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Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wc_enrB2cyM

This is a special corrupted essence. These special types can be acquired by using a remnant of corruption essence on the map only essence monster of types misery, dread, scorn, and envy.

The weapon effect of the essence of delirium grants an effect called "Decay". This adds a 1,000 base chaos DoT for 10 seconds onto every skill you use that can hit. This damage is scaled by gem links on the skill applying the hit. The decay damage is also scaled by the passive tree and gear.

With the current setup I have blade vortex linked to void manipulation and rapid decay and have about ~400% DoT+Chaos damage with the witchfire brew active. This gets decay up to about 9,000 chaos/second I guess? Normal enemies have about 5-30k life on single player life. Magic and rare monsters might have 15-100k life. Bosses typically have 200k-2 million life. In most scenarios as soon as a hit is applied a mob will die shortly after. Decay lasts 10 seconds, almost everything only takes one hit, then it just takes time for it to die.

Currently a bug. The strength of the Decay effect stacks to 2,000 base DoT while dual wielding decay weapons. In my experience it isn't needed but becomes useful as monster life increases for the highest level of maps or for large amounts of players where the on kill effects are reduced from other players getting the kills. For lower level maps and solo play an obliteration greatly boosts clear speed. Expect it to be changed soon.

The ascendancy tree includes profane bloom. This only applies to cursed enemies. The witchfire brew and sulfur flask are the only damage flasks for decay. The witchfire brew applies a vulnerability blasphemy aura. The Witchfire Brew will use the one curse slot that's available. The ascendancy tree grabs a second curse. This lets Witchfire Brew add the very damaging vulnerability while letting the Asenath's Gentle touch apply temporal chains. This will guarantee that the mobs will remain cursed after the witchfire brew expires

With only one available curse the witchfire brew will remove its own vulnerability and other curses that were applied on hit while in range, when we move out of range. With dual curse it's still possible to use a curse on hit source to guarantee that mobs will stay cursed when we move out range causing more profane bloom explosions. Asenath's give temporal chains which is defensive and extends the duration of the poison and decay effects.

Decay is enough to kill things in one hit. The explosions from profane bloom and the obliteration help to ensure that killing one mob in a pack will cause the remaining mobs to at least be hit. As long as a hit is applied, the decay will apply lethal damage. The explosions also deal significant damage to rares located inside packs, meaning our 9k chaos dps (in the world of 100k+ dps) is met with 5-10 hits of 10k instant chaos damage. It's usually enough to instantly kill higher life monsters and keep clear speed very high.

Essence Drain can supplement for single target against very high life bosses. There's definitely some goofy skill swap/weapon swap/gear swap shenanigans that could be used to assist the single target. I was planning on using growing agony with viper strike. I'll update when I get high enough level and the proper gear for it.

The build is plenty tanky. Aura choices are pretty limited. Enfeeble, grace, haste, discipline. I'm using Grace and Discipline. The tree has a decent amount of evasion. With grace I have 10k evasion without flasks. 15k evasion with the Witchfire Brew stibnite flask implicit. The occultist gets wicked ward which makes energy shield recharge broken instead of balanced. The Vile Bastion node means that at the ridiculous pace the build clears at it usually has 10-20%/second ES regeneration. There's still the rest of the flasks to choose from for extra defense. Taste of hate, rumi's concoction, basalt, granite, stibnite, jade, aquamarine?


A ring can be replaced with a Doedre's Damning for two curses. This frees up the ascendancy for taking Void Beacon or Vile Bastion.

I'm using a carnal armour because coloring a vaal regalia would be too difficult. Even still, a carnal armour can be rolled using Essences of Doubt. People tend to sell these pretty cheap. With a decent roll you should end up with a carnal that has 400+ ES and 1000 evasion.

Rumi's can be replaced with a granite flask of iron skin. That will grant 10k armour, with the basalt basically phys immune.

If you've noticed, I've stacked a lot of movement speed. The build clears fast. This is a skill limited, not damage limited, build. I'm regularly in excess of 200% movement speed. With full buffs I can speed up to 315% movement speed. Having full buffs relies on me planting and detonating a smoke mine every 15 seconds and using phase run after I've cast blade vortex twice and smashed all my flasks, repeated every 6 seconds. 300% movement speed is optimistic, 150-250% is realistic, and still insanely fast.

Almost everything is linked to increased duration. Maybe it's time to review the duration clusters and support gem. Phase run is actually a very powerful skill. The reduced visibility keeps enemy packs in tight formations for longer so that when I finally hit the pack the on kill explosions quickly blow up the pack. It also helps avoid stuns and ranged damage. Enemies have a hard time hitting a target at 200% movement speed, it's really safe as long as you're moving.

I fully expect decay weapons to get nerfed or modified in some way.
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Decay stacks. Dual wielding doubles the effect.

Tiny correction here.

According to a Mark_GGG, Decay is only being applied once (and this is intended).

But here's the twist: Although Decay is only applied once, its effects are currently being doubled if you dual wield Essences of Delirium weapons. Note that this is a bug.


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Maybe try the worm flask for single targets that don't have adds?

But the worms might not have enough HP to have their explosions deal much damage
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Is this viable in Hardcore? Does it get dominated by any specific rolls on rare mobs?

Pros Vs Cons.
Bang Bang
Buy the ticket, take the ride.
Any idea how this is to level? would it require alot of respec points?
Bez1982 wrote:
Any idea how this is to level? would it require alot of respec points?

I'd think follow any ED/contagion witch build till 50 when you can equip the essence.
Anyone here who riped to Standard with an Essence of Delirium or a Weapon with the Essence used on? I really want to try out the build but I just don't have the time to level a character at the moment because of work.

Would obviously be buying it of you, if you are interested at all in Standard currency^^
Is there any way to safely go MF with this for lower tier maps, seeing as you dont need any super special gear to deal damage.
Bez1982 wrote:
Any idea how this is to level? would it require alot of respec points?

Currently playing similar build in HC, and I leveled with blade vortex from lvl 12 and forward. Once I got to 50 I just put a Essence of Delirium and started facerolling content.

Did not respecc any points at all. :)

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