[2.4][ESC] Vortex LL Occultist with huge ES Recovery (T15/Atziri/Uber Lab viable) Videos!

Hi guys.
this build is inspired by Xendran's Build which uses Elementalist's Conflux and Prolif to acquire a high DPS Vortex miner. Click on the Background for more lore :-D
My build isn't possible on standard yet (because of Essence usage).

Build Info

We have two options running this build:
1) Wand+Shield (ES Shield Regeneration and Recharge)
2) Bow+Soul Strike Quiver (pure ES Shield Recharge)

Bow Version is cheaper and i personally prefer it's playstyle. It's dependend on you.

Build Background
I was not happy with Elementalist's capability to sustain RF so I aimed to build a high ES recovery char which only uses RF for intense boss fights. We don't have elemental proliferation on Occultist but Decay+Profane Bloom is enough to clear T15+ maps very fast. With a Spell Damage Bow you don't have Decay but almost 100% Ignite Chance (different tree!) and so you can use Prolif instead of increased AoE.

Sadly the downside of this build is that we are dependend on Chance to Ignite Support gem to have sufficient ignites, because we don't have elementalist's conflux. meaning if you have a 5L Beast Fur Shawl you will have much less damage than above build. Still I'm a safety-first guy so I like that this build is much more defensive.

Build Features


1) Fast and safe mapping up to T16
2) 10k ES+
3) ~ 12% ES Regen per second
4) Tri Curse makes you tanky AND offensive
5) Atziri viable
6) Decay applied by the wand is strong enough to kill most mobs


1) Tri Curse is also a downside... Hexproof is annoying.
2) ignite is important against bosses. sometimes you have bad luck and need 2-3 casts to ignite. in this time you can eat a lot of damage
3) mid-budget. high budget (6L) recommended
4) getting 10k ES+ requires a lot of poe.trading so you get sufficient resists and stats


1) Fast and safe mapping up to T16
2) 8,5k ES+
3) ~ 46% ES Recharge per second (lol). Triggers every 0,75 seconds. Info
4) Tri Curse makes you tanky AND offensive
5) Atziri viable
6) 84% Chance to Ignite (without Flammability!)


1) Tri Curse is also a downside... Hexproof is annoying.
2) Ignite is important against bosses. sometimes you have bad luck and need 2-3 casts to ignite. in this time you can eat a lot of damage
3) Mid-budget. high budget (6L) recommended. Cheaper than Wand+Shield because Bow (100% Spell Damage!) costs nothing
4) getting over 8,5k ES requires a lot of poe.trading so you get sufficient resists and stats
5) no RF Damage boost





at Jewel Slot near "Melding"

In general Jewel slots are very important. they can either help you meet resist/stat requirements OR double dip your damage to high values (Spell Damage, Spell Damage with Shields, Area Damage and Increased Damage). +% increased Maximum Energy Shield is nice to have but i would recommend the damage nodes as we have good ES already

Get Vile Bastion first for massive recovery together with Beast Fur Shawl. Afterwards Malediction. Until you are not running 3 curses time will be tough because you will lack survivability (flammability + Temporal Chains or Enfeeble) or you will lack chance to ignite (TC + Enfeeble). I would recommend running TC+Enfeeble until you get Flammability. as we use Chance to Ignite Support flammbility is luxury.

as this build doesn't need Chaos Immunity you can run a hybrid Life/ES Setup from the beginning and then make the transition to full LL as soon as you get some chaos resist cap and beast fur shawl



The idea is to get capped Chaos Resists on gear so you can run Beast Fur Shawl without a problem. The rest is explained in the separate sections...

Aura Resumé (Wand)

Aura Resumé (Bow)



Thanks to
we can craft nice rare Hubris Circlets. We should get the enchantment 20% Reduced Mana Reservation for Vitality also.
a iLvl 84 Hubris with this enchant costs <10c in ESC. The Essences itself cost around 2 chaos orbs so it's very cheap to craft a good helmet with high enough ES values.


Vitality - Righteous Fire - Orb of Storms - Increased Critical Strike Support
vitality gives us a huge boost of regen and together with other regen mechanics we can use RF for dmg-boost vs bosses. Orb of Storms+Crit is not needed but helps to sustain elemental equilibrium, so intial cold hits are still strong and don't get weakened. Elemental Overload will also triggered by Orb of Storms with high ratios.


People could use Shav Wrappings but it's more expensive and with capped chaos resists chaos damage is not really a problem if you know how to handle it. Additionally you get a lot of ES recovery (meaning regen AND recharge), damage and AoE.

Vortex - Controlled Destruction - AoE - Chance to Ignite - Rapid Decay - Less Duration
swap out AoE for Conc. Effect vs bosses.

if you have a 5L just drop rapid decay.

less duration might give a bit less flat-damage compared to rapid decay BUT when you reduce the effect duration of Decay+Ignite the DPS will be higher because you can apply another Decay+Ignite faster. unlike poison you damage the enemies for the same amount in just shorter time!

Weapon / Off Hand

Essence of Delirium costs like 20c but the wands do sell for a similar price, although they have high Spell Damage. didn't understood why yet but get a wand like this. priority has Spell Damage and then the rest, resists are nice too.

As shield just get a high ES shield with an open suffix so you can craft the Leo-mod on it. It will help a lot to sustain RF while boss killing, but it’s not mandatory. You can get shields like this for <20c


Discipline – Blood Magic – Clarity
Make sure clarity level is exactly the level so you reserve a total of 65% Life. We will need the rest 35% life to sustain incoming chaos damage.

Faster Casting – Less Duration – Lightning Warp


No discussion. They let Vortex’s Initial Cold damage hits ignite the enemy.

Enfeeble – Temporal Chains – Enlighten (3) – Blasphemy
When you don’t have a 6L Chest you don’t need Enlighten 3, Level 2 will be enough. When you have a 6L I assume that you have enough currency to get an Enlighten 3 too.


The boots are a plain source for ES, Resists.

Flammability – Blasphemy – Vaal Discipline – Flame Golem
Vaal Discipline is god-mode.


Rare Marble Amulet provides ES Regen and additional ES ! You can get other stats and resists on this also but exclusive for Amulets are the ES mods so you should try to get those.

Rings are same as boots just a source of resists and stats.


it’s not necessary to get a crystal belt here. You will struggle with the stats requirements so you can also get a heavy belt with resists. Crystal belts with strength (saving you a passive point) AND two T1 resists will be gold.


Flasks are IMPORTANT. I like the Overflowing Chalice+Ruby Flask combo when approaching a boss. I recommend 1 life flask and giving it an Immunity to Ignite mod so you can cancel RF any time you like. This will make you more flexible.



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I really like how much defensive power this has.
I took a look a the tree and noticed a couple of things that could be tweaked a bit.
With some quick optimizations:


Uses 2 less points, grabs flask wheel, fills out scion ES / spell damage wheel, and grabs the missing 5% AoE.

If you want the bit of life regen you had from the scion to help with chaos damage, you can grab the 1% regen node at templar instead since it also comes with 10% ES and +10 str and int.

I honestly will probably try this out on hardcore next league.
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HI, I like your build , long wanted something like this with vortex and accent on es recharge.But I have a question on the tree for bow variant. Would it not be better to use chain "Quick Recovery" with jewel "Energy from within" near MOM instead some other 3 nodes ?

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