[2.4]Cyclone Mjölner (Coc Replacement)

With the introduction of 2.4 I feared that Mjölner would become rather dead with discharge
ended up being incorrect on that statement and still finding it relayable, so i decided to take a moment to post my build/setup for running this setup, as i've so far cleared up to t15 with this build

Gear Requirement:

Kingsguard can be a 4-link works just fine

Suggested Additonal Gear:

If possible get Discharge damage on helmet to counter the damage nerf

Current Gear Essence SC

Chest:Cyclone - Faster attack - Fortify - Shieldcharge
Gloves:Immortal call - Cast when damage taken - Warlords mark - Increased duration
Shield:Purity of Lighting - Clarity - Reckoning
Weapon:Discharge - Controlled Destruction - Lighting Pen | Concentrated Effect VS bosses
Helmet:Bloodrage - Purity of fire
Boots: Haste - Leapslam - Faster attacks

Cyclone to proc discharges
Shield charge as movement
Leap slam over bloody ledges
= Cause lagg, get team mates tilted hf.

Able to play 1 handed if lazy(Giggidy)
Nice clear speed
Great Substain
Nearly run all map mods

Might be laggy for some PCS
Group will hate you
Risky verus new burst bosses

Build Info:
This is a Life based Mjölner Cycloner, Therefor it will have abit of a low health pool for bursty bosses that hits hard, For example New Orchard boss or Coves They can 1 hit you if unlucky.

If you liked coc discharge before the gimp of it, This will fit right down your lane, for me it feels exactly the same to play it and its a great feeling to still have it.

Even if mjölner has a 100ms thats still 10 discharges a second wich is 3000 heal per second with kingsguard gives you the capability to heal up rapidly from taking damage, Ofcourse you won't hit the point of freeze-lagg flask spam fun that mjölner had before. (RIP)

This Version is made out of a elementalist, I would highly recommend testing around with it, I'm not fully sure yet whats most optimal, I'm currently working on a berserker to try it with aswell but i've had great time as elementalist & Necromancer so far.

We do not take alot of Endu/Power charges on the tree due to our substain of charges is not enough to get 4-6 All the time.

poeurl.com/LUY - Level 86

Oak - Kill - Oak
Debateable option is to take point in merciless too.


Shrine run with 3 deaths of badplay https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5J9yiyixPN8

Credits to the rainbownuke build's for insperation of forming a mjölner setup

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Hi,did you farmed the brittle cards or you bought them?
fenderbullet wrote:
Hi,did you farmed the brittle cards or you bought them?

Farmed 2, Paid 8-18c each for rest early league :)
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I have a quite a hard time with surviveability, only have 5k life. :/ Might have to go CI once I have the cash for it.
Going for something similar to this. Just need to respec into elementalist then I will post gear and tree.

IGN: BusinessCasual
Here is what I came up with.



I noticed with the changes to triggers that I can't get more than 2-3 charges at once so I dropped all the extra charges from the tree since they weren't necessary. Still have very decent clear speed but I haven't taken it above T14 maps yet.

Also considering dropping Death's Door and grabbing Repentance.
IGN: BusinessCasual
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Hi! Nice build:) where did you get life leech? Only vessel?
DaveZosh wrote:
Hi! Nice build:) where did you get life leech? Only vessel?

Kingsguard gives a good amount of life on discharges as well.
IGN: BusinessCasual
Is voll's devotion an absolute must?

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