[2.4] Ender of the Realms Elementalist Firestorm

“I am the way into the city of woe,
I am the way into eternal pain,
I am the way to go among the lost...

...Before me there were no created things
But those that last forever—as do I.
Abandon all hope you who enter here.”
― Dante Alighieri, Inferno

Hey, jessicametal here. Today we're going to summon the fiery bombardment of the blackest souls in creation and rain death and destruction on your enemies.

We take the basic elementalist firestorm build and make use of one of the new fated uniques introduced in prophecy league:

- Fantastic amount of damage for a non-crit build; can do higher content comfortably
- Since we're going non-crit, no need to keep power charges up
- Squeezes out more damage from a spell gem than what you'd normally get with wands, plus leaves possibilites open in terms of linking in your chest
- Lots of room to grow in terms of gear and is budget-friendly
- Very nice for taking down bosses
- Realm Ender is actually pretty cheap. Got mine for 1c. (as of this initial posting, may or may not change)
- Be a walking, moving apocalypse that roasts marshmallows with the charred remains of your enemies

- Kind of slow; unless you manage to get str and dex high enough to comfortably use leap slam (I opted for 30% movespeed boots + quicksilver + flame dash for ledges)
- Life-based, so less effective life than you could get by going CI or LL (I would actually recommend getting a shavs and going LL with this build so that you can run Anger as well. That was my intention with this build, but I'm poor. xD )

Video of the build in action (gear shown in beginning before mapping):

Gameplay Style:
This is fairly straight forward. Cast your golems and let them tank for you. Cast firestorm once or twice, then move forward. This should clear trash mobs easily, and they get cursed as you move by, making it difficult for them to avoid the firestorm while also making it difficult for them to hit you. Your golems are immune to elemental damage, so having them soak up any elemental spells that gets thrown at you is a great defense mechanic in and of itself. The temp chains and enfeeble blasphemies ensure that if anything does get near you, they will be too slow and weak to do much damage.


- Liege of the Primordial
- Pendelum of Destruction
- Paragon of Calamity
- Shaper of Desolation

(note that I took shaper of desolation with my first two points and found it lacking. I would really recommend getting the damage buffs over having shock every once in a while. Liege and Pendelum are interchangeable in terms of which to take first, but having two golems that are immune to elemental damage tank for you is a nice form of defense. I would recommend that be your first two points.)

The Gear:

Nothing too fancy here, minus the carcass jack. Honestly, I had intended to use that with my fireball build, but it helps in the build as well. So I'll use it here until I can 5l it. The Atziri's step was just me testing out how well it works with this build, and it does surprisingly well. Gives a bit more defense in the way of spell dodge and some flat life along with 30% movement speed. I bought the helm with the firestorm enchant as a normal item and used essences to craft it. It added a fair bit more damage overall, which was nice.

5l Realm Ender: Firestorm-Spell Echo-Controlled Destruction-Fire Penetration-Inc Duration
3l: Blasphemy - Temp Chains - Enfeeble
2l: Flame Dash - Faster Casting
2l: CWDT - Immortal Call
Unlinked: Lightning Golem, Fire Golem

Typical setup of bubbling/seething life flasks with staunching and grounding/warding suffixes. Firestorm burns through mana quickly, so the simplest solution I could think of was just use a mana flask. If you can find a way around that problem, then a sulfur flask would be a GREAT choice to use with this. Finally, I use a quicksilver flask to keep me moving from pack to pack. Flame dash is good for getting up ledges and quickly dodging attacks, but it's not a spammable movement skill like leap slam or whirling blades is. So having max movement speed boots and a quicksilver is how I was able to get through maps.

You want to try and find jewels with aoe damage/fire damage/spell damage and maximum life on them. It would also be a good idea to try and find one with some chaos res on it, though we do get some chaos res on the tree as well.

Oak, Alira, Skill point
You can decide to kill them all in cruel for the skill point instead of helping Alira, but firestorm has a pretty long animation and with spell echo, it gets even longer. So that's my argument for taking more cast speed when/where you can.

