[2.2] Shaper of Desolation / Non-crit Shock Nova / HC / Cheap

After looking at the Shaper of Desolation node in the witch ascendancy I thought it looked very powerful on paper and after testing it out in game, it was.

Shaper of desolation gives you a 20% chance to gain Elemental Conflux after killing an enemy.

Elemental Conflux causes shock, ignite and chill based on the total damage of a hit.
If your Shock Nova hits for 1000 Damage while Elemental Conflux is active you will Shock (without a crit), chill all enemies and inflict a 1000 damage ignite. Using spell echo the first nova will shock and the second will hit all of the shocked enemies again and set them on fire which will then proliferate if you have Beacon of Ruin.

Combining this with Elemental overload, 4 Frenzy charges and onslaught we get a very high amount of damage.

Poachers mark allows us to spam a quicksilver flask combined with onslaught and preferably movement speed on boots, to achieve clearspeed.

The biggest downfall to this build is single target damage - when fighting a boss by themselves (eg. Izaro) we cant take advantage of Elemental Conflux or Herald of thunder cursing. Use a secondary curse (ele weakness/temp chains/enfeeble) and be sure hit the boss with the outer ring of the Shock Nova.

Skill Tree

Elementalist Ascendancy: Shaper of Desolation(n) -> Pendelum of Destruction (c) -> Beacon of Ruin(m)

We are running dual curse with Deodre's ring however you can pick up Whispers of doom to either replace the ring or run tri-curses.



For Defense

- 194% Max life + 4 More jewel slots
- 1500 ES pool with Zealots Oath (50% stun avoidance)
- 5 Endurance charges
- Mind over matter
- 2% life leech
- 30% flask effectiveness
- Chilling all enemies

You have the option of running enfeeble or temp chains instead of Poacher's mark for added defense.
You can drop Mind over matter for arctic armor if you are lacking in mana or mana regen.


Oak (n) For + 40 HP
Kill (c) For + 1 Passive Point
Oak (m) For + 1 Endurance Charge

Skill Gems

Shock Nova - Chest

Shock Nova - Spell Echo - Lightning Penetration - Controlled Destruction - Hypothermia/Increased Area of Affect (make choice based on your own gear)

Curses - Gloves/Helm/Boots

Herald Of Thunder - Curse On Hit - Poacher's Mark - Warlord's Mark

Cast When Damage Taken- Gloves/Helm/Boots

Cast When Damage Taken - Immortal Call - Increased Duration - Stone Golem

Buffs- Gloves/Helm/Boots

Rallying Cry - Increased Duration - Clarity - Herald of Ice

Movement- Weapon

Faster Casting - Flame Dash - Enfeeble

Enfeeble is here for bosses who do not get cursed by herald of thunder

Orb Of Storms - Off Hand

Orb Of Storms - Culling Strike - Innervate

Once you get used to using this, this ensures about 80% uptime on Onslaught

Gear priority

There are no uniques needed for this build however I use Deodre's Damming for a second curse for frenzy generation. This is not needed. You can also get whispers of doom in the Witch Tree instead of using the ring - or even run a third curse.

Making sure to get mana and mana regen on gear to make the most of mind over matter

High spell damage and cast speed on the weapon

Use a high ES shield

Movement speed on boots is very important


I leveled using fire trap and freeze pulse until level 12 where I made a +1 fire scepter and used Remote Mine + Mine Field + Firestorm until around act 4 where my mines kept getting destroyed by Perandus Monsters, so bought a Lifesprig and used Blade Vortex + Faster Casting + Controlled Destruction until Act 2 Cruel. Self found can keep using the mine setup or replaces mine and minefield with faster casting and controlled destruction and self cast.

From there I did normal Izaro and picked up Shaper of Desolation. I turned my +1 Fire scepter into a +1 Lightning and switched to Shock Nova + Spell Echo + Lightning Pen. This worked out very well. I used the +1 until level 64 where I alched a white 5l.


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Thanks for the insight about the build, using it now with some tweaks in PHC (L77 atm), actually very fun to play!
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Personally I was wondering what you think of a occultist version of non crit, using the curse abilities with blasphemy such as WLM for the damage and life, and conductivity, then enfeeble on cwdt with IC. I think the damage output has huge potential, everything always cursed, with innate tankiness.
Hey, Beginner here. I'm trying your build out and I'm liking it so far. I'm having a bit of an issue gearing up since this is my first real build on the Perandus league, and I have a few questions. Wands or Sceptres on leveling? I find it easier to roll spell damage and cast speed on wands, making them a better option for leveling. I have a hard time trying to understand why a sceptre would be used in the first place.

I do however, have this following sceptre and I think it would be an amazing addition to the build, potentially freeing up a curse or even synergizing for maximum defense through enemy slow:

Finally, I'm also thinking of using
, but I'm rather afraid of the self afflicted shock given my squishy character up to this point. Would this be a decent end game belt?

Edits: Level 54 atm, running
for that nice spell crit as well as a
. Can't sustain a full link with my mana regen yet, so it's got some holes in it. Clearing dungeons out like no other. The clear speed is insane for a beginner like me. Thank you.
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post pic of dps and defenses?

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