[2.2] Kamikaze Yourself! Blink / Mirror Arrow ☺ Minion Instability ☺ Low life ☺ Purities ☺ Max Block


If you're tired of the meta builds, you've come to the right place! While this doesn't have the clear speed of voltaxic spark (kek), it uses an interesting blend of mechanics to achieve it's goal: Procing Minion Instability with Blink/Mirror Arrow.

Previously this was completely gutted in patch 1.2. However this build has now seen a revival through the use of the Ascendancy classes and the Cluster Trap gem.

I'm mainly creating this for the sake of future builds, references regarding mechanics, and general record keeping... But if more people are interested, I'll be sure to actively update it!

This is a WIP. I will be changing things periodically until the guide is finished.

Level 72 Dried Lake - No Ascendancy Class
This video showcases a Perandus Chest trio, Voll, and surprise guest Tzteosh!

Pros [+] and Cons [-]
+ Massive burst damage. You'll be one-shotting packs in Merc Dried Lake for days
+ Tanky to elemental damage.
+ Has Max block either with Rumi's or Rearguard.
+ ~200mil/hr at dried lake with no ascendency class

- Small AoE until Necromancer's Corrupted Bastion gets fixed. Currently does not scale with anything. Caps at around 110 mil/hr at Dried Lake due to clearspeed.
- A hefty investment of +3 to bow gems and shavs
- Cannot start build until ~level 62
- No leech and you're ES.

Why Lowlife?
For Minion Instability! Blink Arrow/Mirror Arrow will copy the life% of the caster upon activation. Since we'll be reserving our life below 33%, the spawned minions will explode the moment they land.

Required/Recommended Gear (6L is NOT required)

In order of importance. I would not recommend using anything lesser than a 4L in the bow.

+3 Bow: Blink/Mirror Arrow - Trap - Cluster Trap - Minion Life - Empower - Minion Damage / Fire Penetration

Shavs: Blink/Mirror Arrow (choose the other skill than the one in bow) - Trap - Cluster Trap - Minion Life - Empower / Minion Damage - Trap Cooldown

Helm/Gloves/Lioneye's Paws: Split Arrow - Curse on Hit - Flammability - Elemental Weakness / Enfeeble

Helm/Gloves/Lioneye's Paws: Discipline - Purityof Fire/Ice/Light - Purity of Fire/Ice/Light - Bone Offering

Helm/Gloves/Lioneye's Paws: Blood Magic - Purity of Fire/Ice/Light
- Clarity

But Cluster Trap has a LESS damage multiplier?
Yes, but read carefully... It has a less TRAP damage multiplier. Unlike "Multiple Traps" (which is less damage overall), Cluster Trap specifically says that the damage boost only affects the trap. Since the trap spawns a minion, and minion damage bonuses are NOT affected by trap modifiers, we effectively triple our damage!

Why Trap Cooldown? Why the second set of links at all?
The second set is mainly to be used when our bow-set is on cooldown. This is mainly for faster clear speeds and boss fights

Max block?
+35 Block, +34 Spell Block || Lvl 20 Bone Offering
+10 Block || Tree with the Lioneye's Fall jewel
+30 Block, +15 Spell Block || Rumi's Concoction
75 Block, 49 Spell Block

Ascendancy Class
Necromancer - How we achieve max block and damage. Mistress of Sacrifice, Spirit Eater, and Beacon of Corruption (although currently bugged).

My Current Gear (it's pretty garbage. Ignore links as I'm constantly testing)

Thank you /u/Anonymus1921xD for the help!

Let me know if I'm missing something or if I could improve somewhere. I'm just an idiot who managed to get a few lucky drops, so don't worry I won't take offense!
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Updated with video! =)
I tried to make this build work a few days ago on standard after being bored with perandus and this is what i came up with (Character Ristome on Standard):


I'd use Dreamfrags when i would have gloves with added cold damage.


With 2 energy from within im sitting at comfy 8k es.

I tried a mine version too, but mines do have the 3sec cooldown of mirror/blink arrow and there's no way around that.

Overall this build is not that bad, i didnt think about trap cooldown gem at that time - this might be the clue to make it endgame viable.
I couldnt decide on ascendancy for this, probably witch is not the right choice - but shadow starting area pathing would be very awkward and wasted.
Witch 'Beacon of ruin' to replace prolif gem and get trap cooldown instead, but idk - 12 radius of prolif is so tiny already.
Almost nobody dances sober, unless they happen to be insane.
Cluster Trap specifically says that the damage boost only affects the trap

No it doesn't?!

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