - a chain belt with extra ES and resists.

Helmet - high ES helmet + resists

Weapon - you need a high spell damage wand to boost the damage of your tempest shield and thereal knives. Keep a high attack speed sword when you need to use movement abilities, having a viper strike in the sword kind of helps.. but you'll be stunned most of the time s you can't realy cast it and besides the Death's Oath + vulnerability is enough to melt down anyone who doesn't have CI.

Flasks - Granite flask, Quicksilver Flasks and a Mana flask. You can also keep some resistance flasks in your inventory vs casters( i don't and i really don't think that it's neccesairy). Make sure that you have Remove burning flasks! Burning can and will really melt you down, and even your ES regen won't save you.

My gear:

Here i'll keep my PvP history. I'll also put comments where they are needed. I don't want anyone to be angry at me so i'll .. "censore" .. the names of the defeated characters. It's hard to find people for pvp right now... i hope that it gets better.

AmmaKeke (80lvl) ranger
explosive arrow, very mobile
W:L - 0:5 ; 4:1
The First time the terrain was on his/her side ... dock arena ... his explosive arrows sticked to everything! The next match was in .. i don't know.. is it strand? ... anyway.. there was not enough objects for the explosive arrows to stick so i've defeated him/her.

s*********k (78lvl) shadow
Lightning Strike, dagger
W:L - 5:0

s************e (82lvl) shadow
Reave, claw
W:L - 5:0

G*********e ( 69lvl ) scion
double strike, 2h axe
W:L - 5:0

S***********S ( 83lvl ) marauder
spectral throw, 2h axe
W:L - 5:0

M**********e ( 76lvl ) scion
dual strike
W:L - 5:0

S**********r_ ( 83lvl ) marauder
heavy strike. 2h mace
W:L - 5:0

S*********P ( 83lvl ) shadow
dual strike
W:L - 1:0
He left ( he knew about my build/similar builds )

H*****r ( 76lvl ) Marauder
W:L - 5:0

Omniflash ( 86lvl ) Shadow
CI flicker/whirling blades
W:L - 0:5 ( well.. CI .. almost killed him once.. and forgot the sin treck boots... -_- )
another try this time with sin treck 0:5 again ( he said that he was with more damage this time.. kind of close at some moments again )
and I've tried a third time with punishment 0:5 but much better this time very close all the times... couldn't try Bramblejack because i'll lack the needed attributes for my gear -_-

T*******a ( 67lvl ) Ranger
Cyclone, DW
W:L - 5:0

g****g ( 73lvl ) Witch
Freezing Pulse, non ci
W:L - 5:0

w********s ( 85lvl ) Marauder
Cyclone, DW
W:L - 5:0

i****a ( 79lvl ) Duelist
W:L - 5:0

R*****i ( 87lvl ) Shadow
flicker, CI
W:L - 4:0 and 1 draw

Rehiv ( 93lvl ) Duelist
dual strike, tanky, CI
W:L - 0:0 all draws

IceDeal ( 85lvl ) Marauder
righteus fire life build
W:L - 0:5 .. i had no chance

t********g ( 81lvl ) Marauder
W:L - 5:0

G*******a ( 86lvl ) Marauder
double strike, 2h axe
W:L - 5:0

A****u ( 84lvl ) Marauder
heavy strike, 2h mace
W:L - 5:0

I***********n ( 94lvl ) Marauder
double strike, 2h axe
W:L - 5:0

S*******t ( 78lvl ) Duelist
double strike, 2h sword
W:L - 5:0

Alluzioni ( 83lvl ) Witch
ice spear/Freezing pusle + discharge, CI
W:L - 1:5 .. for some reason something happened to my gear and i don't have enough strengh to lose the anvil and use the ston of lazhwar... 5:2 the next time with the Stone of Lazhwar

H***********r ( 73lvl ) Ranger
spectral throw/double strike, 1h sword
W:L - 5:0; 5:0

m**************y ( 88lvl ) Duelist
leap slam/double strike, 1h sword
W:L - 5:0

S*************y ( 86lvl ) Marauder
double strike, claw
W:L - 5:0

O**********y ( 87lvl ) Ranger
split arrow + explosive arrow
W:L - 5:1

Fratgiolo ( 87lvl ) Templar
Righteus Fire
W:L - 0:5

V*****_ ( 80lvl ) Marauder
W:L - 5:0

m*******i ( 86lvl ) Marauder
double strike, sword + shield
W:L - 5:0

2v1 match
f****z ( 84lvl ) Marauder
double strike, 2h sword
+ x*************x ( 75lvl ) Duelist
dual strike
W:L - 5:0

