I've deleted this build. I've recycled the name in a new build, which you can find here. I apologize for any inconveniences.
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Thanks for the guide :) ive been wanting to play a necromancer build thats for the most part fairly automated. Ill be bookmarkibg your guide for updates!
It would've been great, if you've left Scion version available, at least passive trees. Very invonvenient to be left without the guide when finishing the build.
Sorry for my absence; real life and whatnot. Hopefully I can get back to updating this build in the next few weeks.
Here's a list of the updates made to the build:

* The build now focuses on dealing a mixture of chaos damage and damage over time from the character, and more direct physical damage from the minions (namely the zombies). The build better utilizes the auto-casting of Raise Zombie through Beacon of Corruption, which also synergizes better with Blasphemy + Vulnerability than the build's previous aura (Hatred).

* With the advent of 2.6, the updated Thief's Torment provides far more life and mana gain on hit. As such, Life Gain on Hit was removed from the previous Double Strike setup and Mind Over Matter is now viable. With the a perfect roll of the updated Thief's Torment, a single use of Double Strike recovers 360 life and 180 mana from hitting a single enemy.

* Re-incorporated The Scourge into the build. The Scourge is now the primary weapon for the build since the build no longer relies on melee physical damage (Added Chaos Damage provides for the majority of Double Strike's and Poison's damage). As such, Varunastra has been removed as the primary weapon. Additionally, Victario's Charity is no longer a required item for the build. Also, the number of Fevered Mind jewels has been increased from 2 to 3 to ensure Double Strike's new gem setup meets the 100+ mana requirement from Kitava's Thirst.

* Summon Skeletons has been removed from the setup in Kitava's Thirst. Skeletons were mostly used for meat shields, but they have been replaced with the Spectral Wolves from The Scourge. Moreover, the skeletons do not follow the character, nor do they move in relation to where you're using Double Strike; this makes it harder to control their actions.

* One of the CWDT setups has been altered to cater to a high level CWDT and the appropriate levels of linked gems. Stone Golem was kept because it offers more defense for the character and its minions. Molten Shell was added for more defense; this was added after realizing that receiving physical damage is very common when doing general mapping.
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As of 3/25/17, the top image on the guide does not load properly.

I might suggest hosting it on a non-google user content location, such as imgur, for less issues in the future.

Updated the build post for you in the listing.

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