[2.5] Tri Curse Tri Charge Chaos EK Occultist [SC/HC Viable]

Hello exiles and welcome to the guide for my Tri Curse Tri Charge Chaos Ethereal Knives Occultist
If you love being edgy, then this is the build for you!

TL:DR? Here's a short video explaining the basics

Update (12/09/16)

-Facebreakers were nerfed from 90% crit multi to 45% crit multi which is a big hit to DPS, especially single target

Choices in Curses
I could have done the obvious temp chains/enfeeble/assassin's mark curse set up but I personally think temp chains and enfeeble are way too strong and I didn’t want to make such an easy choice. So I decided on these 3 curses: Warlord’s Mark, Poacher’s Mark, Assassin’s Mark

Reason for each?
Warlord’s Mark: Endurance charges give you physical reduction helping you survival some of the nasty encounters in maps. Each endurance charge extends the amount of time your Immortal Call will last if you plan on using it (Which you probably should) You also get both life leech and mana leech. Finally, the increased chance to stun mobs can actually save you once in awhile if you don’t plan on having stun immunity

Poacher’s Mark: Frenzy Charges are great! Cast speed and MORE damage. Poacher’s Mark also helps keep you at full flasks when clearing. The less evasion and life/mana on hit don’t do anything but are decent if you play with friends.

Assassin’s Mark: Power Charges for even more DPS on top of frenzy charges.Easy power charge generation, additional chance to crit and extra crit damage on cursed mobs is obviously great. The life/mana on kill is again, like the life/mana on hit, not very helpful but decent in parties

You can use other curses if you want for whatever reason you desire.

Pros and Cons
-No elemental damage at all (Ele reflect becomes a free mod)
-High chaos damage (Most mobs have low chaos resist)
-Easy flask management (Poacher's Mark keeps flasks full when clearing)
-Only 1 required unique (Heretic’s Veil)
-Versatile ascendancy choices
-Can benefit from many support gems based on preferences

-Mana problems when not leeching
-Tri curse without Cospri’s Will
-Price of Heretic’s Veil can be quite high at times
-Usually can’t run a 6 link until you have lvl3 Enlighten

Leveling can be done as an Ethereal Knives build right from lv1. Level as Life or Hybrid until you have all the ES gear waiting for your transition. Instead of being tri curse, use Hatred and herald of ash or hatred and 1 curse

Useful uniques for leveling are the usual:
Tabula Rasa
Doedre’s Damning (If you want to duo/tri curse early)

Required Uniques?

Heretic’s Veil. Without it, you need mana reservation reduction to run all 3 curses. You can spec into mana reservation reduction while leveling or before you have a Heretic’s Veil if you want.

Other Gear:
High ES/ Resists rares… That’s pretty much it

Weapon/Shield? (Mod Priority Order)
Dagger or Wand with: Spell DMG - spell crit - crit multi - cast speed - Projectile Speed
Elemental damage added to spells prevents you from being ele reflect immune
Shield: Spell Crit - High ES - Spell DMG - Any resists you need

Amulet: Strength - Crit multi - Crit chance/Spell DMG - ES
Rings: Strength - Resists - ES - Dex
Belt: Strength - Resists - ES

Useful Uniques:
Valyrium: A ring that gives you near stun immunity
Ming’s Heart: A ring that offers really high chaos damage
Facebreakers: Obvious unique for any crit build. 90% crit multi is nothing to laugh at
Doryani’s Invitation (Physical): Physical damage, strength, tri resists, a bit of phys leech and easy to stun lock mobs while using flasks
Atziri’s Promise: More chaos damage and chaos leech. Elemental roll doesn’t matter
Apep’s Rage: If you plan on doing a non crit variant. Offers great chaos damage and cast speed

Gem Links
Main skill:
Ethereal Knives > Spell Echo > Added Chaos > Void Manipulation > Chain/Slower Projectiles > Empower

Honestly there are so many support gems you can use here. You can play around with different links in a tabula until you find what you like best but this is what I’ve been using.
Other useful supports are Controlled Destruction, Increased Critical Strikes, Critical Multiplier, Poison, Faster Projectiles, Pierce (instead of Chain)

All three curses should be in the Heretic’s Veil linked with Enlighten once you can afford one

For movement: Whirling Blades/Shield Charge > Faster Attacks > Fortify
Or Flame Dash > Faster Fasting if using a wand
Fortify + Endurance Charges + Granite + Basalt… Amazing physical reduction

Situational: Vaal Discipline > Vaal Lightning Trap > Increased Duration
Cast When Damage Taken > Immortal Call > Increased Duration
Vaal Haste > Vaal Clarity > Increased Duration (Amazing clear speed/boss melting)


Passive Tree

14 Points

31 Points

43 Points

67 Points (Specing into Crit)

81 Points (Getting Vaal Pact and getting ready for CI)

100 Points (CI + Tri Curse)

The last few points can be spent in a few ways
-Spell Damage
-Chaos Damage
-Energy Shield
-Power Charge/Frenzy Charge by shadow
Choose whatever suits your preferences

For Jewels, Energy from Within under Melding is a nice choice.
Rare jewels,

Here is my 112 Point tree

Every single node in Occultist offers something for this build. The main one is Malediction for the tri curse. The other 4 points from merc and uber lab can be spent on whichever you feel you would benefit from more

Forbidden Power: An extra power charge is always nice
Void Beacon: If you want to do even more chaos damage
Wicked Ward: +100 ES and helps keep you alive
Vile Bastion: ES regen when clearing is great and stun immunity on full ES is good enough to keep you alive if you don't plan on using Valyrium

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Have you messed around with the different gem setups for EK? I was thinking of Pierce+Poison instead of Empower+Chain. Havent leveled my Witch yet , still in the process. Maybe you can experiment more and share the DPS differentials between different set ups? :D
I think I've finally found the build that checks all the boxes I want it to. This feels great to play, uses multiple curses, and has the ability to scale with gear which keeps progression and gearing interesting well into mapping. Very solid.

"Accountability is the perfect counter-weight to ambition." -Dominus, High Templar
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How is this against harder content like Uber Lab/Atziri/Shaper/etc?
Ty for this build. Looks really strong and solid and also fun to play. I like the aspect of flexibility (curses, bandits, other choices), so it can be easily tuned to my own preferences.

Great work!
Giving this build a try, looks interesting. Can you possibly update the guide to link to your gear? Also, I can't find this build in your character list. Was this something you've theory crafted? I worry about survivability in HC since most of your toons look to be standard. What are your thoughts on the viability of this build in BHC?

Edit: Found your occultist that appears to have been running this build. This build is SC right? Your video shows not a lot of ES, or were you just not very geared at that point yet?
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Loving the build so far for mapping but wondering how you dealt with mana on single target? I only have level 2 enlighten so perhaps that's an issue but on bosses I can only get 1-2 EK off before i have just walk around and wait for recharge. Should I take some mana leech nodes in the shadow part of the tree to help with the single target?
have i done it right? i have heretics with Warlord, Assassin and poachers marks, and it says it reserves 31% mana EACH? surely it should be 35% - 12% (23%)
Too bad OP won't read this. :/

I wanted to build something like this.

My version would be Non-crit Life version with double Apep's Rage + Cospri's Will (Poison is huge to not use it) + 3 Curses (WM + Vuln + TC). I would probably use Blood Rage (even though I would grab VP as well) for Frenzy Charges.

Controlled Destruction is better for almoust any Spell though. Including EK. So I would use EK + Spell Echo - Added Chaos - Void Manipulation - Controlled Destruction - Faster Projectiles or Chain / Slower Proj (bosses)

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