m******b ( 88lvl ) Marauder
Lightning Strike, 1h + shield
W:L - 5:0

s******d ( 91lvl ) Marauder
W:L - 5:0

S********s ( 80lvl ) Shadow
something strange
W:L - 5:0

T********m ( 82lvl ) Marauder
double strike, 1h sword
W:L - 5:0

V*****_ ( 82lvl ) Marauder
W:L - 5:0

syerlol ( 85lvl ) Marauder
Righteus Fire
W:L - 0:5

m****k ( 74lvl ) Marauder
lightning strike, 2h mace
W:L - 5:0

I***********n ( 95lvl ) Marauder
2h axe - heave strike
- 5:0

_****_ ( 86lvl ) Shadow
double strike, ci, 1h axe
W:L - 5:0

R******n ( 89lvl ) Marauder
dual strike, Wings of entropy
W:L - 5:0

K****************s ( 83lvl ) Marauder
leap slam/heavy strike, 2h mace
W:L - 5:0

S*a ( 86lvl ) Shadow
double strike, 2h sword
W:L - 4:1

e**********Y ( 79lvl ) Shadow
double strike, dual clwas
W:L - 5:0

K********************a ( 77lvl ) Duelist
Infenral Blow, Facebreaker
W:L - 5:0

L*********g ( 85lvl ) Marauder
Cyclone, Facebreaker
W:L - 5:0

F****************a ( 82lvl ) Duelist
Infernal Blow, Facebreaker
W:L - 5:0

StekarDraken ( 85lvl ) Witch
fireball on mines
W:L - 0:5
I could've been an a-hole and just run around for a draw ... but i guess i'm just not that kind of a guy

Well i really need to do alot more PvP matches.. but it's hard to find people -_-
I need to level up some of my gems

Like this guide? I've helped you out somehow? You like my account name(that's how i've got my closed beta key)? You want to make me happy? You just feel generous?
Donate a buck or two. It would be greatly appreciated!
I will use the donated money to support GGG, because they deserve it! :)

"I'm going to show you pain you never knew existed, you're going to see a whole new spectrum of pain!!!!! Like a RAINBOW!"
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That's with the "typical gear". The spell block chance with the stone of Lazhwar is 51%.
And the Energy Shield regeneration is more when i have the totem beside me.
"I'm going to show you pain you never knew existed, you're going to see a whole new spectrum of pain!!!!! Like a RAINBOW!"
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"I'm going to show you pain you never knew existed, you're going to see a whole new spectrum of pain!!!!! Like a RAINBOW!"
Looks cool.
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lol, can't write anything constructive, really, funny :) that how you PvP in PoE :p
IGN: MsAnnoyance
Thank you guys!
Updated the history with some new duels.
"I'm going to show you pain you never knew existed, you're going to see a whole new spectrum of pain!!!!! Like a RAINBOW!"
Very interesting build.

I've been experimenting with different trigger gems for a PvE build based around tempest shield+molten shell and this gives me some ideas :)

Edit: No life leech+GR for tempest shield? Is it just not needed with your regen+aegis?
My builds: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1629242
Last edited by Seinfire on Dec 25, 2013, 1:47:27 PM
Well i have 550 ES per second ( 620 with the totem ) + the Aegis Aurora. It really is enough. Besides i don't think that the life leech will add that much ... but i can't be sure.. i'll test it and tell you the results.

Damn i need to finaly finish the guide and add defense/offense character sheet screenshots and Q&A section.. maybe tomorrow
"I'm going to show you pain you never knew existed, you're going to see a whole new spectrum of pain!!!!! Like a RAINBOW!"
It's nice to finally have a PvP guide.
No flask to remove burning? Isn't the burning dot one of the achilles heel of this build? How would you defend against fire traps? My money would be on the CI trapster:)
Bada_Bing wrote:
It's nice to finally have a PvP guide.
No flask to remove burning? Isn't the burning dot one of the achilles heel of this build? How would you defend against fire traps? My money would be on the CI trapster:)

Thats indeed something to consider.. i've missed it because i haven't faced any burning builds ( except the righteus fire one). Remove burning flasks indeed are a must! Thank you for reminding me that :)
"I'm going to show you pain you never knew existed, you're going to see a whole new spectrum of pain!!!!! Like a RAINBOW!"

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