Leveling Advice:
Get yourself some twink leveling gear (lifesprig wands, goldrim helm, wanderlust boots, karui ward amulet) and use something like freezing pulse or ethereal knives to level up with until you can get firestorm when you first enter cavern of anger (last wp of A1). Once you reach the required level, I would eventually get a reverberation rod to run firestorm in with a 3l setup of firestorm, controlled destruction, faster casting. Use clarity and level it up along with you so that you can keep your mana up. This setup should last you just fine for a while. Get your blasphemy - temp chains - enfeeble setup going by the time you leave A3 in normal. Eventually by Cruel A1-A2, you might wanna move over to a 4l. Now around level 36-40 is when you can equip your Realm Ender. I highly suggest you at least 4l it and use it. You'll notice a sizeable increase in damage at this point. Izaro shouldn't be a problem with this skill, and pretty much everything in the storyline content will go down without too much of a fight. Around the time you're ready to do merc lab, you should REALLY try to get your Realm Ender 5l so that you won't have to cast as often with Inc Duration helping out.

On the tree, you take the spell damage nodes on the left side of witch starting area and work your way over to the templar side. Nab the life nodes, Amplify, and Elementalist nodes. Grab quick recovery too, you'll need it. Work your way down to the scion life wheel and grab all that juicy life to keep you nice and tanky. Go up and grab Elemental Overload, then work your way to Whispers of Doom for the extra curse. Hopefully by about halfway through Cruel, you'll have Whispers of Doom ready to go as it will start to become necessary to stay alive. From whispers of doom, head right to the life nodes there and grab those. Then from Occultist's Dominion (by left side of witch starting area) go right through Practical Application over to Deep Wisdom. This will help a LOT with str and dex requirements and stun resistance while casting is nice too. Grab Blast Radius and Heart and Soul for more mana and life. Back over by the scion life wheel, grab Potency of Will for skill duration and skittering runes for curse effectiveness. Work your way back over by shadow area grabbing the jewel node by melding, trickery (nice way to get more dex + elemental dmg), and the life nodes there. Now we're back over in the templar area, where we grab Explosive Impact and Purity of flesh (plus surrounding life nodes). Then we head west from the Elementalist node to grab Devotion and surrounding life nodes and the jewel socket there. The last bit of points if you feel like pushing hard would go to grabbing the jewel socket by witch starting area and then heart of flame. By that point the build should be pretty god tier so long as you kept up with upgrading your gear.

Overall this is a great, easy to get started with build that takes minimal investment. However, with some investment, you can take it much higher. So there's a lot of growth potential here, and the only real required piece of gear is the realm ender staff. But those are ludicrously cheap right now, and you can get started on a 4l in no time at all. It's a fun build that handles pretty much any content I throw at it without too much trouble. I hope you all enjoy it, and as always, I welcome comments, questions and suggestions in the comments. Thanks! :D

1/13/2017 update:

Gah, I can't believe I didn't notice or think of this until now, but yeah I didn't put a passive tree in this. Even worse is that the passive tree I had planned somehow got deleted, so I've remade one. It might be different from my original, but I would like to think it can still handle content well. Perhaps even better as my experience with making my own builds improves over time.

Life-based lvl 92 passive tree:

CI is all the rage nowadays, so I wouldn't feel right not making a tree for it.

CI lvl 91 passive tree:

And as an update for patch 2.5 and breach league, I present a CI crit version of this build, replacing Realmender with the new Duskdawn staff:

2.5/Breach Crit Duskdawn CI version:
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Thanks for the build, gonna give this a try. Seems pretty noob friendly.
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Thanks for reminding me that staff exists :)
Freeze Arc Mines Guide (3.14) - https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3071009
I updated this along with adding a passive tree for 2.5/Breach for a crit version with a different staff. I would highly recommend choosing Inquisitor if you plan to go crit over Elementalist because of the 100% fire pen on enemies when you crit, but elementalist can still be a very good option. Duskdawn is definitely a step in the right direction for making two-handers a viable choice for crit spell builds.

Here's the wiki if you want to learn more about the Duskdawn staff:

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